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  • OK so I have watched the first 4 shows and this is exactly what Nick needed !! Its a family friendly show, and I couldn't be happier they mixed the races up.I have a blended family and now my kids can finally feel accepted as people on TV live like they do! Love the jokes, love the sentiment, the writing is exceptional.

    Every actor pulls their weight on the show.The Teen girl played by Montana delivers the goods with her very real and natural ability and spot on comedic timing.The mother played by King is obviously a Broadway trained actress, she is fantastic and funny as ever.The two little kids are hysterical and get the jokes, and the dad ( Benymon) is a pro.

    Some people just can't accept that were in 2013 and shows from the 90's are outdated.This show brings the funny !! A plus
  • SanteeFats11 August 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    This series is a new one on Nickelodeon and I like it. It is about a human family, a mom and her two daughters, that buy a house and it is haunted by a ghost father and his two sons. The humans detect the ghosts and it gets funny from there. It is an obvious ploy of the writers that the humans are all female and the ghosts are all male. When I saw the first episode I thought the ghost dad was another one of the numerous Wayans clan but he isn't. I like the interactions between the characters as they learn to live with each other and start actually helping each other with problems. Some of the reviewers don't like it which is their privilege but to be called a moron because I do is lame.(Mcrae to be specific). I read some of the shows she likes and I think moron could fit for some of those too. Oh well. 10/12/14 Okay this show has been on for awhile now. I still like it a lot. The cast seem to have settled into their characters just find and they mess well.
  • relious15 August 2013
    This show is absolutely hilarious!! I have to be honest, I looked at it and thought "Uh-oh, Nick is coming out with another really bad TV show." But I couldn't have been more wrong. This show really blew me away with it's sharp acting, interesting characters, really funny jokes and the varied and detailed plots for each episode. This show is about a family that moved into a house haunted by ghosts, the ghosts wanted to scare them away but ended up becoming their friends. I have such a hard time trying to find other things to do before another new episode comes on. The thing I like most about this show are the characters; each character is likable in their own way and get into mischief with the ghost characters that usually influence them. Seriously, if you haven't seen this show, waste no more time. Watch it!! You will love it!!!
  • patrock20910 December 2013
    I personally love this show and honestly think it's exactly what nickelodeon needed. After a series of multiple failed nick shows such as: Marvin Marvin, Fred the Show, Bucket and Skinner, Wendell and Vinnie and How To Rock. I think The Haunted Hathaways is a winner. I like it because it is fresh, funny and unique! I think it is the first Nick show to be centered around ghosts. Another thing is the acting, all the main cast are pretty much all great actors although do sometimes overact a bit. I understand this show may not be as funny as previous nick shows such as victorious, icarly and drake and josh but its still entertaining and fairly funny, i don't understand why it has such low ratings and so many bad reviews? Overall i love this show and can watch it for hours. I hope for the best and wish it keeps airing for a long time. This show stars: Amber Montana as Taylor Hathaway, Curgis Harris as Myles Preston, Benjamin Flores Jr as Louie Preston, Breanna Yde as Frankie Hathaway, Genifer King as Michelle Hathaway and Chico Beynon as Ray Preston
  • It seems as if nickelodeon is on the downhill slide as far as shows go these last couple seasons. The Haunted Hathaways is just in a long line of poor writing, poor acting, and poor editing. I barely made it through a 30 minute time slot before shutting the TV off in relief, but felt I should have to make it through at least one episode before reviewing.

    Basically, a mother and her two daughters move into a home haunted by a man and his two sons. Certainly not a new premise.

    Perhaps the worst portion of the show is the writing. The lines are cheesy and cliché and delivered by utterly terrible actors and actresses. Each failed joke and over exaggerated motion is accompanied by canned laughter from a pitiful laugh track. Not far on its heels is the acting itself. Each line is squealed or screamed or delivered with excess facial expression and hand motion. I cringed watching the Awkward and unnatural interactions between the characters.

