• qrd-7085715 February 2018
    Here is a joke:
    JJ Abrams!

    This huckster is the shining example of all that is wrong with Hollywood.

    Zero talent, zero entertainment value, zero creativity and definitely no artistic integrity. Actually if he ever reads this interview he will laugh out loud. He thinks all these concepts are dated. All he cares about is cash and remaking and rebooting. No wonder he is either called Mr Rip off or Jar Jar Abrams.

    He and Disney fit one another.

    RIP Star Wars.
  • Nick Carr17 September 2016
    Cover version
    Warning: Spoilers
    This movie was like one of those tribute bands playing cover versions on the nostalgia circuit. You feel as if you have seen and heard the original and much better version and this is just a replica and a fake.

    Why would be surprised though? Disney is famed for having no talent. How many versions of, Hunchback Of Notre Dame, Captain America, Bambi, etc etc. has this company churned out? Yup, so why should they now start to create something new or exciting now?

    To make matters worse, the cash hounds did not notice that:

    No one can magically master the force in a day... No one can simply scan the cosmos and find a space ship just like that (er, space is like er you know kinda big place) The troopers are clones and are all alike so no one cannot be black and just for fun here is another one: on a raid and assault to retrieve plans (see I told you it is a rip off) you do not take a sewage cleaner soldier with you...

    Fine, you got the leading girl, the black trooper and the cute robot (now available at authorized dealers, outlets and websites for purchase...costing you $$ even though they are Made in China and cost 3 cents to produce) but for me four things come to mind:

    I am boycotting Disney going forward. That is right, you can call it Marvel, Lucasfilm, Pixar whatever I am out. I am boycotting JJ 'Master Hack' Abrams and producers Tommy Harper and Ben Rosenblatt going forward for being money hungry dream destroying douches and finally will never ever again trust the media and reviewers again. You are all exposed as frauds.
  • miller-9344224 June 2016
    JJ Abrams needs to quit
    Warning: Spoilers
    Just awful is all I can say. A sanitation storm trooper,, who was at a invasion? A sanitation storm trooper who knows how to sword fight? Just clueless. I did not like this at all, my children did not like this, my grandma did not like this, Time lines seem to not fit, we got a old princess lea, but the technology hasn't been improved, or the old craft has not been upgraded to new technology. The found the falcon on a junk planet, but yet it's fully operational after 40 years, do they have eternal power sources, i don't think so. The end of the show was even more worthless, Luke was on what appears to be earth? and on a island in the middle of the ocean with no food or water or shelter. lololmao. Things must be getting pretty desperate in Lollywood for them to be pumping out this garbage.
  • Larry Horawitz (yce-88023)19 February 2018
    This trash makes no sense
    They forced Star Wars to return and as much as any film it makes no sense. Last we saw Star Wars the rebels won. No one bothered to tell director JJ Abrams. They are now rebels again. Luke is hiding and doesn't want to be found (but left a map behind anyway har har), but why? Don't think about it because there is no answer. Bad acting, bad or no characters and typical remake problems. Just the choice of JJ Abrams shows you what Disney intended to do: take money and return deliver less than zero. IMDB, why can't we give a zero?
  • rspprodinc27 February 2016
    The Force Awakens - Review
    Warning: Spoilers
    When I saw what the idiot Abrams did to Star Trek, I was furious. When I learned that he was going to direct the latest Star Wars movie, I knew exactly what would be the result; a total abortion of a great franchise, just as he did Star Trek.

    Abrams once again shows his true colors by exploiting the work of someone else, and then totally destroying it. Abrams philosophy is "All we have to do is take the original movie, change a few character names, and then put it up as a new GREAT IDEA." Sorry, it doesn't work this time.

    In a horrible rip off of the first Star Wars movie that premiered in 1977, Abrams takes EVERY plot idea, relies on Disney marketing to hype the movie to death, and then delivers a total failure of a movie complete with horrible actors (Harrison Ford is the exception) and trying to rely on effects to say, "Hey, look what I can do!" A few highlights: CAUTION: MAJOR SPOILER ALERT, however Abrams spoiled the movie before I wrote this review.

    During a storm trooper invasion a map was hidden in R2 Rolie Polie and pursued by the bad guys. During a storm trooper invasion, plans were hidden in R2-D2 and pursued by the bad guys.

    Vader Junior holds a guy up by the throat wanting to know what happened to the map. Vader holds up a rebel by the throat wanting to know what happened to the plans

    Luke Blackwalker climbed in the lower areas of the Falcon to use the guns and fight the bad guys. Luke Skywalker climbed in the lower areas of the Falcon to use the guns and fight the bad guys

    Han Solo, an older and wiser man was killed by Vader Junior with a light saber. Ben Kenobe, and older and wiser man was killed by Vader with a light saber.

    A girl realizes she has Jedi powers and goes off to find how they work. Luke realizes he has Jedi powers and goes off to find out how they work.

    Solo leads a rebel team to infiltrate a planet to kill its defenses (stolen from Return of the Jedi). Solo leads a rebel team to infiltrate a planet and kill the defense screen.

