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  • This film follows a very innovative narrative scheme. Its author (Jonathan Fernandez) chose to make destiny play the main role instead than suspense: doing nothing to hide how the story will end he let the audience taste how does it feel to live without worrying about your fate.

    The result is a somehow less exciting but a far more gentle movie compared to average crime films. There is no blood in this movie, no fear, (almost) no violence and (almost) none gets killed. And godfather's very last message to his grandson is that what really matters in life is love.

    An interesting movie. People expecting the common mob movie could be somehow disappointed.
  • Trolling through iTunes I came across Rob the Mob (2014) and decided to give it a go. Directed by Raymond De Felitta, Rob the Mob is a film about doing just that, robbing the mob. Starring Michael Pitt and Nina Arianda as Tommy and Rosie, a couple who make their living by holding up shops, florists and basically anywhere that has cash in the register. Then one day, after a stint in jail, Tommy comes up with an idea, why not rob the mob. In his eyes they are just a bunch of old men sitting around with no guns and lots of money. Plus who are they going to call, the cops? Not likely, it's the perfect crime.

    The tone of the film was something which attracted me from the trailer, dark humour taking the form of the bickering between the couple about trivial matters while Tommy is holding an Uzi and about to hold up the mafia. The obvious comparison would be to Bonnie and Clyde, as they are the nicknames given to them by the press. But I related it more to True Romance (1993), a love-struck couple doing what they need to in order to make a life for themselves and getting in deeper than they intended with some bad people.

    The film's charm was an unexpected pleasure, not only did I care about Tommy and Rosie and rooting for their success but we are treated to an inside look at the leader of that mafia family, his past and what he is going through. I found myself actually caring for his story and what would happen to his family when the inevitable happens and what his grandson would think of him when he grows up.

    The humour played a huge part in the film, making light of the mafia, this age old organisation feared by many and believed by some to not even exist. It is clear that the director of the film has no love for the mob, making them look foolish, being undone by two kids with a gun while their family members are ratting on each other to save their own skin. This is something not often done in filmmaking, mocking such a serious crime syndicate, but Raymond did it and I was glad he did, it was hilarious.

    Ray Romano played the part of Jerry Cardozo, a journalist covering the mob case in the court and the unlikely friend of Tommy and Rosie. Ray played the part well, the underpaid and cynical journalist who became an unlikely friend to the kids, helping them gain nationwide recognition. I haven't seen Ray in while and it was good to see him back on the screen. He is a likable actor and I hope to see him more in the future.

    The standout performance was of course courtesy of Michael Pitt who you might know better as Jimmy from Boardwalk Empire. Michael, admittedly playing a similar role to his television series character, played an erratic and driven man fuelled by his passion for his girlfriend and his intent on reaping revenge for his father who was a constant victim of the mob.

    Overall this film was thoroughly enjoyable for a random find. I had not heard anything about this film before stumbling across it but I am certainly glad I did. It provided some great laughs, likable characters and lovely direction techniques, particularly the end sequence. To top it off it was based on a true story which always helps bring that sense of realism to the film and makes the story even more impressive.
  • "Kid, you know where the f*ck you are? Yeah, I'm at 140 Union Avenue. I got the address right, right? Yeah, that's it. That's the address."

    What a terrific movie. A film I've watched in amazement and where I was wondering all the time how for God's sake it could be possible that this has occurred in reality in New York in the 90s. Don't expect to see a gangster epos or something as similar as "The Godfather", simply because it's about the mafia. It's rather amusing at times, it's honest and it's, strange but true, extremely funny in a goofy way. I laughed out loud several times about the madcap situations Tommy and Rosie found themselves in (the first hold-up cracked me up).

