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  • Eighteen years have passed since the release of Pixar's first full- length computer animated feature "Toy Story" (1995). Since its enormous success, it has not only originated two high-quality sequels in 1999 and 2010, but it has also originated Pixar's very first television special called "Toy Story of Terror", which premiered this past Wednesday on ABC. In this half-hour special, Woody, Buzz and the rest of the gang go on a road trip with their owner Bonnie. When it becomes late, they all stop at a roadside motel to spend the night. During that night, one of the toys goes missing and the other toys must do what they can to find the missing toy before it's too late.

    The interesting thing that "Toy Story of Terror" does along the way is teach kids the basic plot structure of a horror movie. Mr. Pricklepants prepares the young audience for what will eventually occur in this plot. While it may sound like it's taking the scares away from any adults watching it, it actually sets up some pretty light bits of humor for everyone to enjoy. An impressive aspect about this special is that a handful of actors such as Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Wallace Shawn and Don Rickles are reprising the roles that they made famous with the previous films in the "Toy Story" franchise. Hanks is back as Woody, Allen returns as Buzz Lightyear, and so on.

    It was a wise decision for Pixar to make with this special since it shows another one of the special's strengths: its loyalty to the original characters.In other words, Pixar remains consistent with the personalities of these characters. They don't try something offensive or back-stabbing to the audience like making Woody not care about the fate of the other toys. They still maintain the integrity of the characters that we know and love in the first place by keeping them the way they were. With all that said, is "Toy Story of Terror" worthy of the same status as the "Toy Story" movie trilogy? Not quite, but then again, it was already at a disadvantage to the three films with only one-fourth of their running time. But within its limitations, "Toy Story of Terror" is pleasing enough for both kids and adults.
  • After missing it the previous two years, I finally got to watch this Pixar/Disney special. While the voices of Tom Hanks as Woody and Tim Allen as Buzz are back, it's mostly Joan Cusack's as Jessie that serves as the main character in this one as she has to deal with her claustrophobia when she gets involved in a rescue of one of those two I just mentioned. Quite amusing throughout especially when Timothy Dalton voices a character who knows all the horror movie conventions and Carl Weathers does someone based on a character he played in Predator. Maybe it could have used a bit more time to make the plot more enjoyable but overall, Toy Story of Terror did what it was meant to do, entertain.
  • In this adventure, the toys find themselves in their own little horror movie. As Bonnie and her mum are on a trip they find themselves stopping at a motel and soon the toys start to disappear one by one. Jessie has to figure out what has happened to her friends and the cowgirl has to overcome her claustrophobia.

    Woody and Buzz Lightyear have smaller roles, it is Joan Cusack as Jessie who has to sell these Toy Story short aided by Rex and Mr Pricklepants.

    This television special shows there are still stories to be told in the Toy Story universe although I found part of the motivation of the villain reminiscent of Toy Story 2.

    It is still a charming animation although you always sense that Pixar and Disney realise that this is still a cash cow that needs milking.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    'Toy Story of Terror' is another brilliant adventure from Pixar's finest. This time the toys take a trip to the motel with Bonnie. They are left in the suitcase but decide they want to have a look around, and of course something goes wrong. It turns into a nightmare and they try everything to get out of a bad situation.

    I really liked the plot in this one, it was nice and simple but still cleverly thought out. We still had Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Rex, Mr Potato Head and Trixie. Mr. Pricklepants was very amusing too. Then there were some new characters as well, Combat Carl was awesome and the lizard type thing that caught the toys was rather cool. Then there was a collector who looked familiar but he was a different person. I was a bit disappointed that we didn't get to see Hamm or Slinky as well as some others but I suppose they can't all be in every single Toy Story film.

    The characters look as great as ever, there are laughs too as expected with Toy Story. The standard for Toy Story is just great. The 3 feature length films, the 3 short films and now this. They are all brilliant.

    Overall, another great addition to the Toy Story franchise. Can we have some more please?

  • phubbs22 October 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    The team are back...if you don't count the numerous cartoons and shorts over the years, but yet they're back. Yes despite my rather cocky introduction there I was pleased to see the toy crew back for more adventures as I'm sure everyone else was too. Much to my pure pleasure this story centres around a horror tale of sorts, admittedly not in the same vain as 'The Simpson's Treehouse of Horror' tales which I was kinda hoping for but its all good.