    A new weapon is tested out and shown its force by destroying a planet far from it. A new Death Star is tested out and shown its force by destroying a planet called Alderon.

    A meeting happens in a room with a round map showing the weakness of the planet weapon. A meeting happens in a room with a round map showing the weakness of the death star.

    A group of rebel forces flies down a trench in order to shoot at the planet weapon's weakness and destroy it. A group of rebel forces flies down a trench in order to shoot at the death star's weakness and destroy it.

    R2-D2 and 3PO had NO meaning in the movie at all. Their appearances were only there to be able to say that they've been in all Star Wars movies

    Luke Skywalker finally shows up at the end of the movie, which was the obsession of the stupid plot, only to say NOTHING, but stare at the girl attempting to hand him his light saber. The movie ended before we heard the phrase, "I am your father." I would have vomited all over the theater floor if this had come about.

    Why people hire, support or even give J.J. Abrams any kind of recognition is beyond me. He's a horrible director and total thief of classic work. This time however, he can't blame his stupidity on an "alternate time line" as he tried miserably in Star Trek.
  • qjs-1221725 November 2016
    Poor JJ abrams
    He works hard for the money, sooo hard for the money, he works hard for the moneeey and still can't get it right!!!!! (all rights to copyright holder Donna Summers)

    This thing is so bad that they would not even admit that it is a remake. They presented as a new episode. Yes, another orphan on a desert planet with a sewage scrubbing clone soldier who is nothing like his progenitor and is wondering (like us) why he was sent on a raid when there were sewers to clean up back wherever he came from (he was already mixed up looking at photos of his ancestor who looks nothing like him, imagine how confused he is now.. so confused that he rebels against his boss)...

    And just to make this money sucking abomination so 2015 cool make our black and female (anyone watched Ghostbusters 2016)? Nothing against women or blacks mind you love them all but JJ Abrams go do some community service you are so predictable and untalented. Thanks for ruining Star Wars.

    Thanks to JJ Disney Star Wars is now as unhip and uncool as a Donald Drumpf cold sore STD mouth-to-mouth kiss
  • rechicero22 February 2016
    An abomination
    Warning: Spoilers
    I put the spoiler alert... but there is little to spoil here. It's just something that should never have been filmed. It's my fault, a friend of mine warned me. And I remember I didn't care, "it's Star Wars, I even enjoyed the I, II, III... When I see the logo and the music starts... they should really try very hard to ruin it for me. What can they do so bad?" Well...

    They destroy everything Star Wars was about:

    The Force as a mystical thing? Now it's just "superpowers", and you don't need to train. You have them, that's all. And even a spoiled brat with daddy issues has, sometimes, more powers than Yoda or Palpatine... Of course, only sometimes.

    Sense? None. They go for a map to find a guy that run away (and for some reason left a map???) and the reason is... is... why is that important to find him? Specially when there is a new Death Star to be destroyed? No reason at all. Because it's Luke. That's it.

    Dark side vs Light side? Now, the "new heroin" beats the bad guy without any training, because she's really angry. I guess, in some place, Palpatine was laughing "yes, use your anger"... But in this new Star Wars is OK, she has superpowers, that's all. You don't need calm to control the Force and, in fact, it's the bad guy who gets tempted by the light side... WTH???????

    Consistency with TRotJ? If the Rebels won, shouldn't the "bad guys" be the new "rebels"? No, they are pretty much the Empire. What happened? Why? Don't expect any answer in the flick. Somebody told me it's supposed to be explained somewhere. I don't care. If you need web pages or books just to explain the main plot of a movie, that movie is really bad storytelling. Period.

    Great villains? (Vader, Maul, Palpatine...) Now the villain is a kid with anger control and daddy issues, some pathetic little kid not even stormtroopers respect. They give them more "superpowers" than Yoda and Palpatine together, they made him kill the most iconic Star Wars character, just to try to make him look bad-ass... And yet, you just want to ask him for him lunch money. Just pathetic. The character and the effort of Abrams to make him charismatic.

    The first time we saw Vader he just walked, looked around... and we knew you shouldn't mess with him. No need for superpowers. That's called being "charismatic". This guy is the new Jar Jar, but worst. Jar Jar wasn't meant to be scary.

    And stupid. The poor guy wants to be like Vader... The same Vader that saved the day at the end of the OT and ended up being a good guy???? That Vader????

    Adventures? as we already know the plot of the movie... not so much.

    Great settings? A desert. Woodlands. That's all. Even if you didn't like the episodes I, II, III, you have things to enjoy: Naboo, Coruscant... Here... NOTHING. No new design to awe you. TIES, X- Wings... that's all. The Galaxy just got really, really small.

    The first minutes, with the Star Destroyers in the desert, are OK. The rest... I could only thing "please, I really want this to end already". It felt like a 10 hour movie to me. The only thing OK was Solo and we all know how that ended... My brain just couldn't understand why the Star Wars music was in this B-Rate bad pilot for a TV series. And the worst of all, when it ended... The silence in the cinema. And i felt... dirty, but emotionally flat. I don't feel anger towards the movie or Abrams. I didn't feel anything. With the pass of the weeks I ended up feeling something: sadness.

