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  • about "Bachchan" : I think "Bachchan" is good movie , actually before going to movie when I saw the comments and rating of people in internet I thought it was a bad movie , but still went to movie because of the good trailer and i was 'not' disappointed , watchers of the movie should clearly observe the movie from 1st second ( people should not miss the first 10 minutes of the movie , otherwise they may not understand the story of the movie ) till the end it has the best action when compared to any other Kannada movie it has mass , class , comedy , action , story ,twist and of course ultimate dialogues finally it is movie with 2 dimensional story having all features as mentioned above , no Kannada movies can stand before it.
  • shipz6666 July 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    Bacchan is director Shashank's fifth film and first with actor Sudeep..Shashank who is known fr making tender love stories chose to make a hard hitting action movie starring Sudeep who s known for portraying macho roles in his films.And in this film too he came up with an inspiring performance like many of his other films..

    I thnk screenplay is inspired from Hollywood film The Usual Suspect.The film follows the interrogation of Bharath alias Bacchan,a businessman who is accused of killing a policeman and a doctor.

    Cinematography and music are another highlight of the movie especially the BGM by Harikrishna.Action sequences are good but it is Sudeep who made this film worth watching.

    rating 3/5
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Bharath/Bachchan (Sudeep), an honest realtor, gets caught by the police after killing a police officer and a doctor. In the interrogation room, he enumerates the events that took place beforehand for him to take the law into his own hands and kill them. Bharath had stopped a rowdy (P. Ravi Shankar) from conning an old couple of their property and had gone to give a complaint to the superstitious inspector Mahesh Deshpande (Ashish Vidyarthi) along with Anjali (Parul Yadav) who was in cahoots with the rowdy. He enrages Bharath who hurts his hand by smashing the window of a car and they get treatment from an eccentric Dr. Srinivasa Iyengar (Nassar) who advises him to never eat sweet/sugar items in his entire life and stalks him everywhere and makes his life a hell. Deshpande stops the marriage of Bharath and Anjali after falsifying a video between Monica and Bharath in a jewellery store and a heartbroken Anjali kills herself. All these circumstances push Bharath over the edge and makes him murder the doctor and the officer. But, the story doesn't end there and has a lot more twists.

    This is a blockbuster project for one of the best actors, Sudeep, pure and simple. Over the top action, comedy, supporting actors from different languages, cool dialogues, extravagant song and dance routines (a couple of songs are fantastic - Sadaa Ninna Kannali being my favourite) and too many love interests for the hero are all present. The first half of the movie is absolutely trippy and so absurd that if I wasn't watching with family, who were all thinking that this was a stupid movie by that point and laughing their butts off, I'd have turned it off. The characters aren't believable and they still expect us to believe that this is a fully functioning family. This movie has twists at three different points. At the final twist, they literally ask the audience to forget everything that happened beforehand. These things aren't the marks of a competent director. There's literally no chemistry between Parul and Sudeep and her jealousy whenever a girl comes close to Bharath was painful to watch. You don't marry someone you don't trust. The final part also has flaws, but it is the most well-realized aspect which gives a lot of sense to the events of the rest of the movie and makes it almost worth watching. I definitely have to re-watch this again someday to analyze it better though. You may wonder why they didn't just make the last third into a full-fledged movie since it has such potential, but that would be too much to ask. Just turn your brains off for this one.