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  • This is everything that adventure time can't be. While continuing Pendleton Ward's odd lingo and vibe it is peppered with a perfect dose of nostalgic references that you aren't going to get unless you've been wonderfully cultured or you're over 25. The show follows a collection of space adventurers, children of a previous vol-tron meets justice league sort of team left to try and not mess up the galaxy as much as possible. Each episode is a self contained story though the characters develop slightly amongst the shorts, adding a light and easy to approach continuity. Especially with each episode being wrapped up in a 5-10 minute length that leaves you begging for more it provides and amazing laugh without spoiling itself or become unnecessary. I look forward to getting my you-tube subscription update every Thursday letting me know that a new episode is out and ready to enjoy.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    At first, I thought "Bravest Warriors" was just going to be a rehash of the "Adventure Time" formula in a different setting, but while but while both series have many obvious similarities, at the same time "Bravest Warriors" has its enough virtues to be enjoyable on its own way: The characters are likable, the stories are totally crazy and random but entertaining to watch, with some occasional hints of seriousness among all the wackiness, allowing a proper development of the plot and the personalities of the protagonists.

    Personally, I liked a lot the art style of this series. The designs are simple but also, cute and appealing, displaying a high level of imagination and creativity, a quality which sadly seems missing in many television cartoons from the recent years. That's why I'm thankful for the existence of Cartoon Hangover, which besides of this series has brought us "Bee and Puppycat" and "Doctor Lollipop", two animations with a great potential to become future cult classics of the web.

    By the way, my favorite character is Catbug. He is simply adorable!

  • I've re-watched this show so many times! It's great for kids but has a lot of humor in it for adults too. I just wish there were more episodes or longer. I love it so much that i've got the comics on reserve at my local shop.

    The only thing I recommend though, is if you are to watch this show. Each episode makes more sense if you watch them in order. It maybe a cartoon, but it has a lot of hidden jokes and bigger story that has been growing along with each episode.

    It has a similar feel as Adventure Time, which I also love... but I've started to enjoy this show just as much if not more.
  • This show is so awesome, any who enjoyed the randomness of shows like SpongeBob Squarepants and Adventure Time will love this. Animation is crisp and has great scripting and story lining. No flaws whatsoever. Bravest warriors follows the story of 4 teenagers who go around the galaxy helping people much like Finn and Jake in Adventure Time. They go on many random adventures and have amazing characters such as Catbug, Impossibear and The Emotion Lord. This show is recommended to anyone who enjoys great laughs while being appropriate for younger viewers although the TV show would debatably be recommended for an older audience to appreciate some of the humour.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This series is fantastic! all my friends were talking about "Adventure Time", which is a great show, but I always liked sci-fi more. I quickly looked up Pendleton Ward's shows, and Bravest Warriors showed up. I was curious about it, and I decided to give it a try. It was incredible. Well, if you don't count Episodes 1 and 5 I went into Episode 1 Disappointed. I felt it was trying too hard to be edgy. I decided to watch the rest of the series, and I was impressed.

    The characters are better than Adventure time's characters. they all seemed to have some past to them. The main characters are very relatable.

    Overall, 10/10
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Bravest Warriors was a concept that originally derived from a 7-minute animated short in Nicktoons' Random! Cartoons – a series that also established Pendleton Ward's other show, Adventure Time. I never truly got into Adventure Time, but would occasionally watch episodes that I felt were the funniest and simply because I loved Ward's quirky, but simple art style. Given the two of them, I would say I probably prefer the concept of Bravest Warriors, but that comes as a personal preference. The original short was a lot more child-like in nature and was (at least to me) reminiscent to the toons of the '90s and early- 2000s, which is why I seemed to enjoy it the most. When I initially heard that a new animated webseries of this short was to be launched, I was more or less ecstatic.

    The first episode started out rough, though the story wrapped up cleverly. The minor vulgarity jokes in this episode felt out of place and generally unneeded, but afterwards, the show started to pick up more as it began to focus less on that aspect and more on the characters themselves. The humor, as well, improved and instead of the "forced" vibe I sort of got from a few of the jokes in the first episode (which I also felt was an attempt at being "edgy"), I found myself genuinely laughing at the clever bits in the episodes that followed.

    The hand-drawn animation is superb for a webseries – considering a majority of internet animations are done in Flash – and succeeds in creating a show that is on-par with what can be found on actual television. The character designs are more dynamic than in the original short. I felt that the stories didn't always end perfectly and felt too abrupt, but this is excusable, since the episodes usually only run for about 5-6 minutes. I feel this is targeted more at a teenage/adult demographic, but I also feel that children aren't completely exempt.

    Overall, this would likely appeal to fans of Adventure Time – as it shares similarities in both plot and humor – but I find that it was taken in a slightly different direction, especially considering the creators have more personal freedom than they would in a television studio. I really enjoy watching the episodes when I find the time and I am interested in seeing where the series will be taken. While it does have its flaws, I would say it's worth a watch.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    When I first saw bravest warriors I thought, "uuuuugh an adventure time ripoff, get some originality guys", but one Wikipedia search later I had found that the. Series was created by Pendleton ward, the creator of adventure time. Adventure time'a humor was already great but when it's put into a 5-6 minute format like this there's no breathing room. It's just well timed joke, after well thought out joke, after quirky, yet funny visual gag. I always loved Pen's art style but when watching adventure time I usually found that the budget given for the animation of the show never allowed for any truly impressive looking bits of animation (apart from food chain, a glitch is a glitch, and the 3d backgrounds in some recent episodes, but those don't really count because they were either done by guest animators or CG) but that's what sets bravest warriors visuals apart from that of adventure time's, BW's short running time and non attachment to a television allow there to be some truly stunning bits of animation contained within. Also, the fact that invader zim's creator, Jhonen Vasquez is a writer for the show is always a plus in my book. I'd like whoever is reading this review to disregard the illegitimate criticisms of those who gave this show a '1' and just enjoy my current favorite web-series.