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  • The teenager David Raskin (Jonny Weston) is a genius that dreams on joining the MIT. He has a crush on Jessie Pierce (Sofia Black-D'Elia) but he is too shy to date her. When David finds the design of a time machine that belonged to his father, he decides to build the device together with his friends Quinn Goldberg (Sam Lerner) and Adam Le (Allen Evangelista) and his sister Christina Raskin (Virginia Gardner). Soon Jessie joins the group and becomes David's girlfriend. When their experiment gets out of control and changing the future, David decides to fix the problems making them worse.

    "Project Almanac" is a sort of "The Butterfly Effect 4", with a similar storyline with many paradoxes. Each time that the teenagers interfere with the past for personal profit, the future changes and the responsible David tries to fix it. Unfortunately the funny adventure is ruined by the awful camera work. My vote is six.

    Title (Brazil): "Projeto Almanaque" ("Project Almanac")
  • Warning: Spoilers
    So the films starts off establishing that they are all smart, and the sister likes to film. The whole film is done in the found footage format.

    The story is actually interesting when you break it down. The whole ground hog moment, was to establish the beginning of the ripple effect. Every time Quinn entered the Chemistry room, he showed cockiness and preparations, which led the teacher to throw curve ball questions. and until Quinn knew the answers to all of the possible questions he had to keep on repeating it.

    The lottery ticket. "Why didn't they go back and rewrite it" as Adam said he didn't want to waste his time worrying that some how they cheated and being in that panic mode. Remember how nervous their were filling in the paper and get away from the store after. Plus this was, plus don't forget this is still all experiments for them. They can go back and win more lotteries any time they wanted to.

    David kept on pushing the machines ability to travel further by using the time watchers. Remember in the begging he said that they can only go back as far as 3 weeks, but later he said it can be possible to go back up to 10 years. Next step was 3 month: Lollapalooza. we did hear his sister say that she missed out.

    This is where it starts to get more complicated and can be taken in two theories. After the failed kiss David goes back to Lollapalooza and if we see carefully he is walking at fast paced and his friends say "Oh there he is." "Looks like he is actually gonna do it" So we can assume that there was a period of time in which the first time David was away trying to get the courage to approach her, and the second David timed it so that he would take her on this walk before he managed to get there. Still don't get it? Think of Back to the future when Marty goes back for the second time and has to make sure he doesn't run into himself in the past.

    David going all the way back to his 7th birthday after Jessie's disappearing. We saw Quinn nearly disappear when he started to look at himself, but the guys quickly moved him away from his sight. They broke the circle of both consciousness trying to comprehend what was happening. Unfortunately for Jessie, David didn't do that and let the circle complete erasing her at the present time line. So if he was to go back another day, she would still exist in that period. But not from Tuesday 7pm or whatever it was.

    David destroying the machine in the end is paradox. No its not, and here is why in the first video of him being seen in the mirror. His father is lighting up the candles, when he goes back in the end, his father is talking to his mother. In the first Video when they figure out that the keys belong to Jessie and re watch the video, there is no blood on his hand, when he is there in the end, the blood is clearly visible. Him trying to save his father the first time, theory. His father clearly states "You figured it... i have so many questions" Obviously his father knew that he wasn't going to figure it out. and most importantly why was he hiding it after the mysterious phone call? he knew that he was going to die, probably for not handing over the machine to the government. "Why you ask?' well because David in the end says "its time for you to say goodbye to your son" and the father's line to the young version of David "A friend, he is here to fix something" My assumption on this, is that his father knew the risks with the machine, and was hoping to either have more to study it or die protecting its secret. After seeing his son, he clearly understood what he was there to do.

    So why was David in the first video originally, Because the movie we were watching was not the prime time line, but rather already altered time line where David wanted to speak to his father in hopes of figuring out what can be done to try and change the future. Second time line David came back a few moments later. Remember him stopping at the door for few seconds? No? re watch it. David would not have been caught in the Party camera the second time. Through the clips when David was watching all of the party moments, The camera captured the moment when his father was talking to the mother about the call and was in a different angle, so he erased any evidence of himself at that party from that camera. He burnt all of the notes and destroyed the machine as he did that we see that he starts to flicker. That happens, because destroying the machine means you destroy the one that is in your backpack, and if the one in your back pack never existed then you never came here. The camera CAN BE (ad argued for a plot hole but) explained as just a object, which could not alter the universe (Like leaving a stick behind) Camera doesn't have any living organisms or bacteria. The end is them seeing the second camera and discovering that they learned how to time travel, and seeing presumable everything that we saw in the film. So when he walks up to Jessie at the end, he already seen it and knew what she was going to say. But they no longer can time travel, as the machine or the blue prints don't exist

    Hope you guys liked my review! and any questions feel free to send me a message.
  • This film seems to have really divided people on here but on the whole I really liked it.

