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  • Good movies & TV shows must always start with a good story with strong characters. Sadly, this show lacks both of those.

    Many series always try to introduce as much of its "universe" into the pilot episode, and this show is no different, but this time could have been better used giving the plot some important: existence.

    Some of the characters seem interesting, surrounded by a "I wonder what happens next" aura, but not enough and not tied together in any form.

    Although not trying to hammer too heavily on the show, but the special effects are both terrible (early 90's TV-style, rendered on a home computer) and slightly confusing (I don't think the actors were told what the effects would be, nor how to react).

    Finally, how did these classic and well-respected actors get attached to this show? Was there some sort of blackmail involved, a professional deception, or possibly deals to avoid jail time due to tax evasion? This is very unclear, as the performances are flat, confused, and disjointed (with the exception of Robert Picardo, who delivers a heartfelt dialogue...although it also seems unattached to whatever passes for a plot).
  • I remember hearing all the hype surrounding this production. Then nothing after it came out.

    Specifically from YouTube pop-culture media commentators - this is what we've been waiting for.

    Given all the sci-fi woke garbage coming out of Hollywood. This show sounded like a breath of fresh air.

    Then I sat down to watch it - oh boy!

    Bad cgi; alright I've seen just as bad. The acting though is subpar for this caliber of talent...?

    AND they couldn't stay away from virtue signaling!

    Just stay away and keep your nostalgia intact.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I don't like to write bad reviews, but my goodness, this is the most pompous over-hyped thing i have ever seen, and I can handle low budget films, etc, but this is something quite else.

    I donated to this campaign with all the promises of great Sci-Fi with great writing and great production design. Years, later, this is all we get?

    Firstly the directing: I cannot understand how the director(s) call themselves professional, as they have some amazingly good serious TV credits, but something here has gone horribly wrong. There is one scene that will illustrate this: when they set about on their big mission, the Captain starts telling a story about a pirate. It is so horrible and yet humorous, that you would almost did this to be perfectly bad. Go look at this on youtube, where it's officially free to watch. It's textbook what NOT to do as a director every sense.

    The writing is ok, but it completely rips on Star Trek Next Gen and DS9, but not as good. The old Android slave trope... Nothing new, and badly re-purposed for this new vision of the future.

    The production design, if you would call it this, looks like it's inspired by 50's Coney Island.

    The actors are solid and good. The music is good.

    The worse is the CG. It looks like a cartoon, and I don't mean in a good way, but something seriously went wrong in the producing of this. For example, there is a scene in an country childhood home. For some insane reason, it's all green screen. Why would you do this, when you are in California, and have access to farms everywhere? Or a scene where they are driving down a country road in a convertible. Green screen?

    The sea thing is, when I donated to this campaign, it was on the promise of good CG spaceships from the guy who did Battlestar Galactica, and even solid directing from some Australian guy who had a lot of experience. But these people are good, and we are left with a disaster film in the worst way.
  • randysaw11 March 2021
    It does not help that you bill this as " the greatest Star Trek you're not watching." Not even close. Acting, special effects, script, photography, MUSIC! It's ALL sub par. I rate it a 2 out of 10. I have no wish to see any more. I'm sorry. Im just being honest. Low budget for sure.
  • It looks worse than a Fan made pilot. Bad BAD early 2000's CGI, probably a free app from Google Store. All the out of work actors should have been embarrassed. The props were comical. Acting...bad....
  • Very good, we enjoyed watching it! The atmosphere and the low budget and acting gave it the good old feel of 70s Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica etc.

    For anyone who wants to knock the production and put it down, let's see you do better let alone get your movie published!
  • I love this show! Let me get that out of the way. I enjoy the B movie production, seeing beloved performers from my youth and today, the lack of woke agenda and that everyone has obviously come together because of their passion for the show rather than a big paycheck. This show is raw, no two ways about it but if you can get past the what it lacks you may just find just how much of a diamond this show really is. My only irritation with this show is that I can not find the entire season and I am half way through the second episode (which btw is masterclass in acting by the majority of the cast).