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  • I had the opportunity of getting to watch this "Beautifully, well-done" film! I felt the story & dialog in the film, was very well written, and the performances by the lead two actors David Topp & Taylor Grace-Davis, along with the supporting characters in the film, had executed all their dialog very believable & natural, which really helped make this film more endearing & heartwarming to watch, because I was genuinely able to feel the actors' sincerity in their performances. What I was very impressed by was the Directing done by Melanie Star Scot, who was able to give this short film a look, feel, and sound of a bigger budgeted feature type film. I thought overall, the film "The Box" was very well executed, beautifully acted, shot & musically composed, that I was thoroughly impressed by it! I felt that the Actors performances & the Directing style of the film were all so good, that I could easily see this "heartwarming love story" short film made into a feature film or even a T.V. movie! BRAVO to all involved in this BEAUTIFULLY EXECUTED, & WELL-DONE film!