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  • Special ops interrogation officer Jimmy Vickers (Danny Dyer) is out for serious revenge on the gang who violated and killed his parents. As he goes about his business, he has to stay two steps ahead of the police and his military employers who want their lethal weapon back.

    Slow justice is better than no justice.

    OK! Lets cut to the chase here, this is ultimately a gruesome revenge picture, the only thing new on offer here is the methods of the executions administered by the seriously brooding Jimmy Vickers. This adherence to formula, a basic modern update of the Death Wish filmic telling of a tale, is enough to send many critics scurrying around for their most poisonous pens with which to articulate their venom. Add in the Danny Dyer factor, a fella who strangely seems to rile so many in entertainment circles purely because of the genre branches of entertainment he works in, then Vendetta was never going to garner favourable reviews in many quarters.

    This isn't revenge. This is a necessity.

    Yet there's a question that springs to mind here, namely, what were they expecting? Tag lines and media headings said Danny Dyer enacts bloody revenge on the murderers of his parents because the law is an ass! Do critics and film fans really go into a film like this, one that isn't hiding under false pretences, expecting a scathing and intelligent observation on the lawlessness of Britain? Or a snarky aside to the failings of the law system? Seriously? Stephen Reynolds (writer and director) has put some thought into his picture, there are some potent passages of dialogue, even if they fall by the wayside as the kills come thick and fast, but it was never marketed to the highbrow seekers.

    You'll be demoted before you can say Katie Price is a virgin.

    Vendetta delivers the goods for those looking for a good night in with a beer and some blood and brooding on the screen. Dyer (a real nice bloke in real life) gives good value as a son hell bent on revenge, whilst he also doesn't look out of place in his fight scenes. Haider Zafar's cinematography is superb, the blues and golds magnetic in their visual appeal, and there's good and solid work done by the supporting cast.

    Vendetta has fans, it really does, so much so that a sequel is currently in production. That news is sure to send those critics sitting up there in their ivory towers at The Guardian and The Telegraph crying over their shrimp salads. But you can bet your last British pound that they will be going to view the sequel expecting a far different movie to the one the man and woman of the street knows they are going to get. Death by cement! Hooray! 7/10
  • jager-marc5 January 2014
    When I checked this film it only had a 5.6 rating. My ONLY reason for writing this review is to RIGHT that WRONG.

    There is NOTHING so wrong with this film as to rate it so low. 5.6, to me, means 'boring, predictable, cookie-cutter, Hollywood action films with no 'substance' to them....And even some of those can rate a 6 or so just for pure action fun-entertainment value...But THIS film is MUCH better than those dime-a-dozen action/revenge films and "Vendetta" is so well executed. If I HAD to criticize anything it would only be that I don't think the way Alistair Petrie's character, 'Spencer Holland', was written was realistic. It's just my humble opinion that any ranking detective that is next in line for super, would NOT be as dumb as 'Spencer Holland' is written to be. If you like this genre, I don't think you will be disappointed and I'm sure you'd rate it higher than 5.6! ;)

    CAVEAT: Most of the negative reviews of this movie seem to be comparing it to 'GREAT FILMS'...or classics... When I review or recommend a film, I review/recommend it based on the genre and what the movie is INTENDED to be. E.g.You don't compare a Steven Seagal film to a Ridley Scott movie! So what I'm, saying (badly, I admit), is that, for what it's MEANT to BE, "Vendetta" is a solid 7-8. (It's not MEANT to be a classic guys!)
  • I went into this movie, not expecting anything too crappy, but nothing too brilliant either. I was pretty much bang on the money.

    So a guy seeks revenge on the guys who killed his parents. He bumps off the offenders one by one, yet the police have a hard time trying to figure out who is doing all the killing. The writer tries to make the protagonist into a hero but, in my opinion, fails.

    Vendetta is just another standard revenge movie, with predictable scripting and a character that you try and empathise with. However, I felt that I could not relate to the character (there was just no dimension in any of the acting) and just enjoyed the action.

