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  • 'THRONG': Four and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

    A 20 minute mockumentary short film shot in Portland, OR and directed by Chris R. Wilson and actor Zacharia Persson. Wilson also co-directed the immensely popular Portland shot short 'JAMES VS. REALITY' in 2010 (with Tim Feeney) and is directing the upcoming feature 'BAD SIGNS' (which Persson is starring in). This film was written by Wilson, Persson, Jonathan Senske (who starred as James in 'JAMES VS. REALITY') and Chris's girlfriend actress/filmmaker Hollie Olson. It stars Persson, Senske, Feeney, Olson and other Wilson regulars (like Jv Williams, Adrienne Vogel and Shannon Teem) as well as some new faces. It's a spoof on independent film auditions and revolves around a film crew auditioning actors for a fake movie called 'Throng'.

    Persson, Senske and Feeney play themselves as filmmakers who have grown tired of filmmaking (due to the frustrating hard work it takes and sometimes uninspiring results). They've turned solely to their favorite part of the filmmaking process, holding auditions, and have invited local actors (through craigslist) to come audition for their film 'Throng', except there is no film. We see interviews with the filmmakers explaining their scheme and watch as they audition various actors. Things of course get complicated when the actors learn there is no film.

    I'd say the film is funnier than Wilson's previous work but it obviously doesn't have the spectacular visuals that 'JAMES VS. REALITY' does. Persson is probably the funniest part of the film and appears to be a pretty impressive actor. Senske is great as well though, along with all the bit players (I love Jv Williams). My favorite jokes involved a young girl (Catherine Grimme) auditioning, who had previously appeared in the film 'TWILIGHT' (as a young Bella), as well as jokes involving YouTube views and just the whole filmmaking process. Having made ultra-low budget films myself I could relate to the frustrations of trying to make a movie (on little to no money). I haven't had any experience with auditions but I'm sure that anyone who's experienced the process could really relate to this film. It's a riot!

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