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  • kosmasp25 May 2014
    Or not, but the movie itself has something to tell us (not how to spend your free time that is, but how to spend time in general and about family values). It's not a bad movie, even though it does hammer its cause with power. Actually too much power and too much hammering for my liking and I'm sure it'll repel a few others too.

    The acting is good, the plot because of the moral ground it walks on, is more than predictable. We do have themes with young folks that some people might feel uncomfortable watching, but it overall is a family movie (to watch and learn so to speak). A couple of things are too convenient, but you might be able to overlook those things, if you can hook into the story. Decent drama
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Da geht noch was" is a German 100-minute movie from 2013, so this one will have its 5th anniversary next year. It is probably the most known work by director Holger Haase. Lead actors is Florian David Fitz, one of Germany's most famous right now and he also collaborated on the script. Fittingly, writer Jens-Frederik Otto also worked on a Schweighöfer film as this actor is really the epitome of all that is wrong in Germany right now when it comes to dramedy movies and as a consequence this film here is basically the description I gave it in the title. I do believe Fitz is a much better actor than Schweighöfer, but scripts like these offer nothing for the actors to show us their talent because all the action and plot is so generic, so for the sake of it. Anyway, other cast members here are Henry Hübchen, who is likable but the same as always, and Thekla Reuten who I somehow remembered to be more stunning. I already said a bit on the mix of these two most frequent genres in film today when it comes to the German approach and it is really not a beautiful sight. The plot tires to be as dramatic and still as funny (usually with one-liners) as possible and relies on people's quirks a lot too, but at the same time it keeps forgetting to include any kind of realism. The dialogues almost never felt real and this also refers to the characters' non-verbal interactions. Realism is a huge problem in general as, if we are honest, everything that happens in here is what usually happens to people in 2-3 years and not as quickly as it all does in here. Add some death, some break-up drama, some romance, some bonding (usually family) and you have the stereotypical German movie these days that unfortunately manages to lure large audiences into theaters. But the quality, authenticity and uniqueness especially are missing almost entirely. Everything in these films is pretty much interchangeable and this includes the actors, the writing, the plot, the setting and most of all the drama and comedy. Nothing makes a difference to the previously mentioned Schweighöfer films and yet at times you feel as if the makers and protagonists are trying to make a difference, but they come so short. Don't watch. Films like this one here are the big screen equivalent to garbage like Tatort or perhaps even RTL afternoon entertainment.