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  • As any film with a fantasy reality, the way such a reality is presented to you means a lot. This movie presents almost nothing that we had not seen before and by better actors, which makes it all quite dull in a way. I won't spoil anything you can't read in the plot description, but if you are going to watch this know that: In every minute of this film you will feel deja vu

    A woman is orphaned on a desert planet

    That's literally all you get of an introduction to the reality of which this films take place since now all of a sudden the winners are the underdogs again.. hmm! The Disney girl plays an expressionless half-genius who has all the ability in the world already. Her face doesn't seem like she cares much and since she doesn't, I don't.

    Perhaps I'm being a bit harsh. The film is visually very pretty and there are a few familiar characters along the way, but I unfortunately found myself not caring one bit for anyone or their "coincidences". Everything I saw, everything the characters said, and everything the characters were fighting for, meant nothing to me watching it because it was all to easy and predictable if you had watched Episode IV. The bad guy is also like the neighbourood bully that scares little kids and can't maintain his discipline because everyone has seen his mother spank him or drag him in to eat his dinner greens. This movie is clearly made for the investors and not for fans of the original stuff - as it is an insult to those that haven't. If not an insult, then just pure failure from the director who ignores/doesn't know so many storytelling aspects that today counts as "basic" in order to lay the ground work for a decent movie.
  • I watched a video on Vimeo that mocked and ridiculed this film so I borrowed the DVD from the library to see if it is that bad. It was completely true. This film is utter shambles. I cannot understand why the sequels are all universally bad and yet they keep making them. The question one supposes is why do people keep watching them. Do people have so much extra time on their hands? I am going back to my policy of not watching sequels. They are terrible.Compare this film to A New hope. The cast and crew should be ashamed of themselves. For instance, there is a guy who bought a darth vader mask at the toy store and he keeps forgetting he needs to be masked and takes it off. WOW
  • This film was released as a result of a $1 bet between Disney CEO 'douche hungry for money' Iger and his groupie and corporate sycophant Kathleen 'bitter honey who does anything for money' Kennedy. The bet went like this: I bet you $1 we can make a copy/paste script of a film, put the name Star Wars on it, hire a huckster of a director and have the world's worse actors (he he are we calling those even actors) and still make a billion dollars. Hey you are on.
  • Rip Off/Unoriginal: check

    Sequel/Prequel/Remake/Universe/Reboot: check

    Forced/Mandatory Jokes/One-liners: check

    Disney Princess: check

    Said Disney Princess Of 21St Century Must Be Ugly: Check

    Said Disney Princess of 21st Century Must Hide Her Body To Hide Unattractiveness And Be Western-Taliban: Check

    Merchandise/Chinese Imports/Rides/Tie-Ins To Follow Because Why Make A Movie To Make A Movie/Art/Entertainment?? : Check

    Forced Chinese Person Inserted To Satisfy China Marketing & Accounting Teams: Check

    Script Delivered/Proof-Read By Accounting Crack Team: Check

    Script Test Marketed Through Consumer Panels: Check

    Paying So-Called Critics To Give Standard-Issue 5/5 and 4/4 and 10/10 to All Of The Above: Check
  • In Episode VI Han was a general and a victor. The rebellion had won and the galaxy was restored to the good, to justice and hope. Enter Episode VII: Han is a smuggler again who is hiding and being chased by a couple of thugs and the rebellion has not won and is a gang of vagabond fighters hiding on a remote planet. That does not make sense and JJ Abrams and Disney are just too ignorant. Way too ignorant. Bonus: a death star with the same inherent flaw and a message in a robot by someone who doesn't want to be found, but left a map!?!? Ha!?!?
  • Jack Ho31 May 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    This was some of the best stuff I have seen on my home moving screen. Thank you Jar Jar Abrams for your cover version! Thank you Disney for keeping share holders happy! Thank you cinema chain for keeping your styrofoam,er I mean popcorn, suppliers happy! Thank you George for selling this stuff to the conglomerate so Wall Street/Bay Street can deliver deep humanistic stuff like 'quarterly dividends' and 'profitability' and 'outlook for EPS' and other cool stuff is right on the money. The fans love ya (and who cares for the force stuff).

