Bek: [sees giant snakes] We should run.

Horus: Run?

Bek: We mortals do it all the time!

[runs off]

Horus: Are you sure you're not a god?

Bek: What would I be the god of? Stupidity?

Horus: The impossible.

Set: [about to be killed] Wait! I spared your life, didn't I?

Horus: I won't make that mistake.

Bek: It's fine. I'll do it.

Thoth: I thought you were a stray baboon.

Bek: I told you I'd be the one to face the Sphinx.

Thoth: Your chance of failure is overwhelming.

Bek: I'm sure. But before it kills me, I'm going to tell it that I asked the God of Wisdom to come but he was afraid he'd get the answer wrong.

Thoth: This is the cleverest strategy you could devise? Playing on my ego? How vain do you think I am?

[everyone looks around at the room filled with duplicates of Thoth]

Thoth: Yes, well... Fine. Fine! Let's go.

Horus: [sees Apophis on Earth] I can understand killing for a throne, but this is madness!

Set: Of course you wouldn't understand! How could you? Favored son of a favored son!

Bek: What would happen if I drank that?

Horus: You would be refreshed. Then you would die.

Bek: It doesn't seem right that the water of Creation would, kill.

Horus: I would kill you, For wasting my water.

Bek: You really watched the world come into being?

Thoth: I don't lie.

Bek: Where were you watching it from, if nothing had been created yet?

Thoth: If I even attempted to explain, your brain would liquefy and run out of your ears.

Ra: Egypt has always been a paradise. But now, there is chaos. God of the air, you must protect the mortals.

Horus: I don't know if I'm strong enough.

Ra: Then become stronger.

Ra: Every night the battle between chaos and creation must go on, otherwise the world will be destroyed. For you see, there are worse things than Set.

Horus: That's not true! He killed my father, your son!

Ra: They are BOTH my sons! I favored them equally!

Ra: [to Horus] I do not approve of Set's rule. But I doubt yours would be much better.

Hathor: [gives her bracelet to Bek] I'm the goddess of love! If I don't do this, I am nothing!

Set: [to Ra] I will take your place. But it won't be sitting on some damn boat!

Thoth: [his duplicates surround Horus] I outnumber you!

Thoth: Ha, I have it! Its mystery, its essence, its truth...

Horus: It's lettuce!

Zaya: Set has taken over Egypt, and has enslaved its people. Only one god can save us, but not without his eyes.

Bek: Steal from a god? Only a madman would try such a thing.

Zaya: [smiles] Where do you think we could find someone so mad?

Set: [to Hathor] I tore the wings off my wife. Imagine what I'll do to YOU...

Set: I don't want to die, I want to live! I want to live down on earth, amongst the lands I have conquered!

Set: Did you miss me?

Hathor: I have to miss you, I'm your prisoner.

Set: You're not fit to be king... it's my turn now.

[tears out Horus's eyes]

Hathor: I am the goddess of too much

[Horus is hanging from the tower, with Bek holding onto him]

Horus: I'm sorry for everything I've done to you! I'm sorry I brought you to this fate! And I'm especially sorry, for this...

[loses his grip, and the two fall]

Horus: I chose none of this! I can't undo what's been done! What power do I have?

Hathor: You have the power to make things right!

Urshu: No one has ever so honored the great God Ra. He will pass over it's peak and marvel at the tribute you have built in his name.

Set: Is that it?

Urshu: I'm sorry?

Set: Well, can you make it any taller?

Urshu: T-Taller?

Set: Yes, it's a simple question.

Urshu: Well, that might be difficult, um, now, I mean...

Set: Relax, Urshu, I'm joking.

Urshu: hah, hah, hah, hahaha.

Ra: [to Set] If your tower were any higher, it would get in my way.

Sphinx: [when the answer his riddle is given] Oh, bother...

Ra: None is mightier, under the sun.

Set: They all honor me. Just as I honor you.

Ra: If honor had been your true intent, you would have refrained from killing your brother.

Set: So you do see what heppens down there. Tell me, do you care?

Ra: [sadly] I care more than you can ever imagine.

Set: [meets Osiris at his party] It took me four days to get here - three to come out of the desert, and one to come through this crowd!

Set: Soon I will rule over all of the world...


[Apophis appears]

Urshu: You look glorious, lord.

Set: I know.