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  • The title Uu kodathara ulikki padathara doesn't match the movie at least in a single scene.This title raises the expectations on the movie which leads to disappointment after watching it.The story of the movie is convincing but the debut director failed to mould it into a masterpiece.Though the lead star cast is the plus point for the movie,screenplay made it to minus point.Balakrishna is only highlight of the movie.

    Manchu Manoj is good,but not at his best.He struggled a lot for the movie,but the result doesn't suits itr.Deeksha seth is wasted in the movie.The love track between them is too boring.the comedy scenes doen't made you laugh but irritates many times.Manchu Lakshmi Prasanna was good in cameo role.Her acting was excellent at the climax.

    Nandamuri Balakrishna is only the saving grace for the movie.His performance was simply superb.His dialogue delivery was awesome asusual.The scenes of Balakrishna was very well shot,mainly his introduction.Only Balakrishna can do justice for the role and he did it.Last 25 minutes of the movie was better than the remaining movie.Better comedy and faster narration would have made a large difference to the movie.

    Director Shekar raja was completely failed in screenplay but made the Balakrishna's episodes highlight of the movie.Music by Bobo Sashi was complete let down.The picturisation of first two songs,mainly the second song was worst.Remaining were better.BGM by Chinna was very good.Production values are rich.

    FINAL WORD:Go for the movie,if you are fan of Balakrishna.Except this there is nothing else to watch in this movie.Overall, the production team of UKUP can be applauded for this type of attempt, but it could have easily been so much better. 5/10
  • ukup is the most awaited movie of 2012,but it failed utterly to reach the expectations.major pros and cons of the film were balakrishna presence and shekharraja direction respectively.The movie doesn't deserve the title ,the screenplay is boring and nothing interesting except a very few scenes.when coming to individual performances balakrishna suits aptly to the role,manoj is just OK,deeksha seth has nothing to do with,and other..... don't worth a mention.while coming to songs except "anuragame" and "idhi ani" songs no other we can remember after coming out of the hall,especially the first song can be awarded as the worstly picturised song in the world ever,it really disturbs the plot and makes no sense at all.apart from this graphics were good.except balakrishna's performance there is nothing to watch in this movie
  • The same old ghost stories we saw 100 years back tried to make a ghost film by copying some of the scened from Hollywood and tollywood movies produces and director of this film thinks that the Telugu audiences are dumb fellows and they tried very hard to show some silly old fashioned cg work which we have seen ages back i really don't know y Lakshmi is dying to act when herself knows that this haven't got any acting material in her. Really spend most frustrating and boring 2.30 hrs after the recent Hindi film cocktail.

    My sincere advice is to avoid don't, waste ur valuable time watch it whenever available in DVD i think it will be out soon as the producer need to cover some of there losses..
  • Warning: Spoilers
    story: Narasimha Rayudu is the heir of Gandharva Mahal. He marries his sister to his relative Bhoopathi (Sonu Sood). And after the marriage, he gifts half of his wealth and the Mahal to his sister. Bhoopathi is already in love with Amruthavalli (Lakshmi Prasanna) the daughter of a prostitute, He kills his wife and gets ready to marry Amruthavalli. Narasimha Rayudu tries to stop it and in the process kills Bhoopathi and gets killed. Prabhu is the son of Narasimha Rayudu. He tries to marry her daughter to a young lad and gives the Mahal to the groom as dowry. Bhoopathi's soul lives in the Mahal and tries to stop the marriage. His evil intent is not to allow any marriage in the Mahala except his. Finally, Narasimha Rayudu's soul enters the body of Manchu Manoj, the son of his loyal servant and save his Mahal and family. Performances: Manchu Manoj had delivered a good performance through out the movie. The different getup's shown in the movie are misleading. All of them come in a song. He matured himself as an actor. His facial expressions are good and diction is improved. Nandamuri Balakrishna is the show stealer in the entire movie. He virtually lived in the role. His histrionics are composed and dialogs delivery is at its best. No present day actor can do justice for the role. His make up and styling is too good. Take bow Balayya!. But sadly, he is underused. Manchu Lakshmi has a brief role in the movie. Her make up in the Brig role is not up to the mark. Her performance in the climax is brilliant. Sonu Sood is good in his little role Deekshaseth and Prachi Bora have no screen space. Prabhu, Bhanu Chander, Sai Kumar and others are okay. Technical Performances: Director Shekar Raja is the culprit in the entire fiasco. He got a decent subject in hand but failed to narrate it perfectly. The movie is a kind of story which needs a gripping narration which is totally absent. He is lucky enough to get his debut with a big star like Balayya and in big banner like Manchu Entertainments but he failed to en-cash the opportunities. Songs by Bobo Sasi is a let down except Anuragame Harathulayya, no song is well pictured. The first song of the movie should be removed immediately or else families and ladies will walk out midway. Back ground score by Chinna is good. MR Varma editing is not up to the mark. Rajashekar's cinematography is good. Lakshmi Bhupal's duologue's are total let down. Balayya who is a king in dialogs delivery did not get any good dialogs. Final Say: The first half of the movie is okay and second half is good in parts. Performances by the lead roles especially Balakrishna are awesome. But the movie did not have a proper narration to bind the audience to their seats. All in all, good effort but not so good output. Watch it to kill the time in the weekend.

    Rating- 2/5