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  • It does not matter who your parents are, where you came from, who believed in you and who didn't. We are a family now, and we are earth's last defense.

    What amazed me the most was the fact that I couldn't remember much of "Pacific Rim", even though I thought it was an original-looking film years ago. No worries. Little by little everything is explained again in such a way that I partially knew it again. And even though "Pacific Rim" wasn't high-quality cinema and simply a very expensive monster film with superb looking computer-generated images, the film impressed me at the time. "Pacific Rim" was brainless amusement with a high entertainment value. This sequel is simply a duplicate with other main characters in identical Jaegers. But it's so irritating and annoying mostly. I was hoping this time the Kaiju's took control and destroyed planet earth. That way we don't need to be afraid of a possible sequel in the future.

    Since the design and subject are identical to that of the initial film, one could say that it's thanks to Guillermo Del Toro the first film was kind of a success. But that's a bit simplistic to state, in my opinion. I rather think there are several factors that ensure that you can't really call this a successful film. This time the entire Jaeger program shifts from a mature world to that of teenagers. We end up in a cadet school where young people are trained to become Jaeger pilots. A bit like in "Ender's game" but now it's not in space. And of course, there's one of the cadets who can't stand the newcomer Amara Namani (Cailee Spaeny) and believes she doesn't belong there. And who will be the hero in the end? Yep, not hard to guess. Anyway, it all feels a bit like a kindergarten. The Goonies in giant robots who save the world. Haven't we seen that before?

    Also, the acting wasn't something to get enthusiastic about. Cailee Spaeny was acceptable with her youthful enthusiasm and rebellious behavior. John Boyega sometimes played the indifferent Jake with reluctance. Scott Eastwood was again suitable for the character Nate. And not only because of that creepy resemblance to his famous father. But the acting by Burn Gorman, Charlie Day and Tian Jing was at times simply bad. Bad enough to make me squirm.

    Only the graphical part remains. Just like the 2013 film, it's a visual spectacle. And just like the acting, there are also ups-and-downs here. It's fun to see huge robots and enormous monsters smashing into one another. But to be honest, it's the same old thing as in the previous movie. And the final battle in a Japanese city close to "Mount Fuji" just looked ugly. It wasn't as if this clash of the titans took place in between blocks of flats made from cardboard. Just like in those ancient Godzilla films. But it's a close call. The duel on the ice, on the other hand, looked extremely great. A computer-graphic masterpiece.

    Do you like to watch huge robots and by extraterrestrial created monsters battle each other? Then I guess this film is right up your alley. Have you seen "Pacific Rim" years ago? Then you can safely skip this one because you won't be seeing something really new here. To be honest, I sometimes had the feeling that I was watching a modern version of the Power Rangers. Only the creatures who emerged from another dimension resembled those that the Power Rangers fought against a long time ago. Ridiculously long time ago.
  • I am not one of those folk who complain that since Legendary was purchased by a Chinese company all the actors and actresses are Chinese. Hollywood is doing that on its own anyway in order to sell tickets in China. Moreover, for years the Chinese (and everyone else) have seen Caucasians in films even those happening in the Far East (think of Lost In Translation for example). Although I have to admit that placing Chinese actors in a lore stemmed from Japan is just as bad as Ghost In The Shell's whitewashing case. What I do object to is bad acting, a lack of story and studios thinking loud noises that come at us non-stop make up for characters, a nice story line or talented actors. I love seeing beautiful women in films (shoot me, I am a man), but they must be able to act too and have a script to stand on please.
  • Of course, adults are incompetent at doing anything to save the world, so the tweens must do it alone. Heard this plot line before? A thousand times? Of course you have. It's not any better this time.

    You're not missing anything of substance by skipping this one. Just stick to the original and stay happy.
  • I have been waiting for this one for quite some time, but what a disappointment ... this film is for kids, all actors are kids.
  • Capitalism strikes again! They just have to milk mulla out of every single thing.

    Boring, stupid, idiotic and pushing a Chinese product placement agenda.

    Loved the teen girl making a gigantic sentient robot on her own though... not!
  • lucazauli30 March 2018
    Four talking points.

    Overall. This movie belongs to a recent born herd of movies who are embedded, almost drowned in all the references and quotes that, in the writers' mind, should make the spectators squirm in uncontrolled happiness. That may work if the story can hold the movie together, and that's just not the case. The number of this movies is increasing and it's a worrying thing.

