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  • heatherworkmanrios18 January 2023
    I thought this might be a cute, funny show about cougars and since there isn't much to watch right now, why not?

    But then came the "plot twist" if you can call it that😬. Yuck and weird are the words that come to mind. I'm all for shock art, but not like this. Without the ridiculous twist, it might have been a funny show.

    What I don't understand is why did they not do any research about this ahead of time? Maybe poll their target audience to see if this idea was okay? Did anyone actually speak up on the production team or any where and say "This ain't it"? If so, I guess now is their time to say "I told you so".
  • elin9321 January 2023
    Ok, so... I have questions. Who came up with this concept? Who okayed this show? Why did TLC say yes to air this show? Why bring in their own sons into the show? Imagine if the show was "Dilf Dungeon" instead, and they brought in their barely adult daughters... Would you okay that too, TLC? Yikes.

    I'm not in any way against dating shows targeted towards more mature people. In fact, I think that would be quite refreshing, to see a real dating show without 20 year old clout chasers.. but this show is definitely not it.. NUH-UH! If you do a dating show for more mature women, bring in men that are closer to their age.

    I have a feeling that MILF Manor will be very short lived.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    And I was expecting it to be pretty bad. But despite that, I chose to give it a chance because I love some good, trashy television. However, after only a few minutes and just getting to know the women, the "twist" came and I instantly regretted giving this show a shot.

    For those of you who haven't seen it, the twist is that the guys they'll be dating are the sons of each of the women on the show. AND the mother/son duo have to share a bedroom, making them painfully aware of any of the "dating" they might choose to do in the bedroom. No thank you. The whole thing makes me really uncomfortable and I'm not sure how this possibly made it on television. I'm assuming there won't be a next season, but let's remove this little twist if there is one and we can re-evaluate.
  • guam-7394211 February 2023
    Reality tv has finally hit the lowest low - mothers between 40 and 60 encouraged to get intimate with kids the age of their sons.

    Whats next? Dad's shacked up with their teen daughters?

    All those who scratch their heads at how divisive our current politics and society is right now need only to glimpse at what immorality/reality tv is getting away with. The hope is so few people will watch this that the galling lack of morals won't sink in to the general public and that whoever at TLC came up with this disgusting taboo trash is fired.

    This endless trend of putting people in a fake luxury backdrop and watching them commit sin is getting old.
  • qdhsthrz16 January 2023
    Really reaching here. I feel dirty and I cannot find my remote fast enough to change the channel. These women are so fake and narcissistic. I have a wonderful son who would never think any of this was ok. Just gross..This is a sad portrayal of so many things. Mom and son relationships-arrogance of the moms and arrogance and disrespect shown by the sons. I have no issue with relationships where there is an age difference. I am just bothered by the fact that someone thought this was a good concept. Also I am bothered that I have to keep writing because my initial response was too short. Everyone involved with this should really reconsider.
  • ajgilcrest30 January 2023
    Warning: Spoilers
    Disgusting in concept and practice. Not much more to say than that. Saw someone say this is a common fetish in teenage boys?? Having a sexual encounter with someone's mother while the son is there and your mom is also present having sexual encounters with others while you're present...not a fetish I'm currently aware of. Besides the obviously horrific concept of the show, it also is just abusive. The scene where the mother admits to sleeping with her sons best friend because he knew he wouldn't guess it so she'd win? Wtf is wrong with you of course he wouldn't guess that, that's a horrible thing to do. This whole thing is gross and I'd be concerned if you enjoy watching live abuse like this.
  • This is one of the trashiest, most horrifying shows I have ever watched and I will 100% be watching every single episode. It's like a terrible car crash that i just can't look away from. I don't know what's worse, the way the moms talk to each other, the way they talk to each others sons, or the way they talk to their own sons. I wouldn't be surprised if this show ended with every mom hooking up with their own child. There is definite sexual chemistry between some of the pairs and it is played up significantly. I leave every episode feeling sick to my stomach and i cannot wait to see what happens next.

    Disco Mommy Fever.
  • scarlettjmolloy3 February 2023
    Not sure who thought this was a good "social experiment" but it really isn't.

    Don't bother wasting your time.

    I'm all for the milf life and women living their best lives and dating younger men.

    All for younger men dating older women.

    This however is depraved.

    I was intrigued at first thinking it would be playful but tasteful. Its most certainly not that.

    It got creepy during one of the games.

