Actress Carla Gugino is the girlfriend of director Sebastian Gutierrez and appears in many of his projects.

Reunites Malin Akerman with Carla Gugino after Watchmen (2009).

Both Rosario Dawson and Carla Gunino previously worked together in 2005's Sin City, which is almost exactly the same title name as this movie.

Reunites Robert Forster with Carla Gugino after Karen Sisco (2003) and reunites the two of them with Cameron Richardson after Rise: Blood Hunter (2007)

Both Malin Akerman and Carla Gugino have previously worked together on two movies, Elektra Luxx and Watchmen. Carla Gugino played Malin Akerman's mom on Watchmen.

Malin Akerman previously starred in a TV show in 2015 with a title very similar to this movie's title, Sin City Saints.

The character name of "Eugene Portland" would seem to be an obvious reference to the second and first largest cities in Oregon.