The bedroom scene was filmed at the 1847 Blake House Inn in Asheville, NC, which was also the childhood summer home of actress Andie MacDowell.

A screen capture from the film shows two black and white photos on either side of the box. These are photos of writer Kimberly B. Davis father, Harold and Director Melanie Star Scot father, George. So even though both men have passed, they were on set with their children. This film is lovingly dedicated to The Daddys, Harold Blanton, Sr and George Brooklyn Anderson.

The dime left behind by Madison in the change return of the drink machine is indicative of the belief that loved ones who have passed often drop dimes to show they are nearby, a phenomenon observed by many people of all religions and beliefs.

The bay Quarter Horse that Levi rides up on in the garden scene is a gelding named Shadow that actually belongs to David Topp, the actor riding him.

"Easter Egg" Box: While purchasing props, Director and Executive in Charge of Production, Melanie Star Scot ordered a beautifully ornate, hand-carved box. She and the writer, Kim Davis rolled with laughter when it arrived and was about 2 inches long. It was definitely not large enough to hold Rebekkah's journal and letters but instead, was more the size of a Christmas tree ornament. It quickly became the productions little "mascot". In the scene with Aunt Melanie, you get a glimpse of the tiny little (original) box on the fireplace mantel behind her.

Keeping with the theme of the film, in the final scene, actor David Topp is wearing a razor blade necklace, which is the "Pain Of Love" series by French jewelry designer Igal Dahan.