    If you want to watch a run-of-the-mill action movie, then Vendetta is worth a look. Just be prepared to look beyond some scripting holes.
  • Forget all the Dyer haters out there...This is a very good film, end of! No spoilers, no plot line summary's just watch it and make up your own mind.It may not be a 9 out of 10 that I have given it but that is to try and counter balance against the keyboard warriors out there who just want to have a go because Danny Dyer is involved. If you like films like Layer Cake, Lock Stock etc. then you will enjoy this. It may not be an Oscar winner, you may think that the plot is a re-hash, that doesn't stop this from being a good film. Get over yourself, sit down and enjoy...and if it makes you reflect on the state of the criminal justice system in the UK and the state of "Bwroken Bwritain" then crack on me ol son!
  • I managed to catch Vendetta at the premier showing at the Genesis cinema in East London. The atmosphere was great and everyone was in good spirits, it was a Friday night and the cinema was packed with Danny Dyer fans. But even with the generous atmosphere it really failed to deliver. I wasn't expecting a Brando performance and I enjoyed watching Dyer in the likes of The Business and The Football Factory, but playing Jimmy Vickers felt like it was a lot out of his depth. Maybe if Danny would have taken this role in his latter years, it would have suited him much more. Saying that, if you enjoy a revenge plot and you love Brit flicks, well then this is possibly for you. Some splendid shots of Canary Wharf and East London make up for a very lack-lustre performance all round. The likes of the brilliant, late Mr Winner needn't worry one iota. Death Wish, it ain't.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Now there, right there is some real Charles Bronson Shtuff! Danny Dyer is filling out the leading action star roll quite well lately, and this movie makes no exceptions to that rule. Good pacing, and a well explained premise makes the story flow very smoothly for the most part, and the acting is very genuine from even the smallest of rolls. The later part of the film dries out a bit too much and feels a bit repetitive, and unnecessarily like filler, but the rest was well played, and unlike most of Bronson's films there was no unnecessary killing just for the sake of it. This was all payback, and only payback, Vickers proves to be an honorable man even if just a bit psychopathic. Admittedly there is a lot of violence in this film, but not in a very excessively gory way, most things happen off camera, you are just given the idea, and the result. I Enjoyed this one a lot more than I had at first been expecting, I was kind of looking forward to being let down by this film, and my disappointment is only for irony's sake. I would recommend this as a weekend afternoon piece for the more action film inclined of you, and if anyone else should get caught up in there I think you will still Enjoy the story.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    So Danny Dyer will never get nominated for an Oscar. In fact, I usually find him more wooden than Noah's Ark. However, this is not his worst film. Yes - the character of Holland (Alistair Petrie) was so over-written that he became almost a caricature of the uncaring, ambitious cop. And aside from the few political twists and turns, this was a straight-forward revenge movie with no apologies made. But to see reviews with ONE star (and even no stars in one case) is somewhat harsh. You're telling me that there are even low-budget horror movies out there better than this? These kind of rankings tell us more about the reviewers than they do the movie. Seriously guys ... these types of unnecessarily scathing critiques just make you look like movie-snobs.

    Okay ... so there are some clichés in there. Show me a film that has none. On the plus side, the manner in which Dyer dispatches his victims shows originality, and without being overly gory still had my wife watching through her fingers. Not the prosaic bullet to the head. Moreover, you were made to feel that they deserved it ... stereotypical as they may have been. And as anyone that has ever gotten a speeding ticket for going 3mph above the speed-limit will tell you, there is a distinct feeling that police resources could be better employed in catching the real criminals that seem to have the freedom to ply their trade unencumbered.

