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  • ferguson-68 May 2015
    Greetings again from the darkness. Understanding women is an unrealistic goal for most men, though we never stop trying. The past couple of years have brought numerous indie films from female filmmakers (writers and directors) and despite all of the new insight, the level of understanding has not really improved … rather it's become clear that there were many things we men didn't know that we didn't know.

    Along comes a script written by Sonja Bennett that shines a spotlight on a mid-30's single woman who is being left behind by her group of friends as they move on to motherhood and family life. Ms. Bennett also stars as Ruth, the party girl whose drunken behavior at a friend's is not just inappropriate, but also injures a child. Her group of long-time friends decides that Ruth no longer fits in their circle and they inform her that she would be happier in a different social environment.

    Ruth's steady stream of booze and cigarettes, and the fact that she still lives with her dad (James Caan), set her in stark contrast to her "perfect" sister Hillary (Lisa Durupt) who has just announced she and her smartphone-bound husband are working on having a baby. This makes the grandfather-to-be VERY happy. Not long after, in a quirky unfolding of events, Ruth is mistakenly identified as "with child", and rather than nip the misunderstanding in the bud, the fib is allowed to fully blossom … setting the stage for the entire story.

    What follows is a combination of dark humor and slapstick that never quite clicks. By nature, the premise makes the ending somewhat predictable, but there are moments of brilliance in the script. However, it's the comedy portions that never really bring the laughs … except for one pretty startling site gag sequence involving more Jello than even Bill Cosby has ever seen (is it OK to make a Cosby reference these days?).

    Most impressive is that the vast majority of scenes are between women, and about women. Yes, there is a love interest (Paul Campbell), a demanding dad (Caan), and comedy relief in the form of Danny Trejo, but these are mostly minor players in this perspective of how women treat each other once the "bun in the oven" comes into play. It's also a commentary on what happens when a little oops is allowed to snowball into a no-win situation.

    Director Jacob Tierney's film has had success at film festivals, and that's understandable since it's a nice change of pace from the vast majority of ultra-serious films populating the lineups. While the education effort of female filmmakers continues … most of us men will appreciate the Jello catastrophe, but still end up right where we started – with a glazed-over look, hoping we don't say the wrong thing.
  • I saw this movie at the Cleveland Film Festival. This is probably one of the best comedies I have seen in years. Sonja Bennett is a remarkable talent. Not only did she write a great script which keeps the laughs coming on a regular basis, her comic timing, mannerisms, facial expressions, etc. as the lead actress are exceptional. Supporting performances by Danny Trejo and Paul Campbell also were terrific as were the performances by her preggo loving/mommy obsessed friends. I laughed so hard during this film, I had tears running down my face. . . Despite the lead characters absurd antics, you can't help relating to her and rooting for her every bit of the way. I couldn't imagine how they would end this film given all the crazy shenanigans and they did just a fabulous job (no spoilers here). This film is wickedly funny while always staying classy. I highly recommend this film to anyone who loves to laugh.
  • the good or evil of wishing,wanting,cheating,lying or even feeling PREGNANT,well here is a nice start for everyone in the start-pit.though the film felt extremely gloomy in the start,it really became a childfree winner in the end.its all about cushions and jelly ''belly''-buttons made by a Mexican. .it all had to fade away in the end.a shamelessly embarrassing and emotional movie ,nice performance by lead actress.
  • The showing last night in Calgary was truly fabulous!! The audience laughed a ton and really enjoyed the film! I had a wonderful opportunity to help introduce the film and I am so proud to have been asked! PREGGOLAND is an awesome movie and I can't wait for everyone to see it!! It is a Slam Dunk winner for sure!! Super well written and all the actors did an amazing job!! Well done Sonja Bennett!!

    With amazing talent James Caan, Danny Trejo, and Sonja Bennett this threesome make PREGGOLAND a MUST film to see! Filmed in Vancouver, Canada this film is a story of how so many women feel as their own clock seems to tick through life. As friends move on with their lives one woman struggles to comprehend why her life as remained unchanged and starts to see how long term friendships can become strained and distant. This movie is filled with hilarious circumstances and sincere laughs that everyone can put themselves into the same place at one time or so in their own life! Highly recommend!