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  • Warning: Spoilers
    They are so used to making films for four-year olds that they thought the force is magic. There are magical and inexplicable wizardry happening all the time. Who knew 'Jedi' can heal the drying and mortally wounded? All those Jedi didn't need to die in episodes I-III! If only Yoda had known!! It is not just that nurse Rey is so magical. People fly, people transport items across the galaxy, people come back from the dead and intervene/assist/interfere and the list continues.

    Twinkle twinkle little star....
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I LOVE Star Wars films and couldn't see this film fast enough. All I can say is what was that all about? It was quite boring. Did anyone even edit this film? Rey's character was not likable. The only person tolerable was Chewie. Leia died of shame. Nothing happened anyone cared about. The dialogue was not clever. The film never went anywhere at all. It was just endless scenes of magical occurrences. People galloping on horses (read that again). Magic over kill. By the time the ending happened I didn't care anymore. I wanted to LOVE this movie, but I haven't been this bored in a long long time. I wish i felt differently.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The Jedi who were massacared at the Academy. The Jedi whom the emperor slayed. The Jedi who died in battle or were shot down in the arena. They all did not need to die. After all, doctor Rey here (Bad Robot University Alum. 2015) could have waved her hand, focused, grimaced for 2 second and voila all is good. And no stupid Jedi training needed either. Take that Yoda. Take that Kenobi. Heck take that The Force, Jedi, et cetra.

    This film, and its associated trilogy, is so bad that I condemn fans of Disney, Bad Robot. You are exposed as being embarrassing and lowbrow.
  • They have horses (yup horses) on the outside of a starship galloping while the star destroyer is in motion and beating the weaponry of the empire in terms of speed*!

    *JJ Abrams read somewhere that Lucas' vision was a Western in space and he got the wrong idea.
  • So it motivated me to finally register and add my own reviews.

    Obviously that is the only way they can get a couple of positive (spammy) reviews of this turkey in here. They already have a fake rating for it.

    The truth is that this piece of corporate vomit sucked. It sucked hard. The actress (nurse Ridley something) heals the boo boo of her bff. The horseback warriors gallop in space (yes I repeat in space) and evade intergalactic warfare technology by trotting and rolling on and off horseback, the dollar store masked emo has the mask and then doesn't have it at will and of course a dead character shows up out of nowhere (yup the old sitcom trick) and bores our pants off.

    One last note: hilarious that Bad Robot spammers are on here laming The Last Jedi. Who produced The Last Jedi? Check this website. That is right. JJ 'I rip off for a living'; Abrams.
  • Dex-ang24 April 2020
    News that is. Very good news. It is the last one. We don't have to see this cast and crew again (until sequel time in 2021).

    More good news: business schools across the country have fresh material on how to destroy, destruct, implode, explode, blow up, drill, sabotage, crush a much vaunted and respected cultural phenomenon and turn it into a Sunday morning cartoon (with even worse acting).
  • Or yet another Ghostbusters!

    That is how atrocious the directing is. I could utter every word before the characters said them. So cliche-ridden.
  • This and the entire sequel trilogy is nothing more than a billion dollar corporate money grab. It has just as much claim to being serious as the Star Wars Holiday Special does. Heck, the Holiday Special had all the original actors! These people? So bad they are not even aware of their own ignorance.
  • Watching this Disney film makes me notice that the titles are nonsense. Where do they get these titles from? In the first one the force does not awaken. mostly because it is inconsistent with the force. It is always there and never sleeps. In the next one we do not have a last jedi or the series would have ended. And here all Skywalkers are dead. Rey trying to fit herself is laughable of course.
  • Embarrassing If there was a lower rating than 1, this film would deserve it. Was this written by a remedial Sunday school class? The rise (hahahaahaaaaa) is a selfish, stupid, and harmful film. If this movie was satire and called "Bulls**t", I would still give it a ZREO for even giving screen time to this nonsense. Geez... really, humans.
  • Abysmal!!

    Same silliness once again. Also, JJ Abrams is without a clue. Full of annoying useless characters. Also, Rey is powerful out of nowhere again and even practies magical medicine.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie introduced an absurd amount of inconsistencies, to the point where either they purposely reversed the whole point of the first 6 films to slap Lucas and his fans in the face, or they never watched any of the previous films at all. First I'll talk about what I liked.

