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  • What struck me after watching the first episode of "The Night Of" is that this is a story that has been told on countless iterations of "Law and Order". The difference is the luxury of not having to tell it in 40 minutes and the bringing to bear of HBO's prodigious production values combined with a first-rate cast of mostly little-known actors.

    The portrayal of the police is unlike anything I've seen before: annoyance about working past the end of a shift, the passing of the buck so someone else gets a case that will doubtless go into the wee hours of the morning, the careless handling of evidence due to available manpower. Here the police are neither heroes nor villains, rather they're just working men and women doing a job.

    The atmosphere of the precinct house in the middle of the night is palpable as is the overwhelming sense of helplessness felt by the naive lead character as his night goes from bad to worse. John Torturro's portrayal of a low rent defense attorney who stumbles onto a case much bigger than he imagined holds great promise for future episodes.

    As I said at the beginning, it's hardly a story we've not seen before but we've never seen it told this well. I look forward to watching it develop.
  • This show has received mixed reviews. Some have loved it. Some have hated it. I don't often leave reviews however I do often read reviews when deciding whether to watch something. I decided to write this review based on the poor reviews because I felt very strongly about this that I just had to put my opinion across. This show is amazing. It's draws you in, puts you in the main characters position and never lets go. The acting is fantastic, the mood, the music the visuals are also great. I watch a lot of shows, most of them are entertaining enough but not very often do I come across a show like this that gets you completely enthralled and then has you screaming at the screen as the end credits role because you cant stand the thought of having to wait 7 days for the next episode. Like I said at the beginning. Some people are slamming this show for being "unoriginal" "boring" "stupid". My reply to these are as follows:

    Unoriginal? OK, so the premise is nothing new, its not earth shattering but trust me, you've never seen it told like this before! Boring? Absolutely not, this person must have the attention span of a 3 year old because I couldn't get enough of the suspense and drama. I just could not wait to find out what happens next and you genuinely care about the characters! And finally stupid? I'm sorry but this is very narrow minded. This is a naive young man who makes some pretty silly decisions under the influence of alcohol and drugs. We've all been there. Which is what makes this show so great. It resonates with us all. It's very real.

    In closing I would just like to say. Watch the first episode. I think you will absolutely love it.
  • What I like about this kind of series is that the story is good by itself but its by no means outstanding. The most important aspect is the storytelling, the presentation, the psychological tour of the characters, the portrayal of different cultures, and family, and relationships, and professions. That's the most impressive thing about this series.

    One of the most fascinating things about shows like this is the characters itself are so rich. I've seen very few TV shows that covers extremely sophisticated characters like Matthew on True Detective, and this girl on 'The Night of', and Naz himself. For me, just focusing on the story line for the sole purpose of entertainment is like just focusing on guitar sounds in a piece of music.

    This is the reason why I love the first season of True Detective, and this is the same reason why I love this series just after one episode.
  • HBO's new crime drama 'The Night Of' has sucked me in right from the very beginning. The pilot starts up very slow but builds suspense as it starts to tell the story, and that's where it shines; in it's storytelling. It was dramatically convincing and had a pleasantly dark atmosphere.

    The pilot was very long (1hr 20min) but it felt much shorter, it was tense from start to finish, in the sense of the story it was actually very predictable, but it was the acting and how the story was portrayed that made it so gripping and watchable. Not a second went by where my attention wasn't glued to the TV screen.

    What really made me love the pilot was how REAL the story felt, there wasn't a moment that made me think that it was a stupid story, it felt REAL. The acting was superb by everyone, the cinematography was perfect with it's overall dark tone and lighting, and the music just set the scene playing in the background to the tone of the show.

    The overall mood of the show has been set for the series, and if it stays at this standard for the rest of the series it will be an ultimate success. I look forward to where the rest of this series takes us! No complaints yet!

  • If you were a fan of 'The Killing', especially the first three seasons, then 'The Night Of' will be right up your alley. Gripping, engaging, methodical story telling that is somehow simultaneously slow and fast paced. Even when not much is happening, you will find yourself bracing in anticipation. Sad it's a limited series. I hope HBO decides to produce more content like this. In the meantime, I'll be eagerly awaiting the next installment. The acting is superb but the pacing is the real gem. Long before the first installment gets to the meat of the plot, intense, ominous moments of foreshadowing are peppered at the perfect times to really keep you biting your nails without even knowing why. I sighed in bittersweet relief when the credits rolled. And this is only the first episode.
  • betucho199316 July 2016
    I never expected it to be this good, of course the creators are awesome guys with some amazing series in the curriculum like The Wire. And even our man Gandolfini was inside this awesome work at some point (RIP Tony Soprano).

