Michael Gray (Finn Cole) and John Shelby (Joe Cole) are brothers in real life.

Cillian Murphy had smoked over 3000 cigarettes over the course of filming just by the end of Series 2. His current count would amount to around 6000 cigarettes on set. However, he has informed reporters that he smokes herbal cigarettes (they don't contain tobacco or nicotine, and hence aren't addictive) and the creator, Steven Knight joked that the herbal ones are so weak that they would "probably count as one of his five-a-day".

David Bowie was a huge fan of the show and gave permission for music from his final album to be featured in Series 3. The show's creator Steven Knight revealed: "I got in touch with his people, who came back straight away and said he was a big, big fan." Bowie later sent a representative from his label to provide an early hearing of his final album Blackstar a week before its existence was made public. "And then on the following Tuesday we heard that he'd passed away. It seems that his people were keen to establish that we could use it before he died."

Early in the casting process, series showrunner Steven Knight met both Jason Statham and Cillian Murphy in Los Angeles to discuss the key role of Thomas Shelby. Initially, Knight had instantly opted for Statham due to his imposing presence, but later changed his mind and went for Murphy after he received a text from him - "Remember, I'm an actor" - that ultimately convinced him to reconsider.

Tom Hardy (Alfie Solomons) and Charlotte Riley (May Carleton) are married in real life. Their first child was born in October 2015.

There are more canals in Birmingham than in Venice

This is the fourth time Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy have worked together.

The real Peaky Blinders were unlikely to carry razor blades in their hats during in the 1890s when the gang was really present; they were considered a luxury item and too expensive for the gang to own. The idea of the razor blades hidden in caps has its roots in John Douglas' novel 'A Walk Down Summer Lane'.

PJ Harvey, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Arctic Monkeys, Radiohead, Royal Blood, The Black Keys/Dan Auerbach, The White Stripes, and Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes make up most of the soundtrack to the show.

Despite what the show depicts, the Peaky Blinders were strongest in the 1890s. By the 1920s, the predominant gang in Birmingham was The Birmingham Gang, which had its roots in the pre-war Brummagem Boys gang.

While the show has often received criticism for the seemingly inaccurate accents, much of the cast and crew have confirmed that they are historically accurate. The 1920s dialect for Birmingham, England, was said to be slightly different. Helen McCrory has even stated the accents are authentic 1920s Birmingham dialects. Despite this, many UK viewers believe that the accents are watered-down versions of proper dialect to appeal to US viewers.

The show's title is derived from the gang practice of wearing flat "peaked" caps, which they could then see under due to the shorter brims compared to the hats usually worn by more distinguished gentlemen.

Benjamin Zephaniah, who plays Jerimiah Jesus/Jimmy Jesus, is actually from Birmingham. This is his acting debut as he is actually a poet.

The theme song for Peaky Blinders, Red Right Hand, was written by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. This song also appears in The X-Files (1993), Dumb and Dumber (1994), Hellboy (2004), the Scream trilogy, Jack Irish: Bad Debts (2012), The Lost City, and the other Jack Irish films and TV shows.

Tommy Shelby drinks whisky 213 times in the series.

Actor Cillian Murphy is from Ireland and plays Thomas Shelby from England. Actress Annabelle Wallis is from England and plays Grace Burgess from Ireland.

Tommy Flanagan is only 13 years older than Paul Anderson, who plays his son.

Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy both played Batman villains. Murphy played the Scarecrow and Hardy played Bane, both in The Dark Knight Trilogy.

Birmingham is known as the city of a thousand and one trades and bandages. It is also home to the factory which made the whistles used on the battlefields of the First World War, which the character Thomas Shelby returned from in the first episode of Series 1. The Thomas Hudson factory, which is still going strong today, made the whistles used on the Titanic.

Tom Hardy joins the show during Series 2. This marks the third time that Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy have been in the same production. They've also appeared in Inception and The Dark Knight Rises together. They would once again join up in Dunkirk.

A virtual reality game is in the works.

The three Radiohead songs featured in the original soundtrack of the third series (You And Whose Army, I Might Be Wrong, and Life In A Glasshouse) are from the same album, Amnesiac. It is the fifth record from the Abingdon based band.

