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  • joyc2025 October 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    I would not recommend this movie to anyone--especially those who don't know the story of Esther. It does not follow the Bible accurately. In fact, it shouldn't even be called, "The Book of Esther" because it hardly even follows it! It contains so many shoot-yourself-in-the-mouth scenarios. For instance, in the beginning of the movie, Mordecai tells Esther never to reveal her people and yet you see him presenting her as his daughter while quoting Scripture which is clearly from the Jews! Haman keeps repeating to the king that Mordecai is a Jew and it's so obvious that the secret is out about Esther's heritage. And the court room case at the end of the movie???? Tacky! That never happened. The king banishing Haman to be killed was done while Esther and him were having the banquet. This version completely takes away the drama in the real story. Horrible! And Mordecai would never have recommended her. The Bible clearly states that she was taken-- along with thousands of other young ladies. If you want a more accurate version, watch the Esther version that came out on TV a couple years ago with Louise Lombard. The movie, "One Night with the King" is even more accurate but not completely. Don't waste your time watching this-- it is such a disappointment!
  • tmraywood3 September 2013
    The only reason I give this movie a score higher than 1 is that it made me laugh repeatedly. It was that bad. Production values were down to nil, and boy does it show. Oh, and you know the kind of acting where it's been rehearsed so often as a group that everybody knows what's going to be said next, so that everybody looks at the guy with the next line as soon as the current guy finishes his line? Yeah, that's the kind of movie this is. I absolutely couldn't believe somebody agreed to put it up on the big screen. It was totally the stuff of a high school play, okay, college, but no more. Again, hilarious.

    Now, the cast. When I first saw Hadassah (Esther) I thought, sure, pretty face, but completely lacking any hint of an actual Jewish bloodline, as typically there are certain distinguishing features. (Nor does much of anyone else look Persian.) Also much older than the 'girl' of the biblical narrative and, accordingly, a bit paunched. Paunched? Really? The most beautiful virgin in the whole wide kingdom was paunched? I don't think so. Again, hilarious. And I'm still trying to get a handle on why Mordecai had a California-grade tan while almost everyone else was a nice, soft shade of pasty.

    Okay, the acting. Stiff. Sometimes vacuous. Often sappy. Invariably affected. Watch this movie just for the exercise in squirming. Simply put, not believable. No, not ever.

    Finally, (and, honestly, most importantly), this effort at a story drifted ridiculously far from the biblical one. They announce at the start of the film that the story is missing biblical elements and that it contains non-biblical ones, all in the name of dramatic effect. Really? Read the Book of Esther. It'll only take ten minutes. But despite its brevity it's one of the most inherently dramatic narratives in all of scripture. The idea that someone decided to change it for dramatic effect is absurd. It's also disingenuous. Following the story as it is written would have cost more. Tweaking, condensing and changing the order of events allows for a more concise script and a more abbreviated screenplay. Shame though. Too bad the producers weren't more well connected.

    Someday someone will do this story up right. It'll be spectacular.
  • I am saddened to say that this film is absolutely atrocious. I watched it a couple of months ago at a Youth Bible Study, and still cannot fathom the atrocities that I saw. Before I begin, I'd like to say that I am a fan of PureFlix and respect the fact that the production company does its best to make high quality Christian films as a means to spread the Gospel. However, the 'high quality' thing I just said up top extends millions of miles away from what one sees on 'The Book of Esther.' It is one of the worst movies I have seen in my entire life. (And I've watched crappy TV movies from both Lifetime and Sci-fy channel.)

    To make my list of reasons easier, I will number them: 1. The CG is laughable. 2. The acting is as if the producers hired volunteers off the street instead of legit actors. 3. The props looked as if they were bought at Walmart - no lie. (e.g. Queen Vashti's wig looks like it was bought at the after-Halloween clearance section from Walmart. 4. All actors had different accents. (e.g. Queen Esther sounded like she came straight out of Los Angeles, which really threw me off). 5. Slight inaccuracies to the biblical account here and there, but nothing too major.

