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  • JJ Abrams has as many original ideas in his so-called brain as Donald trump has good economic or political ideas. terrible, really. The fact that they hired him to reboot Star Wars explains what the intention was. no new ideas, just make money on the cheap i.e. cheap actors paid as little as possible because they are not worth a cent and the script lifted from the old episodes. Can't think of much redeeming in the new Star Wars. The rebels that had won and restored the republic are now rebels again. Explanation? The same as the orphan ho who flies spaceships but is so poor she needs to steal scraps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Disney has money. Disney has lots of money. Why didn't they hire a good director and good actors? Why do they bring inferior amateurs to film and play in Star Wars? Could someone explain this to me? Also, whya re they remaking and yet calling it a new episode. It is so confusing that the rebels won and now they are rebels again. Could someone tell me?
  • And millions of people are parked with their fat SUVs and trucks at the drive-thru poisoning themselves and their children!! Similarly, this film made a billion dollars. Enough said. people are stupid and Disney and Mr Jar Jar Rip Off will gladly take their money and stuff them.
  • She hired Jar Jar, right?

    Shame Disney!

    From 2015 the dark side of the force is winning! Not worth a single star!
  • Could somebody tell me how someone who has no ideas in life (outside making dough) be a film director? I mean this guy is just a copycat. How can they give him Star Wars? Is money everything?
  • qjs-1221725 November 2016
    He works hard for the money, sooo hard for the money, he works hard for the moneeey and still can't get it right!!!!! (all rights to copyright holder Donna Summers)

    This thing is so bad that they would not even admit that it is a remake. They presented as a new episode. Yes, another orphan on a desert planet with a sewage scrubbing clone soldier who is nothing like his progenitor and is wondering (like us) why he was sent on a raid when there were sewers to clean up back wherever he came from (he was already mixed up looking at photos of his ancestor who looks nothing like him, imagine how confused he is now.. so confused that he rebels against his boss)...

    And just to make this money sucking abomination so 2015 cool make our black and female (anyone watched Ghostbusters 2016)? Nothing against women or blacks mind you love them all but JJ Abrams go do some community service you are so predictable and untalented. Thanks for ruining Star Wars.

    Thanks to JJ Disney Star Wars is now as unhip and uncool as a Donald Drumpf cold sore STD mouth-to-mouth kiss
  • JJ Abrams ak.a. Mr Rip off is famed for his lack of talent and here he takes it to new lows. For a better film watch The Force Awakens is The Worst Move Ever. JJ must have no shame
  • Reading the critical response to this galaxy-sized turkey, and all the great to stellar reviews it received, we understand why the media is now as untrusted by the population as the press release of a large corporation boasting about their great products. It is all lies and paid for and everyone knows it. Movie attendees may feel as if they were the victims of a Jihad. On the one hand, the 1977 film Star Wars was a masterpiece on the other Episode VII is a naked cash grab that could have been making fun of the Star Wars phenomenon.

    JJ, Disney and the media prostitutes should jump off a cliff. This is not Star Wars because I will forever love Star Wars.
  • Why bother with this pathetic remake if you hate Star Wars? Really, why not remake your usual nonsense or gender switch Donald Duck?
  • I do not have a hard time placing this film. On one side it's so typically hollywoodish - it's a super-production with Star Wars-related content that would make it probably to many Fan film festivals. It's very conventional in its Sunday morning TV message and the morality tale that it tells is quite conventional, and of course, we know the end of the story, either because we have watched Star Wars or because we have seen enough films from Hollywood or for both reasons. On the other side it's a film by JJ Abrams, so there is a dose of mainstream story-telling and inexplicable plot developments in its characters. The special effects are 100% created for the movie and uninspired.

    So it's the story of Episode IV without any twists.

    What makes it worse are elements of fan fiction in the story telling, distracted (but not awful) acting from Leia, Rey and others and the computer-generated special effects which succeed to create a level of thrill to a story. Did we need this story and episode? At this level of amateurishness the answer is no.
  • It is repetitive, reheated and made on a conveyor belt. Additionally, all the fat ugly people are standing in line or are at the drive-thru. All the beautiful and smart people are elsewhere (non-sequeled movies). I hope Disney enjoys the billions it made from stupid people watching the death star with the same flaw as the old models blow up again.
  • We have a scrap dealer who can fly a spaceship (while she didn't even have a guardian to teach her how to brush her teeth, let alone....), we have an old rusty spaceship that can still fly perfectly sitting there for her to pilot better than the last master into the stars (btw she is a scrap dealer, but they let the said spaceship to sit there waiting), we have a sewage scrubber who is deployed on the vanguard of a raiding party (environment laws were quite liberal regarding empire sorties a long long time ago) and then we have a temper tantrum cosplay boy who drops his mask everything the girls don't respond to him.