    I really can't understand why people with half a brain can say this is not a disgrace and even argue is one of the best. I really can't. For me... it's just the end. I'll enjoy the first 6 movies and try to forget this disgrace. I really felt dirty when the movie finished. Disney can forget about my money. And I write this several weeks after wasting my money for this... thing.
  • ndlekas11 January 2016
    JJ Abrams ruined Star Wars and possibly the future of the franchise
    Warning: Spoilers
    I would like to start this review but saying that I have seen all the movies and have read almost every expanded universe book that has been written, something that I highly doubt J.J. Abrams has done. There weren't many things done right with this movie except that the graphics looked good and there was not an annoying Jar Jar Binks-like character. The major issues that I see are:

    1) The movie is essentially a remake of the original Star Wars. The new rebellion (aka the Resistance). A new empire (aka the First Order). A new Luke Skywalker (aka Rey). New Death Star (aka much bigger death star). I don't even know if they can come back from this...

    2) The expanded universe books are so good and they decided to completely trash everything that has been written about Star Wars and start over. I think this is a big mistake.

    3) The casting seemed motivated from a diversity/politically correct perspective. I am all for diversity, but they went way overboard.

    4) The strong female main character, Rey, is from a backwater planet with virtually nothing positive to say about it. However, she is stronger, faster, and smarter than everyone around her including Han Solo and the trained warrior, Finn (more comments about him below). She knows how to fix and fly a starship. She can use a light saber and beat a trained dark-side force user in one-on-one combat. This trained force user is incredibly powerful as shown by his ability to stop a blaster bolt in mid-fire, something that would be incredibly difficult for only but the strongest force users. Also, she showed Han Solo how to fix his ship that he has been using for 50 years.

    5) Finn is a storm trooper, taken from his parents at birth and trained as a fighter and warrior. Yet, he acts scared throughout the movie. He doesn't know how to fight, fly a ship, or anything else a trained warrior should be able to do. Instead, Rey, who grew up on a backwater planet is the fighter and not afraid of anything. Rey, who was never trained to do anything really except survive on a backwater desert planet.

    I am extremely disappointed and cannot imagine that George Lucas approved of this. I have lost a LOT of respect for J. J. Abrams and think that he might have irretrievably ruined the story line.
  • LouieInLove4 April 2016
    Disney's Hype Wars Won. Star Wars Did Not - A Safe Corporate Exercise In Entertainment.
    Warning: Spoilers
    Following the mass-marketing campaign extraordinaire, I truly was fooled into believing this was a fantastic movie before I saw it. I believed the hype, that this was a Star Wars returned to form.....It is not!

    Story-wise it falls short of the prequels, never mind the original films. It truly is a Disney Star Wars. It's an almost sickeningly safe corporate exercise in entertainment with none of the original edge & flare/excitement. The original was based on old Saturday morning swash-buckling matinée series, with heroes & beautiful heroines. This Star Wars gave us a flat-chested car mechanic who looks like a teenage choirboy, a ham-acting ex-storm-trooper & Princess Leia re-imagined as a General. It's just soulless & flat & scared of its own shadow!

    Basically they've taken the original story, sucked all the sexiness out of it & punched & squeezed it into a corporate 'Disney' box.

    All stories must have accessibility, they must allow you to buy into the imaginings & in this 'The Force Awakens' fails miserably as it has hacked clumsily away at the origin story to suit its new safe Disney Star Wars universe.

  • eran-ifrah22 January 2016
    Been There, Done That **SPOILER ALERT**

    Wow, this movie was an identical to is predecessors... nothing new here Check list:

    • Young Jedi on a desert plant - Check!

    • Death star - Check!

    • Resistance pilot flying through the tunnel to destroy the death star - Check!

    • Crappy robot with secret message - Check!

    • Han Solo - Check!

    • Evil dude covered with black mask - Check!

    But what really annoys me, is that a young Jedi who 30 minutes ago thought that The Force is a myth and Luke is a legend learned how to use the force in 1 day and defeats the evil masked guy who is training in the force his entire life....
  • Peka Bali17 January 2016
    Use the Schwarz, J.J.!
    Warning: Spoilers
    .. after Mel Brooks in Spaceballs. J.J.Abrams should have stuck to something he does not kill. The Force in this case.

    If there would be justice, this movie would never have been created due to copyright infringement. Except that those rich enough can buy up anything, strip it from the essential values and present a much worse version, erasing the past.

    The original from 77' was a classic: reinvention of the sci-fi genre, storyline, visuals, morality. This one was obviously hyped by global branding worthy of the 21st century. And that's exactly the issue: a 10 for marketing, but a mediocre 6 for the actual product, the movie, which in my book means a 2, just to pull the odds straight on a fair voting result. Here's the why: 1. Storyline: an EXACT copy of Episode 4, the first Star Wars movie ever made! Poor hero(ine) coincidentally meets droid that holds plan that is key to master plan - meet Han Solo / Chewbacca - meet forces of good – fighting forces of evil where black-masked prime-evil guy turns out to be family member – while fighting evil dude on bridge, planet-sized planet-destroying machine needs to be destroyed, before it erases all the good guys - fighter plane fight after disabling shielding device - shooting in tunnel - last-minute destruction of monstrosity by hitting it with a few loose guns at its core, which is practically unprotected. Everything is EXACTLY THE SAME in this sequel, almost 40 years after having made the first such movie, when the whole story was still original! This obviously shows the intent to address the second and third generation of kids, the children of those who saw the original. It adds absolutely nothing however in originality.