    This sympathetic, but not so clever and very naive, couple ensured that the Italian mafia didn't know what to do when someone suddenly started holding up clubs where members of the mafia gathered. First you see Tommy and Rosie as real crack addicts, committing a robbery at a florist. After their imprisonment (and apparently sobered) they decided to stay on the straight path and started to work for a collection agency that's run by someone who wasn't afraid to do illegal stuff himself in the past and who practiced the motto that everyone deserves a second chance in life. Until Tommy and Rosie realize that they are underpaid and supporting themselves will become very difficult. That's when Tommy comes up with the insane idea to rob the mafia. During the trial of mobster John Gotti, he diligently wrote down addresses of those famous clubs. And one additional benefit is that weapons are out of the question there ("Guns and wise-guys is a bad mix"). The idea to rob them is indeed brilliant because nobody gives a damn about that. Not the public opinion and certainly not the authorities. And the last thing the mafia will do is to contact the police to file a complaint against some unknown persons.

    "Rob the Mob" is not a mafia movie par excellence with liquidations and bloody reprisals, opponents that are buried in concrete somewhere or an omertà being broken. Ultimately, the role of the mafia in this film is reduced to that of a bunch of retired veterans, only left with their reputation and subsequently two young people make them look foolish. The whole focus is on this touchingly couple in love. The way Michael Pitt and Nina Arianda give shape to these characters, is simply magnificent. Tommy is the gullibility itself and you can see him evolve from clumsy to recklessly. His motivation for these actions is fueled by what this intimidating gang did wrong to his father in the past (which is seen frequently during flashbacks). Rosie is a lovely girl that follows Tommy without hesitation in this reckless adventure. She looks so disarmingly innocent with an engaging big laugh that camouflages her intellectual deficiencies. Arianda's acting is fascinating. The two main characters complement each other perfectly and act very natural. Pitt apparently has a sense for quality films. I saw him shine in the movie "I Origins", which I thought was also an impressive film.

    Besides the two main characters, a series of famous film stars appear in it, giving it the right atmosphere. There's Andy Garcia (Terry Benedict in Ocean's Eleven, Twelve and Thirteen) as the illustrious godfather "Big Al" from the Vazallo family. Complete with an impressive gray beard which makes him look more like a grandfather enjoying his old age. Ray "Everybody loves Raymond" Romano shows up as the columnist who plunges into the improbable story of "Bonnie and Clyde" after Rosie called him, to his surprise, to point out there's a flaw in his previous article. Griffin Dune plays the amusing role of Dave Lovell, the enthusiastic owner of the collection agency (delightful part). And the mafia members all played in some mafia-related film in the past. Michael "The Sopranos" Rispoli, Yul "American Gangster" Vazquez, Burt "Once upon a time in America" ​​Young (a 75-year-old bloke that can still throw in a solid punch), Joseph "The Sopranos" Gannascoli, John "Mob Queen" Tormey, Garry "The Sopranos" Pastore, Santo "The Sopranos" Fazio, Vincent "The Family" Riviezzo. They all ensured that the authentic feeling of an Italian mafia-family is convincing. I only missed a collective feast while all eating a homemade spaghetti with meatballs in tomato sauce made by an authentic Italian mama.

    This surely is a must-see movie if you like a casual and clownish film. After "The Godfather" episodes there still have been successful and less successful attempts to portray organized crime. The best description I read found on the website "The Playlist": "De Felitta takes a true story that occurred in the early '90s, adds two energized leads, a pinch of bearded Andy Garcia and a screenplay that goes down like cold ice-tea on a hot summer day to cook up a nice little homage to the good ol' days.". But for those who know the real story of Thomas and Rosemarie Uva, it certainly won't be a surprising ending.

