Clint: parked so close, I-I couldn't get out of my...

Wade: My truck's got a dual reeow weeow.

Clint: I'm sorry?

Wade: Dual reeow weeow. Dual weeow, dual weeow, dual reeow weeow. Dual weeow, dual real wheel. Dual. Real. Reow reow. Got a dual reeow weeow. Dual weeow, dual weeow, dual weeow.

Clint: I don't understand

Wade: It's got two extra wheels on the back part of it.

Clint: You know what? You carry on with your symphony of death. I'll sneak around the school where there aren't any kids.

Wade: Oh, you'll sneak around, huh? Sneak around like a little Hobbit. No way! I'm taking the fight to them like a fuckin' Orc!

Lucy: If I want to go in the fucking air conditioning duct, I'll go. I'm just going to die anyway just like the rest of you assholes, so maybe I'm going to try to do something brave as a final pointless gesture of kindness in this cruel shitty world that likes taking gestures of kindness and shitting and peeing on them. You know what else? Since you're all going to be dead soon anyway, I should tell you. I hate every single one of you.

Wade: Nap time, motherfuckers.

Tamra: Circle, circle, dot, dot. Now you have a cooties shot.

Doug: Oh look, carnage!

Lucy: Uh, Wade? Have you met Clint?

Wade: I have not.

[Shaking Clint's hand]

Wade: Pleased to meet you with meat to please you.

Dink: Hey, you bit my friend's face. What are you sick or something?

[pauses, but Shelly doesn't answer]

Dink: Hey you bitch!

[Shelly scratches his face]

Doug: I learned all about the brain when I had a 6 inch spike lodged in my skull as a child. Which is the reason why you may have noticed that sometimes when I'm talking I use the wrong rowboat.

Doug: Nugget out of here.

Wade: I'm giving you kids an F, for F*CK YOU!

Doug: [Kid explain the kids might have cooties] He might be right, If you'll follow me

[no one follows as he continues to explain to himself]

Doug: Could everybody please listen up?

[they gather around to listen]

Doug: Guys don't make me ask again. Quiet, quiet please.

[no one is speaking]

Doug: Please be quiet!

Rebekkah: None of us are talking?

Doug: Rebekkah!

Rebekkah: Buddy, I don't know what that bitch drinks out of. Here's what I do know; I know that this is a rape button. It emits a shit-crazy alarm that will inform local police who will arrive in two minutes, should you decide to get touchy and/or feely. You wanna know why I have a rape button? Don't answer, I want to tell you. Because the government of the state of Illinois doesn't trust the citizenry enough to pass safe, sensible conceal and carry laws.

Rebekkah: Maybe we were created by an all-knowing God, who sent down his only son to die for us. Or maybe we were monkey people who sat around crapping in each other's mouths until one day we were like, "I don't like all this hair; just on my head and crotch, please!" Who can say? I can't, because the state of Illinois doesn't allow me to, Hank.

Doug: I'm going in!

Wade: Doug, don't! Eh, I don't care.

Wade: All right, ladies, here's the plan. We get down on that ledge, jump to the ground, hightail it like linebackers to our cars, boom.

Clint: I thought you tried to outrun them. You said they were too fast for you.

Wade: Yeah, but that was before I had a weapon.

Clint: A violin?

Wade: Not just a violin. It's an instrument of death. I propose we create a symphony of death. Everyone grab an instrument. Here. You take this

[hands Clint a tambourine]

Wade: .

Clint: Oh, yeah, that'll be real effective.

Wade: I'm offering leadership. What are you offering, besides throwing hot pots of coffee at people, or writing a stupid book no one wants to read about some guy who wants to fuck a boat?

Clint: It's not about a guy who wants to fuck a boat. It's a book about obsession and possession...

Wade: He wants to fuck the boat, and you know it.

Clint: Listen...

Wade: Listen, little Stevie King...

Clint: There's an invention called a cell phone that your stupid school confiscated. We need to get to the principal's office, grab our phones and call someone who can help quarantine these kids.

Wade: We're in a total lockdown in case you haven't noticed. We have been breached and there are little cootie kids right out there in the hallway who willingly will fucking rip your face off with their little teeth...

Clint: Well, shit...

Wade: With their little baby teeth, their big teeth haven't even come in yet.

Clint: You know what, you carry on with your symphony of death. I'll sneak around the school where there aren't any kids.

Wade: Oh, you sneak around, huh? Sneak around like a little hobbit. No way, I'm taking the fight to them like a fucking orc. And that is the difference between you and me. I don't wanna scurry. I don't wanna scurry around the hallway like a common squirrel.

Doug: [everyone is losing it and confused about what is going on] I blame rap music.