Filmed in 2013, it was not picked up for a series.

Sir Roger Moore played Simon Templar in The Saint (1962). Ian Ogilvy played the role in Return of the Saint (1978).

Additional footage was shot in 2015, on-location in Romania. The feature-length version of the pilot was released as a television movie in 2017.

Released as a tribute to Sir Roger Moore following the former's death in 2017.

The ringtone on Simon Templar's cell phone is the theme of the original television show.

Last television movie appearance of Sir Roger Moore (Jasper).

Inspector Teal of Scotland Yard is briefly mentioned in the movie. Inspector Teal is the occasional ally of Simon Templar in The Saint (1962).

The film includes the Saint's girlfriend Patricia Holm, his enemy Rayt Marius, and US cop John Henry Fernack. There is also a reference to Inspector Teal of Scotland Yard. These characters appeared in the original novels and short stories of the Saint, published in the 1930s and 1940s.

Eliza Dushku's middle name is Patricia, the same as her character's first name in this role.

The registration on the helicopter that crashed ends in OPM, Other People's Money.

Simon Templar in the previous TV shows has driven Volvos with personalized license plates. It was his favorite brand to drive. In this TV movie he drives a Porsche and a Cadillac Escalade. No personalized plates.

When the Fixer talks about the Saint templar ring he says he took it from someone as pathetic the president. Ian Ogilvy took over the role of Simon Templar from Roger Moore in the original British TV series.

Sir Roger Moore and James Remar previously appeared together in the martial arts film The Quest.