    Jar Jar Abrams' ex-wife needed the money I guess. Thanks Disney for contributing.
  • Look in the real world what do you do when someone is dead? You bury the person or cremate them. You don't play cards with them or serve them dinner or take them to the friends' house.

    Star Wars is dead (but we respect and cherish the old films, memories and legacy) and Jar Jar and his corporate raider buddies are still dragging around its corpse. Admit it, without ideas, vision or respect for Star Wars and its universe it is just a corpse.

    It's done for and people who enable these corporate money traders by attending the showings are killing it for the universe.

    I do want to say that the actors are not to blame. They are poor and untalented, but hey they need to put food on the table so I get it.
  • liq-1275321 December 2016
    This Jar Jar guy is a total heck with no self respect. How dare he redo the original Star Wars script and call it a new movie or a sequel?? Now let's say the douchebags at Disney ordered him to redo the thing so they can start extracting cash from the pockets of pre-teens who know no better. How does Jar Jar live with himself presenting a film which has done before and he is simply reshooting albeit without the acting, depth, logic or character development??

    Hey, I have a golden new idea. How about we have an orphan, on a scorching hot desert planet, who is not such a bad pilot after all (despite being a poor scavenging orphan!) and make it a girl because this is 2015/2016 and the trend is of female lead characters and shove it out there and watch the mullah roll in? At least, next time make some sense, or watch the original movie you are ripping off closely to understand how this force stuff works or make the female lead attractive by making her lose weight or show some leg. Just Do Something!

    Massive snorefest.

    No respect.

    The Chinese woman is olden, wise and experienced but doesn't know her bar is full of spies and has an open meeting and openly discusses the problems.

    Stop the one liners, wise cracks and constant jokes. Disney, Star Wars isn't Cars or Ice Age or whatever that other crap is you put out. No dignity.

    Never watch another Disney Corporation film again
  • kxs-3875527 November 2016
    I want to add a note about this movie here on IMDb for the record then I want to add a thanks to IMDb to Disney and JJ Abarams the director of the new Disney (first made by Disney corporation).

    The note is that many people are calling JJ Abarams Jar jar. That is absolutely not correct. Jar Jar was lame and stupid, but he meant well. he was well meaning. JJ is not Jar Jar. JJ is a sith who wants to destroy Star Wars the chronicle of the Jedi. he made this trashy film to destroy the legacy of Star Wars and the Jedi. Also, at the end of episode 6 we see the rebels have won and the empire id destroyed, but here empire is back and running the galaxy again. See my point? My thanks goes to JJ and Disney corporation. Thanks for making Star Wars stink to high heavens (also not forget the amateur community theater joke so-called actors Rey and Finn): if episode 7 was good I would have to spend money on sequels and Rogue One and so on. Now I am free of those and will save money not bothering with those follow-ups. Money saver!
  • I should have listened to my friend. This movie was bad indeed. It made me sad. You know it's bad when both girls and boys warn you against it. I also came across the IMDB keywords for The Force Awakens which are actually an accurate description of all that is wrong with the remake. Stay away from this turkey
  • At first, I thought this was the worst movie ever. Of all time. And then I finally got around to watching the Last Jedi. Which makes this one actually seem okay in comparison. It's still the second worst movie I have ever seen. Why is it so bad? It takes everything you love about Star Wars and cheapens it. Also, I can't help compare it to the original EU storyline set in the same time frame. On top of actually making sense, the Legacy of the Force series has one of the most fantastic villains ever devised. Despite this film's main villain having a certain connection to that villain, the main villain of the Force Awakens is a cheap knockoff, reminiscent of everything I hated about Anakin Skywalker in Attack of the Clones, only without the good stuff. We introduce a lot of new characters, but the only one I remotely care about is the new droid that, as he should, hero worships R2-D2. In short, only watch this if you want to destroy your childhood. As for its sequel, that will tear apart whatever remaining shreds of it you have left.
  • The Force Awakens is a rip off film that really gets back to copying the adventure of the original films.

