Since the movie was based on a series of conversations between Patrick Brice and Mark Duplass, most of it was improvised. This led to a lot of scenes being shot, and as a result, the footage was screened in front of their peers. This eventually pushed the psychological black comedy into a psychological horror film after taking the advice of their friends. There is also footage of at least three other alternate endings.

The first of a trilogy of 'Creep' films. Creep 2 was released October 24, 2017, while the third installation in the franchise is in development.

The film is almost totally improvised. The film's 'bible' was only 'bare bones' - i.e., driving a car, while videotaping a dialogue of the trip.

Aaron's yellow car is same colour as Josef's yellow front door

Early on in the film, Josef asked Aaron if a little part of him thought josef would kill him with the axe in front of his house when he saw it to which Aaron replied "yes". Coincidentally it was in fact used to kill aaron in the final act.

At 1:14:45 you can see different movies Josef has made over years of different victims. Including both Video tapes and DVDs with titles such as "Dylan' 94" and "Sam at Park".

Josef's cover name is revealed to be Bill at the end of the movie. Josef's could be another fake name he uses.