    The story is so thrilling and immersive that you can feel yourself inside the show, the actors make it feel real fellas, you feel scary as if everything is happening to you, your heart will just burst up when you see a cop.

    We will be introduced to smart dialogues and awesome actuation.

    It is a must watch and there is no person who wont love this show, HBO is killing it again and we must follow this astonishing story. Even a 10 isn't enough to give for this series,nit is already a new hit and is already on my top 3.
  • rbi99-12 July 2016
    Really, really like this one. Right off I liked several of the characters, and as the first episode unfolded I was drawn more and more into the story line. The acting is very good, the dialogue intelligent, and the characters are real. The first episode has me anxiously awaiting the next one. As events unfolded and things got more and more complicated, I could almost put myself in his place and wondered what in the world would I do if this happened to me.

    I have watched a lot of series over the years and this one is right up there with the best I have seen. Usually go for the hard hitting action series like Banshee, 24, Prison Break, Strike Back, Vikings, etc. This one is very much different from them, but I found myself drawn to it right from the opening scene.
  • I thought the opening episode of the new HBO limited series The Night Of, which Roger Ebert's website called Agatha Christie meets The Wire, was engrossing and compelling. Richard Price is a solid writer, having knocked out juicy realism before in scripts for solid films like Sea of Love, Color of Money & the Scorsese "Life's Lessons" segment of New York Stories, and Steven Zaillian, an even better writer, directs here with the same precision for detail he brought to the underrated A Civil Action (Travolta, Duvall).

    Great subtle acting abounds, and a modern day Twin Peaks meets True Detective emerges. I've always been a big John Turturro fan, and his grizzled and weary performance here as the suspect's attorney just might end up being Emmy worthy (time will tell). Riz Ahmed, as the main protagonist, brings the same innocent, befuddled but smarter-than-you-think characterization to the mystery storyline here that he aced as Gyllenhaal's doomed side-kick in Nightcrawler, and we just can't stop watching, because every time we ever felt stupid, cornered or scared is echoed in his soft spoken mannerisms of trapped anguish.

    I'm looking forward to watching the remaining 7 episodes every Sunday night at 9 on HBO.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    First off, one of my biggest gripes about this show was Naz's transformation from a seemingly reserved mild-mannered kid to this hardened, tatted-up, drug-using bad ass. I get the logic that in order to survive in a rough prison it is important to adapt, however how rough did things ever really get for Naz? He got cut, got some hot water thrown on him and his bed lit on fire. Next thing you know he links up with the top-dog Freddy and now he's a hardcore SOB that no one wants to mess with. The tattoos really bothered me because if he was currently on trial and knew he was innocent, why get "Sin" & "Bad" and a Latin King Crown tatted on your neck when you're in the middle of trying to prove your own innocence? I feel like these decisions were more of a story device to show to the audience that Naz has changed rather than his change being driven by genuine experience. Also the prison environment itself didn't seem too realistic. Freddy and Naz were able to chill all day in their cells smoking heroin all willy-nilly while occasionally beating up guys or slitting a guys throat when the guards weren't looking. The fact that there was no investigation over the inmate getting his throat cut or the mention of any security footage of this crime just goes to show you how untouchable Freddy and Naz were in prison which creates poor drama because there is essentially no consequence for their actions on the inside. Why does Naz have to be incognito getting drugs into prison when he can be an accomplice to murder and not suffer any consequences?

    Also, Naz's relationship with his lawyer Chandra was kind of unbelievable in my opinion. What happened between her and Naz that compelled her to willingly commit a felony by storing drugs up her snatch to give to NAZ in-front of a Police officer? And then to kiss him on top of that… All in the midst of a situation where they are constantly showing how everyone's moves are being monitored by cameras…

    The courtroom drama was underwhelming with a resolution that seemed a little bit too easy and too open to be completely satisfying.

    Lastly, as a filmmaker I realize how important it is to balance a dark story with moments of humor so that the story doesn't become overly depressing, however Jack's eczema-ridden feet shouldn't have been the main focal point for humor in this story. It was severely overdone and redundant that in every scene with Jack, his feet had to be shown or mentioned. After a certain point it was just gross.

