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  • This game is a solid addition to the "Kart Racing" genre. I put kart in quotes because there are no karts in this game. What there are instead are some pretty solid cars, planes and boats that all control and handle how they should do. In this game I never find myself annoyed at the game for how it plays, if something goes wrong usually it's my fault.

    I also like the difficulty in this game as well, it's not a "cheap" difficulty where you are bombarded with special items left right and centre, no. Oponents actually drive pretty well and don't seem to follow a set path but rather make decisions to throw you off.

    Is this game just another Mario Kart clone? Far from it, it's not even in the same league. I would play this over Mario Kart any day.

    The music, by English composer Richard Jaques, is pretty damn good. With remixes of some classic Sega tunes and some pretty good original compositions you really cannot go wrong with it. And yes, this is the same man that did the Catchphrase theme song (didn't go where you thought it would did you?)

    If I did have one complaint however (and this one works in MKs favour) the courses can be very long, almost too long so if you haven't got much time to play a game, this isn't the game for you.
  • "Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed" is a racing game, made by Sega and released for multiple platforms like Wii U, PlayStation 3, XBox and Microsoft Windows.

    In this game you can play as many of the popular characters like Sonic, Knuckles, Dr. Eggman, Alex Kidd, Ulala, and many more. Many of these characters are popular Sega characters, hence the fact this game is made by Sega. Surprisingly, you can even play as Ralph from Disney's "Wreck-It Ralph".

    I got the Wii U-game for Christmas 2013, together with "Super Mario 3D World". And I found this game to be a great fun, and is pretty similar to the Mario Kart-franchise; You race and use weapons against your rivals in order to get into 1st place. And you race in many funny tracks, which many of them have obstacles you'll have to avoid. And try to not fall off the race track as much as possible. I've even won gold trophies on the regular "Grand Prix". And of course there are tracks and characters to be unlocked. It is funny to see how the characters' vehicle can transform into hovercraft, plane or car, depending on the race track. The Techno-like background music is also funny and cool as well.

    One of the main features in this game is a mode called "World Tour". There you don't only do the standard racing, but here you'll get other challenges to complete, like Drift Challenge, Traffic Challenge, Pursuit, Versus, and more. However, the more difficulty you take on a certain challenge (from Easy to Expert), the more stars you get to unlock more challenges and characters. Actually, you'll have to win a certain amount of stars to unlock characters like: Shadow the Hedgehog, Vyse, Pudding, Joe Musashi and the real life driver Danica Patrick.

    For starters of the game: Before going to "Grand Prix" and "World Tour", I can recommend you to practice on Time Attack and Single Race. This is how I got to know most of the tracks on this game, before I began racing on "Grand Prix".

    Conclusion: If you like the "Mario Kart" franchise, then I suggest you to buy this game. This one deserves two thumbs up from me. Overall rating: 10/10.
  • maxibo30 April 2013
    I have this game for my Wii U and its very bad! The gameplay is painful and the presentation is horrible. Sure, its good if you like mario kart, but this is just bad. Boring sega charatcters and annoying music. My hand hurts after playing it for 40 minutes. It is the same formula has Nintendos Mario Kart, and this is clearly a rip-off. The game can be fun, but i think it get boring after 20 minuites. the point of the game is to race against oppents, online or offline. There is 25 tracks and 20 known characters or "racers" such as Sonic and Knuckels. Your vehicel can transform to a boat, a plane , and a car depending on the track. it just annoys me. Please save the money and buy a better wii u game. 4/10

    Pros: +fun in small doses

    Cons: -Mostly boring -Annoying -Bad gameplay

    sorry for my broken English, im just mad at the moment.