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  • leighanngraham29 November 2018
    I can honestly say this was one of the worst movies I've ever watched and I'm actually mad at myself for watching the whole thing. First of all, what kind of high school reunion is this?! Second of all, besides for the fact they sing a couple of Christmas songs and have snowflakes hanging up it has nothing to do with Christmas. Thirdly, the acting is horribly painful to watch. Also, why is it when they flashback to highschool does everyone look exactly the same even tho it's 10 years in the past?! I can't even with this movie....0/10
  • I have never spent an entire movie wondering WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE MAIN CHARACTER? She's creepy, a stalker, obsessed, delusional, desperate, insane, awkward, neurotic, and just sad. Why are you introducing yourself to the guy you dated all through high school? Why is this reunion never ending? It's Romy and Michelle meets Mean Girls meets THE WORST/STUPIEST Movie You've Ever Seen... I don't want her happy in the end bc SHES CRAZY!! Jonathan's character deserves better, not some girl obsessed with an ex that lives with his parents. On top of all that, she can't sing. Do NOT watch this trash. Also the flashback are HORRIBLE, you can try to make the cast look slightly younger or have different hair styles 10 yrs in the past. Ugh!! I really hated this movie.
  • This is a very predictable and often used plot for a Romantic movie. This movie has NOTHING to do with Christmas. On Netflix this is titled "Christmas Crush". Don't fall for it.
  • NikkiBay829 November 2013
    Rachel Boston (who plays Georgia Hunt) is usually a breath of fresh air in her low budget films. However, in this movie she felt the need to be 'cute' by giggling and laughing after every statement she made. I wanted to punch her.

    Georgia's old high school clique, as well as her ex high school sweetheart, are still stuck in the high school mentality/stereotypes. Her three girlfriends are mean, jealous, back-stabbing bullies. Her high school ex is still the dumb, aloof jock, who doesn't know Georgia's name and calls her "Sport" instead.

    Then there's her old high school best friend, Ben. It would have been nice if his character had been developed, considering he was the only other character to have grown up and out of acting like a teenager. But all we know about him is that he is a starving artist. Nothing more.

    Let's not forget about the musical numbers, which was the only reason this movie has the word "Holiday" in the title. Apparently singing about Christmas trees makes this movie a Christmas movie?? Were those numbers really necessary? I sat through the first one, which dragged on forever, and then had to fast forward through the next three. They were awful. If you want to watch a 'Mean Girls' made-for-TV remake with D-list celebrities, this is the movie for you. Oh, and it had nothing to do with Christmas as it was misrepresented by the title.

    The reason I didn't give the movie a 1/10 is because I was able to sit through the whole thing without turning it off.
  • There aren't words to describe how terrible this movie is. In every way. On every level. I can't.
  • Georgia (Rachel Boston) attends her ten year high school reunion where she clashes with an old rival, falls back in love with her high school beau, and reunites with her best friend Ben (Jonathan Bennett), who has always been in love with her. I give made-for-TV movies a lot of leeway. I don't expect great things from them. Even more so if they are Christmas themed. This is a schmaltzy, cheesy, predictable movie. But that's not why I dislike it.

    I dislike it for a few reasons. First, the characters are incredibly immature. None of them act like grown-ups. They all act like they're still stuck in high school. Considering "what have I done with my life since high school" is a recurring theme in the movie you would think it would be addressed at some point. Perhaps some characters coming to conclusions about how little they've grown up. But no, they're all just juvenile throughout the entire thing from beginning to end. Second reason I dislike it is you have wasted and unnecessary characters. The wasted would be Marilu Henner and Harry Hamlin. Henner's role as the mom is very small and she really adds nothing to the plot. Hamlin is there as comic relief. Both actors are given next to nothing good to do, although they both outshine their younger costars in the personality department by miles. The unnecessary would be characters like Ben's stalker or Georgia's dad, who appears in one scene just to be a jerk to his daughter and is never heard from again. I felt like that subplot needed some closure. The stalker seemed to be there just to let us know Ben actually does date and isn't the pathetic loser he seems to be, pining away ten years later for a girl who acts like he has no penis.

