Jimmy Stratford was going to be named Jimmy Jones, but then Dallin and Jaren realized "Jimmy Jones" or Jim Jones was the name of the founder of the Peoples Temple, who started a mass suicide of 914 members in Jonestown, Guyana. The character's last name was quickly changed to "Stratford".

The first part of the film on YouTube running time is 10:20. Coincidentally, the original release date of the film was October 20, 2009 (10/20).

Based on an improv story Dallin Earl made up on a drive from Sausalito to Lafayette, California where a kid with a lisp dresses as a Pokemon trainer for Halloween and gets beat up by a bully.

Was going to be produced in episodes, but the idea was bagged (hence the TV show-like opener)

The psychiatrist scenes were completely improv. Travis Neal (Dr. Phil) first found things around the room (a pencil, sunglasses, and a TV remote) to use as "analysis" tests.