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  • brendanmckeanziepadraig30 September 2013
    All round great show!
    If you like Victorian crime shows like Ripper Street, Whitechapel, Sherlock Holmes etc. then you will love this. There are two differences which make Peaky Blinders stand out. The first is it isn't set in London. Why is this a good thing? It's a nice change of scene, change of accent and culture. Peaky Blinders give you a great sense of what Birmingham was like at the time. The second reason it stands out is it is told from the criminals point of view. You get a feeling of belonging to the Peaky Blinders and despite all the terrible acts they carry out there is a fundamental decency somewhere deep down in Thomas Shelby.

    The cinematography is great, the storyline is great the only thing I would challenge is the accents. They sway in and out of the Birmingham accent but its a decent attempt and probably unnoticeable to anyone not from Birmingham. I've heard that they didn't want the accents too strong because it will be airing in the US. Anyhow...I'm loving it!
  • John Plumpton11 October 2013
    HBO production quality levels
    I for one am a huge fan of this compelling series. A wonderful dark industrial landscape, great soundtrack, rich characters that have real depth played by quality actors, all to the tune of a great script and an interesting time line. You an clearly see the similarities with the high quality US series and they have gone for this market and there is clearly lots here that could make it a fantastic long running series.

    Sadly, I am concerned that the BBC won't be able to retain the quality levels and we won't see it evolve in the way that the sopranos (yes I compare this show to the sopranos and boardwalk empire) evolved. Please push this internationally, let's keep it on our screens and see it develop. This period in UK history is rich with trauma, upheaval and change, the backdrop of industrial Birmingham is new and trumps the well trodden New York, Chicago, and London gangster scenes. For writers and producers this represents very fertile ground and allows innovative story lines to emerge.

    Keep peaky blinders on our screens..... The campaign starts here!
  • StrangerOnTheThirdFloor3 October 2013
    Peaky Blinders Is TV History In The Making
    Peaky Blinders is one of the most unique British dramas ever made. I would even go as far as to say TV history in the making. Negative critics of the show seem to have overlooked the fact that this is the first time ever that this side of British gangster-lore has been documented. Off hand, the only thing that comes close to this style of gangland depiction is the first half of Once Upon A Time in America, were we see the heroes struggling to escape the deprivation of ghetto life. This is where Peaky Blinders stands out from the typical run-of- the-mill crime show. There is nothing glamorous about being a gangster in this world. As far from LA Confidential glitz as you can get, the viewer is forced to get down and dirty in the horseshite-ridden streets of post WW1, working-class Birmingham.

    The attention to detail, the costumes, the sets, particularly the Lee family dwellings, have all been created to the highest standard. As is the quality of acting, which is undeniably as good as you'll find in any prime-time British drama.

    Even though people on this particular forum have not had much positive feedback about the series, believe me, the connoisseurs of this genre have been very impressed thus far. Furthermore, the show seems to be building up to climatic ending rather than simply documenting a day in the life of a Peaky Blinder. The more observant viewers will see subtle 'tie-ins' between each situation and be able to follow the flow of events without obvious prediction. This is what the drama audience thrives on to stimulate analytical debate after each episode.

    If it doesn't get rave reviews, I will be disappointed but not surprised, as Peaky Blinders has all the makings of an artistic and timeless cult series, possibly appealing more to purists and true fans of the cult/gangster genre. Well done BBC.
  • pourluh17 October 2013
    Finally - The BBC are back in action!
    Dirty Pretty Things was good - excellent script, cracking acting... but it wasn't Peaky Blinders and this latest effort by Steven Knight is sublime! A couple of the Midland accents left a little to be desired but that is absolutely the only fault - and one to be easily ignored in the face of great writing, casting and direction.

    Sam Neil does "villain" with such ease that it's hard to recall all his non-villainous roles, or at least hard to remember them fondly. And his Northern Irish accent is excellent! Muphy proves, beyond doubt (if you had any to begin with), that he's not just a pretty boy - he kills this role in so many ways.

