[from trailer]

Franck Dotzler: If you go down this road, the LAPD, the FBI, the CIA... they're all gonna come for you. They'll find you. And they'll stop you.

Bryan Mills: Good luck.

[Bryan has just shot Stuart, who has confessed to framing him for Lenore's murder]

Bryan Mills: I know you know a lot of people, and with a good lawyer you'll get out of jail in a few years. And then I'll come for you. I'll find you, and we both know what's gonna happen.

Lenore St. John: Why do you have to be so damn honorable?

Bryan Mills: Believe me, right now I wish I weren't.

Franck Dotzler: [Dotzler picks up his cell phone] Dotzler.

Bryan Mills: By now, I'm sure you know who I am. You know what I'm capable of.

Franck Dotzler: I am beginning to. Let me ask you something, just so I'm clear. CIA operative? Division 6? Division 7? What?

Bryan Mills: All you have to know is I'm innocent. Give me two days, I can prove it. I can find out who did it.

Franck Dotzler: You may very well be innocent, Mr. Mills. But that's the court's job to decide, it's not mine. My job is to bring you in and let the law take its course, that's it.

Bryan Mills: Good luck.

[hangs up]

Officer Bernard: This is gonna end bad for you.

Bryan Mills: Don't be such a pessimist.

[drives off in his cop car]

Lenore St. John: I have the worst taste in men!

Bryan Mills: Thanks.

Lenore St. John: Oh, no. No, not you. Oh, God, I'm sorry.

Bryan Mills: It's okay.

Lenore St. John: Do you know what I fantasize about?

Bryan Mills: I'm afraid to ask.

Lenore St. John: Us.

Bryan Mills: Yeah?

Lenore St. John: And right after the guilt comes roaring in and I feel like such a shit... Does it make a bad person being married to one man, fantasizing about another?

Bryan Mills: Confused, maybe. Bad? No.

Lenore St. John: You must think I'm crazy.

Bryan Mills: If you are, Lennie, you're not the only one.

Jimy: Every single day, she goes to the same exact store, right off campus, every morning before class and gets the same peach yogurt drink.

Kim Mills: Stop.

Jimy: The fourth one from the back. Not the fifth one, not the third one, right? The fourth one, you know, will stay cold, but not too cold. That way, when she's drinking it as a snack in between classes...

Bryan Mills: It's still cold. I know I would do exactly the same thing.

Kim Mills: Yeah, the OCD gene.

Kim Mills: What? My mom is dead because of one of your shitty business deals?

Stuart St. John: No, no, no. Kim, that's not what happened.

Kim Mills: I knew it! Let me go! It's his fault! He killed her! He killed her!

Bryan Mills: We need him... We need him.

Oleg Malankov: We are fucked by the same man.

Bryan Mills: What are you talking about?

Oleg Malankov: Stuart St. John. First, he gets me to kill your wife, then you. And when that doesn't work, he pushes you to kill me, no? Either way, he wins. Your wife... was just part of a business deal, like many before her. It is my turn to lose the game. Finish me! Finish me. I deserve it.

Bryan Mills: Yes... You do.

[last lines]

Kim Mills: If it's a girl, we'd like to name her after mom.

Bryan Mills: She'd like that very much, Kim.

Clerk Toy Store: No matter how old they are, my friend, they will always be our baby.

Bryan Mills: Ain't that true? Come on, big guy.

[carrying out giant stuffed panda]

Stuart St. John: I'd like to help.

Casey: Ah, you're gonna help all right. Like bait helps to catch a shark.

Oleg Malankov: Hello, my friend. It's Malankov. I came to your office to collect my money. What a disappointment to see it's not here. But I am leaving you something here in return. As a reminder.

[shoots a man in the safe]

Oleg Malankov: I cannot wait any longer. My best to the family.

Lenore St. John: [Mills picks up cell phone] How did it go?

Bryan Mills: Great. Fantastic. Couldn't have gone better.

Lenore St. John: The panda was not a hit, I take it.

Bryan Mills: Careful what you say. He's sitting right next to me. When did she grow up, Lenore?

Lenore St. John: I know. It goes so fast. All of it. Where are you?

Bryan Mills: Just going home. Make a little dinner. If you'd like to join us.

Lenore St. John: Us?

Bryan Mills: Me and the panda.

Lenore St. John: I'll... I'll take a rain check on that, if that's okay with you... and the panda?

Bryan Mills: That's fine by us. I'll see you.

Lenore St. John: See you.

[hangs up]

Bryan Mills: [to the panda] I know what you're thinking. Keep it to yourself.

Bryan Mills: You wanna know what I think?

Kim Mills: Yeah.

Bryan Mills: I mean, it's a lot of work. It's a lot of responsibility. With your lifestyle the way it is at the moment, with college. With a puppy you have to be there all the time and feed it, walk it.

Kim Mills: Yeah.

Bryan Mills: It's no different than having a kid.

Bryan Mills: [on phone call to Kim] I have something to tell you.

Kim Mills: Dad? Dad, what's wrong?

Bryan Mills: Something terrible has happened. And I want you to hear it from me first. Your mom... she's dead. Someone murdered her in my apartment. It looks like I did it. I don't know why. I don't know who. But I'm going to find out. Listen carefully, Kim. No matter what anyone says, don't trust them.

Kim Mills: No.

Bryan Mills: You hear? I'll find a way to contact you.

Kim Mills: But Dad...

Bryan Mills: Try to be strong.

Kim Mills: Dad?

Bryan Mills: I love you.

Kim Mills: Wait.

[Mills hangs up]

Bryan Mills: All your problems solved. All your worries over. But it didn't quite work out that way.

Stuart St. John: [hears the police coming and starts laughing] Oh, listen, Bryan. They're coming. You can't kill me now.

Bryan Mills: Oh, yeah?

Kim Mills: Dad.

Bryan Mills: I know you know a lot of people... and with a good lawyer, you'll get out of jail in a few years. And then I'll come for you. I'll find you. And we both know what's gonna happen.

Bernie: You want me to put a tail on him?

Franck Dotzler: No, it's a waste of time. They always fumble them. These guys could lose a tail if it was attached to a dog. We're done.

Stuart St. John: Please, don't hate me. I'm not responsible for what happened.

Kim Mills: I don't hate you, Stuart. But for the last two years, every time I looked into my mom's eyes the only thing I saw was hurt and sadness. And for that, I do hold you responsible.

Stuart St. John: So, what's the plan?

Bryan Mills: The plan is to make sure my daughter is safe. And the only way to do that, so it seems... is to eliminate the thing that will make her unsafe.

Stuart St. John: Malankov.

Casey: Good one, Stuart.

Stuart St. John: I'd like to help.

Casey: You're gonna help, alright. Like bait helps to catch a shark.

Franck Dotzler: Dotzler.

Cop Brooks: I found out something you might wanna know. Matching insurance policies on St. John and his wife. $12 million... each. How about that?

Franck Dotzler: I need you to step back and allow me to handle this. I got it.

Bryan Mills: What's your first priority here, Inspector?

Franck Dotzler: To arrest St. John and charge him with your ex-wife's murder.

Bryan Mills: My first priority is my daughter.

Garcia: Excuse me. Have you seen this woman?

Waitress Rancho Cafe: You fellas should get more coordinated.

Smith: Coordinated? What do you mean? Like, color-coordinated?

Waitress Rancho Cafe: No, like, one of your guys was just in here asking the same thing.

Maxim: You know, if you stand in a field with a book of matches, you can have hundreds of rabbits in seconds like this. You know how?