    2. Casting: having said it's a rip-off, it doesn't stop there. Aged actors from the original movie (Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, Best Friend Chewbacca) line up to remind us that this IS Star Wars. This time around however to appeal to the "elder" generation: those who were kids when they first watched SW and should now feel connected enough to keep bringing their kids to the remaining two episodes as well.. The younger actors (Finn, Rey, Kylo Ren) however are just a joke. While Finn is the funny guy who needs to appeal to insecurities in all of us and never takes off his surprised-look mask (despite chopping up half the galaxy while he's "doing the right thing"), Rey is the next-gen copy of Luke Skywalker, except it's the 21st-cent politically correct (female) version that speaks as if she just left drama class, but despite the haughtiness of noblesse, feels the need to stomp around like a fishwife. Unlike the „old Luke", she is a modern control-freak, the emancipated girl-power type, sweat dripping in buckets by the effort of balancing femininity with the pseudo-liberal BS of "equality". Literally the actress is overwhelmed by her role and she simply overdoes it where most would have failed anyway, but better casting would still have saved some face. Third in row is the hysterical spoiled brat Kylo Ren, who sounds quite cool while still in his mask, if only he would not behave like a 5 year old who is easier manipulated than a puppy and looses the sinister image as soon as he takes off his mask and starts smashing furniture at the slightest setback. Reminds us of the same mistake made with using Hayden Christensen who played Anakin Skywalker turning from naive kid to hurt adolescent in Episode 3. Shouldn't that have been a sign for J.J.Abrams not to make the same mistake of taking away coolness from a Jedi?.. Breaking kitchenware will hardly appeal to any 21st century kid when the prime-evil character needs a touch of coolness. I don't even go into detailing the new "wise" CGI character of the 21st century politically-correct (female) version of Yoda, a passing whim with not a fraction of Yoda's charisma, despite being 1000 years of age. Oh, the glasses..yeah, I guess that makes her wise. Just shows how poor of a job the director did, if a character needs glasses to gain some respect from the viewer. Maybe a tattoo like "I'm the smartest chick around the block" would have been even more obvious J.J., on her forehead! To sum up the cast(rat)ing change: while almost 40 years ago we had a kid with hidden talents and a strong sister who finally melted by the charms of a bounty hunter, with the most bad-ass black-masked Evil of all times, J.J.Abrams now gave us panicky Finn, angry Rey and hysterical K-ren.. Just shows you Hollywood does not want role-models kids could look up to but gives them excuses for being like a wet rag.

    3. Dialogues and character development: repetitive, simplistic jokes that were trendy when they first appeared by Spielberg in the eighties in the Indiana Jones franchise. Are they still cool 30 years later?.. If J.J. Abrams partners with Spielberg in the future, I would understand his urge to comply with the Master of Hollywood's flat directing style at the cost of authenticity, but for everyone else it's time travel backwards and not in a nostalgic sense.

    The movie and the reviews show that it pays off to totally remake a movie with no originality, poor acting, not even using minor storyline techniques to show anything new, brainwashing the audience to even reviewing it positively and not even to be punished for it. It's cheap, it's a disgraceful abuse of an original idea and all the energy put into the original movie and makes me wonder why this should be allowed in the first place. At any case, it robs a whole generation that grew up with Star Wars from its past, to replace it with a cheap remake.
  • Jim Boka4 April 2016
    A Cinematic Travesty
    Warning: Spoilers
    I will never forget seeing Star Wars Episode IV for the first time in 1977. What an awesome film it was. I've been a fan of the Star Wars universe ever since. It was with great excitement I watched the latest episode VII.

    As usual the movie began with the scrolling text laying out the current scenario. Already at this point it seemed a bit weak and very similar to previous plots.

    It did not take long to begin predicting what would happen in many of the scenes. I often blurted out to my family, "don't tell me they're going to copy that scene from (insert scene from other episode) here." My wife would say "Oh no, they would do that." They did! I was able to predict events and even dialogue nearly verbatim because the movie continually reused the twists and turns of previous installments. My wife who is also a Star Wars fan agreed wholeheartedly with my ho-hum reaction. Our son (also a fan) left less than 30 minutes in.

    I won't go into all the details of how the movie stole so much from the previous films as you can surely read them in other reviews.

    I wanted so much to enjoy and love this movie as I did all the others, but honestly it was boring. Whereas I've watched each of the previous Star Wars films numerous times, I seriously doubt I will ever waste two hours watching this one again. I can't imagine how it was possible to take such a fantastic imaginative story like Star Wars and make it this boring. How is it possible that not one new idea sprang up in someones mind in the ten years since the last episode? There was no character development to speak of either. I really can't think of one takeaway from this film that would be beneficial to watching any future episode either.