    A dark and Macabre, moody, sexy British drama - something for the BBC to be proud of. And it's been a while.
  • Cate Archer18 September 2013
    It is good.
    I was not expecting it to be this good,I really enjoyed all 4 episodes. The story is interesting,the acting is brilliant and the cinematography is just beautiful!I am eagerly waiting for the next episodes.When I compare Peaky Blinders to other popular TV shows that use sex,brutality and violence to shock the audiences and get high ratings(which they actually do)this sincere work is like needlework;fine,classy and detailed.The makers of this drama have not chosen the easy way,they have set off to make a first class period drama,that dares to be different.Cillian Murphy is at his best,I will even go as far as to say that this is one of the best performances I have seen of him.Sam Neil and Helen McCrory must be praised,all casting is perfect.Peaky Blinders sets high standards for other television dramas to follow.
  • Jim Ottley10 October 2013
    The perfect storm....
    Cillian Murphy and Sam Neill are Amazing. I started watching the series because I saw that Sam Neill was in it, and that other guy who had a bit part in the Batman movies. As I watched the series I found myself extremely impressed with Cillian Murphy's acting. That was one of my first thoughts. As I watched on, I realized that the entire cast was great. The writing, character development, the acting, the soundtrack, the camera work.... the grittiness of it all. Usually a series takes a show or two, or even the entire first season to pull itself together into something great, this show started of spectacularly and rips right through the gate!
  • Andrej B29 August 2016
    Masterpiece !
    This is my first review and I just had to do it. This show is outstanding in every aspect! acting, background music,the customs, details, its just unique. When I compare Peaky Blinders with other TV shows that use drugs, sex, and violence to shock the public and get high ratings for that, this sincere work is on whole different level; classy, elegant and simply amazing! Cillian Murphy is at hes best, pure excellence! Aldo its not only him, the whole crew is excellent, especially Shelby brothers and Tom Hardy (this is probably best acting of Tom Hardy ever).

    I have never rate any TV show or movie 10/10 until I watched this show. I am a HUGE fan of Peaky Blinders

    Kudos to Stephen King and whole cast! Keep up with this masterpiece!
  • anubisswift19 September 2013
    Visually Impeccable Anti-Hero Drama
    The premise is very well conceived and overall fulfilling. This may be the show to look out for to make it through the long stretch. High production values, brilliantly realized and meticulously detailed...intriguing characters that are unique and well written...fantastic cast all structured in a solid engrossing narrative. The integration of modern music gives it a very other dimensional feel that is richer and has more urgency than that of other period pieces which often come off as caricatures of themselves (cough- boardwalk empire). Authentic and powerful, I see this ascending to peoples must watch list. It is exciting to see where they are going to steer this one.
  • joannareesby4 October 2013
    Sopranos - 1919 Birmingham
    As a big viewer of the fantastic US drama series that have been available for the past 8 to 10 years, I am surprised and impressed with this series. It is thoughtful, has enough twists to keep us slightly off balance and the lead character - Tommy Shelby - is mesmerising. It also feels very real, which one would expect of the BBC, and I find myself thinking about it long after I finish watching each episode, so I guess that makes me engaged. such a shame only 6 episodes though - that is where the American series really do generate cult followings. Hopefully, Series 2 is being greenlight as we speak. And thank you Red Bee for the sub titles!
  • prettyknitty-290-37777725 September 2013
    A blinder of a show
    As a born and bred Brummy with a mild interest in our history, I'm really pleased with this series. Firstly that we're not being overlooked for London, Manchester or Liverpool, and we're being allowed our own history, which is interesting and colourful.

    At first glance the downstairs of the Shelby house looks too big to be the ground floor of a terrace, and people seem to be using their front doors far too often which, since there seems to be a significant amount of 'respect' being shown and rules being followed, it irks me that this protocol's being ignored. That said, it does look better to have the character using the front door.

    My other issue is accents. In fairness, for the most part people are doing an amazing job - most real Brummy accents do not sound like the caricature most people think of, and this is being respected by the actors with only the occasional slip... except for Aunt Polly. Helen McCrory is a fine actress - a mistress of the Brummy accent she isn't. Her performance is making up for it however.

