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  • torndownunit4 November 2015
    I have a really tough time figuring out what people want from the Horror genre nowadays. I am really surprised to see this movie doesn't have a higher rating on here. This is a great Horror/Comedy movie, with an outstanding cast, and very good writing. It's just a really gory, really funny, really run movie. What you see in the trailer is what you get, which is nice for a change with the amount of misleading trailers nowadays. The only reason I don't give it an even higher rating is because I agree with other viewers that it does lag a bit around the middle of the film. It almost seems like they just shoved some filler in to meet a running time. But it manages to get back on track again. I rarely read reviews on here, but I laughed out loud and had a great time watching this movie.
  • What a blast!

    Never boring. Great cast. Reminiscent of The Faculty (a favorite of mine), because it takes place in a school, yes, but also somehow because of the tone of it. Also, Elijah Wood is in both. He is great.

    Cooties is kind of a classic premise, but with a couple of twists that makes it quite refreshing. And even though a good deal of what we see, we have seen before, it's done in its own way that just makes it entertaining. Just well directed, I guess.

    It's horror and comedy brilliantly mixed, but also has quite a lot of action and thriller elements. It's not really scary, but has a couple, and particularly one scene that is pretty suspenseful.

    The make up and effects aren't incredible, but absolutely gets the job done. One or two scenes I thought lacked the last polish, but nothing major. To sum it up, it's just great fun.

    I LOVE the political incorrectness of it, and that must be why the score on here isn't higher.

    Many good moments in this movie, I will definitely watch it again.
  • Argemaluco29 April 2016
    Unlike other films about zombie kids (such as The Children or ¿Quién Puede Matar a un Niño?), Cooties employs a humorous tone which partially reduces the moral dilemma of killing children, even if they are living dead. But it doesn't completely trivialize it either, because it allows the characters feel doubts and remorse when they are obliged to take such drastic measures under life or death situations. This delicate balance of comedy and drama avoids Cooties from becoming a simple gore caricature, and it creates an appropriate atmosphere to develop pleasant characters, with a well defined humanity behind the stereotypes... something weird in zombie cinema, which is usually satisfied with a provision of disposable victims in order to show a bloody death every 10 or 15 minutes. On the opposite, Cooties prefers to focus on the interaction between the teachers during their terrifying situation, and that strategy improves the film... even though it makes it less satisfactory on the simple visceral level. I think co- screenwriters Leigh Whannell (who also plays Doug, the eccentric Science teacher) and Ian Brennan should have gone much farther in the combat between zombies and humans... or, to be more precise, teachers against students. I have never given any class, but I have some friends who work or have worked as teacher, and their opinion of the students is... unfavorable, to say it in a kind way. So, I think Whannell and Brennan wasted the opportunity of making Cooties an intense catharsis for teachers around the world who have the secret fantasy of smashing the skull of a particularly rude student with a fire extinguisher. That intensity would have made the film much more memorable and shocking; and I say it with a maximum respect for teachers and the responsible and educated students (I hope this disclaimer avoids the adding of my name to some FBI list). On the positive side, Elijah Wood, Rainn Wilson, Alison Pill, Jack McBrayer, Nasim Pedrad and Jorge García bring good performances in their roles, and co-directors Jonathan Millot and Cary Murnion find the adequate balance to make us laugh during scenes which would seems tasteless in a more serious movie. To sum up: horror, humor and social commentary. Cooties has it everything. I just wish it had more of everything.
  • When I saw the trailer for this movie, I could not wait to see it!

    A chicken carrying a food virus becomes chicken nuggets for an elementary school in a small town, and effects them with a flu like virus that turns anyone who has not reach puberty into flesh loving monsters. How cool is that?

    Though the idea that the chicken nuggets they feed you in public school are actually made of chicken is totally unrealistic, the metaphor of a girl who eats these nuggets spreading a zombie apocalypse like the cooties is brilliant

    I've seen my share of Zombie movies and I never seen this particular premise. Adding to this is a great ensemble cast lead by obviously horror movie fan Elijah wood, who also did Maniac and Grand Piano which I loved. Rainn Wilson was Boss with a capital B in this film, and added to the 1980s homage of horror and action I was vibing on all over this film.