    Teenager David Raskin (A very good Jonny Weston, an actor clearly with a good career ahead of him) is a bit of a brain box at school. His best friend is an even bigger nerd than he is and not as brainy and of course he fancies one of the it girls, while his sister is being bullied by some others. Weston is a very good looking actor, so trying to pass him off as a science geek is really a bit of a stretch one of the films weakest flaws but one I was prepared to forgive. This group form an unlikely alliance when they discover via one of David's deceased Dad's experiments, they have invented time travel. They jump together and change various things in their recent past and also do some fairly typical teenage things like go and win the lottery. Someone on here was moaning saying people wouldn't do that, they would go back and see people they loved and so on - well I am fairly certain as a teenager I would do both.

    Our lead character though cannot leave well enough alone and jumps once too often and the ripple effect begins to cause them problems.

    Project Almanac is a found footage film and these normally alone will cause me not to watch them but I found the premise of this one intriguing enough to seek it out. It's helped by a reasonably good script which plays out like a good episode of the Twilight Zone but what really helps the film is the cast. Its pretty rare that a group of teenage actors should all be universally so good, but that is certainly the case here. Sofia Black-D'Elia who more recently starred in Born of War is especially good and one I predict big things for while Sam Lerner who plays the thankless role of the Annoying friend clearly has taken on board everything his actor father taught him. This really is a talented group of individuals.

    The film reminded me of the 1980s cult film The Explorers and I found myself rooting for the hero towards the end because you wanted him to set everything right. I really enjoyed this film and stayed up really late when I was super tired to watch it. Thankfully I wasn't bored and I was with them until the end. Recommended, from me at least anyway.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Project Almanac is a found footage time travel movie. And as far as time travel films go this must be one of the worst I've ever seen. It takes them almost half of the movie to make the damn thing (with old car batteries and Xbox 360 parts) and once they have the power to travel through time, what do they do? Go to parties and concerts coz apparently they were to stupid to go to them like in normal time. The movie also does little effort to respect some time travel rules like concerning duplicates off yourself already being there at the same place etc. Spoiler: they redo a certain part like 8 times (groundhog style like the characters correctly state) to do...a chemistry test over and over. WTF??? Then they get the fantastic idea to play the lottery, they f*ck it up by only filling in 5 of the 6 numbers correctly so they only win 1,8 m$ instead of 53m$, and THAT they only do once??? I have to say I've never seen a time travel flick where the characters and the retarded plot enraged me so much as this one. I know the target audience is teenagers but even they must have seen better in this genre. The directors next movie is going to be 'Power Rangers'. I'm wondering if he was so stupid to choose that himself or if the studio execs wanted to punish him for making dumb movies.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    5 annoying students find out how to build a time machine with some car batteries and an Xbox....during the first test, a toy car ends up welded into a wall. They decide to try it on themselves...just as they're about to "jump" the leader warns them they might explode. They do it anyway, and use time travel to get better answers on their tests, and to get girls, win the lottery,humiliate the school bully, and get back stage passes to an Imagine Dragons gig. Someone they know dies on a random plane crash, so the leader goes back in time to say hi to his dad, who died 10 years previously, and destroys the time machine.It ends abruptly. The audience walk away, wishing they also had a time machine so they could go back and stop everyone involved in the making of this nonsense.
  • I just finished watching Project Almanac and if you haven't seen it yet, you might want to check it out. I was pleasantly surprised being that I had low hopes going in. it's another found footage movie, so if you are sick of them you might not enjoy it very much. Also if you're already not into time travel or science in general you might leave the theater with a bad taste in your mouth. I ended up enjoying it quite a bit and if I had to compare it to another movie I would say it has a strong feel of Project X and Chronical mixed together with the bases of it being more scientific then social(Project X) or supernatural(Chronical). You'll spend more time than usual feeling happy for the characters as they're having fun rather than the usual dose of drama every five minutes to keep people chewing their finger nails wondering what's going to happen next if Marie finds out Tony was talking to Marisa behind the bleaches and all that teen nonsense. it had a few mistakes but it's a movie so get over it. If I had to say one bad thing about it, I couldn't. I love science, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, and for me it was an easy line drive down the middle of the plate knocked right out of the park. Personally I would give it a solid 8 out of 10 but if you're not a science buff you might be looking more at a 6-6.5 out of 10.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    After seeing the trailer to this film I thought what a fantastic idea and great story this would be. The potential for greatness was evident.

