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  • I was only able to get through two episodes of this new show. The talent is there but the script and the overall sitcom formula is very tired and old. Plus, this show has one of the most awful laugh tracks in the history of television. Nearly every line is follow by screams of laughter. The three principles each seem to be rehashing characters that made them famous in earlier shows.

    The plot line of the loser and long lost son seems a bit sad as well. Most comedies exhibit a bit of family warmth but this one does not. It is a series of snappy one liners. Maybe these actors should each try the stage because,sadly,TV has passed them by. I fully expect this show to be gone after one season
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Kristie is a sad attempt by TVLand to bring back the magic of 80s and 90s sit-coms. The main problem is that it does so based only on the names of the actors. The writing is poor, unsophisticated and utterly uninteresting. Writer and Executive Producer Marco Pennette simply doesn't bring anything new or fresh to the table. The funniest sit-coms are so because of the hilarious situations in which the characters are placed. But, in Kirstie, Pennette just tries (unsuccessfully) to force the dialogue to make every line funny and it just doesn't work. Though I suspected this show would be no good, I watched the first two episodes (which were run consecutively) for one reason only: Michael Richards. Unfortunately for him the script gives him very little to work with. It may well be unfair for Richards to be compared with his time as Kramer but it is basically inevitable. He set the bar very high for himself in 1989-1998 and my guess is any attempts to repeat that success will fall short. He tries to recreate the Seinfeld magic but, at 64, doesn't come close and his special brand of physical comedy isn't what it used to be. He should be commended though for trying to pull off his unique slips and falls even if, due to his age, his body isn't nimble enough. Rhea Pearlman does the same: tries to emulate her Cheers character with similar disappointing results. Eric Petersen is too bland and less than noteworthy. And this brings us to Kirstie Alley. Quite frankly I recommend you spare yourselves the vision of a 250 lbs 62 year old woman pretending to be any kind of, past or present, star. I suspect this sit-com will, perhaps, make it to a second season but only due to the star power of some of the cast. After two or three years tops it will be dropped.
  • GTheys9 December 2013
    I honestly don't know where they dug Kirstie A up from...cause she's aged and should really go climb back into the closet. Her attempt at acting and humor is just awful. And the son...really...did they decide to get someone with absolutely no looks whatsoever to match the same skill set as Kirstie...common, after two episodes of this trollop...please just bench this's really bad. Take some lessons from Mom, Trophy Wife or Brooklyn 99...fresh and different and funny....not Kirstie...common people...we want to be entertained and made to laugh....not feel sorry for aged has-beens. Go back to the drawing wait, just burn the drawing board.
  • I've watched most of the episodes and have NOT found ANYTHING funny in this over the top pathetic attempt to revive washed-up has-been actor's careers.

    I loved Cheers & Seinfeld and was intrigued by all these actors getting together to get us laughing, but that NEVER happened.

    Even the music was terrible. And the laugh track was just ridiculous, who laughs and claps hysterically at these "jokes"? Not me.

    The decision to cancel it is the best decision they ever could have made.

    No star power or quest stars like Travolta or Griffin or Jason Alexander (btw that episode was cringe worthy) could save this sinking ship.

    There are PLENTY of TERRIBLE shows on TV already...

    One less won't make much of a difference, but at least it will not ruin my love for these actors in much better roles.

    They're all in their 60's...maybe it's time to stop?