Peaky Blinders (PB) shares several actors with Game of Thrones (GOT), and a trio with The Dark Knight Rises (TDKR). Aidan Gillen plays Aberama Gold in PB and a CIA Operative in TDKR; Tom Hardy plays Alfie Solomons in PB and Bane in TDKR. And Cillian Murphy plays Thomas Shelby in PB and Scarecrow in the entire Dark Knight trilogy. More famously, Gillen also plays Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish in GOT. Other PB actors also in GOT include the following: Noah Taylor plays Darby Sabini in PB and Locke in GOT; Alexander Siddig plays Ruben Oliver in PB and Doran Martell in GOT; Richard Brake plays Anton Kaledin in PB and The Night King in GOT; Donald Sumpter plays Arthur Bigge in PB and Maester Luwin in GOT; Ralph Ineson plays Connor Nutley in PB and Dagmer Cleftjaw in GOT; Kate Dickie plays Mother Superior in PB and Lysa Arryn in GOT; Josef Altin plays Stefan Radischevky in PB and Pypar in GOT.

Both Annabelle Wallis (Grace) and Sam Neill (Inspector Campbell) appeared in the TV series The Tudors (2007). Wallis portrayed Jane Seymour (Series 3 and 4), while Neill portrayed Cardinal Wolsey (Series 1).

Tommy Shelby is seen smoking filtered cigarettes, which did not exist until 1954. At the time, almost all cigarettes were unfiltered. In the early 1950s, scientific reports showed just how dangerous smoking could be.

Paul Anderson and Tom Hardy were in the film The Revenant (2015) together.

While Cillian Murphy has revealed that his children were "horrified" when he shaved his hair off for his role in Peaky Blinders. "When it's done, you look like you're going to rob a post office. My kids were horrified!" he admitted.

Tom Hardy and Paul Anderson both were in Legend (2015). Hardy played gangster twins Reggie and Ron Kray, who terrorized London in the '60s; Anderson played gang member Albert Donoghue.

Both Annabelle Wallis (Grace) and Kate Phillips (Linda) have played Jane Seymour in a TV series; Wallis in the Tudors and Phillips in Wolf Hall.

Adrien Brody, who plays Luca Changretta, is an Academy Award winner for Best Actor in a Leading Role for his role in the movie The Pianist. Tom Hardy, who plays Alfie Solomons, has also been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for his role in the movie The Revenant, but unfortunately lost to Mark Rylance for his role in Bridge of Spies (Mark Rylance and Tom Hardy soon worked together in 2017 on Nolan's latest motion picture, Dunkirk).

Finn Cole is in the TV show Animal Kingdom (2016) (2016-), based around a modern power family (not unlike Peaky Blinders) that is overseen by an older female figure known as "Smurf".

While there are many glaringly obvious themes throughout the series, one that is consistently leaned on is substance use, including abuse, and their effects on all relationships of any capacity. These vices are portrayed in many different ways.

Cillian Murphy created Tommy Shelby's walks. (He walks exaggeratedly with his arms and chest wide open.) It became a habit, so he walked like that for a while at home right after shooting. Then his wife said, "stop walking." [2016]

Both Joe Cole and Aimee-Ffion Edwards have worked on Skins (2007) but in separate series and not having met before.

Charlie Murphy (Jessie Eden) and Sophie Rundle (Ada Shelby) also worked together on Happy Valley (2014) as Ann Gallagher and Kirsten McAskill respectively.

Ned Dennehy (Charlie Strong), Simone Kirby (Irene O Donnell), and Cosmo Jarvis (Barney) all appeared in Calm with Horses (2019) (2019).

Tom Hardy and Charlotte Riley are new to Series 2, Riley being a love interest of Thomas Shelby. Hardy and Riley have been married since 2014.

Despite sitting for many meals, Tommy never eats on screen during the run of the series. Except for eating blackroot, twice

Despite Tommy Shelby defeating Kimber in S1, in real life Billy Kimber's gang, the Birmingham Boys, put the Peaky Blinders out of business

Tony Pitts, who plays Sergeant (later Inspector) Moss, also plays a high-ranking police officer in the BBC drama series Line of Duty (2012) as Detective Hargreaves. Both characters are eventually revealed to be corrupt and working on behalf of organized crime.