    More reviews here :
  • After watching a run of really terrible movies (Monuments Men, I Frankenstein, Invasion Day) I was desperate for a good movie....well I found it! Not just a good movie, but a great one. I was not holding out much luck from the hopeless title of Rob The Mob, but 5 minutes in and I was sold. Nina Arianda as 'Rosie' absolutely steals this movie, and is a joy to watch, her facial expressions are hilarious, and really draw you in to liking the character, in fact every performance in this movie is good, and whoever put the cast together deserves a 'well done' for a brilliant ensemble troop of players. If i have one slight criticism then it is that the Mob are about as threatening as a box of kittens! They are depicted as a bunch of fat guys sitting around playing cards and making rice balls, but the guy at the back of the club who seems to know where everybody is, made me laugh out loud. This movie deserves to be up there with some of the greats of the mobster movies. There is also a great soundtrack.
  • Based on a true story this movie will capture your heart and interest as the two lead characters convince themselves they have found the path to easy street.

    Michael Pitt and Nina Arianda are perfect as the lovers Tommy Uva & Rosie. They struggle & plot and cause a New York sensation with their Rob the Mob plan.

    This is a delicious story that will keep you on the edge because at any moment a violent act could explode. Thanks to director Raymond De Felitta the story steers clear of gratuitous violence and concentrates on each character and their role in the Gotti trials and the quest to find out just who is doing these robberies.

    This movie is one you will talk about!!
  • "They're criminals so they aren't gonna call the cops and the cops ain't gonna care if we rip off some wise guys." Tommy Uva (Pitt) has just been released from prison and wants to start a new a better life with his girlfriend. When the jobs they get don't pay nearly enough Tommy comes up with an idea to get rich quick. After going to the trial for mobster John Gotti he hears of an address and decides to rob a mafia social club. This idea becomes more dangerous when they find out who is is, but when Tommy finds "the list" things become worse then he imagined. I'll start be saying that I love mafia movies so I was excited about this one. The fact that this is a true story made me that much more excited. I was not disappointed. The movie does start off a little slow but is a movie that you should keep watching because it is very worth it. You are forced to pick who is the bad guy, the robbers, the mob, or the FBI. On one hand it's hard to root for a robber, but when he robs the "bad guys" it doesn't seem so bad. Andy Garcia as the head of the family is pretty likable so you can't totally feel that Tommy and his girl are doing the right thing. To me the fact that all the lines of right and wrong are blurred makes this that much more fun and enjoyable to watch. I would not put this in the same category as Donnie Brasco or any Scorsese movies but this is very much worth seeing and you will not be disappointed. I liked it. Overall, a very good true story/mob movie that is well worth your time. I give it a B+.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A kid grows up in NYC with memories of The Mob roughing up his dad, likely being the very reason his dad was murdered. The kid has a penchant for trouble early eventually landing in prison…And, now, only, a short while out of the joint, that chip won't go away,, plus, straightening up ain't exactly making the ends meet. In a nutshell, this is the story for Tomas Uva, who, along with his girlfriend , Rose Marie De Toma, became a huge embarrassment as well as the ultimate Achilles heel cinching the bringing down of The Mob.

    There's nothing spectacularly creative about the story here…Excepting it's a pretty spectacular story which actually happened yet most of us, outside of NYC, never heard of. A true story told almost as straightforward as Hollywood can tell anything true which is to say: "sure, it's romanticized, but in a quite palatable way". Michael Pitt (Jimmy in Boardwalk Empire) is a fantastic screen presence here. He's very much like a fully formed, yet still hungry, Leonardo DeCaprio which is to say excellent playing the volatile, yet highly charismatic Tommy Uva . Add the other half of the couple, Rosie, is played to real NYC perfection by Nina Arianda. Arianda, given the right roles and opportunity is beyond magnetic. For the rest of the cast, as truly great as this creme De la creme gathering is, they have to pedal hard to keep up with Pitt and Arianda ( and, they do in equal marvelous fashion).

