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  • KILLERS is something different, a hard-hitting and explicitly violent serial killer outing made as a co-production between Indonesia and Japan. It's a film of two halves, one that tells two separate story lines that gradually merge before meeting up at the climax.

    The initial storyline is a Japanese-based tale about a guy who goes around murdering beautiful young women in the most vicious way imaginable. Even worse, he uploads footage of his crimes to the Internet for other users to enjoy. This is in the same territory as THE CHASER or I SAW THE DEVIL, absolutely disturbing viewing without dwelling on needless protracted torture or the like. Needless to say it's gripping, with subtle acting and a mature approach to the story.

    The second storyline is set in Indonesia, and brings to mind the world of THE RAID and its sequel; a couple of actors from those films feature prominently. It involves a journalist who fails to bring down a crime boss and soon finds himself driven into his own murky world of vigilante violence. The film's heart is present in the form of the likable Oka Antara, a guy who goes on a dark yet gripping journey.

    The storyline is unpredictable throughout, only becoming predictable for the violent climax. But for the most part it's exemplary: dark, harrowing, exciting, the sort of wide-reaching storyline that can only be told through cinema screens. The reason it's so good is that it focuses on the psychology of the killers, which makes this much more than another boring slasher. It's outstanding, in fact.
  • Red_Identity27 August 2014
    First, it has to be said that this film is brilliantly shot. The cinematography really is exquisite, and the whole film's aesthetic reminds me of the TV show Hannibal, in that it uses a slot of slow-motion and classic musical pieces as well as looking very elegant despite a lot of disturbing content and gore. The directing here is fine, the screenplay has some holes though. The performances are quite strong too, and really do seem to elevate their script's material. As a whole, this is very bloody and pretty horrifying, would not recommend it to the squeamish, but as a film, it's a fine one, if even very flawed at times. Seek it out.
  • Don't miss out on this movie, and if you seen I saw the Devil then you must watch this .I saw a trailer recently and I had no Idea what was going on in the trailer. I noticed that Merantua films, xyz films, and Gareth Evans was involved in this project. If you have seen the raid, or raid 2 you know that those three things I've listed are not going to disappoint you. The movie revolves around a Japanese psychopath who kills for the fun and feeling of it. There are very few movies in which they show the mind of a killer and how he thinks at times. The effects in this movie look very realistic . I really love the blend between the Indonesian and Japanese world. Don't give the movie a bad rating because you thought it was disturbing . The movie competes with I saw the Devil, and The Chaser. Acting-9/10 Score-10/10 Violence- 10/10 Story-9/10 Overall :10/10
  • ----------------------- NO SPOILERS AT ALL ----------------------

    I've just finished watching. Surely, at the very first, i have to admit, that i am stunned in every way possible. Although i expected not that much of it at all. But, that was swayed by all the fuc**d up reviews i read. They said, the movie is slow, hard to watch, absolutely predictable, bla bla bla and especially etc. The best for this film to be loved by you, is to have that special interest for ALL kinds of Psycho - Movies, in any kind, and especially that sweet special interest for stunning character-developments. (i would name a few of the many examples, that it refers to as tribute, but, sadly, it would spoil too much of the story-line) Everything is told, through two truly extraordinary actors. Both of them are taking everything of their act to the maximum .... Without taking the reality felt, away from it. Different, realistic, bad spirited and still.... with a real good piece of heart. And if it comes down to the perfectly paced soundtrack, also, all my wishes were fulfilled. So, for me, i really can not agree with these reviews i have read quite recently.

    But, and this is for sure, i can not recommend this movie to anyone. It is quite violent indeed. Definitely not soothing to the softly-minded or -hearted. So please, anyone that got that hard stomach to take this kind of film...


    --- Which is, honestly, the best Homage, to so many great movies i love, movies that are done by people, loving what they are doing, loving the source of their drive. And out of that, combine them, and make something new with it. While through this, repeated said, it is a good movie for someone, but a Masterpiece for the right ones.