    This new cover version of the Star Wars saga really takes you back to that galaxy far far away. It sees the return of some familiar faces that really reminds you why you liked the originals and don't this one, but it also brings in a few losers like John Boyega, Daisy Ridley and Oscar Isaac all play their roles very robotically knowing they are redoing someone else's role.

    The main homeboy Kylo Ren played by Adam Driver is also a lowlight, and he manages to be the emo teen you love to hate that we have been looking to beat up since grade school.

    The clone way in which the movie was made really helps set the wrong tone to make it a scam of the original trilogy, which I think is embarrassing, abundant green screen and phony characters and a big focus on story copying, deja vu sets and unimaginative costumes.

    BB-8 the new droid on the block, is very likable and a worthy substitute for R2-D2. (Although given the actors and story what would not look good in comparison?) The only thing I feel that would have saved this trash heap of a movie down would be if the girl wore a mini skirt or had good looks or something - which she does not - so the cloned plot is not helped.

    Boring snoozefest meant to pickpocket the stupid
  • Apparently there is a market out there for reheated crap that is made from non-fresh ingredients. This market is worth $1 billion and capitalists and hos like Kathleen Kennedy and sell-outs like Hamill are in for the moneeey.

    Mullah rules the land and Jar Jar Abrams is there to deliver (i.e. destroy as he did Star Trek). Now how do you spell art, creativity, imagination or grandeur?? Who cares, where is the money I have an ex-wife to feed.
  • There are a dozen reviews and YouTube videos that go over it. They should be obvious to anyone who has watched this remake. If you have not watched it please stay away. Jar Jar Abrams is now known as Mr. Rip off and for good reason.
  • readers, where do I start? This boring, unimaginative spoof rip off clone of the original Star Wars proves that humanity is ready for Donald Trump. I mean this is the definitive proof that humanity is retarded and stupid and so easily conned. A billion dollar in sales and master hack and money hag JJ Abrams and Disney are laughing it up in disbelief that the computer-generated copy script sold so many tickets. You and I would be embarrassed by this disgrace and commit suicide or disband our company and hope with some plastic surgery people would never remember or recognize us, but instead there is more of this rubbish coming and why not? I mean, humanity is in decline.

    Not only was the script and so-called directing pathetic and nonsense supreme, but also the acting my goodness (or as the accountants at Disney and JJ would say oy vey) was so bad that I can find high school students who could walk onto the set and show more depth.

    If I had directed and conceived The Force Awakens I would never get laid again. Unfortunately, some women have no self respect and work only for the money so now that JJ and Disney have made a billion they can go on getting some, but still there is the matter of self respect I mentioned earlier.
  • csm-556524 July 2018
    Now that Di$ney and Jar Jar Abrams made a billion on this the lesson they learned is that copying older films is the way to go. How many more remakes do you think Di4ney will push now?? A hundred, two hundred? A million? Di$ney was already the master of money stealing, sucker trapping remakes with all the Hunchbacks and Robin Hoods they have released. Now that this remake worked JJ Abrams will be hired to hide another ten plans in ten robots and introduce so many death stars with the exact same flaw!!! PS: Next time get a hot girl in a microskirt. At least, that is something to look forward to if we have to put up with the gender switch
  • a vapid and uninspired exercise in funneling cash from me to Hollywood, Abrams and the synagogue this was the new template for making money. take someone else's work and reshoot with minor variations and call it a new episode. Lucas cashed in and sold out and sadly does not care anymore. The old actors were also desperate for cash so sold out and showed up. The reviewers and media also dared not be honest and were blinded by cash. It is up to us to at least learn from our mistakes and deny episode 8 the success to send a message to Disneywood that we are not losers.How by boycotting the next 12 episodes, offshoots, producer and this terrible director.
  • I have nothing else to add except shame on you if you go see anymore of these Di$ney films (or anything by JJ Abrams).
  • All the critics and professional reviewers loved this movie and gave it great reviews, but now that I watch this film it is a rip off of the original and much much much better film. Yes it copies and traces the lines of the original 1977 classic. Desert planet, cute robot and all without the good acting or directing of course.

    From a marketing perspective it is brilliant. Those knock off Apple Stores in China get shut down and do not last. How did this film make cash and get in the Top 250 of IMDb? More payola?

    Disney and the director must be ashamed and retired forever. I would boycott them from this day. But do not forget the professional payola writers who like anything they are told to like shame.
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