    Dull, unimaginative, and boring best describes the movie. I'm a little upset that more was not done with the opportunity to add to such a brilliant legacy. I'm not sure what JJ. Abrams was thinking and I can't understand how George Lucas allowed this cinematic travesty.

    I have never been so disappointed in a movie before.

    Edited to add: I have now gone and read some of the other reviews here. It seems that EVERY review I saw is rated 1 out of 10 with the odd 4 or 5, so how is it possible this movie has an 8.3 average??? Something smells odd here.
  • jaredpahl7 April 2016
    Disney Sponsored Fan Fiction. The Force Awakens Is A Disgraceful Example Of Corporate Filmmaking.
    Warning: Spoilers
    For those praising this film,

    Star Wars Episode 7 is a despicable corporate product of a movie, that leeches off the imagination of the man who created its universe, while simultaneously giving him a giant middle finger by erasing all remnants of his Prequel Trilogy and turning the franchise into a vehicle for pandering fan service and a "progressive", feminist agenda.

    Episode 7 is nothing but glorified fan fiction made by a corporation desperate to get a return on their investment. With years of careful risk-benefit analysis, they were able to produce a film that upset the least amount of the rabid, vicious "original fan base" as possible.

    So "fans", you got everything you wanted. George Lucas, and the prequels are but a memory and you get all your original toys back, with just enough new crap to fool you into thinking your experiencing something fresh. You'll see the next 20 Star Wars movies and you'll get everything you begged to have, but you'll never be surprised.

    When Lucas wrote the script for A New Hope, he wasn't trying to please anyone but himself. He wasn't feeding a hungry mob everything they wanted, he was crafting a story that he wanted to see told on film. After 6 great chapters, he finished his story. So enjoy Disney's Star Wars movies until the end of time, but just remember that you're never going to see a film series so daring, ambitious, and above all, entertaining as George Lucas' Star Wars.

    Now, onto the aspects of this travesty that I fundamentally stand against.

    1. A Star Wars Movie Without George Lucas Is Not Star Wars

    • George Lucas didn't just have a part in the making of Star Wars, he CREATED it. Star Wars wasn't a collaboration that incorporated the imaginations of many different people. It wasn't an adaptation of someone else's work. Star Wars is solely the product of one man's imagination. Sure, tons of people worked on the films, but the entire Star Wars universe is George Lucas' vision. The uniqueness of Star Wars is that it all comes from the mind of one, incredibly creative man. Episodes 1-6 are the official Star Wars story as told by the man who created it. Any other story is, by definition, an imitation. Lucasfilm can try all they like to make these new movies look and feel like the real deal, but the truth of the matter is, they will never be the genuine article. Lucas' quirky touch is what makes Star Wars special. Without it, it's just another disposable sci-fi franchise.

    2. Every Decision Was Made By A Corporation.

    • The Force Awakens is a focus-grouped, market researched, PRODUCT that reeks of corporate control. After acquiring Lucasfilm, Disney had this film made so they would make their money back and then some. Storytelling was absolutely secondary. And the conception of the film isn't the only glaringly obvious corporate decision in Episode 7. EVERY major decision in the film was overseen by Disney and Lucasfilm. The new characters in particular reek of corporate greed and agenda pushing. The main character is a female and the secondary characters are mostly played by women or minorities. Disney will champion these casting decisions as a progressive triumph, but the truth of the matter is that these new characters exist purely as a PR move. Congratulations, your SJW street cred is through the roof, but I will never support a movie that uses someone else's creation as a platform to help their brand.

    3. It Panders To A Vocal Minority Of "Fans"

    It absolutely sickens me that this movie deliberately ignores and actively mocks the prequels. George Lucas spent 10 years of his life crafting those films, and millions of people loved them, but the executives at Lucasfilm and Disney were so afraid of the pathetic internet trolls that they became one themselves. All the marketing of "The movie you've been waiting for since 1983!", "It's all real!", "The magic is back!"... it's all a ploy to appease a vocal minority of sad losers that couldn't stand that Episodes 1,2, and 3 tried new things. Even the title of the movie is a shot at the prequels. "The Force Awakens", as if those 3 massively popular movies somehow put the force to sleep. Once again, all of these decisions are corporate based. As a result, we get a two hour apology tour. They hear people complain about dialogue, so everyone becomes an over-acting spunk machine. They hear people complain about politics, so they ax that aspect entirely. Basically, they hear people complain about the prequels, so they do everything possible to remove them from memory. "We hate George Lucas and the prequels too, see?" Because the vocal minority of whiners is more important than the majority of people who love Lucas' entire saga. It's almost shocking how disrespectful Lucasfilm has been to prequel fans and Lucas himself. Almost.

