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  • If you hate laughing, then watch Inside Amy Schumer. It was painfully unfunny to watch her spit out the same joke in every sketch. This show is supposed to be directed at women and their perception of sex, but the last time i checked, I was a woman and I just couldn't laugh at or relate to any of it. I'm not a prude at all, but her joke is not well put together and the way she tells it comes across as childish, a bit like a high school kid who's bragging about self humiliation, rejection and sex like its no big deal.

    Her sketch show mirrors her stand up comedy shows, dry and leaving a lot to be desired. How many ways can you tell the same joke?
  • A ranking of 7 is a bit low for love but while the first few seasons were fresh and clever the 4th season was kind of a dud. I'm sure her soaring film career put a dent in her time to write material for her show, and it shows. Her last standup comedy special...also, a real let down where her previous stuff was really great. Honestly, it's fine. She's gotta make that money and I respect that.
  • swbird18 September 2016
    I often wonder how much 'professional' critics get paid as Schumer seems to have a few too many positive reviews. I can understand some liking her, we are all different, but the media coverage and the sheer number of positive coverage seems somewhat odd.

    Shocking and puerile seems to be her go-to with the same 'joke' repeated again and again (and again). Difficult to understand why she has had the leg up from the media to such an extent.

    Garbage and a real step back to some of the great female comediennes. I guess between Schumer and McCarthy the future of female comedienne role models is down the toilet.
  • Well, if this show is a representation of what it's like to be "Inside Amy Schumer", then I suggest one bring lube cause it really is bone dry. Not in a Demetri Martin sense of dry, just...dry. I'm no prude, I love a good dirty joke, her show just seems to ONLY rely on that and that alone. Her sketches are about as decent as her stand up, which isn't saying much. There's not really much to say about a show that doesn't have much material other than sex, sex, and more humorless topics concerning, you guessed it... sex. The show basically is promoting slut pride, I mean, to each their own, but if you're going to create a sketch comedy show, maybe touch upon other things besides how incredibly promiscuous you are?
  • jack-gifford22647 June 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    This really was an awful show. I found Schumer's jokes generally stupid. It completely lacked originality. I didn't laugh once because every joke she used that was remotely funny was exhausted in comedy about ten years. The first act is about her overreacting after a one night stand she reads into a situation where she believes a one night stand actually meant something, so she plans their future lives together. This was pretty stupid especially when a guy jerked off to a elderly woman on a tomato paste bottle. Next was an act with two sarcastic survival stories ones about a guy who loses his arms to mentally ill owls the other about two brothers who are stranded at sea and pee in each others mouths. Schumer then compares it to her dilemma, being forced to wait in line at an airport without champagne, whilst having to hold a kindle fire and a MacBook Air in order to have sex with her ex. It's pretty stupid and to be honest not even close to being funny. I turned the TV off at this point mixed into the show were snippets from her stand-up comedy shows which really weren't that funny either
  • jiffyxpop27 February 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    She's intelligent, insightful and hilarious, and the dull-witted types of people she offends are the people I can't stand anyway.
  • I've watched all the episodes so far this season and I keep waiting for it to get better but it just doesn't. The show is just not that funny, typical mid-season Comedy Central replacement. I honestly think that if a comedian/comedienne can give them 30 solid minutes of stand-up then they(CC) assume that person should be able to give up 13 episodes of sketches. How wrong they are. Amy Schumer is mildly funny at best and really shouldn't venture far from the comedy club/celebrity roast circuit. Luckily this show probably won't be around for much longer and I hope this doesn't lead to another female focused sketch show that just isn't funny and has no appeal from a wider audience (The Sarah Silverman Program).
  • Quick FYI: The same life-failing, jealous incels who violently (embarrassingly) troll everything Amy Schumer does are the same vile, geek basement dwellers who genuinely think The Last Jedi is a bad Star Wars movie despite the fact that it's OBJECTIVELY superior to nearly every single film in that hilariously overrated franchise.

    Oh and Inside Amy Schumer is fantastic! Highly recommend.