    All in all, this movie is horrible. I know that budgets are not high enough to turn the movie into a big action-y straight-out-of-Hollywood movie, nor do I expect it to be, but I believe PureFlix could have done way better than this.
  • The general story is the same but so many details are changed or left out that this did not give a good account of the book of Esther. It seems like every aspect of the story was changed in some way so that the true account wouldn't be the same. Part of the significance of the real story, in my opinion, is the hardship that Esther and her family experienced. Persia was full of corrupt practices, conniving actions, and utter extravagance but this movie portrayed none of that. I must say that any movie made by Christians to reach those who are unfamiliar is worth the effort but staying closer to the story would have increased the quality. If you want a great version to better depicts the story, watch "One Night with the King." Though it also changes a few details, it portrays the story in a better way.
  • tinarox73121 May 2015
    As I was watching this movie, the whole time I'm thinking, "this doesn't happen!" This movie is called "The Book of Esther". If this is what the movie is called, let it be true to its story. The fact that none of the events that happened in the movie happened in the book really saddens me. When I first saw this title, I thought, "oh okay. They made a movie about Queen Esther. I hope it's not like that 'Noah' (2014) movie, where the movie wasn't true to the actual story. The storyline is okay; only very very few parts were true to the actual biblical story, but other than that, this is not what happened. At all. They might as well rename the movie and the characters because I don't remember any of this happening. Unless I've been reading the story wrong my whole life, there were far too many errors for it to be named "The Book of Esther." Additionally, even if I didn't know the story of Esther, it looks like the movie was poorly made; when switching scenes, the outside home/palace would be shown to say "this is where the next scene is". The outside home/ palace that's shown is clearly computerized. I noticed right when I saw that it was poorly made. At some points, I thought I was watching a low budget theater show. I'm extremely disappointed with how it turned out and I do not recommend this movie to anyone who's interested in the story of Esther.
  • Seeing that this movie was made by Pure Flix Entertainment, a Christian movie production company, we thought we would see an accurate portrayal of this story. At the beginning of the movie, a disclaimer was shown stating that the producers have changed some details of events for dramatic purposes, which is understandable. Unfortunately, they lied. They didn't change SOME details - they changed almost ALL the details. The only similarity this movie has to the Biblical record is the names of the principal characters.

    I'm extremely disappointed in David A.R. White as the director and writer Timothy Ratajczak (who has written many excellent Pure Flix movies) who are responsible for this piece of trash. I've always held White and his company Pure Flix in high regard. To see a Christian production company, who one would expect to be Biblically true to actual events chronicled in the Bible, produce a movie about Biblical events and completely change the details is inexcusable.

    With their "dramatic license," this movie is completely unrecognizable as the story of Esther. The Veggie Tales episode on Esther is more accurate than this movie can ever pretend to be. I'd recommend watching that instead.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Despite the obvious low budget, the writers really shouldn't have attempted to portray Esther and her mother figure as two man ruling feminists, even if they meant to be funny, it is absurd to think that they'd behave this way as Jews during the exile. Even the whole "boy-crazy" scene at the beginning defies any attempt to accurately portray the conditions or the story. We literally first meet the adult "Esther" making goo-goo eyes at a married monarch in a town square!?!?! Are they mixing Esther up with Delilah or Gomer?

    The Vashti tantrum and complete contempt for the guard's head leads viewers to want to see her banished and shamed for her inhumanity, but the writers miss this opportunity and exchange a dramatic opportunity for a few more gossipy whisper scenes among the other gossipy whisper scenes. Then go on to show Esther discuss how she would be just like Vashti. The idea that Vashti could be completely unaware of her own culture is entirely implausible, the historic context was completely missed in this rendition. She must have only arrived moments before in a time machine from the 21st century! It's a frustrating plot line to say the least. The more likely (and historic) scenario is that her husband was drunk and while it was the custom of the time for Queens to remain out of public view, he ordered her to be paraded and she would have been more likely embarrassed and less likely a raving post-sexual-revolution-feminist with no care for the life of royal staff. The role should have been played much differently. Instead all of the crowd is whispering how they expect to see Vashti. The facts of history are completely ignored.