    Thank you for reading this very subjective Review.

    Sincerely your's

    Bugs Bundy
  • I had no idea in the beginning that "Killers" was a collaboration between Indonesian and Japanese filmmakers. I didn't know exactly what to expect as I started watching it. While the premise does sound promising, the movie goes nowhere later on. The Indonesian killer escape scene is far fetched. Only armed with a gun (and too scared to actually use it), he manages to escape 400 security guards in a hotel. His face gets exposed, yet he doesn't even get arrested by the local police. I guess it must be very easy to commit murder in Jakarta and get away with it.

    Another incoherence is the Japanese serial killer's ability to exactly locate the Indonesian man's address in Jakarta. He kills countless women he met on the streets of Tokyo but still manages to get away with it as well. The incestuous love he has for his sister is borderline silly and we don't really understand his real motivation behind the murders. The directors merely contempt themselves to present him as a mentally unstable man who seeks revenge on society. How unoriginal!

    While there are lots of good ideas in this movie, the rest makes you wonder why they actually bothered with it. Unless you are a fan of Kitamura, which is actually a brilliant actor, don't waste your time watching this!
  • this is not a bad movie at all,but it has too much flaws to be a great movie. when i first see the movie backdrop,it sounds very bloody and macabre-ish,but it turns out wrong. this movie is too violent and bloody for mainstream audiences,but too soft for slasher hardcore fan. its like somewhere in the middle. i think mo brothers wanted to disturb the audience by its story rather than the killing scene itself. to me its like a drama movie with serial murder spice in it. don't get it wrong,its good and refreshing since I've never seen things like this in local box office and pretty rare in Hollywood,but Mo Brother failed to hold the tension,this movie gives you a good chills and fun discussion after watching it but obviously far less powerful than Snowtown, (an Australian serial-murder drama,most disturbing movie I've ever seen). i think k.kitamura and o antara saved this movie,their acting skill is top notch and the major high light in this movie!,and im glad im gonna watch this duo again in the raid 2! :D
  • This is not a critique to other people voting for this movie. This is me trying (hopefully succeeding too) to be funny. And all because of the Distributors and their insistence on making this or better connecting this to "The Raid". Obviously you can connect many movies with each other by producers, effect people and more (see 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon if you haven't heard of that). But this has nothing to do theme wise (or otherwise) with the Raid.

    To wrap your head around that fact, you do have 2 hours. And while there is a lot happening, it's the ending that will stay with you (for better or worse). The movie is pretty violent (maybe one connection to The Raid) and very convoluted too. This is either a good or a bad thing, depending on your taste. One thing it definitely is, is strange
  • I was pretty excited to watch this since the trailers looked good, but I must say I was let down. Some good things here and there, but lacked substance.

    The biggest issue for me would be that this film feels like two different films. You have the Japanese guy who is a pro serial killer and seems to have a troubled past, which I preferred of the two, and then you have the Indonesian guy who kind of becomes connected to the other guy. The only thing is, how he becomes connected is silly. Minor spoilers since this happens early on, but he kills some guys who are trying to rob him. It's a heat of the moment thing. But he then records them dying and uploads it online. There is no reasoning for this, other than the fact that they try to portray him as some kind of "Hulk" like character where he loses his mind and kills without regard, and all of a sudden he will snap out of it and regret it. It was completely unbelievable and felt contrived just to get these two main characters together, which is where another issues arises.

    The poster says "From The Producers Of Cold Fish And The Raid", and thats what it feels like. It's like two different directors shot their own films, and then added in scenes where the two main characters talk on webcam and the finale. The reason why they connect at first seems to make sense, but how it ends just feels completely unmotivated. There was barely any connection between the two throughout, and then they expect us to find the finale really riveting. It just didn't work.

    If this had JUST been the Japanese guys story, I would have liked it a lot more. His story had the most going on and brought up some interesting ideas that never really get fleshed out because we need to go back to the other guy in Indonesia. But together, they feel so disconnected and just make the run time longer than it should be.