    Actual facts for once here. You're welcome 😁
  • I loved Amy Schumer as a contestant on Last Comic Standing -- she always nailed her routines. She's always entertaining as a talk show guest. The first three seasons of her show had hits and misses, with the hits outnumbering the misses. The fourth season is dreadful. It hasn't made me laugh at all. It's like watching a dirtier, less funny episode of Saturday Night Live. The sketches go on too long and often fall flat. The few decent jokes offer so little payoff that you feel cheated. It's as if she is phoning it in now. It seems like the fame has gone to her head and she no longer relates to her audience (as witnessed by her recent fan interactions).
  • vogelbaugh3 June 2016
    I mean, sometimes she is funny, and don't get me wrong, making fun of people is funny... but she turns everything so far left its hard to watch. let me rephrase that, impossible to watch. I only give her a two because every once in a while she drifts back into the normal realm, you know, where you can see a person who is a little plus sized not freak about people identifying her as a little chubby. like saying that guy has dark hair. Remember really funny comedians? back in the day, they didn't discriminate, they made fun of everybody.. recently I went to Vegas and was dragged to a Carrot Top show (kicking and screaming) I have never laughed so hard in my life, go read his reviews. If you compare him to Amy, she would have a negative number, but if you are into the whole, "I need my safe space", then you will love Amy Schumer.
  • tomtomzz4 June 2013
    Absolute garbage. Not sure what type of "humor" this is supposed to be. HMMMMM Schumer ? Must be ... ??? humor. This is nothing more than Sara Silverman smut tour. I could not care less about Schumer's vagina . Her skit on shell encrusted dildo was a total lack of creativity or morals. If this is what is considered comedy and "in" now ...forget it don't waste your time you would be better off hanging out and watching real porn and masturbating rather than watching the trash spew forth from this tarts mouth. Oh and she tells the audience she doesn't like anal sex but maybe she can try her new sea shell encrusted dildo. Or could someone possibly shove it in her mouth to make her shut up. HA HA.
  • I'm not going to go to far into bashing this show because it isn't bad but it just doesn't make you laugh... and well I guess for a comedy that is bad. Some of the premises are slightly funny but everything is way to predictable. Its a show where if there is nothing else on you'll watch it and it'll past the time for 30 min.

    The target audience for this show is probably females around the same age as Amy. Perhaps that's why I don't relate to this show because her jokes seem so gender specific. So if your a girl raise my points by 3 or 4 and that'll probably be what its worth for you.

    I mainly wrote this review because of the review on the first page. Really this show is better than Dave Chappelle? REALLY?!? This show can't hold a candle to Dave and neither can she as a comedian.
  • A writer on her show, Kurt Metzger, basically said publicly that it is NOT OK to try and punish people accused of sexual assault on social media, that they should be tried Ina court of law. And for this completely sensible comment all of the feminazis ganged up and decreed that he was promoting rape culture, because obviously things like fair trials, and evidence have no place in their America. So what does Amy do? Stand by her old friend who was right? NOpe. She fires him. Rotten, shallow, and unfunny.
  • Having not really been previously familiar with Amy Schumer's comedy, I wasn't necessarily anticipating Inside Amy Schumer being the female equivalent of Chappelle's Show, but the bottom line is that this show is awful. Trying to be fair, I have now tried watching it three different times and each time wound up switching channels before the episode was over. I simply did not laugh at any of her bits, at all. She is not nearly as cutting edge as she seems to think she is, and her portrayals of excessively needy women aren't funny; they're just creepy. Once this season's run is over I seriously doubt that this show will be back.
  • ncosovic24 July 2013
    Falling back on Comedy Central roasts I was expecting to see something funny, because Amy did very well while she was in front of the panel. And were I in for a surprise.

    Amy, all the best to you and yours, but maybe you should think your career over. Maybe try something less verbal and something that includes less comedy. I leave to you what that profession could be.

    Concerning the episodes - If you are a semi-deranged person who likes to watch mildly disturbing and enjoys less than mildly funny comedy I invite you to watch Whitney Cummings show. :) Amy's concept is - she starts with a live standup video taping, than whatever she is talking about is translated into a short bit. So, you can see right there how much effort she is putting into this. She is using a third rate comedy act to create fifth rate comedy video.
  • Amy Schumer is a fantastic comedian and I fully recommend to look her up and see what she's capable of. I had been excited to see what this show would be like but it just didn't go anywhere.