    The best part is that the movie is rated R which means nothing gets held back as these teachers beat the crap out of their undead students.

    Cooties is an action comedy horror movie that keeps your interest for all 90mins, never a dull moment and just so much fun from beginning to end.

    If you're a fan of Horror movies, especially the zombie-genre, it's worth taking a look at.
  • A mysterious virus hits an elementary school, transforming the kids into a feral swarm of mass savages. An unlikely hero must lead a motley band of teachers in the fight of their lives.

    The start of this film will make you never want to eat chicken again. The cast includes some of my favorite funny stars: Elijah Wood, Rainn Wilson, Alison Pill, Jack McBrayer, Saw's own Leigh Whannell and Lost's Leigh Whannell; with a quick non speaking cameo by Mark Christopher Lawrence who played in chuck. Everyone worked really well together and you can tell they enjoyed doing this film.

    The story feels familiar but unique. Cooties is a horror comedy but it's more comedy and less horror but that doesn't talk away from the film. I enjoyed the gore and the practical effects, although there isn't much of a soundtrack, mostly dark ominous tones. The humor is a bit dry and I wish there were more one lines.

    The movie is forgettable but is fun and worth a watch. I would like to see a sequel, so don't let this indie film pass you by. Cheers and remember life won't suck as long as there is a good movie to watch.

    6 out of 10

    edited by Samantha Locke

    twitter @FatMikeTPK

  • Warning: Spoilers
    Clint (Elijah Wood) goes to his old school, Fort Chicken elementary school, Illinois (GO FIGHTING ROOSTERS!) as a substitute teacher. He meets Lucy (Alison Pill) an old friend who has trouble with normal conversations. Her boyfriend is the PE teacher Wade (Rainn Wilson) who owns a truck with duo rear wheels. The film introduces us to a number of quirky characters and kids that are not that adorable. Due to a viral breakout caused by processed chicken nuggets (I tossed mine out after seeing how nuggets are made from pink paste) the children turn into blood thirsty zombies who attack in hordes with some limited mental capacities.

    The film spoofs formula writing: dress up montage; guy who is way too smart; self-sacrifice individual; climbing through the vent duct; and a reference to a previous film..."Sneak around like a little Hobbit."

    This is a funny zombie style cult film.

    Guide: F-bomb. No sex or nudity.
  • So I went into this with fairly high expectations. I love horror/comedies and this one looked very promising, funny premise, great cast, and zombies (who doesn't love zombies?). It wasn't a bad movie by any means but it did let me down a little bit.

    First off the main thing that killed my buzz with this was how unlikable Elijah Wood's character was, I get that they were doing this on purpose but the scenes with him in them just made me get more and more irritated with his character. It's not that Wood did a bad job or anything, it's just that some of the lines that were written for his character were almost cringe worthy bad. That character however was more than made up for by how awesome Rainn Wilson's character was, some of his lines were gold.

    A lot of the jokes were great, I found myself laughing out loud multiple times, but some of them just fell short and didn't really work at all. For the most part though the humor works well and helps to move along the movie. I think the main thing that really kept this movie from being great is that the Horror concept of it kind of gets put on the back burner to the comedy in too many scenes. I really wish they would have thrown more horror elements in. There are far too many scenes of the survivors just sitting in various rooms of the school trading mediocre-pretty decent dialogue.

    Overall this wasn't bad, in fact it was a good movie. I was entertained and had a fun time watching it. But it could have used a bit more gore and horror and a little less mediocre jokes. Still a good ride though.

  • fil-nik0922 September 2015
    This is a week of horror comedies for me, it seems. Although I did not want it, but turns out that these horror comedies are not bad! And this one was entertaining, just like Bloodsucking bastards I saw yesterday.

    I enjoyed the movie because of its unusual setting - elementary school and kids as zombies.

    I must say that first two, three minutes were kinda disgusting to me as I sat down to watch the movie with a bag of chips and ... that fly pooping on the meat and then the process of making those chicken balls or whatever... Man, I will be more careful what I will eat in the future.

    It is interesting how they portrayed teachers in school. I am sure most schools have those characters! I did not get which subject a gay teacher does.

    In one scene, maybe in that discotheque playground, or somewhere I thought Katy Perry was lying murdered! LOL Don't know if that was intentional or not ...