    Which leads to the biggest problem with the movie: the romance. That's what we all watch something like this for right? Well the romance fell flat for me as Georgia spends the entire movie fawning over some douchebag jock while walking all over her best friend, who is obviously in love with her. Georgia's inevitable revelation about who she really loves comes in the most insincere and forced way possible. I was left with the feeling that Georgia was settling for Ben. The way Rachel Boston portrays Georgia seemingly in heat over the ex while acting completely unattracted to Ben left me cold. There is nothing that gives me any indication that she is as sexually attracted to her friend as she is to the douchebag jock. The writing is partly to blame but really the chemistry between the actors is nonexistent. Even at the very end there's still something stiff about them. This is very poorly handled material, even for TV. I mean this is cookie cutter assembly line stuff you know? If you mess this up, you really suck.
  • jazzystylinson13 December 2017
    Horrible and awkward acting, plus a predictable and weak plot.
  • jswitty29 November 2018
    I can't say much because it's disgusting me right now to watch this but yes this is the worst Christmas movie I've seen. Impossible to root for the main character and the screenwriter and script writers should both be ashamed of themselves. I won't say anything bad about the acting because they were working with what they were given. Not their fault.

    So overall rating is a 0. Do not watch.
  • hannahstrother30 November 2018
    This movie is offensive to women everywhere! Why the writer made all the women in this movie idiots who are too stupid to find love on their own I don't know. This movie set feminism back 50 years! I feel like the writer was like, "what if mean girls had a high school reunion?" and then this movie was born. Seriously, everyone in this movie acts like they're still in high school despite being 28/29 years old. The dialog was cringy, I don't think the writer knew how people interacted in real life. Don't waste your time with this movie, I'm convinced you will literally lose brain cells!
  • There is really nothing good about this movie besides the attractive cast.

    The writing is juvenile, active is terrible, the plot is very shallow and predictable, even the soundtrack is just awful.

    As a play or a parody this movie can work, although not extreme enough to be considered a parody.

    Even though all of the characters are 30 years old, they behave as if they are still in high school, they also didn't even bother to make the cast look any different in the flashback scenes, which made the entire thing very confusing since their adult self behave the same as their your counterparts.
  • mirose216 December 2018
    I kept watching this movie until the end, hoping that there would be something about it that would make it worth watching. I should have saved my time. Even Georgia's rendition of "Oh Holy Night" left much to be desired. This song absolutely sparks with a soprano!!!

    Don't waste your time!
  • Yvette-boutin11 December 2018
    Couldn't even finish watching it. The main character is insufferable.
  • Jackbv12326 November 2019
    Rachel Boston is one of my favorite actresses. In watching this movie, and remembering a couple of others years back, I realized that much of my appreciation for Boston is based on her more recent romantic and Christmas movies like you find on Hallmark and 2018 on Lifetime. If this were the first movie I ever saw her in I might never have watched another.

    My first impression of Georgia is Loser. (I was tempted to write Loser in all caps, but I know that's a no-no.) Absolutely everything she does and what happens to her in the first half or so of the movie is textbook Loser. And she just keeps on reinforcing that impression.

    One reviewer says this movie is an insult to women and I agree. All the female characters except Beverly are extremely shallow, narcissistic and even mean. This movie could not be made in 2018 or 2019. Hopefully never again.

    I suspect and hope that much of this movie is satire. That means that normal standards for acting and character behavior can't be applied. The evaluation has to shift to how funny it is and whether the satire hits its target. I didn't find the movie funny, but I've never been a fan of satire. Likewise, I feel unqualified to judge whether it hit it's target.

    Hope springs at almost exactly the halfway point of the movie where Georgia and Ben are in the music room, but that is soon crushed by Georgia's stupidity reinforcing her Loser title and things are up and down until the end.

    Toward the end, Georgia's mother and Georgia try to make it out like Georgia is on the high road, but her behavior to that point certainly doesn't support that. It really fell flat. The Georgia of the last part of the movie is not the same person as the first half or more and that is far more than her just having an epiphany.

