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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Just finished watching "The Soul Man" it was hilarious. the cast is perfect if you have seen Hot in Cleveland you may remember the character Cedric the Entertainer plays.He is a R&B singer that has been called to preach. the casting for this show was great Neesy Nash as his wife is perfect they can play off of each other just like you would expect a married couple to. The young lady that plays there daughter is also great just spoiled enough from being the daughter of as she say "an ex celebrity" but she is not that over the top brat that we see a lot of. His father played by John Beasley is also spot on as is the brother played by Wesley Johnathan. The father is a retired preacher from the church Cedric's character is now preaching in,and the brother has the quick wit.The ladies in the congregation (to many to list here)are all outstanding in there on way you will recognize many faces and many beautiful voices. This is the show that you should turn of the cell phones,put the computer on sleep and get off of the game systems and take 30 minutes to watch something the whole family young and old and everyone in between can sit and watch and laugh together.
  • The Soul Man looks like it has a lot of potential. It's witty, clean, well thought out, and good for the whole clan. You'll recognize several faces from the movies in it, as well as some up and coming comedians. It touches a little on the congregation culture, but isn't preachy.

    I'm getting to really like TV Land. They are bringing comedies that hearkens back to a simpler time. That time was before I was born...but what the "hey?"

    I would recommend a look. The pilot was decent. Cedric has always lived up to his name. I won't do a spoiler, 'cause it "got lost in the move."

    I'm putting it on my watch-list!
  • SanteeFats9 June 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    Not a bad series that does have its funny moments. Cedric the Entertainer plays a preacher who was a soul singer that sang some very risqué songs. It comes back to haunt him in some of the episodes. His wife is a floozy looking show girl who makes some strides with the church ladies. The fact that this show got renewed after the first season did come as a surprise to me. I did not think that it was that good and that the ratings would not support a renewal but obviously I was wrong. The two kids they have seem to be there just because a preacher and his wife are expected ti be fruitful and multiply. I will watch the show in season two and hope it gets a little funnier.
  • Had a great time watching the first episode of Soul Man. Very funny! A lot of times it takes a show a few episodes to get its legs under it. I thought the show started strong and will only get stronger. Reverend Boyce is a very multi-dimensional character played by Cedric the Entertainer. His faults make you immediately want to route for him because although he's a preacher he's just as imperfect as we are. Character Lolli Ballentine, played by Niecy Nash is just flat out hilarious and looking mighty fine in her wardrobe. Don't miss her guys!

    Let's get behind Cedric, he's a great person on television and in person! I've had the pleasure of running into Cedric a few times in LA, and actually worked with Wesley Jonathan. Two of the nicest guys in Hollywood. And again... Niecy! Wow!

    Support, support, support this show everyone.