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  • I lost my excitement starting on episode 5 onwards. The storyline was getting so slow and boring.
  • This was one of the unique you can find , starting was good ,but in the middle it feels like the writers got confused about the whole story plot. Some scenes in the last 3 episodes don't make sense at all, you can only make it to the end if you are fan of one of the leads, no complain about the acting from the leads and the supporting cast.ending should have been better.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The two leads were great. My other favourite charactor was Da Ren's teacher friend. But what was the ending about. They were supposed to have switched bodies back. But the ending didn't show that. Maybe Da ren was so used to seeing the kkj as the older guy, that, that's how she saw him as that,even when he appeared as himself.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I liked this drama alot! And I found the woman lead very much alike me. But that's maybe why I got so annoyed by her in the end. She was so into pleasing others that when she found happiness, she turned it down almost immedietly because of someone else's interest. The 13th episode ending was so heartbreaking, that I couldnt watch on :/
  • pennyelenabooks2 September 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    Having been warned that the ending was horrible, I've watched this drama expecting the worse. But liking the idol from Crossgene and being a Suzy fan, I just had to watch this. And, truthfully, the ending wasn't that horrible, it was simply bad. No spoilers, but I don't really know what they wanted to achieve by that ending, did they wanted us to guess the mystery guy? Well, it wasn't that big of a mystery if you could make out the guy's physique, but anyway. The whole idea was interesting and the first half was funny and entertaining. The romance was so so with the girl always being uncertain of what she wanted. Plus, the whole age gap was just ignored by the end. Anyway, other than the romance that I didn't personally like, another thing that was a bit of a let down was the constant flash backs that kept happening towards the ending. Plus, repeating the same lines over and over again was just annoying. Other than that, it was an okay drama, with some funny moments, so 4 out of 10.