    The Jamaiacan preacher amused me; as pointed out by another reviewer this actor is Benjamin Zephaniah: B'ham local and poet. Jamaica did send help over for WWI, so it's not impossible that several men stayed. He is a wonderful reminder that Birmingham has always been a hub for migration - even more so after WWII.

    Sam Neill's performance is amazing.

    So far the series is not just telling an interesting story, it's telling elements of Brummagem's history and present in a subtle and interesting way. I hope it continues.
  • fadi-ramadan5 October 2013
    After watching broad-walk empire and finding it one of the dullest shows driven by boob exposure and shock value, and just as I thought that T.V is being dumbed down... Peaky blinders arrives. With a take on historical facts put together into this genius piece of art. I have to say i'm breathless . The acting is both engaging and real , the directing is done to absolute perfection , and the feel of the whole show brings darkness and a slight sense of humour that keeps you entertained. Also a show that doesn't parade naked women around every 5 seconds deserves a full 10 / 10 on that fact alone! Clean , dark , funny, alive, and real! My perfect show finally on TV! I just hope they make more!!!!!
  • phil kearney30 September 2013
    Brilliant Series - which should continue after these 6
    Warning: Spoilers
    Cillian Murphy plays an excellent role as a de-mobbed Sergeant Major who is not about to put up with poverty after returning from Flanders Fields.

    His leadership qualities have been honed by trench survival and a nothing to lose environment in working class Birmingham.

    Small Heath was as much an economic migrant stronghold then as it is now and probably always will be.

    The cinematography creates a Dark Satanic Mill environment where the city of a thousand trades is expressed as a dour backdrop to young and hopeful Brummies whose aspirations don't always keep them within the law.

    Their violent demeanour is secondary to the story and overshadowed by sharp Edwardian fashion, haircuts and their willingness to overcome adversity one way or the other. There seems to be some integrity to their unlawfulness which could almost be forgiven.

    The subtext between Londoner's, Gypsies, immigrant Chinese, Italians, Republican and Norther Irish factions, spice up the plot making it interesting and varied to the main plot of stolen guns from the BSA works. " We've got the machine guns now Tommy and they're in the mud"

    Based on truth the Peaky Blinders is a refreshing drama about the criminal classes not based in London or Chicago. Such a nice change even though Thomas can't sleep without his opium pipe. Some things never change.

    I'm not one for watching things twice but I have watched all three episodes at least twice as a week is too long to wait for the Shelby's exploits.

    Steven Knight NB - please write more episodes immediately, you've hit a seam now please mine it for all it's worth.
  • stacymattthomas8 June 2016
    Best of the Binge Worthy Shows
    This is such a binge worthy show that I'm holding back the last couple episodes like slowing down before the last few chapters of my favorite book. I'm not ready for it to be over just yet. As someone else mentioned, this show is all about character. You can't help but root for the Shelby's, regardless of how horrible they are. There's a line in the first season, "You are bad men, but you are our bad men." Pretty much sums it up.

    Cillian Murphy is the backbone of this show. He says more in his face and through his eyes than any of the dialogue that comes out of his mouth. Although, don't be mistaken, the writing is excellent. However, being the ignorant American I am, I finally had to turn the subtitles on! My ears got used to the strong accents for the most part but I found myself rewinding at least once an episode to either catch a phrase I wasn't familiar with or because the dialogue was too quiet. So I just said to hell with it and turned the subtitles on - now I'm catching way more. I also wasn't familiar with too much British history between World War 1&2 - so I've found myself looking different bits up to find out more. We've had American gangsters in film for years, but this is a fresh and new experience.

    I mentioned Cillian Murphy but the other stars of this show are incredible in their own right. Helen McCrory's Aunt Polly could hold her own against Gemma Teller any day. Paul Anderson and Joe Cole are perfect as the brothers. Anderson tortured and erratic, Cole steady and loyal. Annabelle Wallis and Sam Neill are both compelling and Tom Hardy is Tom Hardy, if he's ever bad I haven't seen it.