    That's not to say this short animated tale is all dark and creepy with elements of Cushing, Lee and Price, alas no (even though the intro does lean that way like its teasing you...damn them!). Its much more straight laced than that and still takes place within the semi real world we all from the films. Gotta be honest this did disappoint me as I really wanted to see a kooky haunted mansion type horror along the lines of 'The Addams Family', I really think that could of been cool.

    The film does feel a tad tired I can't deny, the plot is the usual toys in trouble affair with the team getting split up and the others having to rescue them. Its not exactly genius but it just about works although the laughs are few and far between in all honesty. It looks good of course, all the characters are present and correct with their original voices by the original stars which is nice. Wasn't too sure about the pet iguana that acts like a dog, yes I know its a kids cartoon essentially but that just seemed too stupid to me, too toonish.

    The best thing about this new short is easily Combat Carl voiced by Carl Weathers. This character easily equals Buzz in terms of great humorous dialog and his sheer retro design, the classic macho man action figure of the 80's and beyond. I also thought his mini version was a nice touch too, the type of smaller figure that would fit inside an action the small M.A.S.K. figures. Weathers was perfectly cast for this little role he really was, I loved how the action figure was basically a young Weathers probably based on his character in 'Predator'.

    Then there was the awesome brief appearance of the Transformer type robot toy who comes apart and reassembles when required (looked a bit like Voltron), the fat superhero toy, the Pez dispenser and that Lego type character. End of the day the story is slightly weak I can't lie about that but its the great retro toy characters that keep you entertained. Fun for the kids because its an animated cartoon, and fun for the adults because we can reminisce about all these old toys we used to have. Surely you all remember how cool it was to see plastic soldiers in action in the original I right? Just don't expect anything as sizzling as the movies.


    'can it Pants! life ain't a movie, they're never coming back'
  • The Toy Story films may now be over but this short film came out in the UK as part of Halloween programming. I didn't know what to expect from it – perhaps it was just a lazy TV spin off to generate income and keep the brand fresh, but actually it was a very enjoyable little short with all the main characters returning as well as some great new ones. The plot sees the gang checking into a motel where, as Mr Pricklepants points out, terrible things can happen. Sure enough the gang start getting picked off one at a time, confronting Jessie with her worst fears which she must overcome to save the gang.

    With this plot the short has a knowing humor based on horror movies and it wears this well. It isn't all this though, the film also has a nice message about overcoming fear and does a good job to bring that out of Jessie very quickly for maximum use. The film is not as impacting, intelligent nor as funny as the films, but it is still good enough to be worth watching for what it does well. I laughed out loud a couple of times (pretty good for 20 minutes) and was amused consistently for the rest.

    The characters are great. I liked that the originals all returned, although Hanks and Allen clearly did their work in one day in the studio. Cusack is good while Dalton, Shawn, Schaal, Rickles, and others are all good value. The addition of Carl Weathers not only pleased me as an Arrested Development reference, but he was also a very funny character; Pezcat was also good and produced the biggest laugh from me. Overall a very enjoyable seasonal short film with high production values and high quality all round.
  • Good, but not very filling. Sweet little Toy Story short story / mini- movie, made for Halloween (I guess). Very similar in concept to the annual Simpsons Halloween Special.

    Has the usual Toy Story characteristics: quirky plot, snappy dialogue, rollicking adventure.

    However, the shortness is a negative quality. There is little time to develop the plot. Just when you're getting into it, the "movie" ends.

    It just feels kind of "meh" afterwards. Unlike the full-length Toy Stort movies which leave you beaming from ear to ear and feeling a calm sense of innocence and delight.
  • As a child who grew up on Toy Story, there is a special place for the toys in my heart. To this day I still consider the Toy Story trilogy some of my favorite movies. However, I stand by my original belief that there should not be another Toy Story movie mainly because I felt the movie series had the perfect ending with Toy Story 3. But who am I to turn down a nice 30-minute Halloween special with the toys especially one as good as this?

    In this adventure, the toys find themselves in their own little horror movie. As Bonnie and her mom are on a trip they find themselves stopping at a motel to get car repairs. Once there the toys realize that something is making them disappear, one-by-one. In the end, it is up to Jesse to figure out what must be done to save her friends before it is too late.

    This was definitely a nice way to see the toys again. After 18 years with the series, this TV special is a nice reminder that there are still plenty of stories for this wonderful world to tell.