    Anyway, it is fun. Nothing spectacular, but entertaining! Seven from me.
  • in198411 October 2015
    8.25 of 10. Excellently gross start and plot setup fades into more of a pure action, scream and gore/gross-out horror film, though there's enough ongoing comedy to keep it amusing.

    While it may be too much for Hobbit fans to handle, the little half-ling actor pulls off his roll well. The overall casting is both recognizable and obscure enough to make it seem like a true collection of teachers, students, and parents.

    Highly recommended as a chill-out film after watching something more serious like Food, Inc. (2009) or Partisan (2015). Unlike the more serious food psycho horror of Gravy (2015), this is also something with enough intellectual humor that parents can enjoy it with their tween kids as they move into their post-cooties years.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This film had so many people talking because it's such a strange premise. Only so often do little children play big roles in films. More times then not this is for the best because, simply put, they are horrible actors. But 'Cooties' gets that and takes complex acting out of the equation right away. Having them instead act as target practice for the talented adult cast. This is what makes 'Cooties' so entertaining. It's clear that both the child and adult cast are having a blast with this film. And that translates through the film. It's a blast to watch. The comedy hits more then it doesn't and the unique premise is a whole lot of fun. But the standouts here are Elijah Wood and Rainn Wilson. They have incredible chemistry together and their comedic timing is spot on.

    ​The film realizes this. It knows that every moment they spend off screen is a moment that is hurting the film. So, when it tries to kill off one of these two it's painfully obvious that they don't have the guts to go through with it. This is only confirmed with a tacked on ending in which he makes his dramatic re- entry. This happening less then ten minutes after his "death". So why was that in the film at all?

    ​It only hurts itself doing this. Having him comeback a couple minutes later makes his sacrifice completely meaningless. It robs itself of any weight that the scene carried. Why not just have him escape with the others? It would not have been hard to have him get away and it wouldn't have looked completely lazy either. However, I shouldn't have been surprised by this. Because the entire film operates like this. Saying one thing and doing another or not doing anything at all. Take the zombies for example. The film shows them being super smart, like cutting the power and destroying all communication devices. But it also shows them waiting to pounce until one of the characters notice them. Or making a single file line and attacking one by one. The whole run time is like this. The zombies being super smart and forcing the humans to try and get away but will (for whatever reason) eat sleeping pills when they are thrown their way. It's completely nonsensical. The longer the film runs the more illogical it becomes, only to be capped off by a ridiculously tacked on ending.

    'Cooties' will certainly become a guilty pleasure. It's highly entertaining premise and hilariously gory kills make for a fun watch. But don't expect to be invested in this movie. The bland characters, horrendous plot and stupid zombie mechanics make sure that you don't have to much fun.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I can honestly say I hated 'Cooties'' within the first five minutes.

    When you make a horror/comedy, and the comedy falls flat on every level, you're in for a very long 90 minutes. I can imagine people walking out of this one around the 15 minute mark, because that's when my limit of stupidity had reach it's maximum capacity. There just isn't enough horror to make up for the rest of the film. The acting is some of the worst I've seen all year. Maybe the worst. Alison Pill and Jack McBrayer are worthy of a Razzie nomination, at the very least. They give hands down the worst performances you're going to see in any film this year. Elijah Wood is terribly miscast, as he's inserted into a role that would be best played by Adam Sandler. That's right, Elijah Wood, you get a pass on this one. Words cannot describe how bad the dialogue is, so I won't even try. You'll just have to experience it for yourself. My apologies.

    The best way to describe this awful film, is that it's something you'd expect from Adam Sandler - and I'm curious how and why he missed the boat here. Maybe he was busy with 'Pixels?' I am just baffled how a film this bad can get any type of positive feedback, as it is complete and utter trash. Do yourself a favor and check out 'Bloodsucking Bastards' instead.

    Random Ramblings of a Madman: Out of all my reviews, this is the only review where I'm curious to see how many down votes I receive. Because it tells me that somewhere out there is a person or persons who actually enjoyed 'Cooties.' And that will be funnier than anything I experienced in the film itself. Thank you.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I must say I was looking forward to this one, but within 15 minutes knew that it was not working for me on any level. The satire was weak, the comedy was embarrassingly unfunny and even as a zombie movie, the premise was dated and worn-out.