    Imagine if dad's were feeling up their daughters.? People would be outraged but some how this is ok?

    We stopped watching it I wanted to throw up!

    The "cast" leave you feeling and thinking what tf???
  • melissadavis-6456827 January 2023
    Warning: Spoilers
    I saw this come up on TLC and I watched an episode. How is this a thing? In the episode, the moms had to identify their sons by rubbing on their upper body. Some of the women seemed really into it and it made me very uncomfortable. The whole premise of the show is bizarre. If dads and daughters were doing the show, there would be a lot of controversy just because it's so in your face. One mom will literally try to get with any of the young guys. Several of the moms are so fake looking. Wearing skimpy clothes and planning their next sexual conquest, whike that kid's mom might be in the same room. One mom even admitted to sleeping with her son's best friend. I'm actually embarrassed for this whole show! It's definitely a train wreck. So much for The Learning Channel being educational, this is just garbage.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    So I don't usually watch reality shows but when I heard about this one I wanted to watch it out of sheer curiosity.

    So this is a dating show where the twist is that not only is it 20 something guys dating 40+ women but their mothers are dating in the same dating pool as well. Not only that but they sleep in the same room as their sons.

    Now this show has gotten a lot of attention for the undertones of this and the show does lean into it a bit. The first episode has the mothers blindfolded and feeling up the topless torsos of the sons to determine which one is their son. It also has a line about "opening ones mind" said to the mothers but overall, 2 episodes in, that's about it.

    Most mom-son moments have actually been pretty funny cringe in my opinion. I don't always find cringe funny but in this show it worked, I think because most of the people are laid back and happy thus far so it doesn't become those "sinking cringe" moments.

    Most people on the show are fairly likeable and distinct. While the mothers ofcourse have that air of "milf and I know it" and "I need young men to keep up with me" vibe, most of them seem mostly like normal people and not over the top reality tv personalities... except for one, more on her later.

    The sons are all fairly laid back chill dudes but most still differ enough where you quickly pick up on who's who. Some of them are genuinely funny as well. Quite frankly did not expect to like the dude line up so much.

    The weirdest thing about them though is that they're all handsome af and most seem very successful with women already. Quite frankly the MILFs on the show aren't hot enough to make me think these dudes couldn't do better at home, so I'm not sure how likely the majority are to end up in long term relationships with any of these women.

    I said there was one exception to the personalities: Kelle. She's the type of woman who has a "disco mommy" alter ego. A lot of make up, probably gotten some work done, silis, extremely romantically aggressive, low self-insight, wears incredibly revealing clothes and most importantly: DEMANDS the attention of everybody, all the time.

    Kelle is the classic reality tv personality in a 50 year old package. Luckily she has good sides so she's bad enough to dislike but good enough where you can kinda respect her (she can be genuinely funny and liven up social situations).

    This far, 2 episodes in, the only real conflict has been created by Kelle and she's probaby bound to be the villain of the show.

    At the end of the day, this isn't a show worth getting upset over. While it gained PR with Oedipus angle it's more of a "Mother knows best" dating show or something. The main Mom/Son interplay during this show is bound to be whether or not their Mom/Son wants them to date that particular person.

    Whether or not you enjoy it will probably be dependent on whether or not certain types of cringe entertain you, so if you like the cringe in the promotional material it will probably appeal to you.
  • The latest reality TV trend has reached an unprecedented low, as mothers aged between 40 and 60 are being encouraged to engage in intimate acts with their sons of similar age. This begs the question, what's next? Will we see fathers involved with their teenage daughters? The divisive state of our current politics and society can be seen in the immorality of reality TV. It's concerning that this type of taboo content is being produced, and it's hoped that the general public will boycott it to prevent the normalization of such morally repugnant behavior. Those responsible for creating this disgusting trash on TLC should be held accountable and removed from their positions. The constant repetition of putting individuals in an artificial, glamorous setting to watch them commit sins is becoming tiresome.
  • The whole premise is disgusting, sexist, and hypocritical. Completely perverse. Not only is it truly gross, but all the contestants seem to be suffering from some kind of brain injury. The collective IQ is dangerously low.

    The real kicker is, it's also poorly made and extreme boring. The opening credits is something out of Saturday Night Live. Music cues and interstitials are lazy and cheap. Even the editing and story production is subpar. Think about how much time and money went into producing, shooting, and editing. This is the best they could do. Someone needs to be fired. There has to be better minds out there to create reality tv for TLC.

