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  • Decided to write this review because of another review where the reviewer obviously did not understand the concept of a mockumentary. This is the Turkey, the dressing, gravy and mash potatoes! The complete saga of another reality where men become obsolete; that's the mcguffin. The real story is what the women of the world make of that, and the men too. Told in the manner of documentaries that go back and forth, present day and past, as the info is needed, the story does build and the ending isn't predictable. The acting is great - everyone - which means the writer/director did a great job. There are so many scenes so well done it was an absolute pleasure to watch and laugh along with everyone else in the audience when we recognized ourselves and the things we do. But we also recognize the foibles of our generation, the previous ones, and many of the decisions made for stupid reasons. How women were/are treated, aboriginals, bears wandering into cities and, of course, Australians.
  • The concept is great. The footage scenes authentic. An Indie film but so what. Enjoy.
  • Raven-19698 November 2015
    Men are obsolete. In the 1950s women start to get pregnant on their own, and give birth only to girls. The world doesn't need men anymore. This isn't the only bad news for males. An uptight, extreme and conservative female coalition is in power, and payback is harsh. The few remaining men are locked up in "sanctuaries" and darted with tranquilizers if they dare to leave. Their food is laced with estrogen to keep them docile. Menstral cycles are synchronized and the world becomes one big sorority house. At 37 years old Andrew is the youngest man in the world. He is a fluke and anomaly, born when women are giving birth solely to girls. He has a permit to leave the sanctuary and live as a domestic worker with the family of Terra and Iris. When Iris starts a relationship with Andrew, the two create a media firestorm. As with Alice in Wonderland, Gulliver's Travels and other satires, this alternative history and mockumentary helps us step outside of ourselves and see the world from a different perspective.

    It is enlightening as well as hilarious, and slightly scary and unsettling, to imagine this role reversal. Who would have thought a professor of men's history would ever be needed?! While the film is limited in terms of depth, funding and acting, I thoroughly enjoyed the out-of-the-box thinking and puns about human nature. It is good that this is just a fantasy (and yet I know a few women who would like this world to happen, at least for men who don't instantly agree with them). Seen at the Toronto International Film Festival 2015.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    *** Warning, may contain spoilers*** Odd film. Kind of a mixture between feminist fantasy and extreme male cuckold. The problem is that mockeries are funny or relevant because they are based (at least partly) on truth or reality. This Mocumentary is neither because it is based on neither. For one, with the necessity of intercourse to pro-create gone, the women become strangely, but not completely, non-sexual. They guy who made this does not know women,nor the desire of women. He is probably one of those guys who never got a second look unless someone wanted a movie role. His relationship with women was probably a lot like the one seen in the movie, born of closeness. Be that as it may, he has likely never had a woman sneak into HIS bedroom at night, he has never had a girl lie to her parents in order to be with him, he has never had a girl initiate darn near every step of the sleeping together process, he has never taken off his shirt to crowds of cheering women and had to suppress a little jolt of surprise and fear as some of them jumped at him. No, he does not know that part of women.

    Many of you know that the last few men would be Rock Stars. They would be sought after and fought over, they would be guarded and the guards would need guards, they would be treated like prized possessions by women who would pride themselves in getting the last man and these women would lord their victory over all other women. The humor would come in old men getting treated like sex objects and not being let out of the house because of the "danger". "She want's me to wear this burka thing when I go to the store!"

    The men in the movie are, almost all, dumb and lazy. The creator of this film does not know men. I mean, why the men were shipped off to camps was not explained and makes no sense in the first place. Not only that but women would want them to continue to work (especially the dirty work), create and build until their dying breaths. Men also, would be who they are and work and build, they would endeavor to leave a lasting legacy of who they were and a gift for the women they loved.

    The mockery is a feminist utopia, everything works fine and better after men are gone, there is no mention of the loss of what men contributed, everything is taken over by women without missing a beat. There is no forced labor that would doubtless ensue as women were forced away from office jobs to oil fields, coal mines and other jobs that comprise the %92 percent of all male on the job deaths. Now that would interesting, and funny.