    By that point you will have seen enough of the sappy writing to find something better. Even with the low budget and exact same actors, if they could have demonstrated something resembling humility from any of the main characters they may endear them to the audience. Instead, they seem more like the gabby and arrogant personas found on evening television in the 21st century. You know, the sort who wouldn't keep their heads long in ancient Persia.
  • I gave this one star, because you can't give less than one star. Attempted to watch this on one of the streaming services. Making it less than half the way through, had to watch something else. The writing, continuity; everything about this "movie" makes watching paint dry more appealing and worthwhile of my time.

    Because of this, I asked myself who would dare to put out something this bad for a very small fringe of viewers? Doing some research, found out the same company who released "God is not Dead" is the culprit. Refusing to see this pile of garbage as well because of the same "fine" concern for detail, I fail understood how the audience for "God" and "Esther" is would find any of their movies "entertainment".

    My advice for anyone who wasted your time on this or any film from this company, the producers of these movies should give you an apology and refund.
  • I should admit at the outset that this is the first review I've ever posted for a movie that I haven't watched all the way through....but I figured if I have given it 40 minutes and see no redeeming features, I earned the right subject to full disclosure. Clearly developed without the insight of any Christiam theologians, and with an eye on 'accessibility', this has translated to the barest bones of the Bible story being presented like a US daytime soap opera, as if made by Disneys TV unit. Production values are low, but the 'look' of all the actors (especially the titular character) is pure valley girl gloss. If the faux 'gloss' of modern hair stylings, make up etc is an attempt at higher production values, it only serves to underscore the shallowness of thought behind the production. The bible story has the bones of a cruel plot, slavery etc, and it's a story worth telling, but it needs a real director and someone who doesn't equate the Bubke with 'family fare'! So bad it was funny, my personal high (low) point was the screeching English actress playing the Queen, who managed to appear quite young but also dreadfully surgically altered in the way normally confined to US actresses, all cat eyes and wide mouths. She really stood out as the worst of a dreadful dreadful bunch. Save yourselves, run far and run fast...
  • This entire movie could be summed up as someone who doesn't like, or understand, the book of Esther; so they decide they will plug their own invented story into the backdrop of a Biblical setting. I might expect this from a secular movie company that arrogantly thinks their storytelling is more relevant and interesting than a Biblical account that has stood for thousands of years; but to see a supposedly Christian movie making company do this is mind-boggling. They are suppose to have respect for the source material, but so far they have been the ones to butcher it more than any other Esther movie I've come across.

    The production values are rock bottom. The acting is terrible. That would be forgivable if they actually made an effort to faithfully convey the account of Esther based on the Bible and history.

    They've tried to invent a story they probably think is more relevant to a modern American audience. The entire point of the Biblical story is lost, and it's full of anachronisms from modern American culture and values.

    Rather than an accurate picture of ancient middle eastern culture where Esther could be killed for entering into the presence of the king uninvited, we see a modern American woman who suggests that things are going to have to change once they are married to be more of an equal partnership; to which the king aquieseced somewhat meekly.

    Rather than an accurate story about a woman who is taken to be a concubine for a despotic king, in which they may only have on sexual encounter with her never seeing the king again unless he decides to marry her; it is replaced with a modern American tale of a woman who is getting older wondering when she will meet the right man, and involves her insisting to the king that they will have to wait before they are married before they will have any kind of physical romance.