    The obligatory sex scene was long enough to get the point over without the four minutes of gratuitous nudity (note to Hollywood - with the amount of porn available on the internet these days, even 13 year-old boys no longer find these scenes titillating). The inevitable comparisons to so-called 'classics' like Death Wish are bound to be made (and let's not forget what a cringingly limited actor Bronson was!) but I think this stands up quite well. I was torn between a 6 and a 7 rating for this one. I went with the 8 in an attempt to redress the balance.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Vendetta - Jimmy (Danny Dyer) becomes a vigilante as he hunts down the bad guys who killed his parents. Sounds predictable but its actually a very solid film, probably Dyer's best film in the last 5- 10 years. It's a gritty, violent, gruesome revenge thriller.

    The plot is simple, a gang targets Jimmy's parents after the dad tries to stop them from committing their previous attack. He tries to stick up for an innocent victim and accidentally kills one of the gang members. The gang then kill Jimmy's parents and Jimmy returns home looking for revenge.

    He tracks down each gang member one by one and tortures them in different ways, every single torture scene in this film is absolutely brutal and very hard to watch. We see nails in people's eyes, people being burnt and ripped in half, as well as a bloody shootout. It really was one of the most brutal revenge thrillers I have seen but the brutal the better in this case because the gang members deserved what they got. Of course it is a bit over the top in places but I give the film praise for going that extra mile.

    If you like British films I think you will love this, it's the best British thriller I've seen for a few years. Don't be put off by the low IMDb rating, I give it an 8.5/10 and I'm very much looking forward to the sequel.
  • If your a fan of a good raw Brit flick then this one does not disappoint… the first 15 minutes of the film will leave you switched on or switched off. (Violent, cuts no corners and shows you what your in for, certainly sets the mood for the whole movie) hard hitting, raw to the core violent gritty Brit flick that packs a punch. I have been waiting for a new good Brit flick to come along for a while now… If your a fan of British flicks then you'll recognise a few actors along side Dyer and I'm sure you'll enjoy this movie. Solid 9 for me.

    Always feel that Brit flicks get tough reviews these days but i see this one picking up the pace a bit more with regards to ratings.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Danny Dyer is often criticised.

    I'm not exactly sure what the basis is for this. His career has had its ups and downs granted, with brilliant performances in films like "Human Traffic" and "Severance", where he played a happy-go-lucky party types in which he didn't take himself too seriously to others like the Abysmal "Basement" more recently, which was more a bad film choice in my opinion rather than a bad performance. Nobody could have made that film look good. He had a string of good performances in films like "The Business" and "The football factory" (although i didn't like the latter due to the presentation of the subject matter).

    So for me at least the criticism seems unwarranted from a professional film actor perspective. I think some of his television work was perhaps a mistake (I'm thinking of Danny Dyers Hardest Men or whatever it was called) but you can hardly make ill of his acting work based on that. I think after that series he maybe started to take himself a bit too seriously,or wanted to present himself as tougher or something but this could also just have been an attempt to break away from being typecast as those kind of cockney underworld/party characters he is best known for.

    I am pleased to say that Danny Dyer gave a very good performance in this film. Considering I haven't seen much of him in the media recently apart from his role in Eastenders, which is not a show i follow, he pulled off playing the lead character in this dark and gritty thriller very well. He had a presence i wouldn't have normally associated with Danny Dyer and I think he could make a go of these kind of roles in future.

    I went into this expecting more or less what it was: A revenge film set in London starring Danny Dyer. I was however pleasantly surprised by both how good the story was and the performances of the cast. I mean it's a revenge film so the basic formula is something you will be familiar with but it could so easily have come off as tired or dated. The film managed to avoid many of the clichés or predictable twists I was expecting that would have made it tedious.

    There were enough political and bureaucratic goings on to make the situation believable without it descending into big shootouts. In a lesser film the Spec Ops commanders etc would have sent out their own teams leading to ridiculous engagements in public spaces. Here we have them presented as secretive and menacing without the need for some insecure show of force. Their power is still present here but it's delivered though their characterisations and performances rather than though explicit demonstrations of power.

