• WARNING: Spoilers

    When Rasmus gets off the train at the Central Station in Stockholm in September 1982 he leaves the little town of Koppom behind, to never go back. Young and beautiful he throws himself out into Stockholm's gay scene.

    Benjamin is a Jehova's Witness. Eagerly he walks from door to door to spread God's message. And nothing can disturb his faith. Not until he knocks on Pauls door, one of the warmest, funniest and bitchiest gay person that God has ever created.

    And on Christmas Eve, Rasmus meets Benjamin at Pauls and nothing is ever the same again.

    What is told in this series has happened. Its happening in this city, in these quarters, amongst the people that live here. In a city where most people go on living as if nothing has happened when young men start to get sick, fade away and die.