    This triumphant success proves once again that with the talents of someone like Jar jar the world does not need stupid stuff like training for the force or to become a Jedi or for Han Solo to not magically come across his old ship in the vastness of the universe. It is with genius like this that Jar Jar does not need to have tight friends to get a job. he gets assignments based on the talent (which I described above)
  • This film sucks. If your boss JJ had spent 1/10th of the effort he spends being a Hollywood ho spamming the ratings here and wheeling and dealing Hollywood style to sell tickets and con people than learning how to make films or reading books to gain some imagination this film would be much better. As it is, it is a typical JJ Abrams product so 1/10. What happens when Kathleen Kennedy gets fired from Di$$$ney (because you can only fool so may people for so long) and JJ loses his sugar mamma? Everyone knows the douche is a ho. My advice to you: find a new job instead of upvoting this rubbish as a form of spam before Bad robot goes the way of Type writer. Everyone else, avoid this very stupid reboot.
  • WOW! this film was the best. I swear. It delivered on originality, creativity and shareholder dividend. All hail capitalism. The system of the gods. Funny thing some losers are complaining. Someone should ask these losers if having Leia and her band being rebels bad how come you (I checked) rated Star Wars Episode IV so highly? Aha! Gotcha, didn't I? Anyway, whoever came up with this film is a genius.
  • We have a scrap dealer who can fly a spaceship (while she didn't even have a guardian to teach her how to brush her teeth, let alone....), we have an old rusty spaceship that can still fly perfectly sitting there for her to pilot better than the last master into the stars (btw she is a scrap dealer, but they let the said spaceship to sit there waiting), we have a sewage scrubber who is deployed on the vanguard of a raiding party (environment laws were quite liberal regarding empire sorties a long long time ago) and then we have a temper tantrum cosplay boy who drops his mask everything the girls don't respond to him.

    Jar Jar Abrams' ex-wife needed the money I guess. Thanks Disney for contributing.
  • Apparently there is a market out there for reheated crap that is made from non-fresh ingredients. This market is worth $1 billion and capitalists and hos like Kathleen Kennedy and sell-outs like Hamill are in for the moneeey.

    Mullah rules the land and Jar Jar Abrams is there to deliver (i.e. destroy as he did Star Trek). Now how do you spell art, creativity, imagination or grandeur?? Who cares, where is the money I have an ex-wife to feed.
  • We know from Yoda and The Jedi Academy that there is an age limit and much training is required for one to attain the Jedi arts and become a practitioner. What does JJ Abrams do? He brings in a magical Disney princess who shows her middle finger to Yoda and the Jedi council. Then this said actress (I use the word very very very loosely) is throwing a temper tantrum in real life that the fans are not head over heels in love with her.

    May I ask Disney Princess Mary Sue and her bf JJ
  • csm-556524 July 2018
    Now that Di$ney and Jar Jar Abrams made a billion on this the lesson they learned is that copying older films is the way to go. How many more remakes do you think Di4ney will push now?? A hundred, two hundred? A million? Di$ney was already the master of money stealing, sucker trapping remakes with all the Hunchbacks and Robin Hoods they have released. Now that this remake worked JJ Abrams will be hired to hide another ten plans in ten robots and introduce so many death stars with the exact same flaw!!! PS: Next time get a hot girl in a microskirt. At least, that is something to look forward to if we have to put up with the gender switch
  • JJ Abrams ak.a. Mr Rip off is famed for his lack of talent and here he takes it to new lows. For a better film watch The Force Awakens is The Worst Move Ever. JJ must have no shame
  • Look in the real world what do you do when someone is dead? You bury the person or cremate them. You don't play cards with them or serve them dinner or take them to the friends' house.

    Star Wars is dead (but we respect and cherish the old films, memories and legacy) and Jar Jar and his corporate raider buddies are still dragging around its corpse. Admit it, without ideas, vision or respect for Star Wars and its universe it is just a corpse.

    It's done for and people who enable these corporate money traders by attending the showings are killing it for the universe.

    I do want to say that the actors are not to blame. They are poor and untalented, but hey they need to put food on the table so I get it.
  • I have nothing else to add except shame on you if you go see anymore of these Di$ney films (or anything by JJ Abrams).
  • As a woman I am embarrassed that every time they want to insert a woman hero into a movie it has to be so forced and so bogus. It's like we cannot have a woman who can act, can look good or be evolved. The acting in this movie is terrible and amateurish, but actually looks good compared to the greedy slithering money hunger of JJ Abrams and Disney. This would be the worst movie of the decade if someone had not already produced Noah and Ghostbusters 2016.

    The only positive thing about The Force Dies A Boring Death is it will help me save $15 on tickets when the next forced sequel comes out. Respect yourself and boycott that crap.

    JJ, shame on you. Money is not everything in this world.
  • I am so glad I borrowed this DVD from the library for free and didn't pay to watch it at the cinema or pay for a disc. i would have been so angry at myself for wasting money. Yet, I wasted my time.

    Firstly, the number of people who paid and paid and paid just to see a movie with 'Star' in the title is shocking. This film is so boring and unhip. The acting is atrocious. The actors and actresses have a sheepish look on their faces that says 'I will try to look serious, but deep inside I know I am not good and neither is this film.' Moreover, this film has too many one liners. What is with all the jokes that fall so flat?