    Kids using adult language, especially the 'F' word in movies, is getting really old, but COOTIES takes that a step further by requiring a 9 year-old to say the 'C' word in a classroom sequence. I'm no prude, but that is just not funny, nor is it necessary. So I absolutely despise this kid and his sidekick from the get-go. In fact all the kids, before they become zombies, are about as endearing as pus.

    A much smarter movie would have had the kids in a Mayberry-type mode, where they are mannerly little cherubs. So when they become flesh-munching zombies, the contrast of what was 'then' and what is 'now' would have been really effective.

    But "Cooties" is not a smart movie. It is a gory mess that runs out of ideas so fast that it doesn't know what to do with itself a half-hour into it. To fill in the gaps, we have squabbles and romance among the adults and long seriously stupid sequences, like the removal of a little zombie boys brain to see what made him tick. The scene is supposed to be shocking and funny. It's neither. It is just boring.

    In fact 'boring' is a great way to sum up this movie, and I was extremely bored before the first third of the film was completed. In fairness the final ten minutes does pick up the pace, and just when you think "Cooties" might be headed in the right direction, it implodes with a disastrously idiotic finale.

    I agree with another poster. "Cooties" is one of the very worst films of the year; not to mention a slam to the talents of Elijah Wood and Rainn Wilson.
  • Zombies-good. Kid zombies-hilarious! This movie is campy and fun. It is a great entry into the zombie genre. It has a good ensemble cast that actually work well off each other. Good for a horromedy fan and for zombie fans alike.
  • Ramascreen17 September 2015
    One of the most off-the-wall hilarious comedies ever! It had me rolling on the floor gasping for air. If COOTIES was the last movie I saw before I died and came back as a flesh-eating reanimated corpse, I would be OK with that.

    One of my many reasons for wanting to see this film, aside from its crazy concept and the fact that I'm a huge zombie fan, is that it's co-written by Leigh Whannell, one of the guys who gave us those "Insidious" movies. And Leigh himself is one of the stars of this film, playing a rather nerdy but also very clueless teacher who figures out how the infection works.

    Directed by Jonathan Milott and Cary Murnion, the story is set in an elementary school, Elijah Wood plays a temp who wants to be a novelist, Alison Pill plays the fellow teacher Elijah's character is crushing on, but she's dating Rainn Wilson's gym teacher character who is essentially this story's alpha male.Suddenly all hell breaks loose, a mysterious virus hits the place, and kids become flesh eating creatures hunting down their teachers. The remaining adults must band together to fight and survive.

    This is one of those anything-goes R-rated comedies with lots of screaming, and running, and it does follow the rules of zombie films, one of which is to come up with your own improvised custom weapons, Macgyver style, made of things that you see around you. There's this sort of insecurity love triangle aspect going on in the background but it serves as a way to bring out the hero in the adult characters. And let's face it,.. a movie where only the kids, no teens or adults, just the kids are the zombies, that's just brilliant, you kinda feel bad as the adults start beating them up, because these are kids and all, but at the same time, it's so outrageously and comically done, you can't help but laugh your ass off. It's a mad, mad, mad, mad world in COOTIES.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I've been looking forward to this one ever since I read the synopsis on IMDb, and after many delays and push-backs, Cooties has arrived. While it might be easy to dismiss this movie out of hand as just another zombie-comedy (which to a degree, it is), this one proves itself to be worth the watch.

    Starting strong with a great cast, Cooties stars Elijah Wood (Maniac), Rainn Wilson (Super), Alison Pill (Snowpiercer), Jack McBrayer (30 Rock), Leigh Whannell (Insidious Chapter 3), and Jorge Garcia (Lost) among the most recognizable actors, and they lot of them are a whole hell of a lot of fun. Each of the actors named play different members of a school staff, and are all (with the exception of Wood and Pill) varying degrees of bizarre. Of course, since the movie is about children becoming zombies, there are TON of child actors in the movie. The stand out one, at least for me, had to be Cooper Roth who played a kid named Patriot and gave me one of the bigger laughs in a pretty solidly funny movie on his name alone.