    Sadly, the film failed to live up to what it could have been: A great thriller and sci-fi classic.

    The "shaky cam" style of the film was overdone and nauseating at times. I feel that the story could have been far better served by shooting it traditionally or at least limiting the use of the "shaky cam." The story has far too many plot holes and flaws and contradictions to be believable or even enjoyable. Again, such a wasted potential. It could have been so much more.

    For instance, the main characters express that the reason they built the time machine was not about the money yet one of the first things they do is go back in time to win the Lottery. They could have sold the technology to a global "Microsoft" type corporation and become billionaires and helped to further the advancement of mankind however this group decides to use the time machine for their own selfish and ultimately stupid ends.

    I ask you, if you had a time machine at your disposal, what would you use it to do or change? avert disasters? save lives? See your loved ones again? The protagonists in this film use it to:pass an exam, pick up girls, stand up to a bully and go to a concert. All things that they could have done without a time machine.

    And speaking of the main characters, again they are badly written and flawed. Right from the start they are portrayed as a group of bumbling fools that mess up at every turn. It is really hard to believe that these clowns had the brains to build a time machine.

    As an example, with all the knowledge of the future at their disposal they still manage to Not win the Lottery through sheer ineptness. It also takes them about 5 attempts to pass that chemistry exam, having to travel back in time multiple times. Certainly not the bright minds that you would expect to create such a revolutionary invention (even if the plans were already there for them).

    I could go on and on about the numerous flaws and mistakes that make no sense at all, and believe me the list is exhaustive. But instead I will just say what a disappointment this film was. The potential for greatness was there and yet it was squandered hopelessly through bad writing, poor camera work and nonsensical plot-holes and poor character development.

    I could not recommend this movie to anyone. What a waste...
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Much like Chronicle, this film profiles exactly what would happen when you give teenagers certain powers. In Chronicle it was "super powers" in Project Almanac, it's the ability to travel through time. There were elements of this film that made me give it far more credit than I would normally have.

    1.) Seeing Yourself - This is the first time travel movie that I've seen where in the instance of someone seeing there physical self in the past can cause a fault in time where both individuals disappear, like they cancel each other out or something.

    2.) Time Travel and Power - Unlike most time travel movies where the possibilities seem limitless with the machine, the one in Project Almanac requires mass amounts of power to be able to work. Not unlike the DeLorean in Back to the Future. However in Project Almanac, they can't instantly travel back in time 1,000 years. In fact the furthest they are ever able to go back is 10 years. That's what really made me appreciate this film the most I think. That even time travel has its limits, and even when they work out the algorithms, they can only go back so far, successfully.

    3.) Full Circle - I loved how they brought everything full circle at the end of the film. I was quite happy with how they ended it, I had so many questions, but that's what made it so much fun. Not every single thing needs to be answered, some things can be left for the viewer to figure out.

    4.) The Budget - One thing you have to remember going into this movie is that it's not a $75 million film, it's a film with a modest to low budget. Given what they had to work with, I was thoroughly impressed with most of the visuals during the time traveling scenes, not bad at all.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I didn't read all of the previous reviews but I noticed a lack of comment on time travel paradoxes in the one's I did read. Even a basic understanding of time travel theory would have made this a better movie. There were not only inconsistent paradoxes but some glaringly missing ones. How did the test car end up in the wall by only going back 1 hour? The wall was already there. When they went back to help Quinn redo his presentation, why didn't they run into themselves from the previous attempts? The plot made it obvious that running into yourself would wipe out both people, but when Quinn drew the smiley face on himself, nothing serious happened. If it occurred with animate objects, why didn't occur with inanimate objects, as with the two cameras? There are others but I won't go into all of them. There were too many obvious inconsistencies for me to come away happy about the movie.
  • I'm not going to include any spoilers. I enjoyed the story and found the cast appealing. It was an interesting idea with some good special effects. There were a couple of plot holes but there were also some funny nods to movies such as Back to the Future which I enjoyed. You remember the scene where Doc Brown is trying to get two electric cables to connect?

    It reminded me a lot of the superb low-budget 'Primer' which covers some of the same ground. In that movie, some geekie guys accidentally discover time-travel and have to decide what to do with it. Also, Almanac had some good jokes, which many movies seem to leave out.