    That's about it. There are other things wrong with it but those are the major things. Not really worth the time to watch, even if it were for free. Feminist will have mental orgasms watching it though.
  • First of all, let me say I get the feeling that a lot of people will be enamored by this movie, or more precisely, feel pressed into treating it with a sort of reverence for what it is, a fake documentary centered around a pseudo controversial, pseudo thought- provoking subject: the extinction of man, being presented in as kosher and superficial a way as possible. By the same token, this is precisely why it left such a dry taste in my mouth, because it just doesn't go beyond being a documentary about a fake subject, crafted to be as close of a simulacrum to real life as possible, with a little bit of comic irony thrown in, in the attempt to give the audience at least SOMETHING tangible to come away with.

    The problem is, it's not enough to make the film stand out. For one, the jokes just aren't clever or funny enough for this film to be appreciated as a comedy, in my opinion. The humour is very much in the vein of "chuckle chuckle" university hall type humour, and the entire film basically has one running joke going for it: male stereotypes that have already been done to death, combined with the situational irony of straight white males being presented as an oppressed class.

    In that regard, it's very clear to see that the filmmakers were quite stealthily trying to walk the line between coming across as either feminist leaning, or anti-feminist. Contrary to what some commenters are saying, I think they largely succeeded to that effect, and I'm saying that as someone who tends to have a very strong repulsion to anything that comes across as preachy gender bias. Some commenters were annoyed that the film focused so much on men's needs, desires, and feelings, whereas others were, I guess riled up by the male stereotyping. One way or another, if you have trouble appreciating a light-hearted film for what it is, your own biases may very easily show, because that's what this is, a film that puts forth incredibly superficial and innocuous ideas, which isn't meant to be taken too seriously, as a result.

    Indeed, this is lukewarm stuff that's not going to land or resonate with people in ANY meaningful way, and instead will have people arguing back and forth over whether or not it was taking a light jab (very light) at either gender (realistically it does so to both). It's not a thought provoking film in the slightest. It doesn't deal with the idea of gender as a social construct whatsoever, and somewhat surprisingly, it barely even scrapes the surface of the most obvious thing, the gay/straight issue, not to mention barely scraping the surface on how gender roles in society play out. Women achieve world peace and environmental causes. That's as deep as it gets. Do women really make worse engineers, and would certain male dominated fields like that end up disintegrating? This film wasn't about to touch those kinds of topics with a 10 foot pole, with good reason, to some extent.

    Ultimately, being thought-provoking is at the very end of the list of things that this film could have done to make itself resonate more. Worst of all, is it's a very ineffective character study. We really don't get to see the nitty-gritty of our male protagonist's daily life, because the film instead spends so much time building up the history behind this manless alternate universe that they've created, which I found impossible to get interested in. Simply put, the society is not strange enough or dire enough to be spellbinding the way stories like "1984" are. If the film was focused as more of a "day in the life of" style documentary, while leaving out the long boring history lesson, it would have been infinitely better. Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever seen an ACTUAL documentary that attempts to do both in one movie, the way this film does. The film lacks focus, and really, that's what kills it.

    All the while watching this, I just kept thinking to myself "This is stupid." or "Who cares?" because I could not in any way connect with, or emotionally invest into the characters on screen. No offence to anyone who actually liked this, but to me it was a film almost completely without purpose. They successfully created a very realistic-seeming fake documentary about the near extinction of the male species... So what?
  • It is fascinating to me how such a simple film became so controversial. It took a pretty basic concept (some would say a rip-off of Children of Men) and blasted onto the scene as a simple yet intriguing mockumentary on gender relations.

    If this had come out ten or fifteen years ago, there wouldn't have been anywhere near the controversy. But, maybe that's what the film was going for. It meant to stir up discussion. If that was it was going for, I imagine the film was trying to say that both men and women are important in society.

    But, what's great in this film is that is has so many layers. Could it be a parable for homosexuals? Is it a cautionary tale? Is it meant to put men down? Or perhaps it's meant to proliferate gender stereotypes? Maybe it's just a simple comedy? If any one of these were true, this film might not be so special, but seeing as all these elements combine, this film is very profound.
  • This film examines what would happen if humanity suddenly began to procreate via parthenogenesis, otherwise known as virgin birth. While this idea seems interesting on paper, it is delivered as a fake documentary, without understanding what can make a documentary interesting. It tries to be funny, but only offers some set-ups that could be funny. In the end, it falls apart under its own weight and poor editing.

