Lesbian Psychodramas 11 (2012)

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28 April 2018 | lor_
Highly unusual entry in the Girlfriends series
IMDb credits B. Skow for directing this very strange volume in the ongoing "Lesbian Psychodramas" series from Girlfriends Films, but with no screen credit I'm not going along with that gag just yet. Whoever was responsible, this is a tantalizing, oddly structured and even cryptic piece of eroticism.

Designed to keep one guessing from start to finish (the mystery is never resolved), we have what in literature is called an "unreliable narrator". The line between reality and fantasy in this story is blurred, and the use of sudden flashbacks also calls into question the time frame of the action.

Opening has Gracie Glam and lover hiding out as we hear a police siren wailing. Their conversation doesn't clear up what they're running from but it would seem to be of a criminal nature. They have sex but a different scene is intercut near the end showing Glam masturbating alone somewhere else.

Her lover (real? or is Alyssa the real one?) Ella Milano shows up glamorously dressed and they argue on the level of "why are you always out late?". Ella admits to infidelity, claiming that Glam cannot satisfy her sexually, and Glam admits to having erotic dreams involving Alyssa, set in a hotel room.

We see such a dream but it has Ella making love to Alyssa this time, all the more confusing because these two actresses are almost lookalikes. The issue of whether both lovers (Glam & Ella) are cheating with the same woman (Alyssa) is left hanging, as it is the Sapphic sex and its intensity in both scenes that counts.

Glam relates one of her erotic hotel room dreams, in which she and Alyssa are interrupted by the maid, Asphyxia Noir, who they welcome onto their bed to play a game of "Truth or Strip" (the usual Dare converted into mere striptease). This results in Noir admitting to having a crush on another maid and that sets the wheels in motion for perhaps another erotic dream or flashback in which our gals cause the two maids to get it on together. At this point I was lost as to who was the dreamer or storyteller, so jumbled was the sequence of scenes.

So are we dealing with experimental cinema or rather merely a sloppy pornographer anxious to set up the next half hour-plus XXX coupling however illogical is its presentation? Or is the complexity surrounding what is little more than an all-girl wall-to-wall sex video just a prank?

The maids' lovefest is made memorable by casting the inimitable Jayden Lee opposite Noir, both of them exotic in the extreme and a very sensual couple in the sack. This is Jayden before she underwent an impressive breast enlargement - I had just seen her in the Bree Mills massage classic "The Boss" (boy/girl opposite Marcus London) , cementing my admiration for the underrated actress.

Finale has Ella giving Glam one more chance to please her, and although Glam rises to the occasion, dominating Ella as requested and bringing her to orgasm, the feature ends very tentatively with Ella deciding to leave her lover anyhow. Police sirens and flashing lights interrupt them, but Glam refuses to tell what crime has occurred that's causing the commotion, with the show ending on a freeze frame, intentionally leaving the viewer in the dark. My guess -could it be that Glam has killed Alyssa or something terrible? We'll never know.

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