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  • Wealthy Lady Margaret Galloway is plagued by nightmares, she was responsible for running over Daniel Walsh's father, when he dies he vows to take revenge on her. At a masked ball, a murder happens.

    A super stylish episode, which boasts lots of glitz and glamour, a very visually appealing episode, Lucia gets to wear some super stylish clothes. The scenes at the Charity Hunt look great too.

    Quite a bloodthirsty episode, a death and two murders in two days, it's more like a mini episode of Midsomer Murders. A great storyline, has a more mature feel then some of the previous episodes.

    Well acted, particularly good from Stella Gonet (Lady Margaret) and Flora Spencer-Longhurst (daughter Lucia.) Stephen Boxer largely steals the show.

    One of the best in the opening series. 8/10
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A very well staged episode involving a charity treasure hunt in the palatial home of Professor Patrick Galloway and Lady Galloway.

    However it also shows the gentry in a bad light. The episode starts with Lady Galloway running over a man and drive off.

    In the treasure hunt, she callously sacks a servant with no notice and he really needed the job.

    Lady Galloway also cuckolds her husband by having an affair with Captain Clarence Clifton, A womanizer who also has eyes on Lady Galloway's daughter.

    When Clifton is found dead, it is thought that the actual target was Professor Galloway. Both wore the same mask in the charity hunt.

    Daniel Walsh, the son of the man killed by Lady Galloway has always held Galloways responsible for his father's death. Inspector Valentine treats him as the main suspect especially when Lady Galloway dies next.

    Father Brown nearly becomes a cropper in this one. Especially when he confronts the killer and asks them to repent.

    There are several suspects, a few red herrings and dead ends. A rather dark story.