    Secondly, Star Wars ended Episode VI with a victory for the good guys. How is it that some hitherto unknown new empire has all the power and equipment again? Er, is this the galaxy's biggest continuity gap?

    thirdly, there is a saying that you cannot con all the people all the time. It seems the saying is wrong. Next year (or is this year?) they will send another Star Wars to the cinema, which will be as uncool as this and reanimate the old actors with digitization and everyone will rush to see it.

    No wonder people are getting fatter and fatter yet the drive-through line at McDonalds is as long as ever.
  • Reading the critical response to this galaxy-sized turkey, and all the great to stellar reviews it received, we understand why the media is now as untrusted by the population as the press release of a large corporation boasting about their great products. It is all lies and paid for and everyone knows it. Movie attendees may feel as if they were the victims of a Jihad. On the one hand, the 1977 film Star Wars was a masterpiece on the other Episode VII is a naked cash grab that could have been making fun of the Star Wars phenomenon.

    JJ, Disney and the media prostitutes should jump off a cliff. This is not Star Wars because I will forever love Star Wars.
  • He is a copycat with no original or interesting bone in his body or anywhere near him. Seriously. He messed up Star Wars, but is it him or is he just a studio instrument who acts like it's him and it's Disney? This film was boring, has no majesty, nothing new and the directing was obvious.
  • We should have known this film will be a trick and swindle as soon as Disney handed it to the remake/reboot hack specialist JJ Abrams. He has since garnered the nickname Jar Jar Abrams, but it should have been clear that in lieu of making a new (sequel) Star Wars film with imagination and creativity our Jar Jar here will work on a calculated script to make money money money Star Wars its universe and lore be damned. The remake is The Force Awakens. It takes the Star Wars plot and lore and infantalizes it with the very chic and hip (sarcasm) girl power and Disney brass like the much hated Kathleen 'ho for the money' Kennedy watch the cash wad fly. Bad (quite awful) 'actors', a story ripped off from the original, but without depth and the aforementioned commercial director make this film a signal to the movie going public to just move on.
  • Disney has money. Disney has lots of money. Why didn't they hire a good director and good actors? Why do they bring inferior amateurs to film and play in Star Wars? Could someone explain this to me? Also, whya re they remaking and yet calling it a new episode. It is so confusing that the rebels won and now they are rebels again. Could someone tell me?
  • He s a genius and even if he is not as the member and son of the tribe he deserves to be given his fair share of projects to produce and direct. Is it his fault that the bad guys (anti-semites) rebuild a death star with the same fault and design defect as the original ones? No. Is it his fault that the new empire is flying by yet another desert planet? No. Is it his fault that the new military leader of the empire is an emo wanna-be with severe emotional turbulence and a groupie of the old jihadi darth? No. Is it his fault that good help is hard to find and the stormtroopers can't hit a Bergruutfa from a meter away? No.

    Are any of these reason enough to deny our eydlkayt his fill of work orders? No. And even if they were so what? We have to take care of him. You think he ruined Star Trek with non canon, time-line destroying tripe and Super 8 was a meaningless, inexplicable piece of nonsense and yet he got handed the reins for Star Wars by Talmudic Disney? Doesn't matter... keep enjoying the series, the books, merch, offshoots, sequels, prequels, TV series, rides and theme parks and don't forget to order popcorn.
  • I fell in love with my girlfriend's brother as a result of this film. We are so happy together now. Thanks for remaking A New Hope but substituting a Mary Sue for the hero!! Thank-you!!!!
  • The reboot of Star Wars by remake expert JJ Abrams rightly earnt him the nickname Jar Jar Abrams (because even George Lucas is not innocent in all of this having cashed in to the Disney nasty corporate remake empire). Yet, the biggest problem lies with capitalism and the need to constantly trick people out of their money with products that are low on quality and huge in marketing, quality be darned.

    People, wake up and smell the roses outside in the real world. It is far more enjoyable than paying for these corporate products by goofs like Jar Jar and his treasury bosses.

    PS: Next time get a pretty girl to run around in your movies. At least, that is something.
  • I do not have a hard time placing this film. On one side it's so typically hollywoodish - it's a super-production with Star Wars-related content that would make it probably to many Fan film festivals. It's very conventional in its Sunday morning TV message and the morality tale that it tells is quite conventional, and of course, we know the end of the story, either because we have watched Star Wars or because we have seen enough films from Hollywood or for both reasons. On the other side it's a film by JJ Abrams, so there is a dose of mainstream story-telling and inexplicable plot developments in its characters. The special effects are 100% created for the movie and uninspired.

    So it's the story of Episode IV without any twists.

    What makes it worse are elements of fan fiction in the story telling, distracted (but not awful) acting from Leia, Rey and others and the computer-generated special effects which succeed to create a level of thrill to a story. Did we need this story and episode? At this level of amateurishness the answer is no.
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