    The film keeps cutting back and forth between interviews with fake experts and a case-study of the youngest man alive, which can work in non-fiction where the focus is on the facts, but not in fiction where there focus is generally on either the characters or plot. The result is the film feels unfocused in places, and the viewer does not develop any feelings towards the characters.

    The plot is similarly unfocused, both for the historical background and the characters' story. In both cases, large events just happen with little or no explanation, even in cases that demand an explanation, to the point where it is impossible to suspend disbelief. However, this effect seems unintentional, since there is almost no attempt to use this for comedic gain.

    Many of the 'jokes' are attempting to go for mockumentary-style humour, where a funny subject or event is presented entirely deadpan. This only occasionally works, as the event is rarely given enough time to build up and is quickly forgotten afterwards. Alternatively, the event is simply not outlandish enough for deadpan humour to work, and simply comes across as obnoxious or boring.

    This wasn't so much a bad film as a mediocre one. It had potential, but was executed poorly, and not in an entertainingly bad way. It is just dull, and with a lack of creative vision behind it.
  • I watched this movie as it was recently added to the Netflix catalog. It was billed as a comedy, so I thought I would give it a shot. I am sorry I did.

    Why was the movie so bad? It was bad because it did nothing for me. I didn't make me laugh even though Netflix tried to bill it as a comedy. It is a fake documentary about the men dying off due to evolution, but it didn't make me think about relationships between men and women, either sexual or social. It didn't make me think about the feminists' view of history history that all the wars were started because that's what men do. This was just a really, bland movie.

    I would have given it two stars but the actors were good. It is just too bad they were given horrible material.

    I am shocked to see IMDb give this an overall rating of 6.2 stars. This is a small, independent movie that not many have seen. I honestly believe the rating has been skewed by people who made the movie voting for it. One of the reviews I read had to have been from someone involved in making the movie. The last line of the 10 star review said "Our leading man..." Not "THE leading man...." Bad, boring, unfunny, un-thought provoking movie.
  • A lot of people are claiming that this movie is feminist propaganda that mocks MGTOW, but some of the biggest anti-SJW voices of Youtube have been promoting this as a mockbuster that makes fun of 3ed wave feminism. Some people are just so sensitive & easily triggered that they take it as a personal attack & fail to see that the satire pokes both sides, ultimately making a mockery of the gender war. & I have a hard time believing that the people who gave it a negative view watched it in its entirety.

    The mocumentary is set in an alternate universe where the timeline diverges in the 1960s, & a strange phenomenon of immaculate births & no male babies. Women are encouraged to partner together to raise children, but still discouraged from partaking in lesbian sex, & men, like the native Americans hundreds of years ago, are rounded up & put on reservations. But one man & one woman won't take it anymore, & work to bring the sexes together, to encourage sex, & to try making traditional birth a thing again.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    *Possible spoiler alert*

    After reading through the reviews, I (like another reviewer) thought it's necessary to write an independent and balanced review.

    To the reviewer who gave this 1-star on 26th April "lighten up; it's a mockumentary - a film which takes the form of a serious documentary in order to satirize its subject."

    This movie is not a piece of feminist propaganda, it is in fact a well thought out and scripted movie.

    Men are relegated to subservient roles in society around the world as sperm fails to conceive eggs and "virgin births" by way of parthenogenesis become commonplace in society.

    There are some genuinely funny moments in this movie.

    This is not a high budget feature film out of Hollywood. It's certainly not for everyone but it's definitely worth a look.
  • I wanted to watch this movie just to see what their overall take on an all female world would be from a completely science fiction standpoint. Also because I wanted to see how outlandishly wrong they would be. I must say that it was humorous in some places and did take an interesting spin on things but ultimately I think the movie was designed, and flavored, to be funny to feminists, liberal/progressive types, or those men who believe everything feminists say about men.

    It had some funny moments that I chuckled at but constant pushing of men being stubborn, stupid, lazy, and overall incapable of doing anything that a woman could do better got old. The only "digs" at women were that they weren't very concerned with technological a trade off, women achieved world peace and electric cars(?). You can mix in a few other themes such as obvious references to gay marriage and such as well, but primarily, this movie was meant to entertain feminists.
  • After seeing the movie "A Boy and His Dog", I noticed a new genre of movies I call one liners. It is where the entire movie is just a setup for the last line said in it. This movie falls in that genre, and the line is very funny, so I give it an extra star over the one star it tries so hard to obtain.