    Overall, the show was shot well and the acting was decent although I wish I could have gotten more variation from Naz's character who's performance had a monotone quality to it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This show got me from the first episode. A great example of storytelling for mystery, crime and drama shows.

    It was slow in the beginning but after few minutes it gets exciting and tense with each second. You wonder what is next?

    A naive, Pakistani, Muslim young man in NYC suspected for murder for killing a girl he just met. He looks innocent but every clue shows otherwise and he's desperate and helpless. A veteran experienced detective sure of boys crime has a strong case against him. At the end of the episode help arrives from a low cost lawyer with little hope of salvation.

    Looks like another great chapter waits for us and I'm quite sure it's going to get better and better. I can't wait for the next episode.

    • Pros -

    Nice storytelling.

    Very good acting.

    Good character development.

    Music fits for the drama and mystery. It gives you the feeling but you hardly notice it playing.

    • Cons -

    None yet.
  • jql_longhurst11 September 2018
    Stunning, unpredictable, fresh, cynical. Perfect casting and sub plots. Scarily close to the bone on key social and religious tensions all around us. Authentic, gripping, binge-worthy
  • Incredibly fabulous visuals in the exquisite detailing of each frame, tonality,depth of perspectives and the dynamic and graphic balance of each visual image is beautifully worked - a real visual treat! Really stunning work -thank you so much I am sure much of the subtlety of your frames go unnoticed but for those who recognize the depth and artistry involved your work is outstanding!!!Each frame is faultless, a treasure. Heaven on earth. I cannot recommend this series more highly enough to anyone who is interested in well crafted visual story telling that not only has great content but original execution with a tremendously subtle erudite evocative visual style. A true lesson in content, myth and culture in each frame!
  • cranklaw29 August 2016
    Not only is the story implausible, but the choices made by the defense and the way the case unfolds for them, asking questions far too late and being unable to make certain connections makes the "reality" of the situation nearly unwatchable. The kid, Nasir, the defendant... He doesn't even explain what he can remember about the situation to anybody and there is no explanation as to why he doesn't simply let them know he didn't do it, or that he saw two guys outside her house or anything... I wish I could go into detail about how off the mark this show has been, although it is made very well in terms of the look and the acting, so I went with it.

    Basically, the sub par writing focuses on the wrong aspects of the story and the blatant political subplot to the narrative does not ring true at all. The story is not mishandled from the start, but quickly goes off the rails just enough to make you throw up your arms and wonder what the hell the writers are thinking.

    Below average for HBO, certainly
  • robin-poyet3 January 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    Just another True Detective-like show. The ambiance doesn't work, it pushes a dark atmosphere to balance with the lacks of the screenplay. Most of the secondary roles do not have deep stories, they are not at all endearing. The only good thing about this show is John Turturro, who plays great an unusual attorney. The main character, "Naz" is rather good, the acting is great but his character evolve to quickly from an unknown nerd to michael scofield from Prison Break. There is a lot of useless scenes which aim probably was to install this dark atmosphere but it doesn't work. During those kind of scenes you just asking yourself: Could this show have been related in one single episode?
  • Warning: Spoilers
    So I just watched the first episode of it on HBO GO, without knowing anything about the show, and I was surprised greatly. I thought that The Night Manager would be the best new series this year, but this has more than enough potential to beat it. The first episode goes in a lot of unexpected directions, giving me chills. It just drags everything out and gives you the same mystery that the main character is plagued with, as we know as much as he does, which isn't necessarily a good thing. You see every single mistake that he makes, every wrong choice, and you also know that this isn't what this kid is like. The main character is extremely likable, so as he is there making the wrong choices you just want to pull him out of the TV and scream at him "DO YOU REALIZE WHAT YOU ARE DOING RIGHT NOW???". The Lawyer has very limited screen time but does make an impact on you and seems likable. And the police chief, while you hate that he is the one torturing the main character, you really see why he is because the evidence points in this direction that you yourself disagree with yet can see how someone can agree with. This gave me more goosebumps than any horror film that I have ever watched, it is more suspenseful than any movie or TV show that I have watched. Think Gone Girl times ten pretty much. I can't wait to see the full series upon release.
  • Yes, what you hear it's true: it's a story about a murder and it has been told a million times. But NEVER like this, let me assure you. This is pure art. This show tells you the details about the story, builts up fantastic characters, and invites you to follow the story in a very slow and fulfilling pace. You know what's going to happen from the first episode, but what they have created here makes you sit down in front of your TV for 8 episodes to see HOW they get there. It's raw, it's real, it's perfectly written and directed, with a cast that blew my mind. It's a true pleasure to see HBO creating shows like this, the only pity here it's that it's a limited series, and I won't get to see any more from them.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I really don't know why I'm still watching this, I somehow made it to episode 5.