    Since everyone is so utterly vapid and charmless there's not even any good drama or situations that usually make trashy television somewhat enjoyable.

    The whole incest gimmick is all over every episode. As if the show didn't get it's oedipal obsession across by the obvious and clunky concept for the show, they have to hit you over the head with constant incestual conversations and activities.

    It's truly a poorly made show all-around.
  • Lets not act shocked or try to virtue signal by screaming disgust and discomfort at this show. If it is not your cup of tea just leave it amongst the mountain of reality shows that came and went. And this is from someone who rarely watches any kind of reality tv.

    That said, it is what it is. Nobody tuned in this show expecting prestige television. Speaking for myself I tuned into this expecting exactly what they delivered and to this extent I consider it a success in its genre.

    One night every week, after a long day I wanna take a warm bath, relax and for a few hours forget about the world and that's exactly when a show like this comes handy. I pour myself a glass of wine after my bath, put on my robe and lie down and put this on. Something sexy, taboo-ish, scripted "shocks", gossip and confrontations etc is exactly what I crave those nights and this show just hits the spot.

    Enjoy it the way you enjoy cheap pizza after a night of clubbing and the next day have a salad.
  • So, just saw a few minutes, nothing exceptional; however I am curious about how a reverse version of the show would play... Most likely, no network would even touch this given the status quo, or there would be a general outcry about "dirty old men taking advantage of young women"; particularly fun is the scene were the Milfs are getting ready to meet the younglings and they are all cheering and wooing, I can only imagine a bunch of dudes on their 50s going oooh let's go check this babes out! It almost feels like trafficking.

    Sure, maybe there are shows out there where older men date younger women, but this definitely goes beyond "Two and a half men" type sitcoms... Take a look imagining the sexes are reversed, crazy :)
  • sshay-6167126 February 2023
    This is the most useless, non-entertaining, DISGUSTING show ever. Take it off the air. What is the point to this? Nothing! Young boys seeing their mom's date young boys.

    What has tv or the entertainment business come to? Actually, 90% of the shows on TLC has no substance.

    So these mom's are ok dating a 21 year old? Are you kidding me? I guess their self esteem is so low they opted to just go for it.

    If your gonna put a dating show on, at least make the age range decent. My 24 year old son busted out laughing and walked away when he saw this. Thanks but no thanks, I'll take a grown man please.
  • A show about people who choose to publicly demean themselves in order to show their utterly dull and boring personalities along with their desperation to get laid.

    They can't find anyone who are desperate enough to hook up with this group of brain dead humans so they decided to do some mom and son swapping. Except a couple of the sons were even too grossed out by it all and eventually got off the show.

    The two worst moms have to be Charlene and Kelle. Both foaming at the mouth to get laid by one of the boys. And several social media comments suggested that Jose, who seems to be the most desired son among the moms, looks like that guy Bryan Kohberger who killed those college students. Seems like some of those moms are drawn to that look.
  • I only write this review because the reviews here are crazy IMO.

    We are at the new version of Love Island and I have to say I find it very entertaining. They could also have called the program: "I want your son, but you can't have mine." But truly, I don't think most of the reviewers understand that they were watching a program called MILF Manor?

    Don't watch this program if you expect a Mamma Mia love story. This is exactly what reality programs should be like, you should watch this for the cheesy flirting and the cringy drama. The show is definitely for the younger segment (I thought we knew this?)

    I have to add, I haven't watched reality programs in a really long time, but the participants seem to have (a lot) more brains, then compared to participants from a show like Love Island. I'll stick around for a couple more episodes for sure.
  • This show is ridiculously awesome. It's about 8 women who date one another's sons. Who knows if it's scripted or not - but it's hilarious and everyone in the show is just so bad. The premise is they are in some house in Mexico and they are challenged with activities and they have to find romance with the other women's children. And the son's have to watch their moms date the other guys. It's so weird and so hilarious. Also, it's pretty MILF action that is going to lead to lots of adult film parodies which many of us will watch for years to come. Get it. I wrote come. Haha. Anyhow - recommended.
  • If you enjoy trashy reality TV this is top tier content. I understand the hate on this show if you're a normal person watching normal TV. However, if you are looking for obnoxious reality TV this not only hits all the right spots it literally makes your stomach curl putting yourself in the contestants shoes and even as an onlooker.