    The acting, the visuals, the effects, the amount of lightsaber screen time, racial diversity, and obviously John Williams' score, were outstanding.

    Here's what I didn't like:

    * George Lucas confirmed that Palpatine had died long before Disney, the whole purpose of the first 6 films was that Anakin Skywalker was to grow up and defeat the sith to restore balance, which he did. And then this movie reversed that entirely

    * No introductory entrance scene from Palpatine, it's just thrown into the opening crawl that he's still alive....

    * Rey has healing powers? RIP Qui Gonn and literally everyone that has died in Star Wars up until now

    * Speaking of healing powers, that exact kind of power is what Anakin had spent most his adult life trying to acquire, everything he's done is to obtain more power and knowledge of the dark side, and then boom Rey just has it all of a sudden.... Anakin turned his back on everything he was taught in an effort to acquire healing powers. Rey is just walking around healing basilisks like it's nothing. So you don't need to turn to the dark side and kill billions of people? Light side jedis can heal all along? Anakin got pranked! Why didn't Yoda and Mace have healing powers or even know of its possibility?

    * The convenience of the whole dagger thing really took me out of the movie, wait whats that dagger thing? 3-PO pls translate. "it contains the coordinates of the exact place we are searching for!" hmmmmm that was real freaking convenient wasn't it, also why did the dagger exist? Why would Palpatine make it and write exact coordinates on it?

    * Apparently all it takes to defeat Palpatine is to have two lightsabers instead of one? You don't need years of training or wisdom...?... if only Yoda/Mace had known

    * The fact that Palpatine was able to conceive means he was able to feel love at some point in his life........ did he have a love interest raise the kids? did he raise them? Rey would have been more interesting if she was a "nobody", the fact that she's a Palpatine just seems forced and lazy

    * Rey and Kylo have had absolutely no romantic chemistry ever, their relationship is shown as sibling-like. The kiss was awkward, and totally random. But it's Disney, so is anyone really surprised by that?

    * There was no reason for Leia and Kylo to die, why couldn't Rey just use her healing powers to stop it from happening?

    * The back and forth of thinking people are dead and then boom all of a sudden they're not dead was exhausting. Chewey is dead! Nope. C3PO is dead! Nope. Kylo is dead! Nope. Rey is dead! Nope. They keep reviving each other until one of them couldn't anymore.

    * A lightsaber is a sacred weapon only to be used by jedis in self defense. It's not a flashlight, it's not something you lend to your friend, and there were 2 more scenes of throwing them off of cliffs, did they learn nothing from TLJ? In the movie Kylo and Rey both threw their lightsabers to get rid of them because they didn't want to keep fighting or killing...... so basically admitting they don't have self control? What kind of jedi are they? A lightsaber is not a killing weapon, it's for self defense!

    * The Rey v. Palpatine scene was so boring. Palpatine gets his full strength back, lightnings a whole fleet, and then is defeated in like 7 seconds... by his own lightning.... again

    * Kylo turns good? Of course he does. There weren't a lot of obvious signs of struggle, and honestly that would have been a much better movie if it was just from his perspective, I wanted more Kylo, but he hardly had screen time and had a disappointingly little amount of lines

    * Why bring back Han, Leia, and Luke just to kill them all off? Having the beloved three back together again is what was going to make the new trilogy so special, but they never got to reunite

    * The Knights of Ren sucked! Just kind of hung around and then got killed by Pajama-boy Ben all at once in only seconds of fighting

    * W. T. F. was that final Lando scene? "Where do you come from? Lets find out"..... Ummm what exactly did you mean by that?

    * Palpatine has a new giant fleet? Why not just lightspeed something through all of them, because apparently you can do that now...

    * Episode 8: Leia sends out a signal to all the systems asking for help... literally no one shows up---Episode 9: Lando flies around to all the systems asking for help.... literally everyone shows up. Not an inconsistency I just thought it was humorous, haha!