    I especially loved the focus of the special on Jesse. She has always been one of my favorite characters and she really has a chance to shine in this TV special. We get a deeper look at her fear of enclosed spaces as well as the opportunity for her to overcome her fears. It was very nice to see.

    If I had any complaint it would be that it was too short. They could've very easily expanded this story into an hour long TV special and make it just right. Since it was so short, I felt a little robbed of very precious time with the toys. While a movie would be too long and feel unnecessary for this story, an hour long special would be just perfect without feeling unnecessary. If it was longer they would've been able to explore the horror themes a little bit longer as well as make the climax (as wonderful as it was) even more exciting.

    However, these couple of complaints pale in comparison to the wonderful reunion viewers are given with the toys. The whole point of this special is to remind you why you fell in love with the toys in the first place (and remind you Jesse is the best cowgirl toy around). It does all of this while playing around with some of the best known horror movie tropes in cinema. It is great fun.

    It succeeds on every level by creating a fun, beautifully animated, wonderfully written Halloween special that everybody in the family will enjoy. Toy Story might not feel right for future movies but it definitely feels right for future TV specials. Toy Story is still alive and I'm so happy for it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Ah, the Halloween special, a dying pedigree. Every December usually brings one or two new Christmas specials. The Halloween special, however, is a rarer breed. "The Great Pumpkin" gets trotted out every October but new productions are seen far less frequently. Pixar, for the first time, is throwing their hat into the ring with "Toy Story of Terror," basically a slightly-longer, televised version of their already popular "Toy Story" shorts. I'm a fan of the company and the series but would a Disney-owned property be willing to get creepy? Yes and no. "Toy Story of Terror" follow the same batch of toys as always (though Mrs. Potato Head, Slinky-Dog, and Dolly are notably absent), on the road with Bonny and her mom. When their car breaks down, the group has to stop at a spooky hotel. Once inside, the toys wander off, something strange picking them off one-by-one.

    It's probably a mark of Pixar's quality that even a fluffy TV special has a genuine character arc. "Toy Story of Terror" begins with Jessie falling into a tool box and freaking out. Later on, she ventures out of Boony's bag because it's too confined for her. This is a story of the cowgirl conquering her claustrophobia. The arc is framed as a usual "believe in yourself" kid's movie story but the effort is appreciated. Moreover, Joan Cusack sells her fear honestly. Tom Hanks and Tim Allen have far smaller roles, Cusack, Wallace Shawn, Don Rickles, and Timothy Dalton doing most of the work. Dalton and Shawn are fantastic actually, the parts of Rex and Mr. Pricklepants playing nicely to their strengths.

    As far as horror-content goes, "Toy Story of Terror" has some fun. The special begins with the toys watching a black-and-white vampire film, which is recreated nicely. Throughout the special, Mr. Pricklepants delivers dialogue about the traditional structure of the genre. After Mr. Potato-Head disappears, the toys investigate the dusty, cobweb-filled sub-flooring of the motel, Buzz' glow-in-the-dark paint casting an eerie green glow on everything. Jesse quickly becomes a final girl, an off-screen monster picking off her friends. She even has a run-in with an ineffectual authority figure, Carl Weathers having hilarious fun as Combat Carl. The second half of the special, after the truth is revealed, the horror elements pretty much disappear. This is disappointing, considering the first half did a good job introducing kids to the rules of the slasher film. That's unexpected for a Disney product. Will "Toy Story of Terror" become a classic like "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown?" It's hard to say but, if this becomes a yearly tradition, I'd probably be okay with that.
  • The gang is back with a Halloween special. The toys are traveling with Bonnie and her mom. They stop over in a roadside motel, but the toys get toynapped by an iguana. It turns out that the motel manager is stealing the toys to sell on ebay.