    If you like a show that's character driven but with an exciting, dark backdrop - definitely worth checking out. TV has really gotten better the last few years.
  • Fuego Johnson27 October 2014
    A Stunning Period Drama with Premiere Television Quality
    Having never heard of this show prior to seeing it on Netflix, I must say I was quite intrigued right off the bat. With a rather unusual name, it stuck out like a sore thumb in my recommended section. After finishing the first season, I immediately watched all 6 episodes again. Now that i've finished it twice, I can easily say this is one of the best shows on British TV currently, and can stand toe-to-toe with anything HBO or Showtime has to offer. "Peaky Blinders" touches on a relatively unknown and fascinating portion of British history, and is supported by some of the finest acting I have ever seen on TV.

    Let me preface this by saying I am an American living in the midwest, so the subject material in this show is something I never knew existed. "Peaky Blinders" takes place in post WW1 Birmingham, which is a time and place I can't say I was very familiar with prior to watching this show. Following a street gang who runs various racketeering and gambling enterprises called the Peaky Blinders, the show unfolds as a northern Irish detective(Sam Neill) comes to Birmingham to sort out a case of stolen machine guns. Things immediately start off with a bang, and rarely let up throughout the 6 hour show. Cillian Murphy plays the stoic, admirable leader of the Peaky Blinders, Tommy Shelby, and is easily one of the most likable anti-heroes I have seen both in TV and film. His character is smart, savvy, and equally ruthless, and despite all this, you find yourself rooting for him throughout the show. This is a phenomena similar to that of The Soprano's Tony Soprano. That is, no matter how many terrible things these characters do, we always find ourselves championing them and hoping for their success. The writers do a fantastic job humanizing these larger-than-life characters, making them relatable to the everyday person.

    Next, i'll touch on the acting. Sam Neill and Cillian Murphy easily steal the show here, making both their characters incredibly fun to watch. Neill does a fine job with his northern Irish accent, and while not entirely perfect, it is indeed very believable. Cillian Murphy, on the other hand, nearly knocks the very difficult to impersonate "Brummie" accent out of the park. He speaks too slow at times, which is an unfortunate perception of how Birmingham folk speak, but for the most part he does a fine job and continues to show why he is one of the best accent impersonating actors in the biz today. The supporting cast does a solid job at this, too, which adds to the overall immersion of the series. Overall, everyone is believable for the time period, as nobody really knows what the dialect was like post WW1.

    Apart from the fine writing and acting, "Peaky Blinders" has some pretty incredible set pieces as well. Birmingham is well portrayed as the industrial giant it was after the war, and throughout the show you see some period sets that will blow your mind. From narrow, cobblestone streets to steel mills shooting fire into the streets, you really get a feel for what this time may have been like. The city of Birmingham has been leveled since WW2, either by bombs or city planning, so there was some artistic interpretation as to how the city would look. Despite this, the show does a tremendous job building the city from the ground up and making it seem believable. For me, this brought the time period to life and gave me some insight on what the city would have been like in 1919. In "Peaky Blinders", Birmingham is a character all on it's own, which adds a rather interesting backdrop for the actors to work in.

    Without giving too much more away about the plot of the show, if you are a fan of crime dramas and period pieces, definitely check this show out. The acting, writing, and special effects are all top notch, despite the show's relatively low budget. The creators definitely chose their spots as far as how to spend the budget they had, and they did an admirable job doing so. The first season must have done quite well over the pond though, as the second season will feature one of my favorite actors currently, Tom Hardy. Don't let the funny name fool you, as "Peaky Blinders" is one of the best shows out right now, period.

