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  • Eaksoy-958-35301216 March 2018
    My advice is go to this movie for the first 30 minutes to see the stellar performances and then immediately leave and don't look back and whatever you do don't stay for the last 20 minutes. This movie is a horribly written film school mess with a clear dissonance between all creative components. Great acting, a seemingly decent director who /tried/ their best but with a script that feels like it structured through mad libs not even they could save it.
  • Bryan Kluger8 February 2018
    You won't want to plant this 'Flower'!
    Warning: Spoilers
    Sometimes you get a film that seems so good on paper, but after you watch it, you can't help but be sorely disappointed in just about everything you've witnessed. 'Flower' is that kind of movie that had a lot of potential, but just couldn't get it together for anyone to really relate to, even though it tried to be realistic. The film was directed by Max Winkler who hasn't really done anything before this, and was written by three male writers, which is weird, because the main characters are female, which causes some strange dialogue for sure.

    The story centers on a teenage girl named Erica (Zoey Deutch, the chick from 'Everybody Wants Some'), who is a fast talking, inappropriate young woman who loves to eat at the bowling alley, draw penises in her notebook, and give anyone blowjobs that crosses her path. She seems to love giving blowjobs, but she blackmails everyone she does it to for all the cash they have with the help of her two dumb friends who sneak up on her victims with their camera phones. Erica's mother (Kathryn Hahn) is trying to pick up the pieces of recent breakups and Erica's biological dad who is in jail for something "awesome", but she has new boyfriend now named Sherm who comes with a teenage son who is awkward to say the least.

    Erica has no intention of being nice to this new kid who has moved in, but she changes her tune when she walks in on him trying to commit a ridiculous suicide attempt. From here, she learns that her future step brother has problems due to a former teacher who has molested him, which is the same person (Adam Scott), she has the hots for at the bowling alley. She tries to conceive a plan to blackmail this guy who has a different story of things. This is where the film turns into a ridiculous 'Very Bad Things' situation for no real reason at all and it just gets more disgusting from there. The problem here is that the writers and director failed to make Erica and her friends likable or redeeming in any way, shape or form.

    Right form the get-go, you hate this girl and her friends. You'd think if this was a coming-of-age film, there would be some sort of redeeming quality or someone would learn a thing or two, but not here. Everyone is just so annoying, unfunny, and just awful people, with the exception of Sherm and Erica's mother. With this aspect, you can't expect to love or connect with the main protagonist at all. Even if this movie was in the remote bit realistic (it definitely isn't), it still would seem far-fetched and unlikable.

    As for the performances themselves, I really like Zoey Deutch and she plays this part very well, but the character just gets in the way of being any sort of charming or witty. Adam Scott is fantastic in a role that's very subtly off in a bad way and he kills it in every frame. Hahn again is excellent too as the frazzled mother. 'Flower' should have been a great film, but due to the super unlikable characters and the film taking an over-the-top turn, there's just no redeeming part about it.
  • sherlyn-5177417 March 2018
    Repulsive and Toxic Movie
    The movie began fine but the behavior of the characters gets intolerable.

    I believe the director tried to tell a story of an inappropriate woman and make it interesting but the movie makes your stomach churn.

    It seems like a gimmick or a stunt to act inappropriately or sleazy to draw in audiences whoever they are but if you like to see a good movie and be entertained this is certainly not the one.

    This is my first review for the movie since i was dragged into seeing it.

    I suggest watching some other movie as there are some great ones released now, please go watch them.
  • David Ferguson22 March 2018
    fundraising the hard way
    Greetings again from the darkness. Despite being early in her career, actress Zoey Deutch has often been the highlight of her film projects. Although that sounds like a good thing, in her case it speaks not just to her talent, but also the quality of those choices. Her father is director Howard Deutch and her mother is Lea Thompson, so her industry bloodlines run deep. Her eyes and smile are truly luminescent on the big screen, where she comes across as a natural. It's now time for her take control of her career. Muck like this latest make us question whether she is a next level talent.

    Director Max Winkler (son of Henry "The Fonz" Winkler) co-wrote the script with Matt Spicer (a terrific INGRID GOES WEST) and Alex McAuley, and they are fortunate to have such talent as Ms. Deutch, Kathryn Hahn and Adam Scott. A profane, voyeuristic exercise in disturbed behavior becomes something nearly watchable when these three and newcomer Joey Morgan are on screen.

