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  • I first saw this as a Lifetime Movie Network premiere, so naturally, I was expecting a cheesy, guilty pleasure. Much to my surprise, it has a very well developed plot, and is relatable in the way it depicts how easily influenced and entranced high schoolers can become with infatuation. After renting it from Amazon Prime, I found myself more drawn to the characters than anything, gaining an understanding of all perspectives of their complicated emotional states. From the very first scene, there are subtle nuances that come into play as part of character development as the story is crafted. Somewhat based on actual events from writer Shelley Gillen's son, I would recommend this for a Friday night stay in flick.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Jessica Lowndes is feverishly great here as a young girl, thrown from foster home to foster home, with suicidal tendencies-that is, she gets unsuspecting decent guys to levels and then makes it appear that they've killed themselves-while she herself has committed the dastardly deeds.

    Her third victim in her sinister scheme is Chris, a 16 year old whose father has left the home due to alcoholism.

    Vanessa, Lowndes, will lie, cheat and do anything in her never ending attempt to inflict guilt and mayhem among the guys she selects for ultimate death.

    When Chris's mother interferes with her plans, she drugs him and then accuses him of raping her. At first, the police believe her story and the other high school teens shun him.

    A powerful, suspenseful drama, very well realized by all. These films seem to have one thing in common. Even when caught, the vixen will attempt her evil ways again on some unsuspecting guy. Vanessa is no different in the institution she has been sent to.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This girlfriend from hell movie is quite harrowing even though you know it's not a true story and it's a bit too much.

    A totally whipped teenage boy played by Grant Gustin from Glee falls prey to the charms of a lovely but harmful and evil crazy girl played by the beautiful Jessica Lowndes. She gets him to cut school, get drunk, drugs him and tries to get him to kill himself. His hapless mother is played well by Annabeth Gish.

    The filming location is quite attractive in British Columbia.

    Maybe mothers should get their sons to watch this. A good warning for whipped boys, she's not worth it!
  • amgee-8955123 November 2018
    The sequel a fathers nightmare is much better in my opinion. I thought the acting and the story was bad in this film. The characters was all stupid and annoying as hell. Take my advice don't waste your time watching this. Just watch the sequel instead. 2/10
  • After the funeral of her boyfriend, sexy 17-year-old Jessica Lowndes (as Vanessa Lynn Redlann) is moved to another foster home. She enrolls in "Fairview Heights High School" and decides to seduce cute track athlete Grant Gustin (as Christopher "Chris" Stewart). Depressed about his parents' separation and recent break-up with his cheerleader girlfriend, Mr. Gustin is an easy conquest. He skips classes and practice to be with Ms. Lowndes. Gustin's mother Annabeth Gish (as Madeleine "Maddie" Stewart) is concerned about her young son's behavior. Investigating the situation, Ms. Gish makes some startling discoveries...

    "A Mother's Nightmare" is the first part of a series of "Nightmare" movies from director/cinematographer Vic Sarin and writer Shelley Gillen. The stories are unrelated. This Lifetime TV Movie was "Inspired by True Events," according to the opening. If the character really exists, hopefully someone will see this on television and contact authorities because the ending suggests an additional incident may be imminent. Lowndes and Gustin are old for the roles, but pull them off. Her maturity makes seduction more believable. He has a cool hairstyle and cornered eyebrows. Gish should have been given a stronger confidante or lover.

    ***** A Mother's Nightmare (9/29/12) Vic Sarin ~ Jessica Lowndes, Grant Gustin, Annabeth Gish, Sebastian Spence
  • This is by far the absolute best movie made on Lifetime, along with its sequel "A Father's Nightmare". However, this movie went above and beyond my expectations.

    The story is heart-wrenching, emotional, terrifying, and powerful. The girl who seduces Chris and almost succeeds in having him commit suicide is demented and horrifying, and I felt for Annabeth Gish's character as she thought she had just lost her son.

    Very well acted too. Great cast!
  • kevenpeck5829 September 2012
    i love this movie i think that the mom played the part 100 percent perfect also because she played the therapist on pretty little liars. i think that the cast and story line was great this is a 10 out of 10 movie without a doubt. this movie kep tme watching it the whole time for me there was abslutley no dull parts in the movie at all. i love this movie i think that the mom played the part 100 percent perfect also because she played the therapist on pretty little liars. i think that the cast and story line was great this is a 10 out of 10 movie without a doubt. this movie kept watching it the whole time for me there was abslutley no dull parts in the movie at all
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I can't believe how many times I've watched this cinematographically amazing film. That is, it's all beautiful on the outside, hiding the chaos and wickedness within. That's the basic gist of this film--the beauty of temptation and the suffering blind trust in love can cause. The emphasis on female beauty and the need for a boyfriend is on the offensive side, if you notice such things. It was refreshing to see a clueless virgin guy being led through the teenage labyrinth of lust and drugs. I really had to wonder about his strength of character, if any. This is a good choice for a rainy afternoon if you're thinking about your youth and how glad you are to be free of its complications.
  • Now although some of you's like the movie and story line and action I am sure is good. But what I myself don't agree with it is like when Chris and this chick meet they made it out like they have known one another lot longer than just meeting.

    That didn't not make sense if this guy was being picked out than they should not have been that chummy that fast before even start going together and such.

    How many more lines do you want me too type before I can post this message which is stupid all the requirement's you have too go through just too make a comment on a movie.