    While there was some good visual stuff that I liked, like the club scene, there were many editing and directing issues. A character runs through a group of guys who want to grab him, and somehow through wonky editing, he gets through them and ends up on the floor a few feet away from them. It seems like the directors just said "Yeah I really don't know how he would get out of this one... but it looks cool so just make him somehow escape."

    If you liked the trailer, watch this at your own caution. It probably won't deliver in the way you expected.
  • billcr121 November 2014
    Two men from different cultures, a journalist investigating a corrupt rich man in Jakarta, and a banker turned serial killer from Tokyo meet in a chat room and form an unholy alliance. The Japanese man abducts and tortures women on camera and uploads them on to the internet. The Indonesian writer becomes fascinated by the videos, and through a series of events becomes a killer himself. The movie switches back and forth between the two characters in a fairly seamless fashion. The acting is excellent, with vivid camera work, but be warned of some explicit and bloody violence. It runs a bit too long at two hours and eighteen minutes, but I still recommend Killers as one of the better films of 2014.
  • The synopsis of this Japanese and Indonesian collaboration did have my interest grabbed, and I was somewhat excited to sit down and watch the movie. However, I had set the movie up on a pedestal of sorts, because it didn't impress me one bit, and I found it to be just a very mundane and mediocre movie at best.

    The story is about two very different men, one in Japan and one in Indonesia, whom meet on a disturbing site that posts real videos depicting the moments of death of mutilated victims. While far apart, the two men have something in common; they are both killers. One kills simply out of sadistic pleasure and the other kills for a perverted sense of justice.

    Right, well the story was good at certain aspects, but at other aspects it was just a muddled mess which made very little logic or sense.

    What worked out for the movie was the acting, as the two main talents Kazuki Kitamura (playing Nomura) and Oka Antara (playing Bayu) really pulled their weight throughout the movie with their individual performances.

    The effects were also working well in favor of the movie. And there is a fair amount of brutality and gruesomeness throughout the movie, so take that into consideration if you are easily offended by visual violence.

    However, the movie just had very little entertainment value, aside from showing some brutal and deranged murder scenes. The storyline was just not functioning on a grander level. It was as if I was watching two different movies; one taking place in Japan and one in Indonesia. And directors Kimo Stamboel and Timo Tjahjanto (known as The Mo Brothers) were not really successful in trying to intermingle and merge the two story lines into a coherent and fulfilling movie.

    I found the overall result of the movie to be a tepid and mediocre one, and as such then I am rating it five out of ten stars.
  • The tagline "Inside Us Lives A Killer" really tells us about this movie.

    The story is a little ..., you know, just like other psycho movies, we seldom understand why they became the way they are and why they do what they do. And we weren't told about the backgrounds of the victims.

    It didn't bore me, I enjoyed the killings quite much.

    We were kept in edge with scenes that felt like final ones but they weren't. We were kept guessing how would the characters end up. Though some were guessable, there were several unexpected scenes.

    The cinematography was unexpectedly quite good. The camera works were likable, shot from good angles, reflections on the glass, etc.

    What I dislike are the pace, acting and its dialog. Draggy pace, uncalled-for acts, profanity-full dialog, and often felt so fake. This is what most of Indonesian movies are like.

    And then there were some stupid scenes that made me laughed mockingly. Like, why would you ask "Who are you?" to a burglar/killer who wears a mask and points a gun at you at your house?