    There were elements introduced that usually lead to the same ending formula but refreshingly this film did not go down that road for once: As an example, following the all to overly used revenge film formula, the introduction of a love interest means that at the end of the film the bad guys will capture him/her and make the protagonist come get them or trade for them or at some point the protagonist will be captured and himself tortured only to escape leading to the big finale shootout where he kills them all. I was pleased that this film avoided these clichés, very bluntly in places which works out to be rather unforgiving for Danny Dyers character. It felt like this film gave the audience some credit and held onto its integrity by not throwing things like overblown action sequences or forced jeopardy into the mix.

    The torture/interrogation scenes are dark without being gratuitous. Much of the violence is implied or committed off screen (though there are some grizzly moments you get to see) but was both well acted and original enough to be satisfying to the viewer. Again Danny Dyer carried himself with a degree of authenticity that was compelling to watch here. Cold and confident when getting on with the business of revenge but with enough humanity underneath the special forces side of his character for the audience to connect with his plight. His action sequences were also very good the fight choreography was well executed, very sharp and again very satisfying.

    There was a distinct political/moral undertone to the film that I'm not sure I agree with but then I don't live in London or another major city where crime is at these kinds of levels and where the inability of police forces to be effective due to stringent regulation is quite so apparent. The subtext, whether you agree with it or disagree does not detract from the enjoyment of the film however.

    the rest of the cast were also well placed and gave good performances. There was one exchange between the parents early on that felt a little unnatural from a dialogue point of view. Like unnecessary forced exposition but with that aside there was very little clunky exposition throughout the rest of the film.

    While the closing scene didn't sit quite right with me in the context of the film it did leave things open for a sequel, which i would see. I think this film was an enjoyable experience I was not expecting (or at least not to the degree that it was) and showed that Danny Dyer gives a good performance in darker, more serious films than his previous outings would maybe have people believe. It also marks what I hope is the start of a more considered approach to project choices by Danny Dyer.

    It's not going to win any Oscars or have essays written about its layers/meaning but it will entertain you for the full running time and perhaps even leave you excited about a sequel yet to come. I recommend it.
  • highfly7613 February 2014
    What a glorification of vigilantes and of English mercenaries. If you don't like either above, don't bother.

    The story does catch you for some time, until it starts repeating itself. It's about revenge and that's about it. A lot of stereotypical roles in the film and a quite straight forward plot pattern. The individual performances of the actors being decent though, unfortunately the script is not giving room for the movie to blossom.

    Oh, also, if you like unique killing methods, the film will provide with some. It is delivered in a Hollywood entertainment mode, but a couple of unique killings there are.
  • Director Stephen Reynolds has created a gem in Vendetta.

    Starring Danny Dyer who has been in other classic flicks, Human Traffic 1999, The Football Factory 2004, The Business 2005 and Straightheads 2007.

    Also starring Vincent Regan who has been in other classic flicks, Joan of Arc 1999, 300 2006, Bonded by Blood 2010 and Lockout 2012 plus a season of the classic television series Strike Back 2010-2015, 2017-18.

    Also starring Bruce Payne who has been in other classic flicks, Necronomicon 1993, Re-Kill 2015 and One Point O 2004.

    I enjoyed the violence.

    If you enjoyed this as much as I did then check out other classic revenge flicks, Cold in July 2014, Landmine Goes Click 2015, 45 2006, Instant Death 2017, The Equalizer 2014, The Gift 2015, Revenge 2017, Death Wish 2018, Death Kiss 2018, Big Driver 2014, Red 2008, King of the Ants 2003 and A Certain Justice 2014.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This film was so bad in so many ways, it wouldn't be fair on me or you to list them all. It's not bad because that no-one has yet convinced Danny Dyer that he really is NOT a cockney hard man...or the desperately limited acting skills - Vinny Jones & Jason Statham have overcome these to break into lucrative Hollywood film roles. What starts out as a Ronseal (does what it says on the tin) revenge thriller, albeit one that has gone for the most rent-a-mob stock pile of 'gangsters' seen this side of the 1960's Batman show soon degenerates into sound-bite sized pockets of letters written to the Daily Mail masquerading as character development.