    There are several musical numbers including both song and dance. Boston (I'll assume that's her and not voice over) does a credible job, at least on one number, but O Holy Night was not a good choice for her ability. It wasn't bad, but I just don't think she did the song justice.
  • irene-young610 December 2013
    I saw this movie for the first time this year and I loved it! Georgia was sweet and lovable. Her smile made me want to smile, her trials and tribulations were comical but anyone could also sympathize. Predictable and sweet and something that you can let your young people watch without worrying about anything seriously inappropriate. It is so nice to watch a movie and walk away at the end of it feeling uplifted. The flashbacks made me laugh. I wish I went to that high school. Most of the songs were lovely and Georgia sings like and angel. Made me want to sing and dance with her. Loved it, will watch it again and if I can find it I will buy it for my own collection.
  • This movie is probably the WORST Christmas movie I've ever seen and I've seen Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. The basic story-line combines a Christmas theme with a 10 year high school reunion. Rachel Boston as Georgia Hunt, our heroine is an assistant at a fashion house rather than the designer she's told her old class-mates. In high school she was voted most likely to succeed, was head cheerleader and an award winning soloist in the Glee Club. She broke up with her football player boyfriend at the prom because she though he was cheating on her. All through high school her best buddy was an arty guy who clearly had a crush on her that she was too oblivious to realize.

    The nerdy high school guy still has his crush and she's still just as oblivious. The writing of this drek was so bad that I was continually cringing in embarrassment for the actors. Particularly poor Harry Hamlin. There are four musical numbers that are so painful to watch that I wasn't able to make it through any of them without fast forwarding. Jonathan Bennett plays Ben Oliver, and he made his scenes watchable but if it weren't for him I'd have given up on the film 30 minutes in.

    To add insult to injury, the NetFlix version of this movie appears to have had some song substitutions, Most likely as an economy measure. It was kinda weird in the final scene where smitten guy is dancing with popular girl, to be hearing Auld Lang Syne while seeing the lyrics of Israel "Iz" Ka'ano'i Kamakawiwo'Ole's medley of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and "What a Wonderful World" on screen.
  • I just created an account so that I can give my honest review for this title. Loved the actors, every single one of them did an amazing job, the music was spot on as well. The high school vibe throughout the movie was perfectly executed and overall I enjoyed it a lot.
  • Rachel Boston and Jonathan Bennett sing beautifully this movie Lifetime is outdoing themselves this holiday season. Beating out both 365,1365,366,1366 Hallmark stations. Thank you lifetime
  • shannonf-7093310 December 2019
    This movie is straight trash. I don't even know how a this movie producer could watch this back and we're done here! Cringe! Everything about it was horrendous, the acting, the plot, the singing and dancing omg. Don't waste 2 hours of your life on this and it definitely wasn't a Christmas movie. This is also coming from someone who loves a good cheesy Hallmark Movie! Barf
  • Thankfully I watched it without commercials. However, with commercials there would have been something worthwhile to see.

    It is the worst thing I have seen. Makes similar High School reunion movies seem like academy award winners.
  • No it's not perfect, but there is so much positive and fun about this movie! Music, friends, family & Christmas!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Think Grease 2 and how much you love to hate it. This could easily be a cult classic of Lifetime movies....although the list could be quite long, this one would be at the top. The choreography to "Peace on Earth good will to men" is a lot of headrolls and hip rolls....because the birth of Christ apparently makes some people feel sexy. It's a very silly movie...I would recommend watching with that one friend you laugh at everything with...Also...I give the 10 star reviews here 10 stars for creativity. Bravo!
  • klinn-545263 December 2016
    This was the most inspirational movie I have ever seen. It inspired in so many different and truly brought out the Christmas spirit in me! All of the songs were beautifully composed. I wish there was a CD for this movie because I would listen to it nonstop! This is my new favorite Christmas movie. It will be a classic for years to come.

    Besides Christmas, this was a terribly romantic movie. The main character's journey to find true love is intense and powerful. The viewer is pulled in and really feels everything that Georgia does. The plot twist in the end had me crying tears of joy. I believe in true love again!!

    This is must see movie for everyone on earth. It will change your life and make you believe in the good in the world. But don't take my word for it, be sure to watch it so your life can be changed like mine was!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie is a RIOT! Do you like Pretty in Pink, A Cinderella Story, Mean Girls, Sybil, United States of Tara, Romy and Michele's HS Reunion and 20 minute musical numbers? This movie gave us everything we wanted: romance, drama, scandal, mystery. It was so raw that the main character's name was Jordan at first but then magically turned to Georgia a third into the movie. Kind of like the movie title, because you will mostly find this in the US under "A Christmas Crush."

