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  • Warning: Spoilers
    "It's Not You It's Me" is an 11-minute live action short film from 2012, so this one has its 5th anniversary this year. It is from the United States, so obviously in the English language and the writer and director is Matt Spicer. Lead actress is Gillian Jacobs and she may not be a huge star, but still somewhat known and this description also fits the supporting cast very well that even includes Emmy nominees. Overall, I was underwhelmed with this one. The last shot with 3 more suitcases was kinda funny, but the ending was extremely abrupt and honestly the film does not make sense on some occasions. We have a woman who kills her boyfriend in an accident. we see how she struggles with it, how she is scared and shaken to the core, almost has to vomit and then we see her kill her neighbor (a witness of the accident) in cold blood. That does not make any sense. Lets also keep in mind that it was an accident, even if it may have looked differently. I know it is a dark comedy, but there are still very basic regulations that you have to adhere in terms of realism and making this an authentic watch. I give it a thumbs-down. Not recommended.
  • This little comedy short is quite dark but appealing because of how tightly it is structured. Very early in the film we are in familiar territory where we see a relationship where one partner has started to become irritated by everything the other one does to the point that even small things feel huge and things that were perhaps once charming no longer seem that way; it is a situation many can relate to whether they have been the subject of this or the cause (for me usually I am the latter case). So far so familiar but then the film quickly escalates from this to be much more extreme in content.

    At first I felt that the place it went to was almost too dark and cruel since there was a certain amount of lingering on the violence of the situation; in his comment Theo said some of the film was mean spirited and, while I don't agree totally, I do see where he was coming from since at least once the camera lingered on suffering a bit too much. This aside though I thought the film escalated with a nicely comic tone and although ultimately it is pretty dark as a concept, I also found it quite amusing. The delivery is mostly good at this and keeps things snappy while the central performance from Jacobs.

    It is not an amazing short film but it has a rich vein of darkness which it works in a funny way by how quick and punchy the delivery is since it is the impact of the events more than the actual content of them that makes the film work.
  • What an amazing short film! I saw this on the "buh" channel on youtube (which is somehow associated to JASH but I honestly have no idea how) and I was completely taken by it.

    For those who don't know: buh is a comedy channel which showcases a lot of really interesting styles of humor. A lot of the videos are very, very strange and really aren't for the close-minded. This short film was among them and I have to say, it's one of the best videos on the channel.

    Now, I've noticed in the comments that a lot of people don't see how this film is funny but they must've never heard of black comedy. If you don't understand how it's funny, then you really must broaden your "comedic horizons" if you will. Notice I said UNDERSTAND. You can not like it as long as you understand how and why it's comedic.

    Anyways, this film does a fantastic job of showcasing irritability, anxiety, and what happens when someone who is irritable and anxious gets pushed too far and then thrown into a situation (not gonna spoil things for people who haven't seen it!) they never imagined themselves being in. I have to say, the ending was fantastic. About as dark as dark humor gets!

    Gillian Jacobs does an amazing job here. I'm only familiar with her work on Community but based off of that, I'd have to say she shows some SERIOUS acting chops in this. The sound design and editing also deserve praise for really capturing the woman's perception. The cinematography is also very well done. It's nothing too crazy or new but it still looks really good.

    i really, really felt this one and I love to see people pushing the boundaries of comedy in whatever way they can. :)

  • Reading the synopsis of Matt Spicer's dark comedy it read " A young woman's relationship takes a dark turn when every sound her boyfriend starts to make annoys her " I bet you're thinking exactly what I was thinking . It was a story that was going to be entirely confined to one set and most of it would be told via sound effect . Hey I bet there wouldn't even be any dialogue . . This isn't in fact how things work out so in a type of back handed compliment congratulations to Matt for confounding my predictable expectations . That said the unexpected elements don't work in any great detail when you stop to consider them in anyway which is always problematic in a film that has a very short running time . Not only that but there's also a very disjointed feel especially considering the time frame which in a ten minute film seems to span several years which means IT'S NOT YOU IT'S ME is something of a failure and a mean spirited one at that