    If you want to make up your own story, with it's own values and message, then go do so - just don't force this pablum into a setting that claim to be based on the Biblical book of Esther. Although they do have a disclaimer about some things being changed, what they don't tell you is that nothing of significance about the original story has been retained aside from names.
  • Some of the actors are good...some are terrible...but overall it is just like watching a student film by a Game of Thrones fan filmed with people who are taking an acting class at their local community college. The lighting isn't bad. I spent a lot of time watching it trying to decipher whether or not it was just the budget that was making it bad and I really think that is nothing to do with it (although some of the costumes were like something ordered off of Amazon.) However it was really just the writing and the acting that ruined it. For example the lady that played Esther...are you kidding me? Just awful. And the guy that played the eunuch proved the makers of this movie watch a lot of Game of Thrones. Obviously some of these people got their parts because they knew the people making the film.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    First, I have to say that I am a conservative Christian and that I enjoy watching what Pureflix usually has to offer. But this one was totally disappointing. Of course, they warn us at the beginning that they have removed some of the biblical elements, and added other fictitious events to this movie. Then, they encourage us to read the actual book of Esther in the Bible. I will say that this encouragement is the best part of the whole movie.

    The actual story of Esther is full of action, adventure, intrigue, romance, irony, humor, and edge-of-your-seat suspense. I am amazed at the ability of these writers to rob this story of all that.

    I have no idea why they felt the need to add scriptures, prayers, and the mention of the name of God to this movie. Esther is unique in the whole Bible as the only book that does not specifically mention God. Rather, He is seen behind the scenes, as in real life, as the Master Weaver of history. Having Him actually speak Esther's Jewish name to her is totally out of character.

    I do not understand why the writers felt it necessary to take what was probably fifteen years or more of history, and make it appear to have happened within a few months' time.

    Jen Lilly is no doubt a beautiful young lady, as I am sure Esther was, but instead of appearing to compete for the title of queen of Persia, I thought she looked more like a candidate for Miss Alabama.

    Mordecai was a much better actor when he played the aged Daniel in the movie of the same name. Here, he seems to have stumbled over several lines, and everyone seems to have forgotten the lines he uttered at the first of the movie about Esther keeping her identity secret, as well as her relationship to him.

    The very idea of Mordecai presenting Esther in a contest for "Miss Persia" is preposterous, and the movie's presumption that there were no available fair virgins in surrounding lands that could wed a king is ridiculous. Harems were full of them, and there were always many more ladies-in-waiting. It was the way diplomacy was done in those days.

    Thao Penglis, whom I remember most from the second TV try of "Mission Impossible" thinks this is a Shakespearian production, and in some of his scenes with his wife, I think they do a pretty good impersonation of Lord and Lady MacBeth. Unfortunately, this is not medieval Scotland.

    In fact, as I think about it, this entire movie seems to go in search of an identity, sometimes thinking it is "Cinderella," and other times, "MacBeth." It fails in both. They had a great story, and the movie could have been great; it wasn't. It was disappointing.

    I suppose the writers thought to make the story more interesting with their omissions and embellishments, but what they have done is the crime of taking one of the most inspiring stories of the Bible and actually making it boring, predictable, and preposterous.
  • jpragasam23 September 2015
    Without a shadow of doubt, this is the worst movie of the Book of Esther that my wife and I have ever encountered, let alone the worst adaptation of any Biblical book. The screenplay was atrocious, and the plot was sketchy given the many liberties taken the scriptwriter in a futile attempt to bring something fresh and novel to the age-old Biblical narrative. The direction, cinematography and editing left much to be desired. The lead actress was much too contemporary American in speech and mannerisms - not befitting of Esther, the Jewish queen of Persia. Some of the others in the cast were not convincing either. Our advice to film-buffs is to avoid this movie altogether. In other words, give this PureFlix film the flick.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    When I first saw the acting between Haman and his wife I knew something was wrong. It was stilted not just over the top but looked as if they "Were" acting. And the way they described their daughter I thought she would look like an ogre but she was more beautiful than Esther! The roles should have been reversed.

    Plus there was a ton of inaccuracies such as Mordecai sitting at the table with the officials at the banquet or he himself presenting Esther to the king. How Queen Vashti came to know that the king wanted to see her. The Bible says nothing about her dancing before the King but to show her beauty to his guests. Plus 7 of The king's chamberlains came to inform her of the King's commandment not one soldier who looked as if he wanted to chuck off the balcony when she refused until he bowed his knee and acquiesced to her.

