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  • Adam Scott pretty much doing what ever he wants and it's hilarious.

    The premise of the show follows a brief mockumentary about the shot-for-shot remaking of a TV series opening credits sequence followed by the remake itself.

    If you love the Comedy Bang Bang pod cast, you will enjoy this. Pretty much all the guests on the show have been on Comedy Bang Bang.

    A great random appearance by Tom Hanks.

    It's a shame that there are only four episodes, but as Adam Scott so eloquently puts it "It's a lot of work for such a short, stupid thing..."
  • Jeff Probst hosts this once in a lifetime Adult Swim event, four times. Adam Scott, Paul Rudd, and others recreate the opening sequences of four iconic 80's TV shows; Simon & Simon, Hart to Hart, Too Close for Comfort, and Bosom Buddies. Shakespeare is jealous. Orson Welles' mind is blown. Billy Wilder is done. In fact, it is too good. The actors are too good at bringing their real personalities to life. It's beyond good. It's based on a true story.
  • dancov-2763418 March 2019
    Captures all the idiosyncrasies in all the land. I can watch these shows repeatedly just for the reactions from different actors and it will be a new type of funny each time lol you can tell they all really love working with one another because they feed off each other so well