    In short, I don't recommend this TV show for anyone, not even the littlest kids.
  • First I want to say that I am a teenage viewer who watches shows directed at various age groups. I've seen shows directed at infants and toddlers and shows directed at middle-aged adults. I've seen a wide variety and these days I'm often disappointed by the selection available on TV. Quite often I find myself wanting something light-hearted with innocent humor since many shows today are heavy on the drama and humor that is not so innocent. That's not bad or anything, it's just not what I want to watch all the time. So when I look for this humor I find myself turning to Nick because I find the shows on Cartoon Network absolutely horrible. As for Nick, things are a little more tolerable but there shows are no longer even directed towards teen. Even the shows focusing on teens boil down to a children's show with bad jokes. That's how I feel about Haunted Hathaways. There's nothing good or amazing about this show. It's not horrible either. It's bland and mediocre. It's the kind of show I would put on just to have noise in the background while I read a book, write, draw, or play a game on a hand-held device. Nick's quality of shows has dropped tremendously over the years. Great shows like Drake and Josh- something that was not only directed at teens but had humor and story lines that appealed to teens and older audiences, sometimes even younger. Mosr important though, it was a show that had content for teens!- are something of the past. Shows like ICarly, Sam & Cat, Victorious, etc are not bad but they are still, somehow, teen shows that are more aimed at children becoming teens. Now that's a lot of Schneider. Truth is though, there are few Nick shows worth mentioning that aren't Schneider. I myself could use and enjoy a show that wasn't his and his brand of humor, but Nick has no other shows that are even half as good. These days, the shows, Schneider or not, aren't funny anymore. These shows have actors who try too hard, horrible jokes, and just plain hard to swallow story lines and characters. It's either the same repeated formula followed by previous shows that came before or it's a half- baked attempt at something new. Haunted Hathaways, like most Nick shows, has fallen on the sword of half-baked attempts at something new and ridiculous, pathetic humor. And it really is sad because I'm getting tired of having to watch the same old Spongebob or Looney Toons every time I want a good humorous show.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Even though I am already 39, I love many of the shows on Nickelodeon. OK, some are iffy like "Marvin Marvin" or "Sam and Cat" for example (it depends on the episode whether it's good or not), but some are really good, like "iCarly". But "Haunted Hathaways" is just bad! There is nothing "supernatural" in it unless you keep in mind that the dad and boys are ghosts (you need to keep that in mind, because usually you can't see it, they are as solid and healthy looking as the living humans).When they do tricks they are lame and in no way funny, the jokes are rather cheap slapstick than witty (for example: the dad transforms into a pink unicorn (just a plush unicorn costume, where you usually need two people to fill it out) to get the girls' attention about making the door slam shut or lock them into an invisible cage or something or at least turn into a real horse/pony with dyed pink fur and a horn on its forehead??? I was hoping this show would be something like "Sabrina - The Teenage Witch" or that Halloween kids movie with Bette Midler and Sarah Jessica Parker (sorry, I forgot the name of that one) or maybe a funny type of Patrick Swayze's movie "Ghost", but it's not. Like I said the tricks are lame and unfunny and the actors don't deserve the expression "actor" at all. I used to NOT like "Jessie" because it was exaggerated in acting and plot, but that show is gold compared to this one. The only good thing I can say about this show is that it shows that different races can and do live together. There is so much potential in this topic, but they wasted it sad.

    My daughter doesn't even like it - and she is four! She is more into "iCarly" and "Big Time Rush" - just like I am ;-).
  • Warning: Spoilers
    SPOILER ALERT! This show IS dreadful. The special effects suck, their acting skills tell people it's easy to make it in the acting world now-a- days. I can't see how people even WATCH this garbage. I wouldn't be surprised if it ended during the second season. Their jokes are beyond mediocre. I would seriously pay to see this go of air and be never shown again. I am generally lazy when it comes to changing the channel, but when this came on I forced myself to. Just the talk of the show just makes me furious and ready the break my TV. This is literal crap. Loads and loads of crap. I have one thing to say to the producers of Nick," THINK PEOPLE! THINK FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIVES! THIS SHOW IS TRASH, YOUR VIEW OF ANY SENSE OF HUMOR IS BAD, SO YOU MIGHT AS WELL STOP TRYING!!!!" The only reason this is continuing to be on air is because of the children. Of the poor children who are able to watch this without a sense of disgust. Just quit will your ahead. For our sake. In my opinion Cartoon Network is doing THE VERY BEST right now!!!!!!! Uncle Grandpa, etc. are garbage yet are still better than this load of trash. This is PURE, UTTER CRAP. Disney isn't doing any better. Liv & Maddie, Good Luck Charlie, Shake it Up, Ant Farm. T-R-A-S-H!!!! There is so much more for me to say about the stupidity of society, and I would love to slash every Network out there, but I am soon to reach my minimum. People, everywhere! Please take the time to realize how bad TV shows these days are. If anything, spend your time doing something CONSTRUCTIVE or at least watch good channels. WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO!!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is only based on the 30-minute series debut.

    This show is extremely mediocre and unimpressive. The premise is that there is a family comprised of a teenage daughter, a smart little girl, and their recently- divorced, single mother. They move into a place in New Orleans where the mother can manage a shop on the first floor while they live above the shop. The building is haunted by a family of ghosts, a single father and his two sons, a teenager who wants friends and a little boy who can't control his ghostly powers well. The ghosts don't want to share their home with the humans; chaos ensues.