    Overall, this collaboration is good. I hope Indonesian movie makers could learn a lot from collaborations like these in the future, and in time they would make good movies themselves.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Four years ago, Mo Brothers kept me captivated through their 'Macabre', now they are once again making me dazzled when I watch KILLERS. really.. Killers meet and satisfy my expectations over the past four months. The plot is more cultivated in total and is much more mature than their previous works. Bayu stories and Nomura shaped well, so that there is a sub-plot in Killers dragging but didn't feel forced. The story runs slow, every second is filled with scenes that did not make the heart beats fast for audience like Mo Brothers' previous movie (Macabre, L for libido, Safe Haven), scenes of violence also is not as hard as Macabre (Rumah Dara), but believe me, Killers will make you crazy when it reveals its true face. their tag-line is powerful.. you'll truly feel it after you watch it. "INSIDE US LIVES A KILLER"
  • Too much violence, disturbing and overlong makes Killers hardly to watch for audience who seeks entertainment. It gives an uncomfortable feeling during seeing it especially for those who couldn't stand bloody violence and torture things. Some scenes are also quite silly that makes me confuse how this material comes from The Mo brother's. Fortunately the movie is saved by convincing performances from Kazuki Kitamura and Oka Antara. Especially for Kazuki Kitamura, he seems enjoying his role as a psychotic fearless killer and somehow succeeded to annoy audience with his brutal gesture. Perhaps Killers is not bad and still above average Indonesian movie that only offers immoral sensuality and horror. But with inappropriate torture and some disturbing violence scenes give the movie unacceptable to see for audiences except for the genre fans.
  • i really love this movie

    some people said that this movie just too gory with no reason well, actually the main highlight of this movie actually is the difference between these two characters

    both are killers but yet have very different reason itself the character development just spot on and i can't ask for more

    main actors are great and i just so in love with this movie and personally i don't think this movie is too gory or sadistic it's pretty mild if you already watch the mo brothers work before

    all and all it's such a great movie
  • I'd dub Killers' an 'arthouse psychological-thriller comedy', there isn't much I've seen like it. I saw 'Killers' at the Sydney Film Festival tonight and the presenter who introduced the film accurately and succinctly described it as "out there". With a lengthy two-and-a- half hour running time the film just manages to succeed in its ambitions despite some unevenness.

    The story chronicles two disturbed characters in opposite regions (Japan/Jarkata)and they're experiences. Nomura (Japan) is the anti-hero protagonist; a proficient serial killer with a prolific selection of snuff films and an online fanbase. Nomura premeditates everything, smooth and always careful. In Jarkata we have Bayu, an ex-journalist turned novice killer who goes about his business righteously, killing only those who 'deserve it'. I won't spoil much but the film drifts back and forth between these two characters and their daily hindrances, pleasures and inner-turmoils.

    I expected this to be a flat-out exploitation gore fest, but I was surprised at the amount of depth and unique writing Killers' had going for it. The biggest surprise was its sense of humour; the audience were laughing at some truly reprehensible scenes, which is a sign of good black comedy. Moreover, the humour is well-balanced with intense kill scenes, surreal and psychological imagery and plenty of suspenseful action throughout its running time. Some great, modern and creative cinema going on here.

    For me there were clichéd, predictable scenes; but the filmmakers twist and flip 'em over like a pancake moments after that kept me guessing 'till the final and wonderfully satisfying end scene. I give kudos to the writer(s) for not copping out and sugarcoating a story that easily could have if fallen into the wrong hands.

    There may be unevenness in its length and characters, superfluous scenes of indulgence, repetition and some plot holes but at the end of the day it was entertaining from beginning till end. Certainly not for the faint-hearted as the grimmer scenes will shock thick-skinners. This is the only Mo-brothers film I've seen and I want more already. As I said in the intro - there's not much out there like 'Killers', so I recommend checking this movie out.