    It tried to have a bit of the seinfeld/ louie thing by cutting to random stand up bits but they didn't relate to any of the material. This was just a collection of random skits with no storyline maintained or cohesiveness or character development. I will try another episode based on her stand up material but I really hope they turn it into an actual show not a pointless sporadic mess designed for an audience with no attention span.

    2/10 For now, I hope they do better
  • I tried giving this show a chance, didn't laugh once. Amy is a terrible actress, her bad acting makes the already unfunny sketches even worse. I thought maybe the street interviews would be funny... nope. The clips of her doing stand up are essentially everything you've already seen her perform on her stand-up specials.

    Basically 9 out of 10 sketches are about what a whore she is and she basically tries to be over the top vulgar and dirty thinking that's what's funny but after a while it's just pathetic.

    Comedy Central has been trying hard to find a comedian who can do a show as good as Chappelle Show but they failed again with Amy Schumer. They already gave her a 2nd season not even halfway through the first season but I don't see this show lasting much longer after that. I can't for the life of me understand how anyone can find this show funny.
  • She's a one trick pony relying on sex jokes to get by, which would be fine if they were actually funny. Every episode uses the same exact jokes and the situations only get worse with each passing episode. Now don't get me wrong, I love raunchy humor as much as the next guy but only if it's clever and hasn't been done a million times before. There are countless female stand up comics that are much funnier than Schumer and would put out much more original, funny sketches. Comedy Central has gone downhill the past few years and this and Brickleberry show that beyond a doubt. At least CC finally had mercy on us and cancelled Brickleberry. Here's to hoping they do the same with this and finally (fingers crossed) put out another Sketch show near the level of Chappelle.
  • I have to thank @colinvernon for the most beautiful accidental misogynistic endorsement I have seen in ages, and for capturing in a nutshell every backward idea and person the show is intended to offend. I give it a 9 because I feel that Schumer could have done more to bring out @colinvernon's feelings about wealthy Jews. That really seemed like a missed opportunity.

    "How on earth does anybody find this Girl funny ?"

    "SHE IS USING SEX as her Comedy .. and ruining the sex jokes"

    "she just uses SEX for comedy as its seems funny a Fat girl talking about sex"

    "She would not get laid if she was not famous or had a rich Jewish dad because she has a face like a a Snickers after being chewed"

    "i hope she disappears like when she is eating her fast food"

    "Plus she is so ugly she would not get a kick in a stampede"
  • veronika16119310 June 2017
    Inside Amy Schumer is extremely funny and smart. Amy almost always puts herself as the butt of the joke. I really wonder why it only has 6,6. I guess all the new haters she is getting are disliking and rating low all of her stuff all over the internet - out of pure spite. I do not understand the hate. I do not like many male comedians but wouldn't go around trashing them all the time and saying how disgusting they can be. It is comedy. Long story short, anyone with a brain will enjoy this, especially when she deals with topics like sexism, promiscuity, hypocrisy, etc.
  • The only people who hate on this show are the same people who get upset at dead baby jokes & can't understand they're just jokes. Who are pretty much the same people who do nothing but truck their children to sport games and/or do volunteer work for their Church. Don't watch this show if you don't have a backbone. It's no intended for the people who only want comedy made of fart jokes. You also won't find any ball kicking/falling and tripping type of humor here. Amy Schumer humor takes effort, not balls. DO watch this show if you like laughing. Because you will laugh a really good amount. The premise is incredibly low-brow...just a girl talking about sex and life and making jokes about herself. It's the twists on formula she adds that make the show incredibly fun and inventive.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I love this show. I think it's exceptionally well-written, and I'm shocked that it's garnered so many bad reviews from other users--so I felt I had to step up to Amy's defense.

    Comedy is so subjective...and while I always imagined this show would be well received by both men and women, perhaps on that account I was wrong (as it seems a lot of men are slamming her). That said, I just can't believe that men fail to see how brilliant this show is. Come on! Let's think about some of these sketches:

    1) The audition for the Two Cups video? Genius. Because we all know some (much sadder)version of this actually went down before that viral video was made, this concept is genius.

    2) The split-screen visual of the one night stand sketch where she becomes obsessed with a dude who has zero interest? I thought men would LOVE this. It's clever and plays on something that's been joked about before, but in a totally novel and self-deprecating way.