    The main character in this one is Jessie. She's not as compelling as Buzz or Woody. And she's not funny enough to be that interesting. I'd rather go with Mr Potato Head as a side character who takes the lead. Mr. Pricklepants has some fun calling out all the horror conventions. The adventure itself isn't scary at all. It's definitely a kiddie horror story rather than a campfire horror story. They could easily add more atmosphere by placing the climax in a stormy night. All the conventions of horror are ignored for a family oriented show.
  • Toy Story of Terror (2013)

    *** 1/2 (out of 4)

    Made-for-TV short has Woody, Buzz and the rest of the toys staying the night at a hotel when they wonder off and are captured by the desk clerk who plans on selling them over the internet. TOY STORY OF TERROR comes three years after the third film in the series, which was without question a true masterpiece of the genre. This short doesn't come anywhere close to that but fans of the series will find plenty here to enjoy. It's great that the regular voice members are back with Tom Hanks, Tim Allen and Joan Cusack doing their usual wonderful work. There's also Don Rickles back as Mr. Potato Head and we even get Carl Weathers and Timothy Dalton for a good time. The animation is wonderful but then again you really wouldn't expect anything less from the gang at Pixar. The film contains some nice excitement as the toys go on their adventure and the finale will certainly have you cheering. Mix in all the great laughs and you're really left with a nice little gem that lives up to the features in the series. New characters like Combat Carl (Weathers) and PezCat just added to all the fun.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Review by Matt:

    The one thing you can count on with Pixar is that you always get quality. Despite some of their weaker efforts ("Cars" "Cars 2" to a lesser extent, "Brave") there always seems to be a silver lining to anything Pixar creates. I may not like "Cars" but I can respect that it looks gorgeous. Sorry "Cars" fans, I just don't find fart jokes spun by a redneck comedian to be very funny.

    While most Pixar fare is made for the big screen, and evokes such emotion and heart, its nice to see that Disney/Pixar (yes, I'll give Disney their due) created something for the Halloween season, and it very well might be the best thing you'll see this Fall. This of course is the devilishly clever "Toy Story of Terror" a spooky mini adventure starring all of your favorite "Toy Story" pals.

    The writers at Pixar have to be some of the best writers in the world. They know how to perfectly cater to fans of Disney while at the same time sneaking in little odes and jabs to other films and their appropriate genres and fans. They just get it, simple as that. "Terror" begins at some point after "Toy Story 3" ends. Woody, Buzz, and the rest of the crew are in the care of Bonnie as they head to some undisclosed location on a dark and stormy night. After a flat tire, Bonnie, her mother, and the toys settle into a roadside motel while they wait for the tow truck in the morning. Needless to say, hi-jinks and close-calls ensue and of course there is a happy ending. Like most Pixar films, its not the story that's always compelling, its the actual journey.

    What I respect the most is that all the voices from the previous "Story" films return, including Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, and Joan Cusack, but there are also a few extra treats along the way, including Ken Marino, or as I like to refer to him as, Louie, the "I WANNA DIP BY BALLS IN IT" guy.

    Along with Ken Marino, what would a "Toy Story" be without some new characters, and the best has to be Combat Carl, voiced by Carl Weathers. This character is so perfect and I love the subtle reference to "Predator" thrown in as Combat Carl is missing a hand. Those are the things that make me love Pixar. Who would throw in a "Predator" reference into a TV show made for children?

    Timothy Dalton is also great as Mr. Pricklepants, who's essentially Randy from the "Scream" series. He calls out horror movie clichés at every turn and it's wonderful to see it done in a Shakespearean way. The more I think about "Terror" is that the animation is for the kids, while the dialogue is made for adults who love horror and action films. Maybe Shane Black ghostwrote this entire special?

    Bottom line, "Toy Story of Terror" is a wonder to behold. The story is perfect for the time allotted, the introduction of new toys now looking for their owner adds a great side story to the entire "Toy Story" mythology, and Pixar and Disney spare no expense to create a standalone story that rivals anything in the Pixar catalog. Hopefully this tradition continues and becomes this generation's "Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin."

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  • Am a big fan of Pixar, films and shorts, and the three 'Toy Story' films (the first of which being ground-breaking) are among my favourites from them as far as their feature films go. For me, none of their work is below mediocre (even my least favourite 'Cars 3'), though that is probably not going to be a popular opinion with the post-'Toy Story 3' films getting a lot of hate. Meanwhile their best work is masterpiece level, all three 'Toy Story' films being on that level.

    Was on one hand quite excited for this television special 'Toy Story of Terror', with it being Pixar, that it has such great characters and some immense talent on board returning. At the same time, part of me was a little worried, with it being an under half an hour television special on a lower budget there was the worry of how it would fare quality-wise and it is hard to not question the point of it. The good news is that 'Toy Story of Terror' was great fun with some creepiness here and there. It is not in the same league as the films, though that was not unexpected, but in no way does it disgrace them or be what people would call a "cash grab".