    4. This Is A Troubling Sign Of Things To Come.

    • The Force Awakens ushers in an era of prostitution for the Star Wars name. With Episode 7, Disney has learned that they can make whatever they want, and as long they do exactly what the "fans" tell them, they'll have a cash cow that never dries up, and they'll never have anyone complain. After all, fans are getting everything they want, right? Well what about those of us that want to see NEW things? These corporations don't care about us. New ideas could upset people, so innovation loses over imitation. The Star Wars story ended in 2005. It's time for something new. Boycott the rest of Disney's Star Wars fan-fiction, and maybe we can prevent Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens from being the movie that killed the blockbuster.
  • Paul CF18 February 2016
    The Force Falls Asleep
    Warning: Spoilers
    Well I finally went to see the movie, with a total of 5 others in the theater! As I feared, the force has fallen asleep. This was pathetic as I kept seeing the same story, the same roles, doing the same things and everything else as it was before. Heck, even the animated chess board on the Millennium Falcon was activated (and probably right back to where it was left 30 years ago)! OMG is this the best they could come up with? Really? Hiding underneath the floor/deck in the MF, is that all they can think up? Oh but hey, the MF has a new radar dish on it, rectangular shaped vs round...30 years allowed for that significant advancement.

    The XWing fighters are still the same, after 30 years? Even the US Air Force upgrades to better technology in 30 years.

    Even the alien band playing looked very familiar in the dark café/club....Where was the Rancour? (sp?). Even an evil alien there transmitting 'top secret' information...oh so boring, boring!

    We have a masked bad guy with dark powers and all the rest... Really! OMG this was boring and painful to watch. The movie previews for other movies before this sleepy rehash were more interesting! And a big cavern/hole for someone to fall down into... I guess Han Solo/HF said kill me please, I can't take this same old drama again after 30 years.

    I could go on and on, and I'm sure it's all been covered by other reviewers but at least I have said my part.

    JJ, a major disappointment, pathetic that this is all you could come up with. And Mark Hamill/LS didn't even say a word, how silly.

    I won't be buying this on BluRay and I won't bother to see the next movie.

    Yawn, the force is putting me to sleep, darn mitochondria (sp?) are acting up again, laughing at me for spending money to see the same old over again!
  • Bring_Back_The_Forums27 January 2018
    Capitalism Double-Crosses The Film's Fans
    We should have known this film will be a trick and swindle as soon as Disney handed it to the remake/reboot hack specialist JJ Abrams. He has since garnered the nickname Jar Jar Abrams, but it should have been clear that in lieu of making a new (sequel) Star Wars film with imagination and creativity our Jar Jar here will work on a calculated script to make money money money Star Wars its universe and lore be damned. The remake is The Force Awakens. It takes the Star Wars plot and lore and infantalizes it with the very chic and hip (sarcasm) girl power and Disney brass like the much hated Kathleen 'ho for the money' Kennedy watch the cash wad fly. Bad (quite awful) 'actors', a story ripped off from the original, but without depth and the aforementioned commercial director make this film a signal to the movie going public to just move on.
  • sunintended8 January 2016
    Star Wars The Force Awoken Review
    Warning: Spoilers
    I have just watched the film after weeks or being too nervous .

    After the 30 minutes of franchise related adverts ,the trailers started .A constant flow of good vs evil franchise films starting with London has Fallen ,Captain America ,Civil War, Star Trek ,X- men .

    Seriously this constant flow of formulaic drivel has become laughable .Time to try something different perhaps .

    The new characters in the film all seemed very light weight ,there was no real character development at all for Finn . I didn't appreciate the way that every significant character seemed to just bump into each other regardless of where they landed .

    The discovery of the LightSabre was also a very questionable scene .

    Another criticism was the situation between Leia ,Han and their son now choosing to work for the evil Empire . They seemed to accept the situation a little too easily for my liking .

    The acting of Domhnall Gleeson was pantomime camp .

    The scene where Rey discovers her powers and then uses then was atrocious .

    The scene showing the death of Han was over thought and you could see the outcome from a mile off .

    The obsession with Death Star Super weapons was boring and the usual split action scene of space battle / significant character battle really has become an over used cliché .

    I never enjoyed one scene in the whole film .

    I am truly broken hearted ,and what the hell was that final scene of Rey holding a light sabre and Luke facing her .It was nothing more than a scene devised for an 80s style flyover scene reminiscent of Clash of the Titans (original).

    My rating 2/10
  • Hatori Steel (map-42487)23 February 2018
    Only in Hollywood someone could be so uncreative, so unoriginal, so stupid
    Yet have a job and make money like Jar Jar Abrams.

    I was extremely excited about seeing Episode VII, a new Star Wars! Wow, I thought, we could really use some morals, hope, imagination and power in these Trumpian dark and sad times. Of course, the Star Wars faithful and movie fans in general both had great anticipation for this film.

    It seems that Disney and JJ Abrams are more interested in making money outright than investing or thinking about the Star Wars future. Creating a remake with cheap amateurish actors and adding no new elements except the said ugly actors rather than telling a compelling story is very disappointing. There just wasn't any storytelling or characterization material in the script for the audience to latch onto. Where is the power and passion? Where's the grand acting? Where is the sense of awe? All we got here is a magical Disney princess and a sewage mule!