    * What did Finn want to tell Rey? They ended the movie before they remembered to answer that. At this point JJ is probably just trolling us by leaving that unanswered

    * Kylo should have killed Palpatine, to at least be somewhat consistent with "I will finish what you started"

    * Where was Anakin? Did he forget how to force ghost himself? Obviously didn't care enough about the resistance. Show us Hayden!

    * Luke's lightsaber just duct taped back together and it's as good as new?

    * A lot of this movie's purpose had to do with Rey's identity. "Be who you are, Rey"... cut to the end of the movie... "I'm Rey Skywalker." Nope! you literally just learned that you're a Palpatine, nice try though

    * Leia should have died in TLJ... the unused footage was kind of creepy

    * It's pretty obvious that the trilogy wasn't planned out, there is no comprehensive storyline. What the trilogy is about is still a mystery to me

    * The pace of the first 30 minutes was super rapid, and then didn't stay consistent, they just kind of pasted scenes together but who cares, it's cool if you have a lightsaber out, right?

    * Poe can't catch a break for the 3rd movie in a row, just for comic relief too

    * In my opinion the best thing about the trilogy and especially ROS was the force connection that Rey and Kylo had, what they were able to do (communicate remotely, transfer objects to help each other, feel what the other is feeling, etc) was really interesting and I loved it. All of that ruined by the stupid meaningless kiss.

    Surely there will be people that love this movie, and I will never understand how they can look past all the above mentioned. RIP Star Wars, sorry you had to end like this.
  • A terrible movie for Star Wars, cinema or art fans. It crushes the force and takes Mary Sue-ism and unexplained occurrences to a new height. Frankly, and we have known this all along, the actors and actresses are poor.

    What is laughable is how the Disney contractors spamming here keep talking about how JJ Abrams saved the trilogy. Boys, tell head office to give you a new script, will you? JJ Abrams was the hack who ruined Star Wars in place. He was also the producer on the Rian Johnson impostor film.
  • The art of good film making has been lost in the last decade. A whole lot of structural and continuity issues here with a weak script that gives JJ Abrams the opportunity to sell games and merchandise. The main actress has only one expression like she is angry at herself, as well as the audience. Suggestion: there are only 6 episodes of Star Wars ever and only 3 of them are good.
  • mathiasmaar27 May 2020
    Absolutely a disgrace to writing and cinematography. Breaks established lore, pacing is horrendous, several things are just left in the movie and never followed up upon, and you do not have time to connect with any characters. It is so terrible that it is not even fun to make fun of it, it just makes you sad.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The good: Cinematography Music

    The bad: No storyline. Palpatine came back somehow, was confronted by Rey and died again. It took her less than 2 minutes to finish him in the end all because dead Jedi suddenly decided to talk to her, comfort her she wasn't alone.

    The ugly: Poe's speech before going into battle reminded me of every medieval movie I can remember. Then, 2 minutes later I saw a bunch of horses running across the deck of a Star Destroyer, freakin HORSES!

    Rey dies (why??) then Ben resurrects her (how??), they kiss (why??) and then he dies (vanishes), how&why??

    The RISE of Skywalker?? The 2 last remaining Skywalkers DIE!! There is NO Skywalker left.


    I remember downloading the storyline of all 9 chapters 16 years ago. The final trilogy was supposed to be about Leia & Han's kids, Luke's kids, a cloned version of Luke, a cloned version of Vader/Anakin and Luke eventually becoming the most powerful Jedi of all time after finally defeating the Sith in their ancient temple. The entire trilogy felt mystic, dark and after reading all 9 chapters the final 3 were undoubtedly going to be a "save the best for last" scenario. I am so disappointed. Star Wars is dead. Count me out.
  • I watched, observed, planned and plotted. At the stroke of midnight I jumped over the wall of LucasFilms headquarters and evaded the security camera and the guards. I scooted to the building's far wall in less than six seconds and broke through the unwired basement window. I was in, but there was still a long way to go and motion detectors to avoid!

    There was a foul stench in the air.

    I took a big gulp of my oxygen tank.

    I ran to the left and managed to creep forward with a lurch. Two rights, straight ahead and up the stairs before turning left twice and running down the stairs. I was behind a big black velvety door now. The secret maps smuggled out were correct! I hope they would continue to be so. Well, I had trained for this.