    Or maybe their agents should be fired.
  • I was so looking forward to Kirstie's new show getting better, but sadly it has not. The extremely weak and juvenile story lines, the lackluster performance by the actor playing her son, mixed with the lack of chemistry between the cast just makes for a recipe destined to flop. The actors look very uncomfortable as if they've put on a pair of shoes that don't quite fit. The episode with John Travolta was... well, I don't know because all I was able to concentrate on during the entire show was the bad jet black shoe polish toupee he had on his head. The best episode was with Kathy Griffin who added the ONLY comedic element to the show since it first aired. Maybe the show should be called "Kathy"?!!!
  • vrnmoen5 December 2013
    There was a sitcom on tonight that was filled with aging comics who haven't done anything funny for 20 years on a network that ran out of steam at least 15 years ago. Now that sitcom I can barely stomach the commercial. Kirsties new show you ask? No Im referring to 'the Crazies' (my god, who put him back on TV?). Kirsties new show may not stray to far from a certain formula, but its a good formula and the pull it off. This is TVLand, Im not expecting Shakespeare. If its entertainment for a half an hour, they've done there job (pretty good I think too). And something has to be said to the nay sayers, you look as Kirstie when your 60.....
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It has been a long time since I have laughed so much at a US Sit-com. Its funny from start to finish.

    All the characters gel so well, a rare thing indeed. Michael Richards slid in so well to add melancholic mystery with intense hilarity. It is so good to see Rhea Perlman on her usual top form a her on screen sarcastic dictator persona,a delight. A new face to sit-coms,Eric Petersen. Not an easy role to play considering who he is working with. No suggestion of Rabbit in the headlights here. And last but never least,Kirstie Alley playing the "Straight man ",the butt of most of the jokes but knowing exactly how to set them up. Her comic timing keep no one waiting and she bring a strong elegant presence to this chaotic scene, amazing.

    So many sitcoms come with an obvious path its a relief when they get to a punchline.

    I cannot criticize casting, writing,or direction,just had me watching intently for the next unpredictable line.

    I sincerely hope this makes a second series and beyond. I hope I am not being presumptuous when I say that this could be another "Big Bang"

    Well done guys,thank you for such a great laugh.
  • joey425918 December 2013
    When I first saw the Pilot episode and the episode after, I didn't think it was all that great. It made me laugh, but I felt that the acting was forced and that Kirstie Alley was especially stiff, but was overacting at the same time. But I have continued to watch it, because it still made me laugh, and it's gotten much better. The chemistry between the actors is more apparent and Kirstie seems to be getting more comfortable, so I think it will be a good show for TV Land.

    I think what people forget about TV Shows nowadays, is that when a show first starts out...particularly a's most likely going to be not so great the first half of the first season. It needs to find it's groove. Because we now live in the world of Netflix and season DVDs and reruns on TV, we often watch old shows, knowing how much of a hit they were. So, we expect new shows to be like that as well...especially shows with sitcom veterans such as Kirstie, Rhea, and Richard from this show..same goes for Sean Hayes in NBC's "Sean Saves the World" & Michael J. Fox on "The Michael J. Fox Show"....because they're both sitcom veterans, we expect them to just jump right in and be great. But they're still new shows. Shows such as Seinfeld, Friends, The Office, and Cheers got horrible reviews in the first season...but now they're timeless classics. So keep that in mind when watching's not "Cheers" or "Seinfeld"'s a new show with new characters. Give it time to find it's groove.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Being a fan of Michael Richards I tuned in and he makes the show. His comedic presence is amazing...has been since Seinfeld. He plays her driver Frank hilariously.

    Kirstie plays the dumb founded celebrity just right, a little over the top at times but its her character.

    Rhea Pearlman is classic rhea. She plays a control freak and does it well. Her comedic presence piggy backs off of Michaels perfectly.

    The guy playing Arlo has to grow on me but I like him.

    This show isn't gold....isn't primetime but its FUNNY. I laugh every time I watch it. There is something always funny happening or being said. I can understand the low ratings because the first few times I watched it I was not impressed but once you get to know the characters and see how they are played...its funny. I like the late time that it comee on...its my wind down comedy.

    Give it another go and really take in the characters....
  • tlyles6415 January 2014
    This show is excellent! The cast has really jelled and their chemistry is awesome. I love Kirstie Alley's character and how she really is growing to love her son. Eric Peterson as Arlo could very well be the show's breakout star. Eric Peterson is a good actor as well as a nice singer.