    Overall, I think I was disappointed because Star Wars and its logo were attached. In retrospect I should have known this is a bait and witch operation and with JJ Abrams attached it will be finnicky attempt at rehash that will go nowhere. Just a sad remake.
  • Charles McGrew14 January 2016
    JJ does it again (and not in the good way)
    Warning: Spoilers
    You'll notice that SW7 only has a "based on characters" credit for George Lucas. That's because Disney decided to make it "for the fans" -- that is, a movie pieced together out of a sort of "greatest hits" of the other 6 movies, with nothing new whatsoever. We are, they suppose, not smart enough to absorb new plot devices, and will be perfectly happy to give them money to show us the old stuff over again. And based on box-office revenues they appear to be right.

    So we get a search for 'the last jedi' (like when we were looking for Obi-Wan all those years ago) to return to the fight against tyranny, but along the way, an orphan on a desert world (like Luke Skywalker) will come into possession of a robot with information crucial to the rebellion (like R2D2), leading to an attack on a powerful planet-killer (like the Death Star), to be supported by an attack on a nearby world (like the moon of Endor, mercifully without ewoks). Then an all-in-black villain (like Darth) will be faced down by a new jedi (like Luke - - except this one can defeat a jedi master after beginning the fight not even able to activate her lightsaber), and a father and son will face off on a long bridge and one of them will fall off it (like, well, you know.) Harrison Ford appears, and doesn't even seem to even be enjoying himself -- just saying what's on the page and trying to put the whole experience behind him. (And given the awful stuff on the page, its understandable.)

    Meanwhile, storm troopers are appearing and disappearing as necessary, still can't shoot, their armor still doesn't to a bit of good. Just like... you get the idea. Oh yeah, and there's a bar with an alien band. Gosh, that's new.

    So, what do we have instead of new ideas? Lots and lots of explosions. And I mean a LOT of explosions. And x-wing fighters and tie fighters swooshing by in entirely incomprehensible combat. And more explosions. And shouting, and talking about... something -- mostly, I think, to give the effects guys time to reload their explosives. Did I mention the explosions?

    You don't need to see this movie. You can watch "the middle three" again, and you'll have the exact same plot. Don't see it -- it's a waste of your time (it certainly was a waste of mine.)
  • sahmsnash6 October 2016
    Didn't expect much, was still disappointed.
    Warning: Spoilers
    This movie was exactly what I expected it to be. A safe, unimaginative, nostalgia-filled cash grab. I cant exactly blame Disney or Abrams for taking the safe route after the backlash Lucas got for attempting to do something new, but I was still surprised at exactly how safe they decided to stay. Nearly everything is a rehash of episode 4. Same plot, same characters, same factions, even another death star.

    There is a painful lack of exposition. Nothing is explained about the state of the galaxy or what happened after episode 6. The viewer is not told what the New Republic is, not told what the First Order is, what the motivations of either party are, who Rey is or why she so good at everything. I know this is the first in a new trilogy, but that doesn't excuse bad writing in this movie. There is zero world building. Even the musical score is lackluster, something I figured for impossible in a Star Wars movie.

    For all the hate he gets, Lucas was a master world builder. I genuinely enjoyed the machinations of Palpatine within the Senate, the political scheming of the trade federation, and the build up to the start of the Clone Wars. It made the Star Wars universe seem so real seeing a functioning government and the power struggles within it. Abrams' entry in the series is devoid of all of that context. And the lesser for it.

    I was seriously surprised at the lack of criticism the is movie received in the days and weeks after its release. Star Wars fans ripped into every. single. little. flaw. in the prequels, yet this movie was getting a pass on major deficiencies. I even went out to see it two more times just to make sure I wasn't missing any hidden dialogue or bits of exposition. Nope.

    Even now, nearly a year after its release, its still being called the best Star Wars movie by many people. I don't understand it.

    Star Wars is supposed to be a fantasy series, and maybe I'm wrong, but world building and exposition are supposed to be important parts of fantasy writing. How the movie with arguably the least exposition and world building is being hailed as the best is beyond me.

    Bottom line: This a decent action movie, but a sub par Star Wars movie.
  • Jeffrey Thai28 July 2016
    This movie made me never believe critics again
    All the critics and professional reviewers loved this movie and gave it great reviews, but now that I watch this film it is a rip off of the original and much much much better film. Yes it copies and traces the lines of the original 1977 classic. Desert planet, cute robot and all without the good acting or directing of course.

    From a marketing perspective it is brilliant. Those knock off Apple Stores in China get shut down and do not last. How did this film make cash and get in the Top 250 of IMDb? More payola?

    Disney and the director must be ashamed and retired forever. I would boycott them from this day. But do not forget the professional payola writers who like anything they are told to like shame.
  • Prichards1234519 January 2016
    Reboot, Sequel, Prequel, Re-Imagining Rebrand. Welcome to the Modern Hollywood.
    Warning: Spoilers
    Star Wars movies used to be great. Remember that? Remember how they inspired a generation of loyal fans? Remember how they virtually saved cinema from terminal audience decline in the 70s? So scoot forward 40 years, and see the empty soulless rubbish lapped up by brainwashed Pavlovian audiences and critics. How much did Disney pay the critics for all those gushing reviews? Either that or the art of film criticism has been lost.