    The fact this is a true story defies all conventional beliefs about The Mob's armor plated invincibility. The real meat of the story is how the blind naiveté of a small time kid with criminal tendencies can decimate the entire hierarchy of that famed Sicilian institution, even doing so in an almost comic fashion. Like all organized crime, even if you cut off the head and most of the body there's always those who remain ready to step up. There's the problem and the viewer just knows this really might go on for a short time, but there will be a reckoning to be dealt with. In spite of this predictability It's an entertaining ride with the gore pretty much parked at the door. It simply is a very solid movie that works and isn't in any way "another mob movie". Rob The Mob has a real heart front and center of which Pitt and Arianda are to be commended for. See this one as it is very good.
  • It's 1991 NYC. Rosie (Nina Arianda) and Tommy Uva (Michael Pitt) are small time stick up armed robbers. They get caught robbing a florist. After 18 months, Rosie is working at debt collecting. He gets released from jail and she gets him a job at the agency. Tommy comes up with an idea to rob mafia social clubs which doesn't allow guns inside and everybody has lots of cash. He has issues with the mob getting rough with his father. Mob boss Big Al (Andy García) doesn't want to kill them with all the heat. Then they hit a joint that is being monitored by FBI Agent Frank Hurd (Frank Whaley).

    This is a quirky little Bonnie and Clyde story. The acting is pretty good and the story is sort of interesting. The main thing missing is some intensity. Raymond De Felitta doesn't have the intense directing style. He's more of a quirky family drama guy. The couple has a few fun moments. The rest of the movie needs to be either much more funny or much more intense. Part of the problem is the lack of energetic music. This movie should have lots of fun period music. It could be a hilarious comedy or a dark intense period piece. This isn't much of either.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Only the fact that it was a true story enabled me to sit through the endless make-out scenes between 2 of the weakest characters around. I never felt any connection with either of them. In fact, although anyone could figure out what the ending was (dire), it was even hard to work up any sympathy. Maybe I missed the part that explained the reasoning behind doing something so idiotic, other than seeing his dad get beat for non- payment of a debt? If you think you'd enjoy watching 2 adults taunt an alligator or tiger, go ahead...get comfy & prepare to be enthralled.

    Also, who was responsible for Big Al's appearance? he seemed more like a Rabbi than the top dog of the Mafia. I kept waiting for him to start singing "If I were a rich man" and start dancing the Hora.
  • asc853 August 2014
    Warning: Spoilers
    This film is by no means Oscar material, but it is very entertaining, and I'm surprised that it was barely released out to theaters before going onto DVD. If this wasn't based on a true story, it would be unbelievable, but since this did really happen in 1992 (I'm sure there are embellishments in the film, of course), it really is an amazing story. I didn't care much for Michael Pitt as one of the robbers, but his girlfriend/fiancée, played my Nina Arianda does a great job. Also excellent in supporting roles are Griffin Dunne, Andy Garcia, and shockingly, Ray Romano as a newspaper columnist. This film is very "New York" in style, attitude, and accent, so maybe that was a turnoff to some people. But not to me.
  • Troubled young man (Michael Pitt) with nothing going for him except love from his phenomenally loyal girlfriend (Nina Arianda), decides to do something insane,steal from the mob and be some kind of modern Robin Hood. The problem is that he does this for his and his girls well-being. For the money and long stored grudge against the mob.

    I liked this movie because of loyalty and uncommon love between not so perfect people, for reminding the people of weight that the phrase "for better or worse" brings with itself. P.S. Both main actors is maybe the thing that made this movie so great for me.

    Maybe my standards are low but this movie made my night exceptional.
  • Any movie that can make mishandling an Uzi with a touchy trigger seem almost cute can't be all bad, right? And the based-on-a-true story gangster drama "Rob the Mob" is certainly not a bad flick. The likes of Andy Garcia, Michael Pitt, Burt Young and Ray Romano pretty much guard against that.

    I found myself laughing, wincing and damn near shedding a tear while watching this oddball odyssey about a young couple who get rich from, and revenge against, those who have it coming. And all the while giving little thought to the reality that there may well be hell to pay for sticking it up the wazoos of some chillingly bad wise guys.