    The story is pretty well paced, though the second act kind of drops off with the characters remaining hidden from the children and working through their own personal issues. I could have done without that, because it didn't seem to really build up the characters and really brought the movie to a half. A bit too much time is spent on the Wilson, Wood, Pill love triangle and it didn't add a bunch at all. Though, I suppose it gave a bit more depth to Wilson's "meathead" character but it didn't have to take so long.

    That complaint aside, the movie is a ton of fun. From start to finish, there is a lot of over-the-top, gross out gore and violence. The opening scene that follows the production of chicken nuggets from farm to little girl's mouth is pretty disgusting, and really sets the tone for the movie in terms of gag-factor. There's also a lot of adult-on-child violence, but for the most part it's shot off camera, though the things implied are pretty grim and weirdly hilarious. There's also a lot of really funny lines that made the movie work for me. One scene in particular had a nameless teacher yell at our heroes "Follow me, I do crossfit!" before being promptly eaten by zombie children and giving me a great feeling of joy.

    The movie is gory, over the top, and a whole ton of fun. It seemed really clear that everyone was having a good time, and you can even (occasionally) see some of the child actors laughing as they are tackled by Rainn Wilson. So, if a fun (and not especially long) horror-comedy, you could do a lot worse than this one. If you need any more convincing, I'm going to share with you my favourite line from the movie, said by Rainn Wilson:

    "I'm giving you kids an F… for F**K YOU!"
  • I was really excited for this one. Heard a lot about this movie and thought that the basic premise and setting were pure genius. It seemed like a sure-fire recipe to make a really wild and entertaining twist on the whole zombie genre with maybe some subtle social commentary on the education system, how we treat/view children, etc.

    But then the movie started and everything about it was just so flat and terrible. In a movie like this, you don't need a ton of back story or character development, but you do want just enough to relate to the main characters, understand them, and ultimately come to care about what happens to them. This movie completely fails to establish any of this on any level. You learn that the Elijah Wood character is a struggling novelist--and that's it. The other faculty members are introduced as cartoony and poorly realized bad-sitcom stereotypes and try though you might, you can't make yourself care about what happens to any of them--not even a little.

    The story unfolds in the most bland and predictable way imaginable. There are no interesting reveals, plot twists, character revelations--nothing. There's no build-up of suspense, sense of urgency, or mounting anticipation. The middle of the movie is just a series of meaningless and completely unentertaining story beats that drag on and start to make you wonder if this might have worked better as a short film or Saturday Night Live sketch.

    But all of those faults might have easily been forgiven if the movie had succeeded at being laugh-out-loud funny. Unfortunately, the comedy is where this movie completely and totally strikes out. The attempts at humor are all totally obvious, tired, and lame. Rainn Wilson does a decent job but even he's wasted here. There is absolutely no sense of comedic timing or chemistry between the cast and their jokes and interactions all fall completely flat. With the exception of Rainn Wilson, this is clearly a group of actors and filmmakers who have absolutely no experience with comedic material and it shows. Worst of all, the comedy has no real edge or bite to it at all.