    Lucas may be $4 billion richer but I bet he wishes he hadn't sold the rights. Star Wars will now be forced down your throat, hyped beyond hype, new toys every month. The dollars will keep rolling in.

    This movie is just a total rip off of the original trilogy; nothing original in it all. It sucks the joy out of this franchise. It revels in the stupid. A Death Star that can't go anywhere, A Death Star whose Death Ray is faster than light (how else can it reach those systems in seconds?) Luke Skywalker. Hero for millions all over the world. Here he has run away. People who can become master Jedi without training. Poe's amazing reusable jacket - which he should still be wearing when Fin picks it up. A hundred other mistakes and holes. Yep. Thanks Abrahams.

    Han Solo. One of the most beloved cinema icons of all. Written out because a bored actor wants another Indiana Jones Movie. Princess Leia. Or what passes for Princess Leia. Just sad. All the original cast are basically guest stars in their own franchise, so we can have a younger generation take over and keep milking the cash for another 40 years.

    Ah, yes, JJ. himself. Started out as a Spielberg hack, became a Roddenberry hack, now a Lucas hack. Yep, a third-rate hack all round. This guy has ruined more franchises then anyone I can think of.

    This is the future of modern cinema. And you're welcome to it. Remember when mainstream movies used to be good?
  • Gandalf Olorin1 February 2016
    Written by a 10 year old
    Warning: Spoilers
    If this were written by a ten year old for other ten year old children it would be acceptable (perhaps) but it has no believable characters,no character development, no back story for the last 30 years and a rehash of tropes from episode 4. I can only assume that it has gathered any positive reviews due to black hat Search Engine Optimisation and outright bribery. The best acting was from the robots. The music was mostly bland and forgettable (nothing even came close to Duel of the Fates or Battle of the Heroes), most of the scenes were soulless rip offs from the Original Trilogy and the new protagonists were equally vapid. And let's not leave out Kylo "Scotty Evil" Ren, a character who encapsulates the film in a nutshell-a weaker copy of something much better. Would Darth Vader have been as Iconic as he is if he had thrown a tantrum when he couldn't find the Death Star plans? Disney could have so easily used stories from the Expanded Universe like Dark Empire or The Thrawn Trilogy-instead, they opted for a lame attempt to free ride George Lucas' ideas and 'Disneyfy' them with flawless, 2D characters.

    Please bring back Jar Jar! He was a much better character than any of the ones Disney added!
  • azhiraphale4 January 2016
    The Farce Awakens - "I find your lack of vision... disturbing."
    Warning: Spoilers
    Intro crawler & Star Wars fanfare.

    Opening scene - cut to a Star Destroyer in orbit above a planet. We then meet one of our heroes as they attempt to escape & evade an attack from stormtroopers.

    Our hero however is unsuccessful & is instead captured by the dark lord & his troops. Before being captured however, they manage to secret information vital to the resistance within their loyal droid. This droid is then tasked with reaching the resistance where this information will be retrieved. The droid sets off aimlessly across the wastelands of a harsh desert planet, pursued by a garrison of stormtroopers intent on finding it asap.

    The droid is however captured first by a small statured scavenger of this planet, but is soon liberated by our main hero - a young desert wanderer and cunning pilot, who dreams of a brighter future.

    Meanwhile the dark forces have constructed a new technological terror. A super weapon so devastating, it can destroy entire planets with one blast of its mighty cannon.

    Our female hero is captured by the dark lord, held prisoner & interrogated within this new super weapon.

    But, with the aid of Han Solo & Chewbacca, a daring rescue mission is staged which combines an attack on the shield generators of this super weapon.

    Cue a shock father/son epiphany and stand off within its chasmic interior.

    Following the defeat of the shield generator, a glorious X-Wing attack is staged (incorporating a hazardous trench run against enemy laser turrets and Tie Fighters)

    The planet sized super weapon is quickly defeated & the X-Wing fleet escape the engulfing catastrophe.

    Does any of this sound familiar? You would be forgiven for thinking that I have just described Episode IV! But sadly not.

    Daisy Ridley was an excellent choice as Rey.

    Kylo Ren amounted to a 2-dimensional teenager throwing tantrums, who removes his mask at anyone's request.

    General Hux was a painfully diluted character, bearing no more malice than a mild cold.

    And Captain Phasma? Was there really any point?

    George Lucas did it all before and better in the 1970's and was original at the same time.
  • FakeGlasses27 August 2016
    the laughs on me the sucker
    a vapid and uninspired exercise in funneling cash from me to Hollywood, Abrams and the synagogue this was the new template for making money. take someone else's work and reshoot with minor variations and call it a new episode. Lucas cashed in and sold out and sadly does not care anymore. The old actors were also desperate for cash so sold out and showed up. The reviewers and media also dared not be honest and were blinded by cash. It is up to us to at least learn from our mistakes and deny episode 8 the success to send a message to Disneywood that we are not losers.How by boycotting the next 12 episodes, offshoots, producer and this terrible director.
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