    The media didn't christen these crazy kids "Bonnie & Clyde" for nuttin', pal.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie starts off with these two degenerate losers who I did not think I was going to be able to watch much past the first 5 minutes, let alone the whole movie. Then it just seems to happen very naturally and I am won over by Rose-Marrie (Rossie) then I think only because she is so funny, and so much more real than I had expected it became easy to care for Tommy as well. Great casting, including (and he looks really good and clean) Ray Romano as a jaded Mob reporter tired of writing about the same thing, who falls for the kids as hard as you will, and I did. I mentioned real, and that is a feeling you get from all of the characters, even though these same faces have played these exact same people a thousand time (could even be because of that fact) every thing feels real. With one glaring exception the city looks fine, and they show great news clips, also the use of new cars, and other things make it feel more authentic, just that one thing for me is that they all have such perfect teeth, but like Chum-Lee once you get past that it seems to be very authentic. I really Enjoyed this movie which I had come into with no information, and would recommend it to any fan of mob movies, or the great romances of history of which this may be one, but really this is an everyone movie that gives a wonderful snapshot of that time in our world, and some behind the scenes to what was really going on.

    Jesse of
  • Warning: Spoilers
    If I've got this right, Rob The Mob was marketed as a comedy. Even the title seems to be something of a giveaway. Well, although there are some funny moments, the story of a dumb young couple who really don't seem to have much of a clue about anything and end up paying for their stupidity with their lives, is no comedy. But that is no criticism.

    Almost every aspect of this film, even the score it uses, is just a little more subtle than at first seems to be the case. The mobsters - the Mafia we can now call them although for years they denied there was any such group - are not caricatured in any way, the FBI is shown doing a serious job, and the tabloid reporter whose beat is covering the Mob takes his job very seriously. None of them is dumb, not even the gangsters who are incredulous when one half of the young couple enters on of their 'social clubs' and robs them. Only the couple are dumb, dumber than even they might think.

    There are some quite poignant scenes in the film - when the dumb chap tries to give his mother and brother some of his ill-gotten gains to make amends for having let them down so often over the years and neither wants to take it you realise, especially after seeing the mother's bitter reaction that this could never be a comedy. This is most certainly not our standard gangster movie.

    This film came out in 2014 yet there are only 26 or so user reviews, so I'm assuming it didn't make much of an impact. And that's a shame because it's well worth the ride.

    Yes, you'll get laughs, but don't expect a comedy, just a small insight into the behaviour of some people, some of whom you would never want to cross. If you get the chance to catch this, do so. You won't regret it.
  • boblipton6 April 2014
    When a small time stick-up man attends John Gotti's trial he finds out that everyone goes unarmed at the Mafia social clubs. He and his girl friend start stealing from the mob.

    Raymond De Felitta tackles a daunting task in his handling of Jonathan Fernandez's script. None of the characters is the least bit appealing at the beginning of the movie. The leads are selfish and stupid, Ray Romano's reporter is just in it for the story and Andy Garcia's crime boss seems a murderous enigma. Yet by the end of the movie, they are all sympathetic characters caught up a mess they have no control over.

    A kind word should also be offered to Chris Norr for his fine cinematography. The street scenes, mostly shot in northern Queens, are hideous yet illuminating.
  • Review: This movie had a great concept which was badly executed by the director. If the storyline wasn't based on a true story, I would have said that it was far fetched because the director made it out to be a comedy more than a serious crime story. Basically the story is about a small time crook who lives with his girlfriend and they are finding it hard to make ends meet. After visiting the courtroom during Gotti's trial, Tommy hears that the mob don't like carrying guns so be comes up with the smart idea to rob them. Stupid but true! I couldn't believe that Tommy didn't wear a face mask or try and lay low so he didn't get caught. Anyway, the concept had all the makings for a great movie, but the actors that were playing the leads were a bad choice by the director. During one of the robberies, Tommy gets his hands on a list which contains all of the names and connections in the mob. That alone could have made a great movie but the director made a right mess of it. The only reason why I'm glad that I watched the movie was because I learnt about the list and the stupidity of this couple who should have moved miles away, after robbing so much money from the mob. Disappointing!