    A strong 7.5/10 from me.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A brutal and yet intriguing movie with a highly original plot. Not for the faint of heart. Intense kill scenes, surreal and psychological imagery and plenty of suspenseful action throughout. Creative cinema going on here. There is good acting from both leads and the supporting actors. Props to Kazuki Kitamura (Kill bill 1 n 2, Raid 2, Azumi 1 n 2, Suspect x). He is awesome in this film. He has that killer appeal that is really interesting to watch. The other lead Oka Antara (Raid-2, VHS-2 segment Safe haven) acted well too. The tagline "Inside Us Lives A Killer" really tells us about this flick. Good suspense n tension thruout. Scenes that felt like final ones but they weren't. There was tension in finding out how would the characters end up. Though some were guessable, there were several unexpected scenes. Directed by Kimo Stamboel n Timo Tjahjanto known as The Mo Brothers (Macabre, Takut-segment Dara, ABCs of death-seg Libido, VHS-seg Safe haven). Jus a lil bad part of this flick. A bit long n the hotel chase scene looked too fake. I mean how he evades all those men???
  • It's an interesting idea but the execution is rather bad and it gets dumber (i.e. less and less believable) as the movie goes on. The portrayal of the cultured, sociopathic serial killer who lives in a designer house couldn't be more cliché. The parallel story in Indonesia add a little bit more creativity but the whole thing remains a mediocre mess.
  • I got this movie almost 2 months ago but didn't got the subtitles so wait for them, yesterday i got them and without even wasting a single moment i start this movie and the best thing about this movie was that it didn't bore me, because the last Asian movie bores me to death....

    Now coming to the plot.... Plot was simple no hidden surprises no funny business nothing. A professional psychopath killer kills young women for amusement, for his peace of mind and capture those killings on camera and upload them on internet, he's a professional so he didn't use his own computer to upload these videos. On other hand a journalist from jakarta got too impressed with those videos and unintentionally create a complicated relationship with that professional psychopath killer. They start making conversation about killings and one killer suck out another killer from a common man, in my views not accidentally but intentionally....

    In my Views Killings was not that brutal or disturbing, there could be more gore and disturbance and violence if mo bothers try little hard, but overall killings was good not the best. Dialogues was fantastic one of my favorite was "First Kill is always unplanned & unintentional that is why it is untitled". Secondly acting was fantastic by both killers it was my second experience with Oka Antara have to say he's a talented actor second killer "Kazuki Kitamura" was outstanding in this movie his dialogues and the way he was delivering them was astonishing.

    Overall 6 out of 10 because i didn't like the climax & ending, it was an amateur touch in the end of the movie.
  • We saw this film at the Imagine (sf/horror/fantasy) filmfestival Amsterdam 2014. To state our conclusion upfront: We left after an hour. We had agreed at 45 minutes running time that this movie did not seem to go anywhere, but nevertheless waited an extra 15 minutes to make sure we were not judging hastily.

    The lack of narrative direction was not all, however. Several things we saw were illogical, which we can bear once but not too many times in the same film. For example, the flower girl who we saw murdered, unexpectedly appeared later on in her flower shop alive and well. Maybe a novel form of flash forward, but it was lost on us. Such a misunderstanding can happen, and an isolated case may leave us wondering whether we overlooked something. But there is a limit to the amount of illogicalities we can stand.

    Apart from this example, we found the rest of what happened on screen not really interesting either. Hence our departure at a moment we nearly saw half of the 137 minutes running time, so the words premature and hastily do not apply here. This film ended at a 30th place (out of 43) with an average score of 6.91, the latter more or less in line with the IMDb score. It must be so that many others saw much more in this film than we did, so apparently we missed a lot, but so be it.
  • Marking the first collaboration between Japanese & Indonesian cinema, featuring many familiar faces from the cast of The Raid & The Raid 2, and giving its targeted fans their fair dosage of gore & violence, Killers is a blood-soaked tale of murder & obsession that manages to get many things right over the course of its runtime, only to throw it all away in its final moments.

    Killers tells the story of two men who live in two different nations but are connected by a single obsession. One segment concerns a serial killer in Tokyo who likes recording his killings & posting it online. Other segment concerns a journalist in Jakarta whose dark side is triggered after he checks out one of the uploaded videos. The two eventually get in touch on the internet & begin to bond.

    Directed by the Indonesian duo known as The Mo Brothers, Killers is gripping, brutal & merciless when it's travelling the right path but it often deviates from that road, steps into the unnecessary & ends up feeling a bit overlong. Dialogues are poor, acting is terrible, VFX is mind-numbingly bad in the climactic scene yet what keeps it going is its interesting premise & plenty of violence it has to offer.