    This movie is simply a slam on men. It leaves you wondering how hard the women who made it were dumped to have this level of vitriol in their male stereotypes. That being said, I recommend men watch this movie with their significant others to see their reactions. First off, you will seem a great catch in comparison to the angry sexist characters in the story. But, more importantly, you can see if your potential mate really enjoys the movie and can take it as an indication to run away. Fast.
  • We brought this movie in to our annual festival in Salmon Arm, British Columbia. We chose it as our opening night movie gala and our audience was invited to dress in pink. Our audience enjoyed the movie on every level, with so much laughter we could hardly expect it would continue to the last frame, which it did! The subtle nuances of character, the conceit that it is a documentary, the entire was delightful in every way. Intelligent, full of humour, and thought-provoking.....the setting was coastal Vancouver with gorgeous shots of beautiful homes and gardens as well as the rain-forest. Our lead male actor was perfectly cast as were all of the family...note perfect right down to the youngest child.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    If you are looking for gut-busting comedy, or exciting cerebral sci-fi, look elsewhere. This is a low budget satire mockumentary, that ever so subtly pokes fun at the generation gap in feminism and the MGTOW movement. I found the alternate history route a little annoying as it wasn't developed enough. War had ceased, but technology had stagnated. Just one turncoat in a world full of women seemed a bit hard to believe and a little bit boring. It almost seems like it deserves to be a series. A global language other than English, or a register of English in which the feminine is the default and men were the other was definitely needed. It fell short of being either comedy or sci-fi. I enjoy the fact that it annoyed both feminists and MGTOWs giving reviews which proves that it was fair and balanced, which is why I hope that there are actually prequels and sequels that hopefully are more developed. It is a little bit like the very first Planet of the Apes or Trailer Park Boys in that it is so low budget and half baked that it leaves you hungry for more but only marginally entertained.
  • OK, so every evil thing that happens in the world is due to a specific group and getting entirely rid of that group solves all of the world's problems. There's something that seems familiar about this, and I don't normally Godwin things, but it's most like Nazi Germany.

    Imagine that the group portrayed by a similar movie was the Jews. The theory is that getting rid of them solves all of the world's problems, huh? Or maybe a different version that eugenically bred out people of color, or from a different religion.

    Movies like this are hate speech. The producers shouldn't borrow concepts from genocide advocates to try to make a comedy.
  • I admit I laughed a few times at the absurdity, and I liked thematically what was trying to be done - breaking down gender roles and societal inequality etc. Unfortunately it still very much feels like it was written by a dude. Even when most of the characters are women - we still mostly focus on the plight of men. We only hear about politics and economics and lifestyle shifts in this new world in relation to how it effects and alters male reality. And for some reason even the women somehow talk as if they are being puppeted by men (male writer no doubt), for example at one point the parthenogenesis is considered the reason for an increase in female aggression, before realizing nope - just pms. HAH GET IT, WOMEN ARE BITCHES WHEN THEY MENSTRUATE. FUNNY. I'd have to rewatch but it didn't even seem to pass bechdal, because the only thing the female characters ever spoke about was men - even as they're going extinct, men think they're all we can think and talk about >.>

    No men beyond this point, more like the story of how sad it is to be to be the last man on earth. Women are drawn as pmsing vengeful feminist tropes who secretly desire for men to return but are too ashamed to admit it, until the end when the unlikely male hero breaks free of his shackles to impregnate a lovesick women who craves masculinity in her life. The film even ends with the potential 'resurgence' of men, even though the film makes a point of how pointless they are (but only satirically).

    It's very light in it's gender politics so I wouldn't expect much if you actually find this topic interesting. For example, somehow the writers forgot to consider homosexuality and assumed that a world of women would somehow become non-sexual or anti-sex. Apart from a brief minute long collage of a few women kissing, the rest of the film runs as if women are non-sexual beings. Because women don't like sex and intimacy? Yeah okay. Also things like the banning / disapproval of masturbation because it'd be seen as a gateway drug of sorts to thinking about men - because female sexuality only exists in the context of men of course. We couldn't just enjoy sexuality without men existing. The film makes a lot of these strange conclusions, honestly, but it doesn't detract too much from the film, which is still decent well acted and somewhat funny. It plays a little like a 'what would the world be like if women took over' but from the point of view of one of those annoying fedoras that scream humanist when somebody discuses feminism.