    3) The Nutter's sketch? Playing upon Hooter's themed restaurants so men can understand how ridiculous it feels to be a woman in one of these establishments? Social commentary anyone? This lady is smart. Give her some credit.

    4) The agent Butterface sketch? Come on guys (especially guys who hate this show)...she's calling out gender-based stereotypes and playing with them...just like Chapelle did with race. Again, this lady, and her writer, know what the hell they're doing. And it's pretty brilliant.

    In short, I think any thinking person that doesn't have a totally prudish sensibility should love this smart, funny and, I'd argue, subversive show.

    As a woman in comedy, I've been waiting for a sketch show like this my whole life.
  • plex20 July 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    I was waiting for this show with much anticipation and got even more than what I hoped for. I don't understand how some have already complained about the sexual nature of the show. The Comedy channel, in general, shows many things in this vein. If you dint think so, then you are not watching the Comedy channel, at least at night. I was hooked on Amy the 1st time I saw her stand-up. She has this mid-western innocent look about her starkly juxtaposed to her mantra which is a raw, dry sexuality thats in your face ( no pun intended). She has a quick wit, is very self-effacing, and self deprecating. I was most surprised at her range on her new show, she really sells the skits, which take social stigmas or clichés and flips them on themselves, often in a casual but brutal way. I give mad props to her originality and I love the pacing of the show and its set format of : various skits, stand-up, street interview, and one-one sit down, usually ending with a funny out-take. I hope to see more, hopefully this fine talent is on her way....

    Well, the show deservedly got picked up for another season, and its only gotten better. Better production values, better supporting cast and Amy is on the top of her game. The show remains edgy, counter-culture, and irreverent. Excellent writing: the Aaron Sorkin skit was the bomb. It would get my nod for an Emmy.
  • Normally I'm much too lazy to write reviews, but I strongly disagree with what a low rating this show has been given.

    I just finished watching episode 6 and must say this show is really, really funny! Probably the best sketch show that I've seen in many years.

    However, in fairness, the type of humour is not for everyone. It's very tongue in cheek, absurdest, kind of sarcastic. But if you like Tosh, Louie or Sarah Silverman type humour, I think you will appreciate Amy Schumer. If you find their humor to be offensive or crass, then this show is probably not something you would enjoy.

    As well, this show this show may appeal to women, slightly more than men. However, it's so funny that I recommend that everyone should give it a chance. Give it at least 2-3 episodes.

    There are usually a few sketches, interspersed with street interviews with random real people, a little bit of stand up comedy and then usually a short interview with a real person who has and a less than mainstream type job. For example, one interview was with an exotic dancer, another episode had a very personable dominatrix and the last episode that I watched (episode 6) had an interview with a Ballerina.

    Like any sketch show, some of the sketches are hit and miss, some funnier than others. But the ones that are really funny usually have such a hilarious concept that I can't be that annoyed with sketches that I don't enjoy. Plus, the show moves very quickly.

    So anyways, after watching 6 out of 10 episodes, I will say there have been many laugh out loud moments and I've usually finished the show smiling. It did take me a couple of episodes to get into it, but now that I have --- I would definitely recommend this to all of my friends and family who like to laugh! :)
  • How on earth does anybody find this Girl funny ? There is now no hope for comedy after seeing how popular this is and also how very very bad it is ... it was painful watching season 1 I quickly deleted season 2 and hoped to forget id ever watched it ....SHE IS USING SEX as her Comedy Eddie Murphy was doing this 30 years ago and she is just copying all the greats and ruining the sex jokes ,,,The only almost funny part of this show is when she is doing stand up but again she just uses SEX for comedy as its seems funny a Fat girl talking about sex ...She would not get laid if she was not famous or had a rich Jewish dad because she has a face like a a Snickers after being chewed and jawed by a Pitt Bull so only for her fame she would know noting about sex ..Anyway the Sketches are absolutely awful I don't know anyone who likes this except for idiot Americans posting good reports on line ...ITA AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL not funny and i hope she disappears like when she is eating her fast food dinners AVOID AT ALL COST NOT WORTH THE DOWN LOAD TIME .. Plus she is so ugly she would not get a kick in a stampede .... best joke you will ever here when her name is involved .....God help us
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