Movie took only 9 months to write, film, and edit. Researching (on time travel) took approximately 3 months.

When this movie was being filmed, Jonny Weston was 26. His character is 18.

There has been 3 different titles for this movie: "Welcome to Yesterday", "Almanac", and "Project Almanac".

In the scene where the characters are watching an airline crash on their laptop, the footage is actually of a real B-52 crash accident that killed four Air Force officers in 1994. Relatives of the officers complained about the crash appearing in the film, and producer Michael Bay apologized. The scene was supposedly removed, but it was still there when the movie aired on British TV in April 2018.

Each cast member learned their lines in 5 days.

The plane crash video that they watch on the laptop is the same footage used in the movie Flight (2012) with Denzel Washington, but with further video editing.

The screenplay for this film was featured in the 2012 Blacklist; a list of the "most liked" unmade scripts of the year.

In a scene in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014), you can see Project Almanac being advertised in the background. Both movies are produced by Michael Bay.

This is the first feature length film for director Dean Israelite.

In one scene, one of the group is attempting to connect two power cables together in order to make the time travel machine work, but he states that they're not long enough and therefore don't reach. This is a possible nod to Back To The Future where Doc is trying to connect two power cables together but they don't reach because one is snagged on a tree branch.

One of the characters can be seen watching Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (1989) on a laptop. The film concerns two teenagers who utilize a time machine to complete a history project.

One of David's friends can be heard talking about the sci-fi/action film Timecop (1994). Both "Timecop" and "Project Almanac" involve the year 2004 as well as traveling exactly 10 years into the past. Coincidentally, 2004 is ten years in the future in "Timecop" since it was made in 1994 and in "Project Almanac" 2004 is ten years in the past since 2014 was the year it was filmed.

Originally the film was going to be released in July 2014 but was postponed.

Sam Lerner plays Quinn Goldberg in this movie. He dates Erica Goldberg on the TV show The Goldbergs (2013).

In their first test run of time travel they send a red toy car. In Back to the Future Doc uses a red toy car to demonstrate how Marty will get back to the future. Could be a tribute.

Al Manak means calendar in Arabic.

There are several homages to the Back to the Future movies in this film: The title 'Project Almanac' alludes to the plot of Back to The Future II in which Biff Tannen changes his life for the better by stealing the Gray's Sports Almanac from 2015 and betting on sports outcomes he knew would happen from the 1950s onwards. this film focuses on changing the protagonists' lives for the better by changing the past using time travel and putting things back the way they were like Marty and Doc have to in BTTF2. alternate timelines are explained on a chalkboard just like in BTTF2, but only using circles unlike BTTF2 where they used straight lines. this movie deals with the paradox Doc. Brown warns about in BTTF: how dangerous it would be for one person to make eye contact with a past or future version of themselves. This movie actually explores that eventuality. The use of a red toy car as an early time travel experiment is a nod to the red toy car used by Doc Brown in to explain the "bolt of lightning" plan to Marty. the gang used stopwatches to monitor the time differences, which Doc Brown also used to test the DeLorean's time travel capabilities for the first time a later experiment had the gang use power cables which were too short to connect each other. This was illustrated in an almost direct homage to BTTF where Doc Brown was holding on the two cables in front of him trying to connect them (in both movies they got an electric shock once the cables connected to each other).

In addition to the aforementioned BTTF references, as the group develop the time machine they go shopping for "capacitors" and discuss the machine's need for "fusion." The DeLorean in the BTTF franchise needs 1.21Gigawatts to power its "flux capacitor" and is eventually powered by Doc's "Mr Fusion" waste conversion system. More parallels between the two movies: Overcoming a school bully, a time traveling dog, meeting his Dad in the past, a video camera containing clues, falling in love at the dance/concert and the decision in the end to destroy the time machine!

At the end of the movie when it's stated they are about to change the world it's a call back to early in the show. After seeing him and his sister on the recording saying what they had said moments ago they continue to watch the film, as we have seen it. This leads to the conclusion that the machine is being rebuilt. Only one rule mattered, record everything.