    Seriously, did you see any jokes in Man of Steel? Sadly the shocking camera work ruined the whole experience.All the jumping about, whirling, juddering and flicking etc. It just made me feel ill.
  • I liked Project Almanac. It didn't necessarily excite me. And I did scratch my head a few times. But ultimately, I liked it. It had an interesting, if slow moving, story. It stayed grounded, or at least tried to, and did it's very best to legitimize time travel as a possibility, even if it doesn't do a very good job of actually explaining the whole thing. Certainly some things are silly, like explaining being able to control the time machine with a cell phone as cell phones 'having enough power to put a rocket in space', but these don't really take away from a lot of the fun dealing with the time travel element.

    The story is pretty simple, but actually feels heart felt. David, a genius level teenager newly accepted to MIT, finds himself short on the money to pay his tuition there. This inadvertently leads him to discover an unfinished time machine his absent father left hidden in his basement. While it takes a while for the time travel elements to ramp up, there is fun to be had in seeing these kids build, experiment, and ultimately successfully travel through time. The film does a good job in allowing us to escape certain illogical elements, like how a group of teens with a fairly limited budget could create a fully functioning time machine, much less create one when no one else on earth seemingly could. David and his buddy Adam are already established as being geniuses from the moment the film begins. So, it's not much of a leap that together they could figure out how to complete the already crafted instructions and blueprints sitting in front of them. You could even say there's legitimacy to the use of the found footage style they went for. They even comment on the use of the camera, which at least shows they recognize that it's there.

    However, despite some explanation that helps solidify the camera's constant presence, the film , like so many found footage films, would have benefited from simply being shot like a typical narrative. The film even goes the lengths to, strangely enough, be somewhere in between. We see edits that don't make sense for someone whose recording and we have music play over things like a montage. It's just bizarre to see and hear these things play out over a film that is supposed to pretend to be found off camcorder footage. And these production elements aren't bad, they're just out of place and show the film could have benefited from simply eschewing the found footage style all together. There's also some head scratching moments throughout that can be eye-roll-inducing, but I tend to be able to suspend my disbelief, so it didn't bother me as much.

    The film overall isn't one I'd probably tell people to run out and see. But I'd certainly tell them it's not a bad film. Far from it, it's a surprise in the sub genre of found footage. And while it doesn't reach the heights of Chronicle, which I consider to be the peak of found footage, I do think it's one of the better found footage films.
  • This movie is a tough nut to crack. Honestly I do not understand the artistic choice in cinematography AT ALL. This has to be the worst found footage film ever made.

    When you look apart from that, why is it that American teens are made out to be hysterical hyper idiots even when the story line tries to pass them off as potential MIT students? The general behaviour and choices made takes a lot away from the plot or story line of the movie and simply makes it that much harder to accept the concept.

    In the end this movie feels like a dumbed down version of Butterfly Effect, but maybe that's what this generation of teens need? Something hype and simple to soothe their unimaginative minds.

    Major thumbs down...
  • Warning: Spoilers
    If you would like to watch a horrible found footage movie featuring some of the dumbest characters alive, you found the movie.

    Character motivations and decision making were incredibly illogical. The camera movement felt forced, unmotivated and just flat out didn't make sense sometimes (why would you film yourself committing a felony?). The character blocking in each scene felt awkward. The time travel effects were basically a shaky cam and a leaf blower. And there's about 20 min of a Lollapalooza scene that is obviously just filler and contains only 1 moment that moves the story along.

    If you enjoy this movie and rate it high, you are ruining movies for the rest of us. This is just sloppy, horrible film making and we'll get more of this crap if people keep paying to see it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Before watching Project Almanac, I'd only ever walked out of one film before but after watching this film, I've since doubled my score. Project Almanac was painful- the acting was hammy, the plot development was that of a TV drama and the Gopro and Redbull product placement was cringe-worthy. I recommend watching this film only if you've time-travelled into the future and want to experience first hand what a bad film is. Project Almanac was either a failed, twenty year homage to the 'Back to the Future' trilogy or was trying to expose a new generation to the awe of time travel. Either way it failed and was just another American teen film held together with a shoddy story line. I can't tell you how it ends, but I'm sure the protagonist gets the girl and everything works out with his dead Dad.
  • Just watched this last night, and I have to say it is one of the worst time travel films I have seen. For starters, the writing is a joke, the whole plot is weak and lacks any logic or intelligence for a movie based on science!! It is not smart and is filled with stupid plot holes that are quite insulting to us movie lovers. A lazy work of writing here.