    One of the funniest elements is the absurd Aussie mens rights activist who does nothing the entire film except complain - somehow they got that part right. Overall the premise is great, and I'd love to see some more writers tackle this (cant help but be reminded of Y: The Last Man, which is infinitely better than this, but alas, only a graphic novel) but this film falls a little short on delivering due to a lack of intelligent feminist theory and understanding.

    What's funnier than this film is all the men who hate it because of its premise, calling it propaganda. If they watched it and knew anything about gender politics they'd realize this movie is more in line with their thinking than current feminist understanding.
  • Surprisingly really enjoyable and funny little movie. As mockumentary style goes, this one absolutely excels in terms of quality... the 'interviews', 'historic footage', acting and faked media content were incredibly well done and really convincing! Someone really put some thought into this movie/concept and it really pays off! I personally enjoyed the fictitious science and evolutionary processes being explained, and little touches like the fact that the populations synced menstruation has become a statutory 3 day holiday every month!
  • ozmaozoz20 October 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    This story has been done before by different writers, but this version is so sweet...I loved it. It portrays women becoming the dominant force in the world, and the slow extent ion of men. I kind of like it, and I thought the main male might become a male and see. This will open the door for other combinations of inter-sex relationship.

    Personally I love gender-bender adds to, what I believe should be a gender-bender world. I like that the Canadians seem to take a simple concept, and turn it into a great low-budge movie. And with no violence is needed to get the point across to rest of us movie goers. All I can say is watch and enjoy.
  • movieliker125 July 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    I thought this movie was terrific. And I am a masculine heterosexual man. Anybody who didn't like this movie was either taking it too seriously or is very insecure. This movie is a comedy, a satire, and it is thick with irony. It is very smart and clever, and very entertaining.

    It is about what if women took over the world and men were no longer needed. A term other reviewers have used is it is a "mockumentary". Which is a good term because it is filmed in a documentary style.

    It is unrated. But I would give it a PG rating because there is no sex, nudity, violence or vulgarity. It wouldn't really interest children. There are some adult references but they will go over any child's head unnoticed. (They do say the word "penis" but it is used in a matter of fact way, not erotically.)
  • trivedisorabh15 August 2018
    I mean full respect to women power - but what is it? They could have made it more good.
  • The story of the movie, that in the middle of the 1950's women started impregnating themselves without men could be an interesting subject matter, but it is handled in a way that paints women as these perfectly adaptable creatures that could create a perfect world society that gives everyone a western standard of living and all they had to do was lock men up in camps to achieve it.

    What the movie fails to show, is that without men the world would succumb to a dystopia where the hard sciences would fall to the wayside, engineering would move at a snail's pace and the economy would suffer chronic shortages.

    An example was that somehow, without the engineering feats of men there'd be rampant innovation in the car industry so that all cars would be electrical, despite all of history showing that male-dominated corporations with male engineers are the ones who invent 99,9% of the cars and innovate them, and not huge government projects with a diversity quota.

    Without men, there'll be less violence and less conflict between groups, but there'd also be less pushback from the people when it concerns the government, which the film actually shows having adopted a world government that is authoritarian and fascist. Women are on average more agreeable than men, and thus they'd be easier to push around as a collective by some very authoritarian women on the top.

    Had the movie portrayed a world without women in such a fantastical and utopian way there would be outrage, and rightly so since a world without women would be a different kind of hell than a world without men, but still a hell.

    Its just a sad sexist garbage flick, even if it tries to conclude on a light unifying note in the end that women don't NEED men but they WANT them.
  • I just finished this movie and I found every bit of it entertaining. I loved the take on a female-run world. I think everything about this was well done from the interviews to the historical footage.

    There wasn't a moment of watching this that I wasn't completely entertained and fascinated.

    The low-star reviews that the men are leaving I found just as hilarious as I found the movie.