    I'm very surprised that the master writer Steven Zaillian wrote and directed this considering his extreme talent. But what the f*** was he thinking? This show is one of the slowest, mundane, drawn out, cliché messes I've ever seen.

    In so many scenes things happen where I laugh, cringe, sign, you name it. Our main character is in jail and all these inmates want to help him, giving him detailed advice, talking really dramatically. For some reason they treat him well? I don't know maybe Steven needs to be locked up in a jail in New York for a couple weeks to understand the fear that exists there.

    In another scene a TV cameraman is walking around and John Turturro says HEY record me!! And the cameraman turns towards him and his rant is immediately being aired?? What the f***. I guess I forgot, TV cameramen actually have complete control of television stations, there aren't producers or directors or endless layers of security and structure and vetting, just a bunch of cameramen who wander the city and record s*** that ends up on TV.

    And we have our main character Naz, played by Riz Ahmed who I really liked before getting deep into this, who is just another math nerd who seemingly never says no to anything BUT once he gets into prison he's a big ol tough boy.?

    Another detail that was overlooked was the fact that Naz's father, who is supposed to be Pakistani, is played by Peyman Moaadi, an Iranian. A recurring theme is overcoming racism but the casting director still doesn't know the difference between South Asia and the Middle East? How disheartening to any viewer from either of those areas.

    On top of everything, I have no idea why the f*** it's taken so many episodes for nothing to happen. There's no drama, no comedy, no thrill, no payoff, f***ing NOTHING to look forward to. How the f*** is this rated so highly?!!?

    This show is so full of confusing decisions I don't how this has reached any layer of appreciation. If I feel like risking 5 more hours of my life I'll come back and update/delete this and write another review.
  • Nasir "Naz" Khan is a 20-something University student living in New York. One night he takes his father's taxi to go to a party. Along the way he meets a beautiful young woman, Andrea, and his plans change. They go back to her place and after a night of drugs and passion, Naz wakes up to find Andrea dead, stabbed to death. Naz panics and flees the scene, only to be picked up by the police for a traffic offence. ULtimately Naz ends up at the police station, where the police then realise they have the prime suspect in a murder, and Naz is held for questioning. On the case is the methodical, perceptive Detective Sergeant Box. Box builds a compelling case against Naz and arrests him for Andrea's murder. Also on the scene is small-time lawyer Jack Stone who convinces Naz to hire him. However, the weight of evidence against Naz is massive and Jack Stone may be out of his depth.

    Incredibly compelling drama. Shows in detail how the justice system operates, its processes and flaws. Shows how innocence or guilt doesn't really matter to the police and prosecutor - chance of conviction is what matters. Also shows the conditions prisoners face while awaiting trial and how this imprisonment with criminals can affect them, potentially turning innocent citizens into criminals.

    Very engaging - you empathise with Naz and his family and what they are going through. Moreover, the situation is so plausible and could easily happen to many everyday, innocent people. Very solid plot.

    Quite gripping too - the final outcome is in doubt until the very end and there are many twists and turns along the way. The final few scenes are incredibly enthralling and ultimately quite emotional.

    Solid performance by Riz Ahmed in the lead role. Stand out performance goes to John Turturro as Jack Stone. His character is decidedly non-glamorous and Turturro thrives on those sorts of roles. Wonderful everyman down-troddeness-yet-resourcefulness to his performance.

    Great supporting cast too. Nobody puts a foot wrong.
  • True Detective. GOT and The Wire just a few examples of great shows that HBO produce over the years. The Night Of only need 20 minutes to make you feel part of the story. Riz Ahmed is just so great in the personification of Nasir, and in some point I feel bad for that guy. The characters are amazing and the suspense presented along the show is outstanding.If you're a fan of thriller movies you don't want to miss this show. I think this is one of the best shows ever made and I found this by chance when I was looking for some new TV show to view. The problem is when probably the best TV shows are made, is hard to find new shows that can march the quality presented by GOT, The Wire, Breaking Bad, Luther, True Detective and some other shows. I don't want to say anymore, just view it, if you're capable of see deep, slow, suspense, but mesmerizing thriller.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I watched the first episode of "The Night Of" and although the series promises an interesting story and has a high production quality, I found it extremely annoying how blatantly stupid and irrational the protagonist, Nazir is made.