    Ms. Deutch plays Erica, a motor-mouthed (in more ways than one) force of nature teenager whose 'BJ's for Dad's bail' involves seducing older men and then extorting money from them after Erica's posse catches them on camera. Oh, and she keeps a sketch book of her victims ... no, not their faces. The fundraising approach to springing her dad from jail is difficult to accept, but Deutch sells it as best she can. Her mother (Kathryn Hahn) is desperately trying to build a relationship with Bob (Tim Heidecker), whose son Luke (Joey Morgan) is being released after a lengthy rehab stint for pills.

    Luke is a hefty young man who finds solace in food and little else. He and Erica could keep multiple therapists busy for years. His problems are exacerbated by an improper school incident involving Will Gordon, a teacher played by Adam Scott. Coincidentally, this same teacher has been labeled "Old Hot Guy" by Erica and her friends at the bowling alley. Once she learns about Luke's history with the pedophile, Erica plots an evil revenge. You can probably imagine where it goes from there.

    Those same eyes and smile mentioned in my first paragraph even light up when Erica describes herself as "the d*** whisperer". It's this kind of moment that finds us hoping Ms. Deutch and her agent quickly learn to distinguish between edgy indie project and trashy script not likely to lead to more work. This is an uncomfortable movie to watch, but not in the way where we walk out feeling enlightened. The title does deserve applause because even the scratchiest and toughest flower has a delicate side.
  • rockman18220 March 2018
    A film I wouldn't have ever known about had I not been a film buff. Went in not knowing anything at all, which is actually a good thing. I'd like to do that more often just to have a clean slate and no expectations. I've got to say Zoey Deutch has never impressed me in any role. Either through the film sucking or her just not being spectacular she never shined. Finally, I can rate her in a role. Its not much different or completely out of left field for her but its a fine tuned performance. While the film is not perfect, and is let down at some moments its a good film.

    The film is about a carefree high school girl who meets her future step brother. Her step brother comes out of rehab and seems to have a dark-ish past. A few events lead to the reveal that her future step brother had previously been molested by an older teacher. Thus begins the mission of Erica (Deutch) to coax the man and also get revenge on him for the past wrongdoings that he has committed. The film also stars Kathryn Hahn and Adam Scott.

    As mentioned earlier Deutch is good in this. She is an at times grating character, so basically a typically teenager. Her performance is somewhat mesmerizing and has a bit of tragic happiness to it. The film is shot quit nicely and also seems to tackle a lot of issues that are tackled in teenage films often (orientation, sexuality, innocence, growing up love etc.). While I never found the film to be overly funny, I found it very entertaining until the last ten minutes.

    I think there was a good chance to go for a remarkable finish to a very solid film that was really flubbed up by the mess of a reveal and end. It doesn't take too much away from an interesting product, but yes it could have been better. I still had fun with it. Its obscene but at the same time obscenely entertaining. This one isn't going to be making any waves, but if you're like me and like to see quality film I'd suggest checking this out. Its not smart, or profound but its a purely entertaining escape.

  • garygwilliams13 May 2018
    This is a must see that most won't
    This is what I had hoped Lady Bird would be. This movie gets inside of the teenage brain and is probably the best move I have ever seen produced for under a million dollars. Zoey Deutsch is amazing as the promiscuous schemer who finds love in a most unexpected package. Katheryn Hahn is funny and insecure as her mother and as they say
  • Hellmant13 April 2018
    The first two acts of the movie are really interesting and involving.
    'FLOWER': Three and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

    An indie comedy-drama about a troubled teenage girl who bonds with her mentally unstable step-brother, and helps him stalk a teacher that he says sexually assaulted him years earlier. The film stars Zoey Deutch, Joey Morgan, Kathryn Hahn, Tim Heidecker and Adam Scott. It was directed by Max Winkler, and it was written by Alex McAulay, Matt Spicer and Winkler (the script was on the Black List of the best unproduced screenplays in 2012). It's received mixed to negative reviews from critics, and it got a limited indie theatrical release at the Box Office. I enjoyed most of it.

    A troubled and very sexually active teen, named Erica (Deutch), forms a unique friendship with her potential step-brother, Luke (Morgan). She finds out that he claims he was sexually abused, years earlier, by a frequent bowler at the bowling alley her and her friends hangout at, named Will (Scott). Erica and her friends then devise a plan to get revenge on Will, for what he did to Luke, and hopefully prevent him from doing it to anyone else. Things don't go as planned though, and Erica and Luke quickly find themselves in a lot of trouble.