    I especially love the episodes that featured Cloris Leachman and Kathy Griffith. The Christmas episode was very touching. Rhea Perlman and Michael Richards really add the perfect comedic touch to the series.

    I expect TVLand to renew this series.

    All of you haters really need to check yourselves.
  • Loved this show when it aired is it on dvd or has anyone got a copy. Thsnks
  • Can anyone believe with a fine comedic cast of Alley,Richards and Pearlman that this show was a real bust. watching episodes I cringed at how bad the writing was for this show. Did they get some interns from the film academy to write the sitcom. And how bad was the male playing Kirstie's son, just because you are overweight does not make you a funny person. Maybe some actors should look at themselves and see that while they were young,quirky and pretty in previous shows (cheers )age has a terrible way of sneaking up on people who should see that they are no longer young slim and pretty. TV has a way of showing actors they should get out of the business after their use by date. Michael Richards seems to have gotten into a rut and plays Kramer in anything he does.One dimensional acting will not suffice in this day and age.
  • Kirstie Alley plays a self absorbed Broadway actress named Madison Banks. Her son, Arlo, who she gave up decades ago comes to New York City and reunites with her. It sounds cliché but I'm actually enjoying it. Kirstie makes Maddie likable. Eric Petersen is perfectly cast as Arlo Barth, an awkward adult. The supporting cast is first rate with Rhea Perlman and Michael Richards. The Christmas episode was a hoot with Cloris Leachman as her mother. Arlo had a great relationship with his adoptive mother who was completely selfless and a second mother figure to his friends. Maddie tries to overcompensate for giving him up. Eric Peterson who plays Arlo does hold his own against his veteran costars. The John Travolta episode was ridiculous but all in good fun.
  • Carolegathman1 January 2014
    Love it
    what more can I say. All of the actors are hilarious and the writers magnificent. Don't mess with this show! It is on my #1 list of programs. Keep me coming! I am laughing and and it so refreshing to having actual humor to watch on TV. The story line is contemporary and relevant. Kirstie, as always, is so beautiful, adorable, and quirky. rehearsal pearl is on time, quick, and ageless. Again, the script is quick, funny, and expertly delivered. I give it as many stars as allowed. Love the celebrities that grace the show with cameo appearances, further testifying to how beloved all of the stars are. Now, all leads must be on dancing with the stars.....even Kramers. :)
  • ChaCha449 December 2013
    I'm so tired of these new TVLand sitcoms. This is not why I come to TVLand. I come for comfort. Most of these TVLand sitcom's feel contrived. Give me I Love Lucy's, Roseanne's and Cosby's. There are plenty of other new sitcom's out there As you can tell, I'm not a fan of these new TVLand sitcoms but I have to say Kirstie was pretty good or at least good enough not to make me change the channel. Kirstie stars as a Broadway actress who is reluctantly reunited with her son that she gave up for adoption. Kirstie doesn't have a mothering instinct in her body and it will be interesting to see how this show develops. Rhea Pearlman and Michael Richardson co-star but the #1 draw to tune in is Kistie Alley.
  • I really liked the show and where it went there are certain parts where certain people lack at acting! but not many parts! i really thought this show was going to suck bad because of the reviews and how many people hated on it but i got to say it's not bad! I like cheers diffidently better but its still a Fantastic show! Michael richards was one of the best in Kirstie and i am pretty shocked that i gave him another chance after what he did, but he seemed pretty sincere about his apology also everyone deserves a second chance there is still stuff i regret doing that i wish i could take back , but no matter what i cant, i kind of feel for the guy, so i guess it was a good choice giving him another chance and this show a chance Rhea perlman Was also one of the funniest i think her and Michael were my favorite and Kirstie and the other dude were my least favorite in the show , but at some parts they were funny all in all i think the show is kick ass when you're sober or high on some good sticky bud yea dig