    So I recommend this to all the ladies and to the men who are secure in themselves and have a sense of humor.
  • Considering it's a fake documentary-style movie, it's somewhat fun.
  • Do not waste your time, which you can never recover, with this gobbler. Seriously, any X-Men / Marvel Comics movie would be more entertaining. It is also possible that action-adventure fantasy would be more true to life, as hard as that is to consider.

    The review demands 10 lines or more. So here it goes. The movie and TV world is full of movies & TV shows that make men into total idiots, and the butt of repetitious lame jokes.

    If you want to waste the precious minutes of your life watching a pack of lies, then this movie is for you.

    If you want the truth about male-female relationships, then find another movie. This one is not for you -- start with Some Like It Hot.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Spoiler's are included in this review.

    No Men Beyond this Point is a light science fiction mockumentary that uses documentary style techniques to show an alternate history world in which females solely reproduce only females by spontaneous self-impregnation, making males both obsolete for reproduction and doomed for extinction. The premise is expertly revealed in documentary style, with short expositions, while weaving in a personal conflict that brings a satirical conclusion to the movie.

    The movie can be viewed as a multi-layered satire that humorously exposes socialist views about government, economics, history, and gender and/or a multi-layered satire that humorously exposes government classicism, societal sexism, and perhaps even lampooning the male hubris of movements such as MGTOW. The movie is either perfectly executed or accidentally crafted, so as to create a situation where the viewer has many interpretation options.

    For those that believe it's a dark humor version of the feminist screed "The Hunting Ground", I'd ask if the movie positively propagandizes third wave feminism in some way or did it in fact mock third wave feminism?

    For those that believe the movie ruthlessly mocked males, did it really stereotype men or did it reveal the stereotyping of men?

    Unless the creators provide their opinion, the brilliance of the movie is it satires all these beliefs and forces the viewer to consider the movie's caricatured versions of men and women, as well as asking simple questions about economics, government, and society. I'll provide a for instance for all of these:

    Males: The movie caricatures men as mostly sexist, violent, unable to organize, solely responsible for every war, and motivated by the simplest of needs, making them all incapable of doing anything productive.

    Females: The movie caricatures women as having almost no sexuality (except as it may have been a forced societal male construct), women cannot rise through competition with males - but only in the vacuum created by male extinction, females are ruthless manipulators of government with no recognition of individual rights, their massively superior intellects and demeanor effortlessly ends corruption, cures cancer and solves the age old issue of scarcity by hugs and sharing, while absolutely freezing all technological advancement (apparently that math'stuff is too hard and not wanted by all of female society). In a world without men, every woman is a ballerina. I recall that half-truth adage about women hating each other, because they know how each other thinks.

    Economics: All scarcity disappears when: Women. Lots of fresh food, unlimited land for every possible use, and the world heals with tender loving care and runs on the energy created by girl- smiles and yoga classes. In a post scarcity world, everyone's daughter gets the best of everything all the time.

    Government: As noted above, a one world government appears without pesky males in the way, women have no biases or bigotry (we all know women are not competitive with each all), suddenly this one world government ends all religious conflicts, all territorial disputes, and ruthlessly violates individual rights with only harmony of the...ummm citizens. After all, government becomes based on hugs (and not the last arbitrator with the guns) when women are in control. Women are so much wiser and kinder than their predecessors and no women would use government for their own advancement and cronyism. They're all with Her!

    Society: Apparently society was 100% male driven and with males out of the way women are free to be their asexual, non-competitive, and always loving selves. Women all like each other without men around. Just likes happens now, remove men from an office and all the women just can't get enough of each other. In women world, society and government are the exact same thing. There are no cultural influences, no historical norms, no biological imperatives, no self actualization, and everyone wants the greater good. The greater good is what the government says and the government is...benevolent and based on what society wants.

    What's great about the movie is everyone can read as deeply or as shallowly as one desires. Personally, I see everything satirized. Beyond the mockumentary, the acting is superb. There is so much that passes without need for dialogue. Mostly, the movie is well organized and appropriately paced: editing is good. The movie is right sized, not too long and not too short. The dialogue mostly works, although I deduct a star for repetition with some of the male dialogue: they oversell and could have further textured the movie with some of the screen time allocated for repeating the same joke/same caricature. Overall, I had a hard time deciding between 7 or8 stars. Less fails to give the movie the credit it deserves, but 8 almost puts the movie out of its league.
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