    The soft lit 'emotional' scenes showing how a psycho who has been leaving a trail of corpses can win back the love of his life by getting his frankly flabby & out of shape torso out & justifying the massacre going on as he had had a bad time of it torturing & killing people in Afghanistan was the first real sign that things were going really awry.

    It was around now that the writers realised that even though they had tried to go the Death Wish route, it needed something else...and that was to just lift entire plot points & scenes from other films picked at random...the 50/50 chain ripper (The Hitcher), random Colonel appearing to call back in 'his boy' (Rambo) but then it not only jumps the shark but clears it high and mighty by adding in the suggestion that this super soldier is so important that when bullying the cops doesn't work directly, senior ministers are willing to intervene and demand that he not be arrested, despite that he still has another couple of people to get through...

    The Police are portrayed as lazy, dispirited, cynical morons who it seems have been craving a psychopath to come and mete out justice for them, one of whom is not only stupid enough to access files of suspects & then brag about it to a superior officer when busted but then walks away free to set up the final slap in the face at the end.

    I'm sorry but I did end up ranting more than I intended & will shorten this in the future but I really needed that cathartic rant! Phew....
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Comparing this movie to Death Wish is like comparing the Walking Dead to Dawn of the dead. One is a camp zombie soap opera and the other is a timeless Classic.

    In the blurb it is compared to Death Wish. Death Wish is a revenge thriller. Brian Garfield's story is sharp and believable. It has a brutal beginning, a time for self reflection in the middle and a very brutal ending. This is a movie about revenge where the good guy wins. Stephen Reynolds should take note. I also suggest he watches the movie to understand that nearly forty years ago Michael Winner could make a much better movie. Remember the good guy gets to win. He grabs the girl and rides off into the sunset.

    In Vendetta Dyer is a hard bitten action hero who is virtually invisible. He appears when he needs to does the deed then disappears like the morning mist. Well that is what the Colonel tells a Police detective half way through the movie. It is of course rubbish. He leaves a trail that anyone can follow.

    Spoiler Alert.

    So his family is murdered and he is out for revenge. It is a brutal beginning and we get to see the nasty gang bangers having quite a lot of nasty fun. They are bad people. We already knew this but Reynolds has to reinforce it with two hateful events. Then in the middle He takes his time to find the bad people. Like death wish. Then we get to the not particularly brutal ending. Now this is where the movie could have shined after all the bad guys done in his parents. He kills all the people and all of the deaths are off camera. The effects are extremely weak. No gore. I have seen more brutality in The Bill.

    It was an okay movie then it has the twist in the tail that changed this from being a Dyer comeback movie to a cheat. In the end the character walks away with nothing a bit like the viewer. It was predictable. All the characters give it large but there is no pay off.

    I just paid £10 for Blu Ray now I just need to find someone I do not like to give it to.
  • j-zed4 February 2014
    I felt compelled to write my first review because this film deserves a little more praise! Iv always liked Danny Dyer, yeah he's made some poor movies to say the least but he's also done a couple of gems. This movie is pretty good considering Danny's most recent attempts and because I was expecting less I was presently surprised when I got more ! Its a decent British movie and I do think Danny Dyer has more to offer in future role like this one.....if you don't like British movies then you are never going to like this, but if you do its better than average. The poor ratings I feel are harsh and the film deserves about a 6.5! reminded me of "Dead man's shoes".
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Jimmy Vickers comes home from a generic war, to discover that his parents have been brutally murdered. This vexes Jimmy even more because his Mother was Emma Samms from Dynasty and The Colby's.

    They were murdered because his dad got a little tasty when he drove into the middle of a robbery and accidentally killed one of the assailants....