    Ready to take a trip down memory lane? Well get prepared, because 75% of this movie is a flashback. This is where you learn not only is Georgia maybe struggling to make it on her own as fashion designer in LA, but might be struggling with a bit of dissociative fugue or some type of mental health problem.

    The movie starts out (after a too avant-garde modeling shoot) with "Georgia" on the phone talking to her mom who tried to hook her up with her hot cousin Robert who she thought was adopted, so I guess they made out or something. Once you get out of the shock of that, you will open your eyes to see Ms. Georgia is back in her hometown for Christmas when she learns of her 10 year reunion. She was voted most likely to succeed and head of the cheerleading squad for Preston HS and an (all soprano quartet?) glee club.

    Her old best friends, Tory, Katie and the only sweet one, Heather, come in and really throw things out of whack. I understand that Tory is the villain in this movie and she actually does suck, but can you really blame her? She gets suspicious when Georgia starts telling all of these lies and zoning out to smile for no reason about ANOTHER flashback. Tory is trying to sabotage Georgia and her quest to get back with her ex, Craig. However, Georgia is a pathological liar, so is Tory really that unreasonable? Whatever reason, Ben (old male bff, obviously in the closet) is super forgiving, but I think he's suspicious of Georgia too.

    Georgia has this really weird creepy thing about this ex-boyfriend and she packs a picture frame with them together to cuddle with at night back at home. I think he and Tory was the trigger for her PTSD you later learn. Her best friend Ben (Aaron Samuels from Mean Girls) is the only regular character you will like, except for Craig's hot best friend who loves Heather. Georgia is friend zoning Ben pretty hard and he's like UGH F ME plz, just get over that loser Craig and love me.

    You will meet Georgia's disappointed father for three minutes and never hear of see from him again. He is a good 95% his daughter is truly an idiot and we can't really blame him.

    Once you get to the high school, the movie setting will never change. They are just running in and out of this high school. You will see Georgia's dress get dirtier and dirtier throughout the movie. I think it's supposed to be metaphorical for her coming out of a facade and truly being yourself. Craig throws a football into the punch bowl and immediately ruins the dress, she steals a long cardigan out of a locker, forgives Craig for ruining her dress, rolls around in the football field screwing her dress up even more. She also teepees the principal's office (despite that it might not be the same principal they remember) and you almost for get these people are nearly 30. It really brings the child out of you.

    The musical numbers though. Georgia messes most of them up, but also get nice and comfortable. You will be serenaded for at least 15 minutes through the FIVE WILD musical breaks they have prepared. You can tell these actresses are vocally trained and definitely were born to dance. These were just absolutely jaw-dropping, show-stopping performances, especially Georgia's mental breakdown cheer/hip-hop performance at the end.

    Trying to wrap this up in case there are character limits. By the end of the movie you will really hate Georgia, but feel inspired to get your head checked out, understand that Tory really does suck, but still is kind of reasonable for thinking Georgia sucks. Ben, Heather and weird ex-bf bff's are the only ones you will like. Craig is a total tool AND DOESN'T EVEN REMEMBER DATING GEORGIA FOR 15 MINUTES before "falling in love with her again" and ending up terrible. Her mother is just as weird, definitely on benzos (apple doesn't fall too far from the tree). Katie, the other best friend sexually harasses their old teacher until he gives into her. She makes the teacher at one moment tell her the formulas in the Periodic Table and she sits there and orgasms over it. I wish I could go into more detail for when you meet Ben's INSANE intern, Brooke, but that's something you need to experience for yourself.

    They really outdid themselves. Please get on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Instant Video and fully get engaged to this movie. You will not regret it.
  • cheevers-6381221 December 2018
    The season I've watched a multitude of Christmas movies as I was recovering from surgery and forced to be in front of the TV for weeks. This has to go down as one of the worst Christmas movies that I have ever seen. And the only reason I didn't turn it off was because I was watching on my iPad while I was trying to wrap presents. Talk about juvenile, I can't even imagine what the movie producers were thinking putting any money into this movie and I like the stars, it was sad,don't waste your time.
  • Bad but not in a way that you can laugh about it, just bad.

    Predictable, awkward script, bad cliche characters, unnecessary musical numbers that were too long and didn't sound good, not even a Christmas movie.
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