    Also it was the king's wisemen who recommended the banishment of Vashti not the king himself who came up with the idea. I didn't make it to the end of the movie. I stopped when they got to the part when Queen Esther kind of hinted at being co-ruler but was couched what she said by saying 'in a marriage they should be equal partners.'

    Now I understand the political correctness and everyone's is equal regardless of gender and all; I get it and I embrace it but the writers and producers went to a place where the Book of Esther didn't go. The king then comes off his throne and sits down on the steps beside her. However In fairness to the writers King Xerxes did offer Esther half the kingdom at the banquet she held for the king and Haman.

    So in my opinion the movie Esther with F Murray Abraham is a better version. I don't know if my edit of this review went through. I originally wrote that One Night With The King was a better Esther version but I got my movies mixed up. It was the one with F Murray Abraham-Esther, that's the better movie.
  • My girls, 8 and 10 refused to continue watching this film after 40 minutes of wasting their time in front of TV. The story of the film completely misrepresents the Esther story from Old Testament. The main accent of the story is about feminism, not obedience to God. Poor narrative continuity, film looks like a cheap TV serial Poor visual continuity, for example the one shot, CU in film reveals faces in shadow, the next one, MS reveals the same shot with faces well lit. Very poor casting. They could find a king who looks at least a little more Persian. Actually king's play looks weak. Narrative doesn't reflect visuals. Producer tries to pursue that Haman's daughter is ugly. However following visual (and even dialogue) she looks and thinks way better compare to Esther. There is much more that makes this film looking not professional...
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I was living with church friends for 3 weeks and I went to the Faith Christian Stores in Flint, MI while there. At that store, I got a triple feature of Pure Flix Bible movies, this being one of them.

    We all loved this movie, and I appreciated how close it was to the biblical book(I am listening to a DVD that reads the entire Bible and I have passed Esther) and this maintains it's spirit and the story.

    Most of the reviewers say this is very inaccurate. Really? Allow me to give the book a synopsis: The king wants his wife Vashti to dance at a banquet. She refuses, so they divorce. A beauty contest is performed, and Esther wins.

    Haman, the king's assistant, hates the queens cousin since he doesn't worship him, so Haman orders a hanging of all the Jews-and Esther foils the plan. The king therefore has Haman killed on the gallows instead, and the Jews live.

    Every aspect of the story is there, but the book takes only a half hour to read through! Pure Flix would want to make a 90 minute movie, right?

    Therefore, some additions are made, WITH A DISCLAIMER, such as Haman's daughter auditioning to marry the king, a court case to determine if Judaism defiles the king, and a FEW other examples. For the sake of a movie, the additions work.

    There is also something the other reviewers seem to not know-the biblical book of Esther never once mentions God! Does it bother you that God is mentioned in the movie?

    Esther in the Bible waits 3 days to spoil Haman's plan to the king, and in 1 in the movie. As inaccurate as that is, it worked for the movie.

    Besides this, I will say for a low budget movie-this looks beautiful. The acting is great as well, and this has pretty good quality for a modern Bible movie.

    My hope for The Book of Esther is that when lists are made of the Best Bible Movies, this ranks among Ben-Hur, The Ten Commandments, and The Passion of the Christ. It's that great of a Bible movie. Read the Bible book first and see how great of an adaptation it ACTUALLY is!
  • I was hoping to compare other productions of the Book of Esther, and this was completely the worst rendition of the three. This effort cannot possibly be compared to the biblical account. In other productions like the Book of Daniel, the team did a fine job to cast and portray the characters for the show, but I cannot say the same this time round.

    At first I brushed of the warning that some of the story had been changed for dramatic effect, for this happens all the time, but I did not realise just how far off-base they meant.

    Every actor over-played their role, and seriously misrepresents the account in the Bible. It really does seem that no historical research had been done. In fact, I cannot believe that David White even approved the script and story-line.