    Whoever came up with the concept of this show especially the "twist" that I could have never anticipated.. is brilliant and needs a raise. I AM CAPTIVATED. I never knew a show could be so painful to watch and I'm here for it. You'll understand why if you give this show a chance (no spoilers, trust me you want to see it for yourself).

    I hope to see more of this type of content on TV, I never knew I could feel so many emotions at once watching something. I commend everyone involved in this show; the creators for thinking of it, the financer and studio who helped this come to light, and the insane contestants willing to undergo this. Thank you everyone for this obnoxious masterpiece of insaneness.. I've never left a review before and felt I HAD to as I need more of this out of the box thinking. Yikes!
  • I'm not a big *reality tv series fan--I only watch one other, but this show is so freakin funny and entertaining! I think people made assumptions before even watching the show, but the characters are likeable and definitely keep you engaged. Even though it's mothers and sons dating other mothers and sons, it's really interesting seeing the dynamic between the moms and their sons. One thing that stands out to me is seeing the moms interacting with their sons and seeing how close and supportive they are of each other. I also like the dynamic of younger men with older women and seeing just how vulnerable both can be. Of course, there's a bit of drama too ;-) I hope there's a Season 2!
  • It was a Tuesday. I had found out one of my closest friends at my university was forcibly withdrawn and institutionalized in a mental hospital. I saw her 5 minutes before she left and I still don't know when I will see her, honestly if ever again.

    My friends and I gathered round and mourned for the loss of our dear friend. We cried, we sat in silence, and then we decided we have to do something to feel better, at least for the day.

    Then, said, "Have y'all heard of milf manor?" And so, the fate of the day was sealed. Milf manor made me feel so much joy on such a dark day. I love you Disco Mami.
  • 'MILF Manor' is avant-garde transgression launched onto the silver screen. What is so compelling about this work is the way in which it challenges our societal mores in the most blatant and crass but also touchingly romantic way.

    This Nietzschean milfic turning of the tables makes for a gripping watch. It is a modern Romeo and Juliet or better yet a Woody Allen-style real life retelling of Oedipus and Jocasta. The show simultaneously begs for and defies interpretation.

    The show, while being an exciting roller coaster of twists and turns, is yet much more than just that. Some might be tempted to say the show is sensationalist or tacky but this is only a surface-level reading, in fact the show plays into this while also hinting at the more intelligent watcher that it is much more.

    One could wax lyrical for sentences about this gem but I will leave you with thus - This show is about something deep, something integral to the human spirit. The show is a microcosm of the universal existential Odyssey of self-discovery and self-emancipation, it touches this poignant essentiality of the human Heideggerian Dasein deep in its deep heart's core. Do not miss this.
  • I really don't know who is giving those low ratings and I don't care cause personally I find this show very intriguing with suspense.

    Yes, it's a little bit true that the plot twist was a bit off for me but I am okay if the participants are okay with it.

    The show focused on both sides of the family and their acceptance of each other blows my mind. I am already ready for S02 but just want to be without that plot twist this time. Let it be open and wild so that the MILFs can swim high to the other end.

    Personally, I felt those people were a little shackled by the twist and not able to make themselves open that much, other than that this is a great show.
  • It's like watching a slow moving train wreck- one with a really old locomotive pulling new empty boxcars. Only difference, you can easily not watch.

    Personally, I like really stupid reality shows, but I feel a dumber and almost dirty after watching two episodes and can't bring myself to watch more - I only pray no one actually knows I watched this garbage. It's an embarrassment. The fact that someone actually green lit this is truly amazing.

    I really think this may have been funded by the department of defense or homeland security to show on an endless loop to the prisoners at GITMO (perhaps the Geneva Convention prohibits this kind of cruelty).
  • As a connoisseur of reality TV I couldn't pass up the opportunity to see this show. The fact that kyrsp33dy and his over used knee pads make an appearance. I for one can't wait to see them make multiple appearances over the course of the series.

    Kyrsp33dy's and his knee pads performance and endurance on the show thus far is Oscar worthy. I cannot wait to see how his character progression evolves over the course of the series.

    I will make sure to tune in eagerly to every single episode to see whose mother kyrsp33dy uses his stunningly beautiful knee pads to shack up with next.

    This show is a must see for any reality TV show. It's only made better by the appearance of kyrsp33dy and his magical knee pads.

    Pure reality TV gold.

    Shame about the voice though.
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