    Round-Up: It was good to see Andy Garcia back on the big screen, playing his usual mafia boss type role but he really was wasted in this movie. The guy who plays the main character, Michael Pitt, who looks very similar to Robert Pattinson, really wasn't the best choice for this role because he seemed like a over excited teenager who didn't have the brains or capability to pull of such a big job, time and time again. His annoying girlfriend also seemed a bit ditzy and annoying which is why I didn't real feel or care about the main characters. All the the characters who played the mob, were great but we have seen them play those type of roles before. Personally, I blame the director for not taking such a great concept seriously like Scorsese or Coppola would have.

    Budget: N/A Worldwide Gross: $200,000

    I recommend this movie to people who are into their gangstar/comedies about a couple who rob the mob after hearing that they don't like carrying guns. 3/10
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Hi Guys, I just finished watching this outstanding Movie & I felt that it was so good that I had to leave a comment that will, hopefully inspire others to watch it. One of the main things that I look for when I am watching a movie is "Do I Believe That What Is Happening In Front Of Me Feels Real", and that depends on the Script, The Acting, The Directing, The Casting, The Camera Work etc..etc...etc.., All coming together just right to re-create a story that we will be worthy of Watching. The acting in particular in this movie, is in my opinion Outstanding, particularly the 2 lead roles, played by Michael Pitt And Nina Arianda. That alone made it Feel Truly Real, please watch it because It Is "Well Worth A Watch" ..... All The Best From Captainwest !!!

    PS: I was unsure about the Spoiler aspect so I ticked the box anyway, just to be sure .. LOL
  • Based on the true story which resembles 'Bonnie and Clyde'. That's what everyone says and expressing their displeasure over this movie. But it's nothing wrong with a movie to inspire from the true event even it is similar to other stories. In this movie they gave right credit mentioning the notorious criminals couple Bonnie and Clyde. But the reason I went for it is the director of 'City Island' expecting something similar feast and it did not upset me. I absolutely enjoyed it.

    A couple who rob shops for a living come clean after spending few years in a correctional facility. Still, they are together and working hard, but not enough earn to pay bills. Meanwhile, the famous ongoing trial of a criminal gang that rocked the States attracts them. So they plan to rob the mob and it stunts both the end, mobs and the cops. Soon the couple becomes the target and how the story resolve is the rest which explained effectively.

    ''Guns and wiseguys is a bad mix.

    There's no doubt, this movie is fine, but the only disadvantage is that if you have already saw 'Bonnie and Clyde' then this would interest you less. Both the stories are completely different, but by the couple it is comparable. The lead couples were very good, especially Nina Adrianda and I think I saw best of her. Andy Garcia's show was missing. Being a powerful underworld kingpin, his character won't stand up to the standards of the title. When 'Bonnie and Clyde' meets 'Goodfellas', this is not what we anticipated, instead a crucial clash. In the end, I think it stood true to the real story, that is what all matters. I still feel it is a nice flick to give a try if you like the gangster theme.

  • mboyd198628 April 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    Current rating 6.3.

    Final rating should be 3.6 What person says to another who is wearing a mask and holding a loaded weapon: "If I ever find you, I'm going to kill you".

    What possibly could the guy with the gun do. Let's think about this... he could run away and let the guy who threatened to kill him find him and kill him or, oh yes, he could simply shoot him dead right there and then. That is what he should have done. But, oh no, he doesn't otherwise the story - and the film would probably end right there.

    So he runs away to his car. The fact that the stupid hero couldn't then get into his own car and his girlfriend took off in reverse gear just adds to the complete stupidity of this film.

    Don't waste your time on it. Garbage.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    An interesting take on the NY Mafia genre!