    UPDATE: Season 4 was just released in the states on Netflix, and I had the pleasure of binging it in two days. "Peaky Blinders" is still a fantastic show, even with a slight drop-off in season 3 (in my opinion). Season 4 came back much stronger, though, and I give Knight a lot of credit for keeping this show alive and interesting across all these arcing seasons. Without giving anything away, I must say that Adrien Brody did a fantastic job in season 4 as the primary antagonist which is something I thought season 3 lacked. This show is still top notch, and Cillian Murphy continues to impress with his acting ability as the nefarious Tommy Shelby. If you haven't watched this show yet, or perhaps haven't completely followed along, do so "by the order of the Peaky Blinders". ;)
  • hammamabz21 October 2013
    An outstanding show with great production and actors performances (No Spoilers)
    Warning: Spoilers
    The show may walk on a slow rhythm in the beginning but let me tell you this, I've finished the show and to be honest with you all .. Peaky Blinders is one of the best shows aired this year. it's steady, solid and beyond amazing. Cillian Murphy performance is literally great along side with Sam Neill, Paul Anderson and Helen McCrory. The show tell the story of a man "Thomas Shelby" Shelby family is a big name in Birmingham they're the good bad guys against the good bad cop Inspector Chester Campbell played by the great actor Sam Neil but this is not all. the show has deep events and deep story behind it as it's continue.

    The show is well done in directing, lighting, sets, acting (Really Hight Production Values) and the whole good scenes as the show goes by it becomes more emotional more clever and less mysterious.

    I advise everyone to give Peaky Blinders a chance. It is a great show created by Steven Knight and I'm sure all of you will fall in Love with Peaky Blinders like I did.
  • Justin-Kemp7 November 2014
    'Tom Hardy is outstanding'
    This second season has exceeded its expectations and has brought more action, drama and suspense to our television sets. The creator Steven Knight has captured in my opinion one of the most realistic and exciting series available to date. The casting for Peaky Blinders is excellent and 'Tom Hardy is outstanding' his cockney accent and attitude is together funny and scary, along with top hat and cane his appearance is a statement in itself. Tom Hardy is recently becoming my new favourite actor from this and his fantastic performance as Ivan Lock in 'Locke', another accent changing role which he executes flawlessly. Another great performance in this season in particular is that of Sam Neil, who plays Inspector Chester Campbell, A manipulative police inspector with cruel intentions. He is despised by all due to his excellent acting in this role, you forget he is the once loved Dr. Alan Grant in Jurassic Park. Helen McCrory also gives a fantastic purpose to the series and gives a wonderful loving but stern performance, (a woman not to be crossed) with an impressive accent considering her well spoken voice. Not forgetting the Peaky Blinder Mr himself Cillian Murphy gives a attention gripping performance leaving you admire him but yet still fear him. there's nothing the Peaky Blinders wont do to become kings of Birmingham! I look forward to what the next season will bring, I'm hooked! 'To the Peaky Blinders'.

    Justin Kemp
  • Rene Ruiz15 August 2014
    Excellent Show
    This was a great surprise, I agree with the prior review Boardwalk Empire falls flat when compared to Peaky Blinders. The acting is topnotch, The story line is awesome, I love how real life characters are added to the story, very good character development, the costumes the scenery are very convincing, I'm watching the first season back to back, that's 6 episodes an hour each. I can't wait for season 2. Cillian Murphy as Thomas Shelby was an excellent choice he becomes Thomas very convincing, Sam Neill as Inspector Chester Campbell is also dead on, he does a great job, and then there's Helen McCrory as aunt Polly & Annabelle Wallis as Grace two beautiful women perfect for the rolls they play, I can go on and on but I'll stop suffice it to say Peaky Blinders is now my favorite show and a must watch.
  • Dina Ciccone27 October 2013
    Staggeringly good
    Warning: Spoilers
    Staggeringly good. A truly astonishing, lyrical, poetic and immediate invocation of the violently humane and brutally resilient England that crawled from the abyss of The Great War. This is four dimensional television: where the past redefines the present. Permanently. Also The tense scene between the IRA man and Tommy was the best few minutes of drama I've seen for years. Faultless acting, especially from Cillian and Tom Vaughan-Lawlor. Brilliant British Television. I'm just so glad the BBC has commissioned another series, because this show deserves another 4 series if the writing stays this good. Moreover the comparisons between Board walk Empire are annoying. This has a completely different atmosphere not least because of the working class British setting and the music.
  • johnsjl11 July 2016
    Great Television Series
    Peaky Blinders is essentially the television show that every cable network wish it had. It is smart, fast moving, and cinematic art.