    After Nazir wakes up and finds the girl he spent the night with murdered in cold blood, his first reaction is not to call the cops but flee. I guess this is an acceptable reaction if you're in shock, but it doesn't end here. Once outside the girls house he realizes he forgot his jacket inside and breaks back into the apartment. By now it should be obvious that he can't avoid involving cops to the situation, but no... He drives away, still high on the drugs he took with the girl, and gets caught by a patrolling police car unit.

    Even while being accused for DUI, with a bloody knife in his breast pocket does he say nothing. He doesn't say anything even when the police unit that caught him stops at the crime scene with the dead girl. Not even on the police station, while having his body being searched, does he mention that he is carrying a bloody knife. When the cops find the knife in his breast pocket he tries to flee from the police station although he's surrounded by several cops. He isn't even able to cooperate during the police interrogation. Like... come on.

    The stupidity that the protagonist shows is enough on its own to not make me watch more of this series.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A mild mannered, young man 'Naz' takes his father's cab to head to a House Party, en route he encounters a mysterious, attractive girl. Captivated by her, Has heads back to her place, where the two make out. Was!into up several hours later, Has discovers she's been killed, terrified he runs off, but is soon picked up by the Police.

    The question is, did her or didn't he?

    This is the art of storytelling at its finest, as a story, it's not exactly unique, but the way it's told, the way it unravels, the realism, that feels unique.

    Riz Ahmed is a revelation as Naz, brilliant from the first scene to the last, I believed every aspect of the character, he had an innocence and a sincerity that was crucial for the role. The transformation in his character throughout was amazingly played out. You'd struggle to recognise Naz in the last from the first episode.

    I loved John Turtutrro and his character John Stone, a superb performance, he made John so interesting, his eczema/psoriasis gave him a unique side story.

    I won't pretend to know a great deal about the American legal and penal service, but I think what the writer was trying to show was that you put a shy kid into the prison service, and he'll come out of it worse then when he went in.

    I can think of no negatives whatsoever, possibly only the ambiguity at the end, did he do it or not? I think I it was made 99% clear that he was innocent, but I'm sure a second series will reply explore.

    The Night of is fantastic 10/10
  • I guess the main problem with Americans copying a foreign movie or mini TV series lies in the commercialization of the copy. Basically this series is a copy of the BBC mini-series "Criminal Justice", down to Stone a solicitor on the BBC a lawyer on HBO, and Box the detective in charge of the investigation, but somehow the BBC had 5 episodes to the unnecessarily stretched 8 episodes of "The night of". After all HBO needs to sell more commercials. A ton of unnecessary scenes made this tiresome. The acting is quite good, and the plot is quite mundane, but we like to see justice done even if in real life this is not the case. All in all an average remake of an excellent British series.
  • I am a huge fan of True Detective, so when I heard that this show was "sort of" the 3rd Season of TD, I decided I wanted to watch it.

    OK, so I have sat through 5 episodes now, and have tried to be patient, but this is getting ridiculous . . . endless BS "character developments" that need not exist, such as John Stone's chronic psoriasis (tell me exactly HOW that is an important facet to this character!), the "Superstar" detective who doesn't even notice the fact that the alleged killer has no blood on him, yet the victim is covered in blood, the room is covered in blood, etc., the astonishingly poor acting of the person cast to portray the DA, the extended and unnecessary "Story components", like the continuing saga of what's going on in the prison (I thought this was a mystery, not a prison movie), the autopsy scene (the DA she lays the picture of his cut hand BELOW the nude man's crotch, just so we can get a clear view of his penis?!?!?!? FOR WHAT PURPOSE?!?!?); I'm sorry, but I've see enough. Not going to submit myself to any more of this crappy series.

    I can't believe that there are so many people who can't see this
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The Night Of is a miniseries HBO put out recently that aired every Sunday. It's a prison/court show around a Pakistani-American named Nazir Khan who blacks out during a drug-fueled outing with a strange girl and wakes up to find her viciously cut up. In a panic, he grabs the knife and runs, as well as a few other mistakes that hurt his case as the show surrounds his attempts to survive in prison as well as deal with his community on the outside.

    I WILL be spoiling the end of the show, and various plot points throughout because some of my thoughts revolve directly around some of them.