    'Toy Story of Terror' isn't flawless. Do agree with those who deemed it as too short in length. In terms of story, 'Toy Story of Terror' is pretty eventful and it would have leant itself well to feature film.

    On top of being too short and having quite an eventful story, there is a crammed in feel at times and then it starts to feel rushed.

    However, the animation is really quite great for an animated television special with the spookier visuals being imaginatively done. Such beautiful attention to detail in the backgrounds and the character designs and the colours are so vibrant. The music more than serves its purpose well, with the right amount of energy and charming orchestration.

    Loved the writing, which saw some wonderful wit in the dialogue and it was both very funny and emotive. The story maintains all the fun and charm present in the films, and it was great to have more focus on Jessie who is written in a way that makes it easy to root for her. All while retaining a vast majority of the original characters, excepting Bo Peep and Slinky Dog, and staying true to their personalities, nobody is out of character. The new characters make just as big an impression, especially Combat Carl, didn't really mind an awful lot that the villain's motivations were on the derivative side. The voice acting is terrific, especially from Joan Cusack and Carl Weathers as the two most interesting characters here.

    Summarising, very enjoyable. 8/10
  • After ending up in a remote motel, Potato Head wants to look for the free stuff and disappears so the gang go an look for him. They get caught by the manager's pet and are to be sold for loads of cash, but they are not going to give up that easily. It's a horror story told in a unique way by one of the toys as they advance in plot, pretty interesting and enjoyable. It's a good short but as predictable and as cliché as it gets so far from a perfect score.
  • I stumbled across this little "Toy Story of Terror" short practically without even knowing it existed. I had a bit of trepidation, however, as the ending of "Toy Story 3" was so incredible that I didn't want things to get "ruined" by tacked-on material that muddies the water.

    Luckily, "Toy Story of Terror" doesn't try to do too much (a 22-minute runtime pretty much dictates that, I guess), instead providing a fun little adventure that lampoons scary movies in a fun fashion. All your favorite characters are on point, and it even introduces some new blood with Combat Carl (voiced by Carl Weathers), a GI Joe-like toy with a penchant for speaking in the third person.

    Not too much to analyze here...just a lot of fun with your favorite characters from the film trilogy! I wouldn't pay too much for a 22-minute short, but if you do get a chance to see it I think you'll be cracking smiles throughout.
  • adlion94417 October 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    It's supposed to be a Halloween story, so my daughter and I were expecting a cute moody, eerie, haunted type of story. Maybe a witch's or vampire's castle... something, anything. There would be so many ways for the toys to actually end up somewhere clasically creepy... abandoned funhouse, amusement park, attic of old house. They could've parodied Scooby Doo and solved a mystery.

    But it was a blatant recycle of the Toy Story 2 plot - lonely, creepy guy with glasses tries to sell the toys and the toys need to work together to get away from him. In a very generic motel. No Halloween mood at all. Not even a Halloween toy. And the mystery was solved halfway into the show, and it became yet another toy trapped in a box, behind the glass in a case, etc. Lame. And what's the with the iguana that acts like a dog? Why not just a dog?

    Only positive thing is that it was nice to get the A-List actors back together for a short special. And Combat Carl (Carl Weathers) was a slick addition (plus his pint sized friend with the sped up voice), but otherwise... ugh. 5 out of 10. Think Cars 2 quality of craftsmenship on this one. Bad script.
  • Toy Story was my favourite film growing up and the sequels have respected that original classic well so I was a little sceptical about not only the shorts that have appeared before Disney films and most recently, this 30 minute 'special' that debuted on Sky. Now thanks to a limited DVD run I've now been able to see it.

    'Specials' like this are normally poor. Weak storyline and poor replacement voice actors. Thankfully this one bucks the trend and the voice cast contains all the big names like Tim Allen and Tom Hanks. While the story isn't the most original it does link within the franchise that precedes it and the new characters fit in well.