    I did not think I would love the show as much as I do. The great thing (but also unfortunate) is that every season consists of six episodes. Every episode is another important piece in the story of the Shelby Family and the screenwriters really pack it with a lot of umph. There really has not been an episode yet, that I have been disappointed with. In fact, I actually find myself wanting to watch the next episode after finishing one, because I just need to know the fate of the characters.

    As mentioned, six one-hour episodes are rather quick to get through, and you find yourself wanting more. (But really it seems like the perfect length, as every episode is a fundamental stone in the foundation of the story).

    From a cinematic standpoint the series is beautifully done. The set looks great and you feel taken back in time to England in the 1920's. It is definitely this artistic work that is hard to find in television today.

    The writing on the show is incredible and mixing that with the cast makes the show explosive. You will find yourself rooting for one of possibly the worst gangsters on television and that is no easy task, as the Shelby Family has more than a few skeletons in their closet. But it is this talent of the cast that makes you care about these characters. Overall, the cast seem to really be enjoying themselves with the characters they play.

    If you are looking for a smart television show that keeps you on the edge of your seat - this is the show for you!
  • wordsmythwmn14 September 2013
    As good as I had hoped for
    Warning: Spoilers
    As a fan of Cillian Murphy, I watched the 1st episode in great anticipation of his role -- To my surprise, Sam Neill's role is the most captivating of the cast -- While Mr. Murphy plays the strong silent type, it is something we have seen him play before – Regarding the role of C.I. Campbell, the writer's of Peaky Blinders will probably get awards -- Mr. Neill lights up the screen with his superb demonstration of dialog well-written -- I simply do not see Sam Neill but the character, C.I. Campbell -- One small criticism -- the one flaw the British t.v. shows/writers fall victim to is the need to "tip" the plot ahead for the viewers -- Just when I gladly welcomed the fresh writing of "Sherlock" and "Downton Abby" and their use of unabashed surprise to keep us watching, the writers of Peaky Blinders revert to the tried and true very "British" way of keeping viewers tuned in -- talk about spoilers to a story line ! I will continue to watch "Peaky B", and welcome these characters in my home.
  • EyeDunno6 July 2016
    Take off the Blinders and give this series more press!
    You find a "television" series once in a blue moon which blows your mind, and Peaky Blinders has accomplished that in my mind. As of this writing, I'm on S03/E06, which I think is the most well-written and explosive episodes of the series. It's also one of the most amazing series that I have seen. These seem more like mini-features, with almost a full hour of drama. By the time I started season three, I started saying aloud how I love Peaky Blinders and its characters. They thrive on a combination of excellent storytelling and photography. "Breaking Bad" is the only other series that I know which have become the platinum standard of any series that I know exist. I venture to believe that Blinders beats out Game of Thrones as well. The main reason why Thrones and Bad don't live up to what I've experienced with Blinders? The sheer boldness of how the show compels you to understand and even empathize with people who make a living out of doing just about everything illegal that they could ever muster, in a place where just about everyone seems to be about some kind of illegal activity. The complexities of the characters demand that everyone must sell who they are and I cannot for the life of me, find any character who is a "weak link" to the series.

    Game of Thrones is a terrific series as was Breaking Bad. Yet GoT has a number of slow moments. Breaking Bad, while rather straightforward regarding the plot, was just somewhat unbelievable when viewed through the lens of real-life probability. Blinders is deeper and more raw, without looking to any sense of patronizing emotions to give a sense of redemption. Blinders takes off the blinders by asking which holds more value, between family, friends, relationships and business transactions. Or, whether money is really what can repay the emotional anguish of those casualties called "relationships." Blinders has been throwing some really interesting plot twists and I've finally been blown away at where this series is heading.