    Pacific Rim : Uprising unceremoniously throws you in a Episode VIII-ish carousel of ill-placed, badly executed references from the previous movie. The poor writing lets boredom seep into the movie through planet-sized plot holes that quite admirably manage to furrow in disbelieving thought even the dumbest kid's brow. A lacklustre CGI, along with a annoying cinematography, a truly forgettable soundtrack and a horrific screenplay contribute to create a completely obscene movie, which is so boring that watching the grass grow for the rest of your life would seem a far more palatable activity than give this movie a second chance.

    Pacific Rim : Uprising is a collage of dull scenes quite badly glued together, a movie which is tragically deprived of whatsoever emotional impact. A twelve hour straight Pac-man gameplay can create more hype and has a far stronger emotional impact than this movie.

    A total disappointment.


    Pacific Rim's CGI was truly something. It admirably managed to convey the power, the bulkiness and the mechanical presence of the robots, the raw power of every hit, the slightest nuances of any movement made by a giant robot that was driven by humans. It was a rare jewel. In Uprising the CGI is disappointing. Lacklustre, cheap and badly melded with the rest of the scene. There are no more three-dimensional, giant robots made of moving, bruised iron plates, or solid, bulky steel giant mechas with a weight, or some realistic, a bit sluggish movements.

    They look like toys, their parts, gears and plates plain and stiff, barely moving. Robots are light, unrealistically quick and agile models. The design of the robots is pretty lazy and uninspired, and really reminds me of some cheap plastic robot action figures. Their textures are also quite cheap. This gets a little better with the Kaijus, they are honestly cool.


    The dark, ominous tones of the first movie completely disappear. While this is not an intrinsically bad thing, it contributes to create a blindingly white, overall fake, aseptic scenery, that while it's understandable given the setting of this movie, in my opinion is irritating. The already excessive holographic colour fest of the Jaegers' HUDs of the first movie is unnecessarily amplified here, it almost gave me an headache. Truly bothersome.

    Storytelling. Here we go. The lack of chemistry between the characters, due to a criminally low level of writing, is the true common thread of the movie. The characters are dull, their backstories already heard in every action movie released so far. Their development in the movie is either non-existent or plainly wrong. The human reactions are somewhat odd, not quite believable. Funnily enough, some of the lines unwillingly probe the screenplay and expose it's flaws, but it's a bitter laugh. The whole screenplay features horrible, cheesy lines that would have seemed ridiculous even in an '80s action movie featuring Steven Seagal. The screenplay is truly awful and predictable , every subplot is either forgotten or comes to conclusion in no more than 20 minutes. There is a good thing in this screenplay, there's a thing I'd never expected and that truly caught me off guard, but it's not enough. I'm fairly sure I didn't see that coming cause I got distracted when the usher reprimanded a kid who'd put his feet on the seat in front of him. An inch higher than Independence Day 2, but well, it's not really a compliment.

    Cringe soars to unrivalled heights with a reference to the salt bae. Good thing : Cailee Spaeny's acting is really good.
  • .... and I was correct.

    Every character overacts. Every character is exaggerated.

    Since Legendary was bought by Chinese every single one of their movies has useless Chinese characters. Here we see a regression of that. It is not just silly Chinese character parachuted in for no good reason doing nothing (like in Kong). Here they are the managers, the bosses and the decision-makers - with toooooo much make up too for some reason.

    The whole legend of jaegers and kaiju comes from Japan of course and the Chinese left a single Japanese character in the whole film. She is pretty, has a nice body and pretty face. But her hair is so short she looks like a boy from the neighborhood or your chum from elementary school (yikes).