    The acting does not add anything special from a group of teen wanna bes. The shaky camera angle was also boring and distracting to say the least.

    It actually started out well and showed potential as it created interest as the characters struggled to create the time machine, but once they succeeded, the film just felt flat and did not have any direction or goal and it lost its intrigue.

    Save yourself the time and money and skip this lazy attempt of time travel film making, if anything, it did not learn anything from previous films of the same genre
  • And this is true of both the characters in the movie and the viewer. Well the latter should rather try to enjoy as much as possible. Because the science behind it all does not really mix well together. A problem that the movie is not alone with. Mingling with time and trying to make it plausible is almost impossible. Just a few have managed to get the "technical" things right or rather the things right that would seem logical.

    But throw logic out of the window, because this is about teenagers. And while you get the obvious "what would you change, if you could" discussion, in the end it all boils down to personal advantage (mostly). And can you blame them? The twist at the end is kind of redundant, but it's there and better than the alternate endings that can be watched on the disc/special features. Enjoyable if you don't think too much
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This would have been an entertaining movie if not for the horrible flashing, jolting and constant moving of the camera. Apparently we were supposed to believe that the filming of the movie was done by one of the actors. At times that almost seemed credible but at other times impossible - particularly when David goes back in time by himself. My wife got sick to her stomach from the lousy camera work and I got a headache. What idiot approved by which incompetent producers and the director thought that people would enjoy such amateurism? In film school this job would have received an "F". My wife proclaimed this the worst movie she has ever seen.
  • Found footage movies are often pretty predictable and sketchy, but project almanac isn't. Unlike other movies of this genre, the pace is kinda slow, which is appropriate for the story. When you build a time travel machine, it is normal that it takes multiple attempts before it works. Even though sometimes you may wonder why the characters are still filming their journey, it's not disturbing enough to prevent you from focusing on the plot, which is a good thing. There's also a good love story and some funny moments, in addition to a breath taking last act. I'd compare it to the Canadian movie Chronicles.

    Overall you'll have a great time watching this movie, even more if you are familiar with this genre.
  • I was looking forward to this, but it failed in a big way. The direction was horrible and I don't know who this guy had to sleep with to get the job, but this film is not good. It gave me a headache. He must have missed the first two semesters of film school about telling a story and basic camera moves. Directing 101: Establishing shots, masters, tell the viewer what they are looking at to comprehend. The camera work was a true nightmare! This technique is alright as an effect for one maybe two scenes, but makes a mess of a film when done this way from start to finish. Due to the camera work, the film failed to tell the story. I'm pretty sure the story was good, but with such bad camera work I couldn't tell. I have a hard time with camera work that gets in the way of telling the story, which happened here in a major way.

    When this film comes out on DVD I might put it through stabilization software and see what actually happened.

    THANKFULLY THE CAST WAS GOOD! And this films saving grace. They were a good group of actors, and the stand out were the girls. The brunette was wonderful as was the blonde (sister), both solid actors, whom I'd love to work with them both on a show.

    If you want to watch an entire film of really crappy camera work rivaling Americas Funniest Home Videos, this film is for you.
  • If you do not like found footage or time travel then this movie is not for you. This is a found footage suspense movie. It honestly has the perfect amount of everything. Romance, action, suspense... it even gets a little scary at times.

    The character development is really good, the actors did a really good job, and overall this is just a well put together time travel movie. If you like The Butterfly Effect, or Source Code (where the theme is fixing events within a time sequence) then this NEEDS to be added to your watch list.

    Why this movie got bad reviews: People generally don't like found footage films; people also overthink the time line. No time travel movie can make perfect sense (look at The Terminator).

    If you have an open mind, this movie will be entertaining, interesting, funny, and suspenseful.
  • I am an engineer, I do the sort of things these guys "do". The first 5 minutes into this movie I knew it was going to be so ffing idiotic. "the phone call is interrupting the wifi".....someone please punch the writer in the face. Phone calls and wifi are on completely separate frequencies. Yet this guy is supposedly going to operate a time machine with that level of knowledge. MIT would think this was a joke video. It actually pains me to watch this show of idiocy

    This is the kind of movie that caters to the technologically retarded who go "ooooh shiny". I mean the guy literally just spouts jargon that has nothing to do with anything. "Hey how do i fix this?" "Oh you put the flux capacitor in the defibrillator and press the hypotenuse button"

    "we are going to take it to its max altitude" "its not responding".. smash smash smash on the keyboard keys, yeah because that's going to work...