    Had I been an actor or worker on the set, I would have seriously protested and denied any roles offered.

    No offense to the actors, but this was a very poor attempt at representing a pivotal time in the Jews history and how God intervened in very unique ways. This movie failed to have the various story lines run in perfect harmony to its final vindication of an evil plot to exterminate a people.

    To me it was disappointing. I was expecting a lot better from what I know Pureflix is capable of.
  • Did anyone read how hypocritical this guy is ? And is casting now these movies? Directors should read .... and most definitely di not endorse him .
  • The Movie starts slowly at first half and then second half was wonderfully done.This is the movie according to bible.All ages can enjoy,Comparing to old Esther movie this movie was also wonderfully done.I thank Director David white for this wonderful movie given to us.It is very nice to see that is in blue ray format.Its a treat for all Christian friends.I highly recommend this movie to everyone.This movie was produced by PureFlix Entertainment that really excited me,they are on top producing Christian films.In today days they are giving us so many Christian movies that is really inspirational and entertaining for Christian friends.
  • One of the Bible's most powerful stories had every terror, twist, brave act and godly intervention ripped right out of it. The things that happen here are not even closely related to the wonderful, amazing Bible story about God in control in our lives, even when He appears hidden.

    Biblical Esther was a true hero, decisive, courageous, and righteous--this puff-princess Movie Esther harps on and on hoping to get married--literally to a Prince. The driver of this story is the Antagonist, Haman---not Esther. (Unrelated--but in this day and age were there NO brown-skinned, long haired girls to play (Young Esther) a Jewish girl?? Could not the director have passed on the White girl wearing the second-hand store wig for ONE more movie??).

    Very disappointing effort by Pureflix, adds nothing to Christian entertainment or biblical truth/revelation through visual media.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Firstly To the person that awarded this movie 10/10 all I can say is they must be from the studio trying their utmost best to promote this dismal movie or someone who has never read the story of Esther If they did they must have read the story with total blinkers on The basic facts are close but far away from the truth This is to say the Least Hollywood JUNK Fact Esther did exist Fact the Jews were threatened with mas extinction Fact Haman did try to destroy all the Jews Fact Modachai did reveal the plot to kill the king Fact Haman was executed on the gallows Fact Esther Did go before the king un announced under threat oft death Fact Esther did order the Jews to fast for three days

    Those are the facts FALSE There was no court case pitting Haman against Modachai FALSE God Never spoke to Esther No where in the actual story of Esther is God revealed to be in the forefront of things FALSE There was no Beauty contest between the advisors for a replacement queen for Vashti FALSE She was executed not banished FALSE Modichai did not present Esther or the King All the virgins were seized and rounded up for the Kings presence FALSE Hamans daughter never became Esther's maid servant She killed herself after throwing Opfal on her father while Haman was escorting Modichai on a donkey at the Kings order FALSE Esther's Banquet was two banquets not one She unveiled Hamans Plot at the second one not the first place he FALSE after the unveiling of Hamans Plot the king left and stood brooding until he saw Haman seemingly pleading with Queen Esther and came back and had him executed for touching the Queen The whole court case scene and ending is a total fictitious dream of the movie makers

    There were countless other errors omissions and mistakes made but we won't go there Needless to say this movie like so many other countless movies made by Christians only warped the true facts of the story Noah The 10 Comandments Gods and Kings and recently even Bible Stories miniseries done by Touched by an Angel actress Romy are full of LIES FALSEHOODS AND DISTORTIONS Really NINJA ANGELS That' takes the cake

    It would so sad that these film producers distort the true Bible Stories the way the do In plain simple English they are pushing out PROPAGANDA hopping to dupe people into believing what they are showing is true and correct And sadly there are people who will be live it as gospel

    If you want to see more accurate versions of the story of ESTHER Watch ONE NIGHT WITH THE KING And ESTHER by Carlton films in their THE BIBLE series I have found the ones I have watched there are closer to the true stories of the bible than most of the other bible story's made today