    It's got that same magic Pixar touch and is actually a funny and enjoyable half hour watch. Well done to all involved for making a 'special' that actually lives up to it's name.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I don't know what it is, but somehow those "Toy Story" short films really don't do much for me. I hope that if they really shoot a fourth film that this one is gonna be as good as the third movie again. This one here is a short film which runs for roughly 20 minutes and follows the before-mentioned last installment of the series again. There are some horror elements in there, but all in all it is really harmless actually. What i liked most about it was that Jessie was the star this time (great fan of her) and that the film had some interesting horror movie references such as the motel ("Psycho"). And the motel owner is an evil man here as well. Well, he isn't stabbing any toys in the shower, but he steals them from his owners, with the help of a scary lizard, and sells them online afterward. When Woody is in a paperboard box, it's Jessie's turn to save him and bring him back. To do that, she also needs to confront her fears. What we see next is a nice reference about being buried alive ("Kill Bill", "Buried"...) However, this is also pretty much everything positive I can say here. The humor was rarely as good as I am used to from the other "Toy Story" films and the new characters did not add really much either. Combat Carl was still bearable, but that strange robot near the end just served no purpose at all in my opinion apart from including some cool special effects toy. And why didn't they try to take Carl with them in the end. After all, the way he was talking about Jessie it sounded like he'd know her for ages already. Anyway, this was not the first short film by Angus McLane based on the Pixar universe, but I was disappointed here. Not recommended and I hope his next project "Finding Dory", where he is the co-director turns out much better.
  • Gordon-118 November 2017
    This animated short film tells the story of the league of toys who go to a motel. They get caught by the motel manager's dinosaur, and the manager sells them on the internet.

    "Toy Story of Terror" is an adventure that manages to be adventurous and adorable for children. Apart from being entertaining, it teaches children to be adventurous too. There is no terror or scary scene, so it is suitable for young children. It is an enjoyable short animation.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    fans with kiddos too small to enjoy scarier fare during the holiday. I actually enjoyed this 22-minute short more than I did any of the actual movies.

    Woody, Buzz, Jessie, and the rest of the gang go on vacation with Bonnie and her mother. The curious toys decide to explore a mysterious roadside hotel when their car's tire blows out. They find themselves captured by the owner of the inn and put up on the internet to be sold to the highest bidder. When Woody is bought, the rest must come to his rescue before he's shipped out via mail. They face perilous adventures and a dangerous "creature" along the way.

    Although "Toy Story of Terror" is rated G, there might be some scary moments for younger children and possibly older ones as well. My 13- year-old daughter jumped at one scene and almost flung her ice cream all over the place. Between a lizard trying to eat Woody and other tense moments, it really might be too much for toddlers to take.

    "Toy Story of Terror" is a perfect way to get ready for the Halloween season. It might be a month out, but it can never be too early to start the celebration. Although the actual feature presentation is only 22- minutes long, the addition of three additional cartoons and the special features make this a must-have for anyone's Disney home entertainment library.
  • Toy Story of TERROR, the TV special from Pixar, is, in short, amazing. It manages to stick to the production value of the full length films from the series and it's a more than welcome addition.

    As far as writing goes, I cannot complain. I mean, it's very well written and deals not only with fun and entertaining stuff but also with serious matters like personal growth. The new characters were a great addition to the film.

    The only problem the film has is its runtime. The pacing was way too fast and some parts felt very rushed, resulting on things like lack of depth to some of the new characters, and lack of build up to some major moments.

    Long story short, Toy Story of TERROR is quite a pleasure to watch, but would heavily benefit from a longer cut.
  • Loved this show very much and so did all of my kids. Don't judge it based on the word terror as this is not a scary kids show. Judge it based on the name Toy Story if you must before viewing it. Best way to judge it however is by watching it.

    My question is how can I see it again. Will it air tonight for Halloween? Is it available for Instant Viewing on VUDU, Amazon, or Netflix? Will it be released on Blu-Ray and DVD by itself or will it be released as a special feature short on Monster's University Combo Pack?

    I loved being able to view Tangled Ever After on Amazon Instant Video before it was put on the Cinderella Blu-Ray release.
  • AS A HUGE FAN I MUST SAY!!! THIS IS Great addition to Toy Story Franchise. RUNNING TIME MUST BE LONGER!!! I am just kidding,great job Disney/Pixar. Carl Weathers as Combat Carl makes a great impression. Also Horror themes in the movie make you a little bit scared. Real movie for the whole family. You can watch it with kids.

    Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Joan Cusack, Don Rickles, Wallace Shawn, Timothy Dalton, and Kristen Schaal reprising their roles of Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Mr. Potato Head, Rex, Mr. Pricklepants, and Trixie well done guys... i cant wait the second TV special planned for Spring 2014. Also I must say that Toy Story is the best animated movie in the world ever and ever(Forever).