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  • APTN and TVO have a really good TV show with Hard Rock Medical, and it's a shame that it's not watched by more people, because I guarantee you it is better than 95% of the stuff that's out there. Real characters and real stories that don't involve implausible situations. We've had hundreds of medical-themed television over the past several decades, and most of them follow the same formula. The only part of that tired formula that Hard Rock Medical uses is the part where you have medical staff helping patients. Otherwise, it follows its own unique path. The men and women on HRM aren't uber-attractive and they don't say ridiculous lines of dialogue. They look like the kind of people you'd actually find working in a hospital and they say the things you'd expect and react truthfully. Really cool to see this refreshing change in a medical show.
  • I think this is a top notch, clearly Canadian TV show. It is refreshing to watch a television show which focuses on life in rural Northern Ontario. The series presents a variety of medical issues, not often explored on the prime time, mainstream, American medical series. I really enjoy the diversity of the characters...mainly the med students & their certified doctor instructors. It also introduces the viewer to the plights & struggles (mental, emotional, spiritual & even physical) of the mature & young students, whom may or may not have a strong cash flow. The relationships which develop between the characters are credible and believable. I find this show to be an engaging, realistic, & well directed glimpse of life in northern rural communities. I highly recommend this series! Cannot wait for season 2 to begin!