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  • I humbly disagree with "We Make Good Beer". Although this is not a classic movie it is a good movie and much better than some of the drivel that comes out of Hollywood etc. The story got me as the mess the young couple got into gradually got progressively worse. The ending is not your typical "all is well" ending and that alone stands it apart from most movies.

    The movie filmed in Sudbury has four main characters who interact revealing personality weaknesses in definitely three of the four and the fourth finally is caught in the web of self-destruction.

    Canada has great acting talent, obviously glorious locations to film at, great actors and great production companies.
  • rps-25 December 2014
    Canada makes good beer. Our whiskey is famous. We discovered insulin and invented the paint roller. Canada has produced great authors, actors and singers. But making movies is not something we do well at all and this puzzling, pointless, predictable turkey is but one more example of our embarrassing sophomoric efforts. The acting is barely adequate. The camera work is unoriginal. The script, with its absurdities and cinematic clichés might have been concocted by a grade school class. Why are we so bad at movies? My guess is that its because all our good talent has been syphoned off to Hollywood, leaving only hacks and losers at home, people who would rather pocket government film subsidies than create meaningful movies. These subsidies and tax breaks may create jobs. But they also result in appallingly embarrassing movies.
  • gerri1-221 February 2015
    SPOILER: Did Richard at any time feel that he was there for the wrong reasons? Why would Preston want him there? Killing someone and hiding the bodies is something else and planned. What would Preston achieve by killing Richard and his wife and exclaiming their deaths later. Where did Preston put Richards body? Why the police did not investigate further is a mystery. Six people dead and they go for a boat ride waving to their neighbour. Storyline just to simple for the real life. How many lines does one need to ask for answers on IMB? I asked enough questions and feel that is sufficient. Did Preston and his wife deliberately invite this couple over to set them up?