    So to sum it up, if you know anything about technology this movie is unwatchable because everything is wrong, even the stuff in real life that everyone has is being used and explained as if my 90 year old technophobe grandmother had just skimmed a manual on particle physics.

    This movie should be in the genre cringe comedy.
  • dennisfranciscoph4 February 2015
    Warning: Spoilers
    I didn't finish the movie. It lacks a good story. The camera was too shaky, very annoying to the viewers. And the acting is to overacting.... It has lot's of annoying and unnecessary scene. I got a little dizzy because of the very shaky camera. I don't like how the story was done. I just don't like everything about it. I got really frustrated that I decided to watch it. It's been five years since I watch a movie. I thought it;s a good movie, but I was really frustrated. I wish I had watch another movie. A love story perhaps or whatever except this trash movie. Bad movie... I don't recommend to watch. Spend your money on some important activity. That's all.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    *spoiler* This was hands down the worst time travel movie I have ever seen. They take up way to much time even trying to figure out how to make the "machine" work which was not even entertaining or simi Scientific. After destroying a ridiculous amount of car batteries, that seem to appear from no where they come to the conclusion they just need one to make it work, as long as it is still attached to the car, as it will recharge as it being drained...after several failed attempts they manage to jump an RC car (with go pro) back two hours, they were aiming for 60 seconds. The car is for no explainable reason lodged in the concert wall. Then with the genius interjection from the lead "hottie" they decided to jump themselves. The first thing these bright future MIT students do is go visit one of themselves sleeping (they obviously have never seen a time travel movie) and almost fade away a lead character Shortly after that the "machine" apparently no longer needs to be powered and fits conveniently in a back pack and works flawlessly controlled by a cell phone.. The group then jumps several times to do things they could have just done in their normal everyday lives, like passing a test and standing up for them selves and going to a concert, the only thing remotely time travel worthy was winning the lottery, which they botch and don't bother going back and fixing their mistake.. Besides the plot being painfully lame it has more holes then Swiss cheese. The movie ends with David Raskin (Jonney Weston) destroying the "machine" but then back in the present telling the movies "hottie" they are about to change the world?? So there is a time machine again? Your guess is as good as mine.
  • Fancytower11 February 2015
    Just returned home from seeing this awful movie. Please don't waste your $$$. It's like watching a non-cartoon version of Scooby Doo but without the humor. Shaky camera to make up for the stupid plot that doesn't have a coherent story line.

    Did you know if you have a can of hydrogen and a smart phone you can time travel? Yeah, me either. Bad, bad, bad. I sat through the whole movie and gave my full attention the whole time and I can't tell you any of the characters names. It's like Paranormal Activity on steroids but without a cohesive plot. Just avoid and don't even waste your time when it comes out to rent. You will be better off watching paint dry.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I loved this movie, but I'll tell you now that if you don't like movies that appear to be filmed by the characters then you probably won't like this one. If you were looking for a time- travel movie where they go back to stop wars or cure disease then you probably won't like this one. If you were looking for a sci-fy movie that will inspire you and change your life, movies like Armageddon(another one of my favorites) or Interstellar(one of my least favorites), you probably won't like this one. This movie was fantastic, but only if you weren't expecting a movie with awesome action scenes or inspirational lines or characters that change the world and become heroes.

    I would say this movie is more of a teen/young adult movie, and while most of the science isn't commonly understandable, you don't need to understand it to understand the movie. Over half the characters don't understand the science that went into building and using the time machine. In fact, only two did. That's one of the things I loved about the movie, they didn't make it seem overly unrealistic as to how in the world a few teenagers could figure out how to build a time machine. Lucky for them, they were left instructions. So really, they only constructed a time machine, they didn't invent one. Which seems far more likely, even if the main character did get into MIT.

    Another thing I loved about this movie was that they didn't become heroes. They didn't go back to kill Hitler(though it was discussed), or stop the assassination of Lincoln or JFK or MLKJ, or prevent the Stock Market crash, or any moral, heroic act that most of us fool ourselves into believing we'd do with a time machine. They did what any teenager would do if they had a time machine, re-do a failed test(multiple times), payback a bully("I'm everywhere b****," one of my favorite lines in the film), win the lottery, attend a music festival, get the girl. Normal teenage stuff that I saw many adults gave bad reviews for because "they wasted a time machine on stupid childish things." Well they're teens, what did you expect?

    This movie was hilarious and relatable and never boring. I loved every minute of it.
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