    I have mixed feelings on the show. On one hand, it's beautifully shot. The highlight, for me, is John Tuturro's portrayal of John Stone, a jaded Attorney to finds obviously guilty people that mess around with drugs and contraband and pleads them out for easy money.

    In fact, I'm pretty sure he's the only one who's awake for the whole show. This gets to the core of my thoughts;

    Everyone is asleep in this show.

    Naz's parents just look dumbfounded the whole time. The mother does a good job of looking exasperated sometimes but the father just walks around his scenes looking confused. You could excuse this for 'shock' but he doesn't act. He does nothing at all.

    It makes a point to highlight the mundanity(sp?) of everyday life. Every cop, social worker, and civilian you see look bored and asleep. I can respect the show's attempt at realism but this problem goes beyond mere escapism; I want to enjoy myself. I was not enjoying myself through most of the show. Certain points were engaging, like the various prison scenes and seeing how corrupt Naz would allow himself to be as to not get stabbed or, at one point, gets home-brewed acid thrown at him. Some of that was engaging but even the Guards and prisoners looked half-assed. It hardly went in depth there, as shows like Oz and Prison Break did. You barely see much of the Prison at all, mostly revolving around Naz and his benefactor, a prisoner named Freddy.

    After that, it cuts to bored investigators taking picture of boring houses. John occasionally does something interesting, like getting up close and personal with some suspects but it ultimately cuts to Detective Box looking bored while watching boring surveillance cameras. Everyone looks tired and I feel like there's a lot of fluff that could have been cut to make this a five episode series rather than eight.

    Half of the investigation scenes are all fluff, too. At one point Naz's Attorney investigated a Mortician that was in the area during the titular "Night of". He barely gets five minutes of screen time to establish his intense and possibly dangerous misogyny, before he just disappears until the last episode for a brief few statements at the Stand. This happens a couple of times before focusing on what might be the actual killer; Some kind of financial adviser of the deceased woman's stepfather.

    That all could have been interesting but the show just kind of… ends. The show ends with the jury being 6 to 6, locked in their opinions and not budging. The DA had the option of pressing further but gives up in an interesting twist; During the last episode she physically holds the knife and notices that the knife would not have cut Naz's hand like it did in the photographs. I actually hated the DA's actor but I was actually excited to see the spark of emotion in her face when this actually dawned on her. Again, they could have explored this further but it ultimately culminates in the fact that she decides not to continue the charges and drops the case after one good, hard look at Naz. That was it. She gets one spark of decent acting and the show just shrugs and gives up. It does this a lot, you see. A lot of fluff and distraction.

    So he goes free and by this point, there's 13 minutes left I notice on the bar. I'm waiting for some kind of final revelation that never comes. I expected one of the other suspects to assault him or strike again in some manner. I expected some kind of twist where Naz actually picks up another woman, has a strange look on his face, and BOOM, smash cut away? This does not happen.

    Instead the show ends establishing that Naz continues a newfound drug habit he picked up in prison. Detective Box and the DA go after the 'real' killer, whom we see walking away and then nothing else. No real comeuppance, no payoff. Naz just gets mad at his mother for her brief moment of thinking he actually killed the girl, and he stomps away into the night to score some drugs. (Which could have been a moment of a scenario or theory I stated above). Nope. It just… stops.

    Ultimately I'm glad this was just a mini-series. Nothing happens. I was as bored as the actors on the screen.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Naz wakes up downstairs and he has no blood on his clothes. He goes upstairs and wears his black shirt again no blood on his shirt either. When you see the dead body there is blood all over the freaking place. On the light on the sheets everywhere it's pure gore. So I ask you this are these cops or lawyers too stupid to see this? Or even he himself can't think of this so he can defend himself? He could ask the police if you think I did it then where is the blood on my clothes? Sure they had some foreplay involving masochism but the amount of blood that can be found on Naz is not proportional anyway. Cops should be searching for other tools to point Naz as a murder suspect such as stretch films, gloves or any kind of protective clothes to be able to commit such a brutal murder yet splash not a single drop of blood on his clothes. Case dismissed from start.

    I don't even want to mention that writers are in conflict while portraying Naz as a clever hardworking kid yet he is so stupid to flee the scene even if he believed himself that he didn't commit the crime from the start. He could call the police and explain everything from scratch so easily. But nooooooooo that would be inconvenient for the writers right? For a kid supposedly believing his innocence he was completely silent entire episode 1 that was such a torture to watch too. When will writers start using their brains to come up with good stories I really wonder.
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