    The first two acts of the movie are really interesting and involving, and I actually cared about the characters and was intrigued by where the story was taking them. Then the final act of the film gets kind of cheesy and totally unrealistic. The conclusion is just too satisfying, and it doesn't seem true to the rest of the movie (in my opinion). I really like everything leading up to it though, especially Deutch in the lead (she gives a really strong performance in it). I also really like the supporting cast; Hahn, Scott and Heidecker are all really talented and totally likable actors. I just wish the movie had a different (better) ending.
  • Paul Allaer31 March 2018
    Zoey Deutch's acting talents surpass the movie by a mile or two
    "Flower" (2017 release; 93 min.) brings the story of Erica and her family and friends. As the movie opens, Erica and two friends expose and blackmail a cop who accepted a blowjob from Erica, a 17 yr. old minor. We then get to know Erica's mom, with whom Erica is close, and her mom's boyfriend Bob, whose 18 yr. old son Luke is being released from rehab and moves in as well. Luke claims that years ago he was molested by his teacher Will, and when they run into Will at the bowling alley, they decide that justice needs to be served. Did Will molest Luke? What becomes of Erica and Luke? At this point we're 15 min, into the movie but to tell you more of the plot would spoil your viewing experience, you'll just have to eee for yourself how it all plays out.

    Couple of comments: this is the feature length debut of co-writer and director Max Winker, best known for his TV work. Here he brings the tale of a rebellious and well-meaning 17 yr. old girl who manages to get herself into trouble time and again. The movie benefits tremendously from Joey Deutch's acting talents, but alas the movie suffers visibly from a lack of focus. I mean, this is really three movies in one, as the focus shift and one movie becomes another one, before it becomes yet another movie again. By the end, the story has become utterly improbable and, frankly, preposterous. And that's a shame, as there are some good elements in the movie. But it is clear that Zoey Deutch's acting talents surpass the movie by a mile or two, There are some great songs in the movie, including a very nice cover of "Daydream" (the 1969 hit single of the Belgian band the Wallace Collection) by a guy I've never heard of before.

    "Flower" premiered a year ago at the Tribeca Film Festival, and finally opened at my local art-house theater here in Cincinnati this past weekend, No idea why it has taken so long to get a theatrical release, but better late then never I suppose. The Friday early evening screening where I saw this at was attended poorly (4 people in total, including myself), and given that this movie won't benefit from strong word-of-mouth, this will not be playing long in theaters. In the end, "Flower' is notable only to see Zoey Deutch, but I encourage you to check it out, be it in the theater, on VOD, or eventually on DVD/Blu-ray, and draw your own conclusion.
  • Dave McClain26 March 2018
    an adorable star in a bad movie
    "Flower" (R, 1:30) is a coming-of-age comedy-drama directed by television sitcom helmer Max Winkler. Winkler also shares a writing credit along with first-time screenwriter Alex McAulay and Matt Spicer (writer-director of 2017's "Ingrid Goes West"). The plot centers on a sexually adventurous teenage girl who is dealing with the disruption in her life caused by her mom's boyfriend and his son moving in.

    Zoey Deutch plays Erica, a young woman in the flower of her youth who uses her natural beauty and her skill at fellatio to make money. With her two best friends, Kala (Dylan Gelula) and Claudine (Maya Eshet) taking video from afar, Erica performs oral sex on older men and then blackmails them with the video. She does it to get money to get her father out of jail - and to stop "creeps" who prey on underage girls.

    Although Erica and her mother, Laurie (Kathryn Hahn), are close, Laurie doesn't seem to know what Erica does with her time, nor does she care. Divorced from Erica's father, Laurie's main concern is having a steady man in her life. Now that she thinks she has "a good one", a quiet and moralistic guy named Bob (Tim Heidecker), Laurie invites him to move in with her and Erica (much to Erica's dismay) and even welcomes Bob's son, Luke (Joey Morgan), into the home with open arms when he gets out of rehab.

    Awkwardly at first, Erica is soon able to start up a friendship with the overweight, emotionally unstable ex-junkie. Erica finds out that Luke's past also includes an incident in which he accused a teacher named Will (Adam Scott) of molesting him at his school, a claim which the courts dismissed for lack of evidence. Erica offers to help Luke get his revenge on this teacher and Kala and Claudine are willing to help, seeing this as their biggest chance yet - to get some cash - and to get even with an accused child predator.

    "Flower" is morally bankrupt and devoid of entertainment value. Deutch is as adorable as ever, but her smiling, selfish, consequence-free manipulations are very off-putting. Hahn does some good dramatic work here, but it's all in service to an unsympathetic character. Come to think of it, there's no one in this film who's very likeable or worth rooting for. What's more, the characters do things that don't make much sense or seem realistic - and I simply didn't believe the main actors in their roles. The star's considerable charm isn't even enough to redeem this wilted excuse for a movie. "D"
  • mostafa_alinejad23 March 2018
    Funny movie for dinner
    This movie is another Zoe movie which is funny and suitable for a meal time rather than going to the cinema