    So Jimmy goes all out bonkers and starts to plat grim reaper across the streets of London, practising his scowl for Eastenders.....

    Whatever you think of Dyer, his movies have a dedicated following. And I must say, guiltily, that I am a fan of his movies. Not because they are good, a lot are abysmal, but you can get a good laugh from all the crassness surrounding his movies.

    So I was surprised to find that this is a solid little thriller, and looks wonderful, the cinematography adds a depth to a cold London, especially on Blu Ray.

    The performances though are what you expect. Dyer is as average as ever, but you wouldn't expect anything any different. He has a presence, but that's because the rest of the cast (Apart from McKee) are so stereotypical of these sort of films and demography.

    The film is surprisingly violent, and some of the methods of Jimmy's vengeance are pretty wince inducing.

    If you are a fan of Dyer, you will think that this is the best thing he's done in nearly ten years. If your not, the film looks great, and you can laugh at the silly ending, which looks like the film maker wants to turn it into a superhero franchise...
  • awful just awful 0/10 THIS REVIEW CONTAINS NO SPOILERS - except that the movie itself may spoil your night.

    I have seen far better Danny Dyer movies than this but have not seen all of his movies - yet it is hard to fathom that ANY could be WORSE than this.

    The movie actually starts out pretty good - but as the onion of the movie starts to peel back the layers - you are left with a plot that is brainless and predicable and cheesy and totally unbelievable - so if you like that sort of dribble, then you'll love this dross

    But for me - awful just awful 0/10
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Yeah Danny boy you pulled out a showstoppin performance on this one. I would give you a ten for this film because of your performance but have given you an eight cause I know you got more to give us.

    You kick some serious butt in this film , pure jet lee moves mixed with cockney attitude. I think if they put you head to head with statham you could take him.

    So the film , quality , Dyer takes on some council estate dropouts and kills them one by one with gruesome techniques he has learnt from the war in Iraq.

    No one messes with Danny Dyer , no one.

    You still da man Dyer ... You still da man Danny.
  • Steer clear for God's sake.

    Plain awful from beginning to end.

    Awful photography worth a low rated amatorial footage on youtube, actually there are far better ones on the tube. Cheesy to poor acting, awful script, lots of attempts to raise audience's hate due to total absence of decent ideas in the script (script? hahaha let me take that back, seriously).

    There is nothing worth watching in this dough.

    Truth is this crap movie isn't even worth this review, so I'll just end it here.
  • If you want a film full of violence and revenge, to get your adrenaline going, then this will fill the bill. It doesn't have the qualities to make it a great film, but it is not pretending to be that, just an entertaining action flick.

    However, it is a bad film in that it seems to have the message behind it that vigilantism is the solution to our current crime problems. In watching the film it dawns on you that the author is saying our current system is broken and out of control. So well and good, that is a good point to make, but in watching the short bundled with the DVD (The Snowman) it seems to be advocating vigilantism as the solution. Our system may be bad and need fixing, but this is not the way to go. It is hard to tell if the film itself is pro vigilantes, as it was left in the air ready for the sequel. However, I won't be watching it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I have been a Danny Dyer fan for some years, I always felt he had the ability and potential to be a solid British actor. He simply wasn't getting or choosing the right projects to showcase those skills.

    We could blame his agent, financial needs or Danny himself? Whatever the reasons he got it right here and finally was able to show off a little as to what he could do.

    Thye story is simple, straightforward revenge thriller similar to Taken, I AM Wrath etc.. but on a far more gruesome level. Stephen Reynolds is another British writer/director with potential. The budget was apparently non-existent but that does not show here when you watch the action unfold before you.

    Dyers dark and gritty performance shine on screen and when it's all over I was ready for more.

    This film is seeking Oscars or trying to solve the world's problems. It simply a straight forward gory revenge thriller that has sadly been underrated

    Sadly the sequel is looking less likely with Dyer gone into the world of brain dead soaps and Reynolds working in the US for WEE Studios.