    I uttered the magical words I had rehearsed a thousand times. My mouth still could not get used to the taste of sulfur that permeated my tongue, larynx, nostrils and even ears. No time to taste the acrid stench now.

    The door opens and I run down the stairs, there is a beady drape here that I did not know about. Overconfidence had made them not post any guards. I got past the drape and shone a light on the blackened scene.

    It burnt my eyes, but my gaze persisted.

    I was in the temple of the sith.
  • Good: last of the trilogy

    Bad: everything

    Avoid the director, producer, actors and actresses
  • tbunker-8829418 December 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    As someone who has loved star wars ever since I was 6 , this is genuinely disappointing. This whole trilogy is an insult to George Lucas.

    First of all let me get this out of the way. I do not in any way blame the actors for the disappointment of these films. They did their best with what they had.

    I simply don't understand how disney is able to produce absolutely amazing Star Wars projects like rogue one, clone wars season 7, and Mandalorian. Then give us disappointments like the sequels.

    Disney doesn't give characters the proper development they deserve.

    -Fin was absolutely useless, all he did was keep shouting "REY!" Disney set him up to be something bigger earlier. Fin had so much potential and they threw him away. Not to mention how stupid it was to make all storm trooper defects force sensitive.

    -Speaking of wasted characters, Hux. What another absolute waste. In Force awakens they made Hux look like this intimidating Hitler-like character who wanted total control and dominance in the galaxy. A formidable villain for the series. In TLJ and ROS he became a complete push over that everyone abused. Disappointing

    -Rey turning out to be Palpatine's granddaughter almost made me walk out of the theater. There was no hint or indication that Palpatine even had a son or daughter in the prequels that led to him have a granddaughter.

    -They shouldn't have brought Palpatine back at all. Snoke was a completely original intimidating powerful antagonist that would have made such a great villain in all movies. Not to mention a brilliant performance by Andy Serkis. All completely wasted in TLJ and ROS, turns out snoke is just a artificial cloned being created by Palpatine.

    -the lightsaber choreography was atrocious. In the prequels and the clone wars, it shows that the Jedi were elite agile warriors, basically superhuman. In the sequels it just looks like kids pretending to sword fight with sticks

    The only 2 things that were redeemable about this movie was Kylo Ren and the visuals.

    Adam Driver carried this whole series with his performance of Kylo Ren. Thats it
  • Warning: Spoilers
    As the dotard has honesty and candour.

    "Rey, search your feelings... I am your... wait for it wait for it... grandfather."

    Enough said.
  • Words cannot describe the disgust that is this film. JJ Abrams did a standard job, worse than anything anybody could do/ever has done. Cheap cast, cartoonish so-called action, cheap effects for the sake of effects, not a single pretty cute girl men want to look at.

    Avoid this film, even if you're a Star Wars fan, because you will become disturbed with the state of the world. I'll definitely never watch this or the tens of crappy 'Star Wars'-related nonsenses Disney will release in the future.

    0/5 stars, 1/10, Worst big budget movie of 2015, Worst Star Wars far : )
  • kpzxsk18 February 2020
    Are there any jedis here?

    What about agents?

    I need help!!

    I need either a jedi mind trick or to be reintroduced into the matrix... or simply feed me some cows from Alabama and I will get anthrax and it is the same thing.

    I just want to forget this stupid film and trilogy. I loved Star Wars and Disney's hacks took that away from me.
  • Seb-Alexander4 April 2020
    It is Battlefield earth! Decades old aircraft rise from the depths and water and are staffed and ready to go!?!?!?

    There is a Strider style speech to a dying and dwindling force and because JJ is a rip off he has to steal from Star trek and has teleportation here too. BEAM ME AWAY FROM THIS CRAP
  • Whoa... hold on guys... 53???

    Who rate this turkey so high? I mean they have horses strutting and neighing in space on the outside of a starship! LMAO you cannot make this stuff up and they gave it 53? Maybe it is a typo and should be 5.3.
  • The story makes no sense

    The amazons and horses were truly idiotic

    The reveal is lame and left me in disbelief

    No pretty women to check out

    The last scene was so cheesy. No you are not a Skywalker. Seriously. you are not.
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