    Just another dumb sequel
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I guess my title tells all. I saw someone wrote on here already"how come she can lift the arm of the robot and attach to it! Lets just leave the "how did she assembled the robot" part aside. Can someone tell me that is she a Tony Stark or what? She was a silly girl in the flashback(Daddy, I am scared!) and then, somehow, she has got at least 20 PHD, MBA, etc(I am guessing this type of education would take to do all of it!) to get the knowledge of building a GIANT(yes, let me rephrase, a GIANT) robot by herself! I am not going to bother myself going through the lame acting, terrible CGI, and underage cast part at all. What is it? A kid show? I didn't bother watching it in a movie theatre and thank god I didn't!
  • I thought the Chinese love everything Japanese. As though this film itself isn't enough as soon as a Japanese store, shop, bakery or restaurant opens up in town all the Chinese are quick to gather round, line up, camp outside, start taking selfies and post it on Instagram saying 'look at me look at me... I have a mouth, I have a face, I have sushi, bam Chinese eating sushi'

    So wat gives with a kaiju film not having any Japanese??
  • No, no and one more time no. I was young when the first part came out and really liked it. Movie was made for 20-30 years old audience, and it's a very big disapointment that sequel was made literally for 10 years old children. Some actors are young (one is probably 13 years old) jumping on jaegers and trying to save The World it doesn't work at all. Making sequel for first part fans or trying to catch first part audience would have worked much better.
  • Although I did enjoy this movie, and it was a joy to watch on the big screen, the overall tone, and mood are so different from the first. The difference between fight scenes at night vs broad daylight may not seem like a big deal, but for some reason it really stood out to me. It just feels like this one was more geared toward kids, and potentially selling action figures. I didn't hate it by any means, but it really lacked what made the first one so unique, and intriguing to me.
  • The increasing the Chinese involvement in Holywood, the worse the quality
  • azamralelokay23 April 2018
    Just the other day i saw the first movie and what a difference between them. the first one had depth, the characters were someone to relate to. I had high hopes for the sequel but i was disappointed. The actors are young very young and it shows on the acting skills and the characters they portrays. (what no adaults agreed to play in the movie?). i'm sorry to say the eastwood jr. is just a preaty face and does'nt have to presence like his fathers. and what with all those Japanese walking around? why don't French, Germens, Israelis? and that Shao lady, by talking english and dissolving the hair and playing 'rambo' you're not making you're performence better. To sum everything up the movie is a waste of time I hope the director will learm from his mistake and the third movie will be better.
  • The good things I have to say about this movie: Plenty of good seats were available. And it passed pretty quick for a near two hour length. Best of all, you can completely shut down your brain for the entire time. There is nothing that requires focus, knowledge, or any coherence at all. The characters in Showgirls had more depth. And there are so many explosions and loud sound effects that no one will even notice when you crack open a can of beer in the theater.
  • If you have a soft spot for the Del Toro original then I predict you'll be disappointed by this. Ok I know it wasn't a masterpiece but it had that unique Del Toro universe look.. always creative, amazing attention to detail in the sets and some highly memorable scenes from the word go. I only went to see this sequel because of some pretty positive reviews in the press.. they must be on the payroll of the filmmakers as by comparison it's like a Transformers film (although mercifully shorter). By comparison, if you found the original too highbrow then give this a go.
  • A sequel to a movie about giant robots fighting giant monsters. What was expected? Bigger robots fighting bigger monsters. The same thing with little tweaks - as most sequels do. What we got?

    A product. A film generated by an AI. I wasn't there, but I assume it went something like this. The first meeting of the creators of this movie follows.

    Ok, Google, what do modern kids like?

    1. Robots (Transformers) 2. Scary cool monsters 3. Robots fighting monsters 4. Robots fighting robots 5. Memes from 2009 (Trololo sing) really? + memes from 2017 (the salt). 6. Horribly executed kid rebel subplots (Divergent, The Maze Runner, The Hunger games whatever) 7. Action 8. Forced drama? 9. Bad jokes?

    Ok, let's take The Independence Day Resurgence's basic plot and fail miserably at everything. Done.

    In other words, there is nothing in this movie besides action scenes. The plot lives on its own, there are no characters, and even their substitutes are completely disconnected from the dead plot. Nothing they do matter, it just follows typical cliches until the end. It even gets confusing at some point, but then you see the light at the end of the tunnel. It rushes the ending knowing that by this point nobody cares.

    All the dialogue is cringe-worthy. Most of the actors are just having fun knowing that there's no need to get invested into anything here. Sadly, Scott Eastwood's face is stuck in one emotion and is unable to display anything else.

    CGI crews did a good job, I guess. Looks fine. There's even one creative action scene involving buildings. Other than that the action is generic, even IMAX can't make it feel better. Maybe it would've been more impressive but the overabundance of CGI city destruction in modern blockbusters seriously lowers the threshold for getting impressed by CGI.