    But if does come about I will be there
  • vangel220925 December 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    This film i thought was well directed with a fantastic script and cast a story line to which we could all relate to if we could get away with it and had his skills a man on a mission to avenge his parents brutal murder the bad guys messed with the wrong family and so the mission begins i wont give anything away but its typical of hoody type characters hanging out and dealing drugs and cocky to beat but not so cocky when vickers (dyer) captures them one by one and tortures them n kills them the chains on both cars is the best lol the only disappointing thing for me is he should of shot the copper at the end (ooops) but fair play a must watch film if you like or dislike gangster films Danny dyer at his best superb about time Mr dyer and a great supporting cast go buy it and watch you wont be disappointed if you are vickers will pop and see you
  • danielhood243 January 2014
    I have been waiting a long time to see an intense action film like this. this film showed so much bad ass acting from Danny Dyer. I'm not the biggest Dyer fan, and i must admit that I don't watch a lot of films by him however, this was out of this world.

    I would suggest if your reading this to see what kind of film it is, i recommend watching it as soon as possible. Their is parts of the film that i hoped that he would of done something else, but that is my opinion, but the way the film went was very good, and was very professional. Please keep doing films like these!

    P.s. Great acting Dyer! Very tough character in this film. keep doing what your doing! :D
  • The movie was surprisingly good. I actually stopped what I was doing so I could sit down and watch. I don't understand why some people rated it down. I'm giving it 10 stars no less than that. I've no idea who the actor playing Jimmy Vickers is and have not heard of him or seen any other movies he starred in but after watching Vendetta, I sure would like to see some more of him in similar roles. The movie reminds me of Jack Reacher, Lucas Davenport and the like. If you are a fan of any of these book characters and you enjoy the genre then watch the film, you can thank me right after. This is no ordinary revenge movie. It's cold and heartless and definitely not for the squeamish and weak of heart.
  • Here's a film that is better than you think it will be. I really enjoyed this movie, I must say. I guess all it needed was a better title. Danny Dyer has become one of my favourite British actors, a serious performer who respects his craft. He's an actor who's truly grounded. He's in top form here, as a special ops investigator, who's escaped, just vanished out of detection. He has that skill, and he is someone you definitely don't mess with, as seen by many ugly examples here. He's as deadly as Liam Neeson in Taken. He's on a revenge crusade, to find the true vermin, who have such front, especially in front of coppers, who slaughtered his parents, Emma Samms as the mother, still looking quite hot) burning them alive as a favour to their boss, whose brother was accidentally killed by Dyer's stout hearted father, where he's awaiting manslaughter. I think I'd rather chose to be killed, instead of going through all that pain of waiting it out for that day, the judge passes sentence. I liked the initial pre motive of the story here where Dyer's father intercepted a robbery by the verminous gang, forcing this woman to hand over all these bills. And look what he got for it, again proving justice doesn't pay, and this is what Dyer's revenge driven character is about, while also being an unstoppable inferno of rage. It's a justice, you so can't wait for Dyer to deliver. And that he does in highly inventive, if sick ways, one of them is truly unique. Dyer is a smart cookie. No one gets off easy, although his last objective is kind of loused up, because of one pain in the arse law enforcer, looking very much like Martin Hamilton Smith, or a bit of Cornsey, who I'd love to punch out as much as Dyer. You first think Vendetta is gonna be a simple, straight forward revenge story, but it becomes more, as it goes in a different direction, Dyer stuffing up and ending up in hot water, where soon his op friends are them to back him, one of the team, the great Bruce Payne (Getaway) delivering a another small, but splendid performance. Too, the small after ending is frankly quite stupid, immature, although we're appreciative when Dyer's doing it. One monologue scene, that has Dyer sharing some personal opinions on justice, was sheerly some great writing. Don't overlook this one.
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