    So to sum it up--"Cooties" is a movie with a great premise and setting, but tedious storytelling, unmemorable characters, and, most disappointing of all, attempts at humor and comedy that miss the mark so badly, you come to fear the next joke more than the next zombie attack.
  • 'Cooties' is a hilarious horror/comedy about teachers dodging their students, who have just consumed a bad batch of chicken nuggets. Now these children are crazed, blood-thirsty zombie brats. With an all-star cast, outrageous gore, and side-splitting laughs, 'Cooties' is one of the best movies I've seen in years. Be warned: 'Cooties' earns its R-rating within the first five minutes! Expect a lot of blood and gore with this one. But if you can handle extreme bloodshed it'll be a fun ride. Unfortunately, this movie will probably turn you away from chicken FOREVER! We watched this movie at a special screening, and the entire auditorium laughed and screamed. It's not an Oscar contender; it isn't supposed to be analyzed or studied. 'Cooties' is simply a fun, bloody tale about misfit teachers battling zombie children. Grab some popcorn, get comfortable, and enjoy!
  • My quick rating - 5,9/10. Hard to call this horror, but the gore has to put it there. This movie is very original (with a slight homage to Tromas Beware! Children at Play) and is damn funny. Often there are some inside jokes that are dragged out but overall the performances are spot on spoof style. It also helps the movies cause watching a bunch of 8 year old kids running around like animals killing all the adults in sight. Heck, let's also not shy away from killing said children if need be. This movie skates very close to being over the top and if they would've put in just a bit more 'umpphhh' this would've been a classic. As it is, expect cult status out of this one. One "armchair quarterback" call by me when it comes to casting. The big OAF character played by Rainn Wilson really would've been perfect for either Will Ferrell or Brad Garrett. Another slight drawback is it drags a bit in the second act, but started strong and finished strong, so little quarrel with that. Definitely worth watching.
  • Cooties is about zombie children. That premise alone could come up with a lot of crazy ideas. And the movie does try to add up to that silliness; the characters are often too incompetent to face them. It's fun on paper, but the movie gets too confused by its focus. The characters are tough to care about and yet they get more of the center of this film. While there is some worthy sense of horror and worthy sense of humor, the movie doesn't have an exact direction where to go and it gets even confused with the plot, which eventually keeps stalling to unnecessary arcs that won't go anywhere in the end. Cooties overall feels like it's handling an unfinished script of a potential cult classic.

    After the opening credits that reveals the source of this virus, the movie spends most of the time establishing its characters. Not that this is a bad narrative, but the characters it is trying to focus aren't really that interesting. The main protagonist is a writer out of luck, got strung to a love triangle and settle too much on that romance. The side characters are much interesting since they have something to involve in the actual plot; example is the socially awkward teacher who happens to know how to figure out the source and effects of the virus. He's basically a punchline, but he does more to this plot than the groan-worthy love triangle. Another one is a kid who was spared from the infected children who seems to be setup for a suspense of keeping him from becoming one of those zombie children, but that doesn't go anywhere either. And what's with the guy with the shrooms? In the end, these characters are either just one-noted or stereotypes, in both genres of comedy and horror.

    When it's all about the horror, there is some really inspired moments; mostly at the night scene where there's a tricycle riding infected little girl wandering around the premises. There is a really effective amount of creeps to be found in those scenes. There's even one where they are being chased in a vent; in spite of its fast pace, the tension still works. But these worthy scenes are kinda few, most of them, while undeniably gross, is just as contrived as any horror film. It even occasionally just hides the monsters and just show their reactions. The cast did try to outweigh their roles, but hardly got the opportunity. Elijah Wood at least made his role sort of more charming than it should be. Rainn Wilson manages to ham it up to a role that doesn't exactly know what it's supposed to be.

    Cooties doesn't feel like it has an ending, or at least the movie decided to be lazy instead in this conclusion. And of course, the climax! It's so rushed that it's supposed to be as charming and exciting as, let's say, Zombieland. But it doesn't deserve earning that since it mostly spends its time building up a romance that leads to nowhere. There is so much potential in this film that are mostly left out. While there is still some nice thrills, inspired horror movie moments and even sense of humor having these awkward unlikable comedy movie characters stuck in this darker genre, the film never becomes satisfying. It should have heightened more of its creativity; the tricycle girl is great, but how about an infected baby? I thought they were building that up to something more shocking. It's just ideas and violence being slapped together and never get to flourish. You may get some fine violence, creeps and laughs, but you'll suddenly realize that this atmosphere is hardly engaging.
  • Cooties (2014) film really looked as if it were to be a great funny film, well in some case it is. To be brutally honest this film was a bit of the "wtf". Cooties (2014) has it's really funny parts which will have you falling out of your chair, yet in some of the dry humor it seems to question if some of the things happening in the film should have youngsters in it.

    The acting in Cooties from the adult actors of course were fair and funny, the younger actors and actresses well.... not too well on that end of things. The creativity of this film was on the sort of "what were they thinking". Honestly I cannot say this film is great, it was okay; and I'm sure some people may just absolutely love it, but for us we have to pass.
  • phiup11 October 2015
    I was hoping that Rainn Wilson would bring some the surprise from the movie,"SUPER." maybe a little off putting at times, but despite a flawed hero, he ends up being heroic. I was hoping that Elijah Wood would bring some of that strange from, "Wilfred." The surreal effect of having a dog as a person. The concept was clever but it was totally underwhelming. There was no surprise and the flawed hero was crutched by a pseudo romance. It didn't have a surreal enough feel to it because the story was so localized. When they weren't at school or in the dark then they were in the school while it was dark. If you like zombie movies, give it a go, but don't get your hopes up. also might be a good watch for teachers and childcare workers. They'd get a kick out it...maybe.
  • And I am certain I am the only film-goer who has come up with that clever headline.