    I'd compare this to a long video game cut-scene, but modern games have more character development and creative visuals in their cut-scenes. For instance, pretty much all Blizzard cut-scenes are visual masterpieces.

    Final verdict: not entertaining on the big screen and a total waste of time for home viewing.
  • With no Japanese in it!! How funny and sad that Chinese are the same as Hollywood. There is no difference. One has the US flag all over and we run the world and now the Chinese are doing the same. Let us all agree to skip all these sequels, prequels, remakes and franchise films and get some standards.
  • I am a big fan of Pacific Rim. My friends and I waited 5 years for this disappointing sequel! THe 12 year old girl main character was so annoying. Story was boring and childish, hated it. How did the chinese lady even know how to operate a jaeger? Better to have walked out! $20 wasted!
  • A big disappointment. The same huge let-down feeling I had after seeing "The Force Awakens." Speaking of which, this movie is curiously similar to that one in many ways.

    Dumb storyline.

    Uninteresting characters.

    The CGI and 3D effects were not near as good as the original. Most all the battle scenes take place in bright daylight (lit way too bright also) which really subdued the visual impact.
  • A soulless embarrassment to Del Toro's love letter of a film.
  • Today i watched it with my wife, i have very low expectation as i have seen the review on IMDB that this movie is not that good.

    But Low Expectation is not enough! It's really like Half Baked Movie! Too many unfinished plot, not enough drama and action! And the Ending left us hanging, because the Director just want to earn more money by giving us the 3rd Sequel!!

    After watch this, me and my wive watch the first one (because my wive haven't watched it) and we agree that the first one is FAAAR better than this!
    • The movie is a mess
    • CGI and lighting are horrible
    • It has no realism what so ever
    • The plot and the vibe feels like cartoons
  • What a joke, they made pacific rim into a kids movie. It looks like it was released for the school holidays for children. Completely destroys the first movie. This movie is set in an entirely different universe. Suddenly CHILDREN are fighting Kaiju's? Wtf! This is a kids movie make no mistake. Was so bad I turned it off half way through.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I absolutely loved the first movie. I was interviewed by a local newspaper for an unrelated thing and was asked to provide my favorite movie and I said Pacific Rim. I have loved this movie since it was released in 2013, the best worst movie ever. Uprising however could not have been more disappointing. I have watched the first movie upwards of 10 times and there is not enough money in the world to make me watch even a minute of Uprising. The unbelievably terrible dialog and lack of chemistry between all characters was soul crushing. What made the first movie great was the lack of plot and awesome fighting. This monstrosity took all the things that made the first one awesome and destroyed them over almost 2 hours. It was an irreverent mockery of the serious and gritty tone of Pacific Rim. There were numerous points in the film where there was opportunity for a motivating speech or a selfless act of heroism but all of those were squandered with poorly written jokes or even more poorly written anticlimactic statements delivered with next to no emotion (see when Amara Namani says in the face of impending death "at least we get to save the world"). The end of Pacific Rim left us with a world in chaos and the Jaeger program disbanded. The beginning of Uprising puts the unfortunate viewer in a world where magically, AFTER THE WAR, the incredibly costly Jaeger program was reinstated and a CRAP ton of new Jaegers have been built, then almost immediately all but four were destroyed. I just wish I had been in the room when someone thought that this was a good idea. Amara Namani was portrayed admirably by Cailee Spaeny but some GENIUS decided to give her an almost identical backstory to the great Mako Mori. What moron thought first of all no one would recognize this and two thought it was a good idea. The only redeeming part of this entire dumpster fire was the twist involving Charlie Day. Aside from that everything, including the CGI which in Pacific Rim was unbelievably amazing, the dark and rainy settings of the multiple Kaiju fights and the compelling speech by the inspiring Stacker Pentacost (played by the man who SHOULD be the next James Bond, Idris Elba) was almost unwatchable. If you have a free 2 hours and are thinking of watching this film, watch some grass grow.
  • umaeva13 April 2018
    Terrible story! Woeful acting! This coming from a viewer that can usually put a positive spin on a lot of mediocre movies. This has no redeeming qualities and the plot hole are bigger than the final monster. Just watch the first one again, or Transformers, or Rampage if you want to see big robots and monsters fighting.
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