    I remember the first season where a young Winston Churchill was introduced, and I feel that was probably the slowest part of the series - even GoT suffered from the need to explain who/what was happening, while Breaking Bad simply jumped right into a whirlwind of trouble thrown the way of Mr. White. Stick with this however. These characters have truly embraced their roles and the photography and writing seem to actually have gotten even better. I'm not one to ever have been interested in an emotional investment of series characters but this so far has been my finest emotional investment. The violence sometimes is quite intense. So much so, that my wife stopped watching by the second season. Considering the date in which Blinders is told, I expect that the violence might be rather extreme.

    Perhaps I'm being unfair in even speaking about GoT and Breaking Bad, two other exemplary shows which made me loyal to their broadcasts. But Blinders keeps raising the production bar like the other two haven't quite done.
  • captprice098 May 2014
    It's a Blinder
    Warning: Spoilers
    Its not often I give anything a 10/10 but Peaky Blinders is one of those exceptions............

    I honestly thought the BBC would never again make a drama of this calibre, but how wrong can you be. Set in Post war Birmingham, England it follows the story of the Gangster stroke book making Selby family who run their gang called the "Peaky Blinders" who hide razor blades along the hem of their peaked caps and use them to devastating effect in violent confrontations. The two older Selby Brothers Tommy and Arthur are both veterans of the First world One trenches and are as tough as the old boots they once wore and learnt how to fight in one of the worlds toughest arenas and on the means streets of Birmingham. This is a true gangster drama which is breathtakingly unique and dispenses with old gangster clichés and most stereotypes, The acting is first rate, the characters are human and believable right down to the Unionist bigoted Northern Irish policemen moved from Belfast to Birmingham and the sinister IRA elements, throw in some tinkers, gypsies and London crims and it completes a masterpiece, the modern musical score used is not out of place and adds to the dramas uniqueness. Move over Boardwalk Empire there's a new kid on the block.
  • joyfuljaymac18 October 2013
    THIS is British drama...
    Warning: Spoilers
    When i first saw this advertised on BBC 2, i immediately thought i'm going to like this... and i did.

    Peaky Blinders is beautifully written, directed and of course acted. The amazing cast and crew were able to give it that 1919's feel with the help of the costume department and they have the best soundtrack, thanks to the music department. Cillian Murphy gives a fantastic performance as Tommy Shelby, the man who was born to make his business successful and Annabelle Williams also gives a good performance as Grace Burgess, the bar-maid with a few secrets of her own. They're accents are spot on and never slip through out the whole six episodes. Sam Neill is perfect as Inspector Campbell, who would like nothing better then to see an end to the peaky blinders and recover what doesn't belong to them. Helen McCroy all so stars as their Aunt Polly, the strong female of the family, who is like Tommy's concision and helps handle him when things go wrong.

    Peaky Blinders has war, loss, love and laughs, everything you need to create a great piece of Original British drama.
  • animus-miles-militis18 October 2013
    Cut to the Chase - Gotta be worth a watch mate!
    I never give a ten unless it is blinding so a 9 is excellent but not astounding.

    The Blinders really took me to the grit and dirt of post WW1 Britain, it is atmospheric and draws you into the time. It was actually bit of an education of how people lived.

    The plot is complex and mysterious and you find yourself trying to guess what will happen next.

    There is a fantastic underlying romance cracking on.

    There are a good few sub plots spinning about to keep you amused and entertained; a few laughs and feel good moments; a few tragedies to keep you depressed if that's what your into.

    I started to relate to the characters quite early on and they are all distinctive. You really feel involved from the start unless you have no social skills.

    All in all a good watch, I was waiting for it to come on the next week ... not literally obviously ... I didn't like sit in my flat for a week looking at a blank screen till it came on, but I did look forward to seeing the next episode.

    You certainly won't waste your time having a gander!
  • ruhin-8888630 November 2017
    It's great
    This is the most underrated series right now. Its directing is on point, dialogues are well placed and the story is a masterpiece.The protagonist is well maintained,subplots are precisely placed and the characters are chosen very wisely.I conclude that it's a must watch is very very underrated.
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