    Better than most anything coming out of Hollyweird. I can't quite get the flower symbolism though. Besides flower shops being a constant meme, they've changed Joseph "Big Joey" Massino's name to "Big Al" Fiorello...which means "little flower". That's a lot of flowers refs!

    A bit of license taken with the story. Tommy wasn't very attractive and the ultimate "greaser" so I doubt he'd call anyone that. Rosie was very non-blonde. They were killed by a Gambino, oddly, and at a street light in Queens, not parked looking at the view. The list was found by the Feds *after* they were shot. No one was indicted until 2005, and then Gambino capo Dominick Pizzonia and soldier Ronald Trucchio were charged with the murders. That's more than dramatic license because the fact that it was the Gambinos, who weren't being robbed, and so publicly when they weren't mafiosi, was all meant to send a message.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Basically, the main guy craps on the mafia. Then the mafia craps on him. After an hour of absolutely nothing. Terrible movie. The drama was dragged out for such a ridiculous amount of time, instead of getting emotionally involved to the characters, I was just getting more and more excited to see them die. The amount of time Tommy and Rosie spent feasting on each others faces made me think they must have run out of useful ideas to fill the story, so instead thought they'd give the audience a little tongue action. I mean, who needs a script when you've got a couple eating each others faces for 45 minutes. Big up my boy Raymond for finally doing something else with his life.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I must say I liked the premise of the film and was intrigued that this was based on a true story. However, this movie failed for me because of a poorly written script. I agree with the reviewer who said the filmmakers really blew it when they didn't pivot the movie on the discovery of "The List."

    My Gripes Are As Follows:

    1) They had way too many make out scenes between Tommy and Rosie; 2) Every scene with the mafioso dragged on with terribly clichéd conversations; 3) Andy Garcia's scenes shouted "I'm in this movie 'cuz I gotta pay for my son's college tuition."; 4) Child actors should be banned from films-- Big Al's (Garcia's) grandson was jaw- droppingly pathetic; 5) Ray Romano has little gravitas as a dramatic actor; 6) I agree with the reviewer who said Andy Garcia looked more like a rabbi than a mob boss. That beard was downright distracting and totally out of character.

    I also agree with the reviewer who said that the film seriously lacked a musical score. Sadly, this has been a trend for many years in the filmmaking industry. There are just very few good musical scores out there.

    Did I mention this film had a lousy script?
  • This movie did not get much screen time and no publicity and so very few people have heard of it. But it is actually a true story. There were these two whack jobs who robbed and humiliated the mafiosi at their recreational clubs. As to be expected, it does not end well for the intrepid pair. How and why anyone would decide to do something as harebrained as hitting on some of the most dangerous felons in the world is a story worth telling and watching.

    The performances were decent. It was evident that everyone involved in this project thought that it was a movie worth their time and effort.

    Pick it up if you want something off beat and different.
  • I like movies based on true stories. It makes it a bit particular to watch. But if this one is really based on true events then they must be the dumbest robbers in history. Or wannabe gangsters with a death wish. Nevertheless the movie is fun to watch. Michael Pitt and Nina Arianda did a very good job playing Tommy and Rosie, the two lunatics robbing the mafia. The movie is simple and easy to follow, with I guess then a storyline based on true events. A bit unbelievable if you ask me but then again nothing can really surprise me anymore. If you like mob stories then you will probably like this movie. I did for sure, wasn't bored for a second.
  • And by saying you're good, you're probably better than any of the characters involved. It's one of those things that "real-life" stories have issues with. It's tough to find anyone sympathetic in this one. Characters seem to be on the wrong side most of the times (at least those shown here).

    While I wasn't familiar of the story itself and there might have been a couple of changes to make it more interesting for the general viewing public, this still has some very tough things to say. And as another reviewer already mentioned, do not think or put this near any Scorsese movies. The actors have a great time and it's nice seeing some of them, even if you could argue some are pigeonholed.
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