Dennis Kucinich: GMO - Organisms in which the genetic material DNA has been altered in a way that does not occur naturally. 2 basic types of GMOS: Pesticide producers and Herbicide Resisters. PP kills insects like Monsanto's BT Corn, a gene from a naturally occurring bacteria is inserted into the DNA of corn. The modified corn releases a toxin that kills insects. Herbicide Resisters are immune to weed killer, like round up ready. The herbicide is inserted into the plant DNA to make it resistant to round up. The very beginnings of agriculture started 10,000 years ago. Around 900AD, the chinese started using arsenic sulfides in their planting. In 1945, 200 million pounds of pesticides were used. By 2000, it was 5.1 billion pounds of pesticides. Now over 500 species of bugs are resistant to pesticides. After 30 years of side by side comparisons b/n organic and chemical agriculture, the rod ale farming systems trial proved that organic yields match conventional yields. Organic corn yields were 31% higher than convention in years of drought. Conventional systems emit nearly 40% more greenhouse gases per pound of crop produces that the organic systems. Organic fields increase groundwater recharge and reduce runoff. 60 countries require the labeling of GMOS, and we can't even get 1 single state due to Monsanto. 6 million people in California voted for prop 37 to label GMOs but the industry paid 45 million dollars to make sure it wouldn't pass. in 1992 under heavy pressure from the biotech industry, the FDA declared that GMOs were generally recognized as safe. GRASS. There's something extremely wrong when the government becomes captive to a single industry and pushes non-renewal, debt creating seeds that destroy bio diversity. The biotech industry spent $547.5 million lobbying congress from 1999-2009. Over 300 former congressional and White House Staff members are now employed by Biotech firms as lobbyists. Gates Foundation purchases 500,000 Monsanto Shares, Monsanto and Walmart team up to feel GMO sweet corn. Wikileaks cables reveal state dept. promoting GMOs abroad. 2 Studies point to common pesticide as a culprit in declining bee colonies. On India's farms, plague of suicide and they're citing Monsanto. US Discovery of rogue GMO wheat raises concerns over controls. GMOs are a form of slavery.