    On an overall scale, Killers had the potential to reach the same heights as many South Korean thrillers but it unfortunately lets that opportunity slip by. It's a very satisfying ride for the most part, the kills are quite disturbing, the online obsession theme is also nicely addressed & it would've easily earned more points if it hadn't implemented its laughable CGI in the final moments which almost ruins the whole experience. Worth a shot, nevertheless.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Excellent performance from both leading role. The true Psychopath Nomura by Kazuki Kitamura and The Psychopath wannabe Bayu (Oka Antara). I say Bayu wannabe because he still in the middle of enjoying the killing or not. Sometime he feel sorry but sometime there is no feeling. He kill for revenge and justice. While Nomura character is enjoying killing. The story line is good but sometimes is hard to understand. The reason behind why Nomura became a psychopath killer and Bayu became depress person is still unknown until the end of a movie. And I think even the director is Indonesia but the story have Japan style a lot especially for the end of the movie. There is no happy ending. All is dead.

    Overall I would like to say a very good spirit for Indonesia Movie. A new genre of horror if I say. Not all about sexy girl and cheap sensation.

    And the end , the movie make you think : everybody have a soul as killer deep inside.
  • Interesting psychological drama.

    This movie had the potential to be brilliant. The first half, the set up, was excellent: Japanese killer contacts Indonesian journalist due to a common interest. Intense game of wits and a sort of mentor- student relationship, interspersed with some fairly graphically violent scenes.

    However, given all this potential and a fine platform from which to build, the writer and director don't know what to do with it all. What develops from there is clumsy at times and the second half feels random, and the conclusion unprofound.

    Even once we have a seemingly satisfactory conclusion, the movie doesn't end there. The writer and director didn't know when to stop the roller-coaster that is this movie!

    Ultimately, a fairly good movie, but could have been even better.
  • ferguson-625 January 2015
    Greetings again from the darkness. Fans of "The Raid" franchise will be excited to know that Gareth Evans is a Producer on the second film from co-directors Kimo Stamboel and Timo Tjahjanto, self-billed as The Mo Brothers. Neither "torture porn" nor "slasher film" are strong enough descriptions for this depraved psychological thriller that features hammers to the skull, razors to the throat, pliers to the neck, and a shootout that features the most gunfire ever recorded in one car.

    Oka Antara and Kazuki Kitamura (both from The Raid 2) escalate their art of torture and killing in a game of one-upmanship that is way beyond uncomfortable to watch. The violence is brutal and gruesome, yet despite that, there is a certain style to the filmmaking that sets it apart from other films that strive simply for blood-letting. There is a certain perverse sense of humor that rears up at the oddest times, but never lets us forget that we are following the paths of two psychopaths.

    While one of the killers has a bit of vigilante in him … Bayu (Amtara) is a failed journalist and evidently a worse husband … he seeks revenge on a gangster who continues to get away with domestic abuse (helping himself justify the need for murder). Nomura (Kitamura) is the other killer and his mental illness stems from a childhood incident with his sister … though he hides behind a well-dressed facade as a businessman.

    The film plays off the strong vs weak element, as well as killing as an addiction, and more importantly, the use of social media as a way to have one's "work" seen by many. The more deranged the action, the more views of the video. It makes us wonder if the observation is really of the psychopaths or the viewers who watch the uploaded videos.

    In an effort to take some of the edge off of the violence, the score provides an unusual element of light-heartedness at times; and from a filmmaking perspective the camera work and editing are very well done. It's certainly not a movie for the masses, but if this genre is your thing, there is a style here worth noting.
  • Andromedha31 August 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    The Mo brothers, double duo directors from Indonesia famous in " Sadis Man !!!!"
  • FeastMode26 June 2019
    Good movie. there was a lot about it a really liked but at the same time some stuff either didn't work or was a little strange. overall i liked it. I liked the style and the tone. Some of the acting was awesome. many intense scenes and unique moments. good psychological aspect to it (1 viewing)
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