    This was fun, though — I'd give it an 8 out of 10. It isn't quite the instant classic you might expect from the trailer, but it's an engaging horror comedy that made me laugh.

    The running jokes connected with Elijah Wood's straight man and Jorge Garcia (HURLEY!!!) ran thin early on. (The former is an obsessed would-be author, that latter is a drug-addled security guard.) Far funnier was an unrecognizable Rainn Wilson as the boorish gym teacher, and the pretty Nasim Pedrad as the paranoid aggressive. The nod to The Lord of the Rings was especially nice.

    Upstaging the entire rest of the cast, however, was a surprise comedic performance by the screenwriter himself, Leigh Whannell, as the office psycho. Whannell wrote this film along with other great horror movies like "SAW" (2004), and the "Insidious" films. I had no idea that he could be so damn hilarious; he's a talented guy.

    If you like horror-comedies, check this out!
  • RevRonster19 September 2015
    Warning: Spoilers
    "Cooties" is fairly wicked fun and a somewhat new take on the zombie experience. It doesn't want to play by the usual zombie fiction tropes and is self-aware enough to make fun of itself when it does do this. It has some really great actors filling up the roster and they all play characters that are fun or have the potential to be really enjoyable. However, some of the characters really don't feel like they are bringing enough to the action and it is either annoying that they are around or aren't allowed to shine brighter than the few scenes they are given. Additionally, even though the film comes out the gates with fast pace horror and comedy, the momentum slows down a bit when the Third Act starts and it makes the story and running length feel longer than it really is. Finally, the film doesn't have a very big body count and this feels completely unjustified when you realize that so many members of the survivor group aren't really given the spotlight as much as others are. Still, the film is edgy with its gory humor and fun take on zombies.
  • "Cooties" marks yet another rare exception of the "most horror-comedies suck" rule, joining the ranks of other such classics like "Shaun of the Dead" and "Zombieland." Why all three are zombie-themed is beyond me, but I suppose the natural tension of sneaking through and surviving a zombie infestation makes for some exasperated laughs.

    Elijah Wood plays a 30-something elementary school teacher who we like because his character, apart from being a typical improbable hero, genuinely enjoys teaching and working with his students. He shares the screen with Rainn Wilson, who is surprisingly endearing, given how his character on the American version of The Office contributed to the awfulness of the show. Alison Pill, Jack McBrayer, and Nasim Pedrad round out the cast of quirky, 30-something faculty members who… don't seem all that great at their jobs. But it's a comedy, so incompetence in the public school system is funny (I guess.) Here's a question: why are none of the teachers 40 plus, and why are they all so trim? That seemed odd to me, but this is showbiz after all, and an elementary school isn't the sexiest of settings.

    I enjoyed this movie because of its novel twist on the zombie tale-- children are the zombies. It's refreshing seeing kids twisted into savage monsters, kill violently, and be dealt with accordingly. Hollywood and western pop culture depict children as angelic simpletons: in most media, children are nothing more than vacantly smiling plot devices. But it's untrue: children can be every bit as crafty, cunning, and ruthless as adults. Apart from Lord of the Flies, I can't think of any other media depicting children so savage and cruel.

    It's nice to see.
  • As you see in plot,it's a zombie movie.In a school there was a child who's eating fort chicken and got sick,then she turns into zombie and eating a boy in the virus spread to all over the town and also there were teachers who were trying to survive from the infected children.So the movie was quiet and just escaping from the zombie children and it worked.

    Basically,zombie movies like there were always survivors who were trying to escape like that in this movie also while the children were chasing the teachers they were escaping from them and kind of entertaining between the conversations.

    Finally,the movie was quite interesting and little bit comedy in there.So just give it a shot because it's ZOMBIE Movie.Completely Worth watch it...
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