    To start, the jokes in this show are abysmal. They're the kinds of jokes that only appeal to little children, not even teenagers or kids on the brink of teenage years. There was a long sequence in the first episode that comprised of a fart joke (surprise, surprise) that went on for about thirty straight seconds, and the laugh track went on the whole time. It wasn't funny; it was actually pretty gross and exaggerated to an extreme that's even ridiculous for Nickelodeon.

    The characters? They're pretty interesting, I guess. I like the fact that it's not just another show taking place in an unrealistically lavish house or apartment in a lavish part of town (usually somewhere in California) with flawless teenagers. That's where the extra 2 stars come from; it has an original setting.

    But the ACTORS. The actors are not good at all. Every single one of them tries way too hard to elicit laughs from the audience by overacting, even the grown woman, the mom. The teenage girl, specifically, almost laughs when she's delivering some lines. The actors have over-dramatic facial expressions and excessively exaggerated movements (only when they're trying to be funny, like when the teenage ghost is "dancing"), shout too much, and almost seem like they're rushing through the script to reach the "joke."

    Even worse than the actors are the special effects. The teenage girl is supposed to be a gifted gymnast. Sometimes, she spontaneously does gym tricks, like answering the door by doing several flips and somersaults to get there, but it looks like they replace her with CGI or something when she's supposedly doing these flips; it looks extremely awkward, VERY cringe-worthy. When a character is supposedly moving in fast motion, he or she is followed by a stream of purple lines that look like they came from a cartoon.

    So... I'm not impressed yet. Maybe if you have an 8 to 11-year-old kid or something, they'll enjoy this. I probably would have at that age. I really wanted to like this show; Nickelodeon has been on a losing streak for awhile now, and I wanted this to be their recovery, but the show is just weak. I don't see it lasting for more than one season.
  • This show is just plain bad. The jokes are eye rolling. Can we stop with the fart jokes! It's so childish and not funny. The whole Louie finger snapping into the wrong thing got old after the 3rd episode. The acting is bad. Both the parents overact and so does the kid playing Louie. The kid playing Miles is too cheesy. Amber Montana as Taylor? Good lord she can't act her way out of a paper bag. She always sounds like she's reading cue cards and she can't do comedy to save her life. She lacks charisma and can't carry a show herself.

    The characters suck. The dad and Miles are both corny. The mom is too frantic and hyper. Louie is an obnoxious jerk. The teen daughter Taylor is an unlikable rude whiny brat. She's so bland and so are her interchangable group of friends who have no distinct personalities. She and the actor playing her boyfriend have zero chemistry.

    Frankie is the only cool character on the show. She's unique, smart, and spunky. Breanna Yde is a cutie!
  • Nickelodeon needs to rewind. What is going on here? This show is not all. The acting is not convincing. It's just not worth your time. The advertising for this show was overdone just to attract people to a garbage dump of a show. I mean I'm confident that I could produce a much better show than this!

    The only good shows on Nickelodeon currently are the works of Dan Schnieder. There is only one show still active from Dan Schnieder. That is Sam & Cat. This show is the worst of his works unfortunately. Something happened. His older shows like Drake & Josh , Victorious , and iCarly were very nice. The actresses are great in Sam & Cat it's just the storyline. It's just bad. Nickelodeon is falling apart.
  • Pintadgl2626 September 2013
    This show isn't bad, but why did it have to be a sitcom? I like TV shows with science fiction, and I notice that most science fiction TV shows on Nickelodeon are sitcoms. Marvin, Marvin is considered one. There's another one coming called the Thundermans. Why do all Sci-fi TV shows on Nick have to be sitcoms? Nick can do much better than that. I wouldn't mind if they made a Sci-fi show that's not a sitcom. Nick needs more Sci-fi shows that are not sitcoms. I'm just saying, it will probably get more viewers if it starts doing that. I'm not saying the show is bad though. I really like it and it is quite creative, but no one said it had to be a sitcom. People would still like it if it wasn't one.
  • ysabelscout10 June 2020
    I dont know how this show only has 5.1 stars its one of the few kid shows made past 2010 thats good its funny the cast is all entertaining and i love the story line of a normal family living with ghosts only bad part is its not on amymore
  • This show is awesome and so funny I love Breanna Yde she is amazing and cute
  • An abnormal family of ghosts and an ordinary family of people in the same house, watching their adventures. Most of the episodes are super-silly, super-boring and the jokes are pretty bad. I don't know if all the actors are so bad or the terrible scenario isn't helping them...