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  • The acting is seems so authentic. I didn't know they were actors until I looked Porkin Across America on IMDB. My biggest issue is why the he'll didn't someone expand on this idea. This show and the cast are so great it'll leave you wanting more. But we'll never get it.
  • bravebrother24 November 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    A sparkling tale of a callous tv show host, Jim haggerty, learning to love and care for his family over monentary and momentary greed and satisfaction. Although he may face some minor setbacks like getting rejected from a family barbecue, losing a beloved niece, a heartbreaking goodbye to his beloved pet, and some marital issues, he pulls through to where he belongs, with his family.


    Also the tale of a man broken beyond recognition to the point of an animalistic state benefited by mishaps and occurrences which replace his body with parts of a pig until he becomes so utterly deformed, and his mind, destroyed, that he's forced to live the rest of his days groveling at the feet of people for the glimmer of an dirty Apple dripped in mud, even below his fellow animals. Also family friendly fun!
  • bravebrother24 November 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    It's a sparkling tale of a callous man and tv show host, Jim Haggerty, and his inevitable learning to put his family first! And although he suffers through some minor drama and difficulties, like working away from home, getting rejected from a family barbecue, and the loss of a loved niece, he pulls through to love and care for his family. Be prepared, strap on your seatbelt, and get prepared for som good-old fashioned family hijinks! Also the tale of a broken man los
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The Onion likes to put out shocking content. They did so with Sex House, and although the characters go through awful things, I kept watching because they were decent people and I wanted them to be okay.

    Porkin' Across America denies us even that. It's a great show if you like to watch bad things happen to bad people... and that's the joke. That's the entire joke. This guy is reprehensible, and awful things keep happening to him and all those close to him. Haha? The example that sticks in my head (here is the spoiler, but only for ep2) is when the animal shelter calls to tell him his dog attacked another dog and will now have to be destroyed. "Well... can you put him on the phone?" the protagonist asks, distraught. I guess that was the joke. We get to sit through the final whimpers of this unknown dog and see the protagonist's face as he loses someone close to him. Haha? Then the shelter worker gets back on the phone and obviously doesn't give two craps that she just watched an animal die (fyi, this is extremely inaccurate).


    I hate to review something I did not finish watching, but I think it says a lot about it that I couldn't finish watching it. If you like the Office AND Meet the Parents AND Arrested Development AND It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, your sense of humor MIGHT be dark enough to enjoy this. Personally I'd rather poke my eyeball with a stick for two hours. At least I wouldn't be upset afterward.